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EPA committee issues report on nitrogen

Tired of hearing about your carbon footprint? Well, you might be hearing more about nitrogen footprints, as the EPA’s Science Advisory Board offers analysis and recommendations in a report titled “Reactive Nitrogen in the United States: An Analysis of Inputs, Flows, Consequences, and Management Options.”

The report focuses on “reactive nitrogen,”(Nr) which the authors define as biologically active, chemically reactive, and radiatively active nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere and biosphere of the earth, in contrast to non-reactive gaseous N2, which makes up about 78 percent of the air we breathe.

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  • Betty Salsbury

    So the farmer that asked Obama about this subject and Obama said ask USDA, well now we know it was the EPA all the time. EPA stands for Eternal Parasite of America. Now if we only had an insecticide that would get rid of the EPA, maybe America could get back to work.

    • John

      All Men- Like they should all be deleted.Such a waste of morons !

  • Thom Cavanagh

    Here we go again. They couldn’t sell CO2 to transfer wealth so now it’s Nr. Next, they will claim that oxygen is bad for Mother Earth.

    The real health problem is our socialist, communist government.

    Dump the EPA. Dump the misguided Democrat government that is ruining our free enterprise system that made the U.S. the envy of the World.

  • Texas001

    In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Here we go again”. Or “I am from the government and I am here to help”. You can link to the report from here: and read the report or rather “just words, just speeches” and you know who said that. What I read is just another way for EPA to push their agenda of control and the creation of more wasteful government jobs. There is nothing in this report that another global warming nut couldn’t come up with, given an infinite number of typewriters and an infinite number of chimps.

    • icetrout

      If the Green-Clowns @The EPA were serious about conservation than there would be harsh limits on the # of new immigrants into our country.Just like the rest of government EPA need’s it’s ranks cut in 1/2.

      • Steven

        The EPA shouldn’t be cut by half. It should be cut by 100%.

        • ChuckL

          Amen, Steven

          They serve no useful purpose. what they are doing is the duty of the individual states. Not authorized in Article 1, Section 8, and reserved to the states and/or the people by Amendment 10.

        • james

          And cut : Dept of Energy, Dept of Education and possibly a number of other useless departments that siphon huge amounts of money each year and nothing to show for it other than more regulations.

      • Dee

        Reply to icetrout,
        You know the EPA would never hurt the illegal immigrants. They are damn fools. Just like obummer.


      If the EPA (eternally polluted A-holes) would shut up, along with our Communist Government there would be no air pollution, at all!

      • HANDYMAN

        Sorry, I missed a phew credits Al Gore, Jessy Jackson, rev. white, malcome x the whole community of muslimes, and many more Communist bastards! sorry for all those who work behind the scenes to fool all the people of the world, SHUT UP A-HOLES, YOU ARE POLLUTING MY AIR!

    • madashell

      Next thing they will try to regulate may be VOLCANOS, Forest fires, Dust storms in the Sahara and other deserts, maybe the oil that oozes out of the earth under the oceans and gulfs, gamma rays from the sun……………..WHAT ARE THESE NYMPHS THINKING????????????
      The world and the atmosphere thak care of themselves.THE AUDASITY OF MAN TO THINK THAT CAN HAVE AN EFFECT ON EARTH THAT IT CAN’T RESOLVE ON IT’S OWN…… has had absolutely NO effect on the climate of the earth or any effect on the atmosphere…………… sin’t capable………… is less than a spec of dust in the grand scheem of things.
      Get off it……… gore go home……… have made enough money off this charade…….you have caused turmoil all over the world……………leave it be, please!!!!

    • Charlie Coombs

      Couldn’t agree more, fellow Texan. If I may be permitted a shameless plug for a specific candidate, I’d like to point out that Rick Perry alone in the current crop of candidates has actually taken action to limit the EPA and its depredations in Texas. He has also fought for and signed legislation to limit frivolous legal action, including a version of loser pays. Can anyone come up with another candidate who has actually done anything about oppressive regulation and frivolous litigation? I’m not seeing anything concrete from Bachmann, Palin, RINOmney, Cain or even Paul (any of whom except Romney would make an excellent vice president) in these areas under Perry’s tutelage. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Actually, I’d kind of like to be.

      •, Linda Brady Traynham

        Charlie…nice post, and I’ll help. Go over to and leave a comment under my article “A New Stetson In The Ring.” Most people don’t know Rick Perry from Perry Como–yet. Didn’t know much about him myself, despite ranching in Texas, which is a pretty good thing to say about a governor! What I DID say was, “Wa’al, he ain’t bothered me much.” This is a splendid quality in a politician, and he cain’t he’p that ’cause ya gotta be one tuh run fur president.

  • Mike Young

    Well what do you expect when the government and the EPA allow Monsanto and companies like Monsanto to put out herbisides, pestisides, non-natural chemicals ,destroyer seeds that will only produce 1 crop and other such chemical abominations. Yet the government hires executives from Monsanto to work for the EPA and other positions and rotates the representatives back to Monsanto every few years. That way Monsanto will never get caught or reported doing anything illegal because Monsanto representatives make the laws, rules and or regulations.

    • Michael

      Not only are they working for the EPA but some former employees of Monsanto are also working in the FDA; gee that really sounds good A guy that used to work for a company that is responsible for around 40 or so super clean-up sites in the world from its dangerous products and he is working in the FDA the agency that is supposed to be responsible for the safety of the food supply. In my own opinion we need to abolish the FDA the EPA and most of the other stupid and wasteful government agencies , we do not need them, all the do is make rules and regulations that kill business and peoples livelihoods I for one would like to see the federal government be about 1/3 of the size that is is now maybe less, Obama increased the size of the Federal government by almost 50 percent in his first year in office and still growing. I fear that we are on the road to being like Greece, total collapse.

  • William Phillips

    Get rid of the EPA and most other gov’t agencies!

    • Do-Dah-Ditty

      From you mouth, Mr. Phillips, to God’s ear!


      Isn’t it strange how 65 years ago the meat was stamped by the government workers then and approve to be consumed by people then, and now there is always problems with the food supply, causing people to be sick and die? Wonder what the new government rules and laws have done to make this happen?

    • “Kid Richie”

      “Amen”, to that brother!

  • Supertad108

    These people seriously need to find a real job! If they would just for a second stop trying to play god the earth may very well take care of itself. We seem to have lasting this long without the dumb people trying to act smart and attempt to re-create creation. However, in their minds it’s evolution so it can be manipulated by their genius, or better yet, lack of.


      The last EPA report was written after an EPA worker made a speech and poluted the air we breath.

      • HANDYMAN

        His footprint was in his mouth.

    • pilot

      Well it is a belief system! Government believes it must play “god”, because they believe there is no “GOD”.. And they must regulate everything (ususlly stupid to boot), because they don’t think American people are smart enough to get out of bed without help!.. Unfortunately THEY are the “redundant class”, and therefore make stupid inept, irrevelent, and usually immoral laws to control even the air we breathe! yes there was a tax on that too!.. About 1971 there was an “Air Use Tax” levied on all private aircraft, – which stated that if all parts of an airplane left the ground for a flight of 1 inch off the ground, and stayed up for a distance of 1 inch, there was a tax due to the Federal government for using that air! Homebuilders, and “ultra light owners” were flying around close to ground dragging 20-30 feet of electrical conduit, so “contact with ground was in effect!” At that time they also took over “positive control of airways”, which basically killed flying for “small private owners”!! This “private pilot, with a commercial certificate”,– has not been in air “in comand” of an airplane for about 25 years now! I elected to care for my family, instead of the flying I loved! Oh yes I was flying on $.45 a gallon gas in 70s! In a $650 airplane I had! Now with taxes, Air-worthiness inspections,and cost of gas plus state taxes, — I would be paying for a whole new airplane every 3 years,– probably a whole lot more if I even got off the ground! Now it burned about $3.50 worth of gas an hour,– now it would be around $18 an hour (if using “car gas”),- and closer to $30 an hour if using “avgas”.. Have to guess why I don’t fly anymore?? (My S.S check is about $850 a month)!!

  • dallas wolff

    The EPA is like the labor unions, they have outlived there usefulness. Time we ask congress to defund them and do away with all the useless regulations.


      The a-holes dont hear us!

    •, Linda Brady Traynham

      Time the EPA was dismantled completely. By accident, they discovered a dump started in 1842 on my land, back when it was quite legal. Ex post facto doesn’t apply to laws much any more (Constitution? What’s that?) and it doesn’t apply to regulations at all! Never mind that I, personally, have never dumped ANYTHING there, and my brother hasn’t put garbage in that gully (where it deters erosion beautifully) since 1960 as part of his household chores. What REALLY blew me away was a demand to tell the EPA what I was going to do to ensure the problem never happens again. Don’t think they were amused by my first answer of, “Never have 1842 again. The Gregorian Calendar ensures the success of this part of the plan.” Probably I shouldn’t have said, “This is like asking, ‘What do you intend to do to prevent the war in Viet Nam?'” I didn’t start it, I didn’t fight in it, it was over a very long time ago, and I can’t change the past.

      I am now trying, “I will continue not dumping there. I have told neighbors–who know better–not to dump there. I will put up no dumping signs and patrol the area frequently.” You have to wonder…friends had a lot of fun coming up with answers: “Be sure you never find out about it.” “Send the man all of your garbage.”

  • Elaine Magliacane

    Richard Nixon created the EPA with the stroke of a pen, just like Jimmy Carter did for the Dept of Education, and John F Kennedy let Government employees join unions… time to elect a President who will, with a stroke of the pen ELIMINATE these albatrosses around American companies and the American people. Get OUT of my bathroom with low flush toilets, don’t FORCE me to bring Mercury filled light bulbs into my home, and all the while charge me MORE for electricity because you’re closing Coal mines where most of our electricity comes from. We CAN NOT continue like this…the jig is UP… we’re not taking it anymore.

  • Dwain Holmes

    @Mike Young If we did not have the fertilizer and chemicals these companies produce You and Your family would look like refugees from Somalia as there is no way enough could be produced to feed Us citezens let alone have any to export.Look at life spans of people.The average continues to go up,much of it due to better nutrition ,better medicines,etc.We would be living like cavemen if it weren’t for these things.

    • Ray

      True that the chemicals increase yields, but at what cost? That is the question and that is why we need the EPA and other groups to try to understand the real cost. The job of a corporation is, by law, to make as much profit as possible for the share holders. The job of the regulators is, by law, to insure that the corporations don’t make their profit at the expense of the populations health. It’s a constant battle which will never be won. The EPA is very screwed up, it’s a govt. organization, but we would be even worse off without them than we would be without all the chemicals that the corporations are feeding us, with little to no knowledge of the long term effects.

      • HANDYMAN

        There was never a problem when farms were small, and FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED!

      • Grace

        Let the farmers do the job. They know much more about growing and what is safe and what isn’t. After all they feed thier families with what they grow. If they are feeding cattle, don’t you think they want safety too? The EPA has over stepped the bounderies. They make mountains of mole hills. So get rid of the EPA. They have caused more damage than good. Like the fires in California that took over 200 homes. Couldn’t remove the brush from the hills, and around the forest trees. It might displace a gnat. So yes I agree they need to be elimanted as an epa group.

  • Bobbie

    The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

    We are all familiar with a Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens, a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese.

    However, less widely known is a Pride of lions, a Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), an Exaltation of doves and, presumably because they look so wise, a Parliament of owls.

    Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?

    Believe it or not ……. a Congress!

    That pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington

  • Brian

    The potential Gov actions on this topic are consistent with UN Agenda 21. Drive out the small farmer so the Gov can take over the means of production of food. To take total control over us THEY will have to control what we eat, our movement (travel), our weapons, our access to energy, the information we receive, where we are allowed to live…..efforts to do all of this are obviously underway. I have only about 20 years of life left. I hope to be able to see that we successfully stop this before I die. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on food and lead–lots of lead!

  • El Loco

    The EPA should stop wasting time and money on nitrogen and go after more importantly dangerous compounds. There is one in particular that is the cause of more deaths and physical damage in this country, and around the world, than any other I can think of. That is Oxygen DiHydride or as is also known Dihydrogen Monoxide. Never heard of it? Maybe the EPA is in collusion with industry and certain subversive foreign powers and is trying to cover up the dangers of this compound for their own illicit purposes? For the true story and more information, check out the following sites: or

  • Bushmaster66-68

    Back in the late 70s and early 80s I worked for a Forensic engineering company and we had a brilliant Forensic Chemist who became my best friend. Sadly he is now deceased, BUT…

    When all the “stink” was going about “acid rain,” and the users of fossil fuels, particularly power plants and automobiles were being made the scapegoat, I discussed causes of acid rain with him.

    Here [to the best of my recollection] is what he told me. I think it applies today as well as then.

    At ANY given time there are THOUSANDS of major violent thunderstorms occuring all around the Earth EACH creating hundreds of lightning bolts. EVERY TIME a lightning bolt occurs, the 50,000 PLUS volt “plasma arc” going through the air [80% Nitrogen?] creates MANY different oxides of Nitrogen.

    The falling rain “picks up” and dissolves these NOXs and thus creates acid rain.

    He did not dispute that burning of fossil fuels “contributed” to acid rain, BUT… he was ADAMENT that the the amount of man’s contribution was MINUTE AND NEGLIGIBLE COMPARED to that caused by Mother Nature.

    He equated man’s contribution to acid rain as to a man standing in the surf, pi$$ing in the ocean with the EXPECTATION of “raising the water level.” He said that it would theoretically raise the level, but challenged anyone to be able measure the effect.

    He said the same analogy was true with man’s contribution to acid rain.

    AND furthermore, IF he were alive today, he would say the same thing about all this “Global Warming” crap. He wouldn’t, and I don’t deny that man’s activities contribute a little, but that contribution is NIL, and all this “greenie,” “tree hugging” mantra is pure bull “manure!”


      HAVE YOU EVER STEPPED OUTSIDE AFTER A HURRICANE? and noticed how fresh and clean the air is then? Nature was designed by an intellegent being we call him GOD!

      • HANDYMAN

        His son is Jesus Christ, the name above all names!

    • Michael

      Bush master your friend is right on what he told you about acid rain and our pathetic little input to it. As for global warming and fossil fuels, that is a no brainier also as co2 is not a toxin as it is used by plants, along with carbon monoxide and in return the plants clean the air and give off oxygen. I wonder if any of the green loons and global warming fools took biology and botany in school, probably not. Statistic in fact that Al Gore hates to hear is that the numerous volcanoes that have erupted in the last few years around the world have injected Billions and Billions of tons of sulfur, co2, numerous other gases and metals,and other extremely toxic substances into the atmosphere,which is vastly more than man has done since the dawn of time. The atmosphere is a self cleaning system, as the air rotates towards the equator eventually Where it is the best place for the atmosphere to cleanse itself . Trust me the polar ice caps are not melting, the Polar Bear and Caribou are thriving around the oil rigs in Alaska they like the warmth. Besides if both polar ice caps did melt the oceans might rise a couple of feet, not the 50 or 60 you hear the wackos spout.The Polar ice caps are actually like big gigantic ice cubes. Put water and ice cubes in a glass fill it to about a half inch below rim and let the ice melt, water does not over flow the cup or glass Lesson over. Its all bullshit scare tactics and most people believe the shit.People have let themselves believe the wackos and the lib’s , the tree huggers and the rest of the wackos, and don’t even think for themselves anymore. I me hey I don’t mean to be rude but you have to be a total moron to believe some of the shit these wackos think and believe.

    • Jer

      Thanks for your commentary on acid rain. I can use that! I really appreciate succinct, scientific examples that dispute the climate crazy’s arguments. And the pissing analogy is perfect!

    • Terry

      Your friend was a smart man. Furthermore, if we all stopped breathing (and burning fossil fuels) tomorrow, Mother Nature’s climate would hardly notice. With that in mind, never forget there are many who desire to control every aspect of our lives, bankrupt us and ruin our country in the process….

      Common sense has proven rare and seldom is it seen
      In the hallowed halls of Congress and the rantings of the Green.
      White is white and black is black, no gray is there to share.
      I am right and you are not, no compromise to spare.

  • Al

    Bushmaster66-68, Thanks, appreciate it when I hear the words of reason and common sense resound against all the fumes from that Cow Manure. I’m still trying to find that other Nr that
    the article makes reference to. If N is 78 percent, and all the other elements make 100 percent.
    Where is it????????? Maybe another dimension????? Maybe they need to reduce the intake of illusionary gases.

    • Michael

      Here is the main reason that I say global warming is a joke and a farce, they say that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing the planet to warm because the tremendous amount in the air, well where is it the atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen and 21 % Oxygen and all the other gases amount to 1%, which includes freon, neon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and any other gas you can think of, and the global warming nuts say the co2 content is like 20 %, oh really kind of blows the air out of there sails doesn’t it.

  • ChuckInTexas

    The EPA is really beginning to annoy me. It will be the last straw when they come after the manure lagoon from my unicorn stables. The communists within our gov’t have no shame, they will use any lame excuse to destroy our economy. The EPA has not been “helping” for years, they have been slowly eroding our way of life for years. And because they consider all of us “ignorant serfs”, they can make stuff up like this Nr and how its man-made.
    Next thing you know, they’ll want to regulate pixie dust.


      You are not alone Tex., The busy body governmnet and the EPA and all other communist government organizations have ignored one thing WE THE PEOPLE! WE RULE OVER THEM NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! A-HOLES ARE RUNNING THIS GOVERNMENT!

  • LuluBelle

    Key phrase in the title of the study: “Management Options.” Translation: “More ways to scare people into giving up their freedoms so we can control more of their lives.”

  • douglas dauntless

    The EPA will not be satisfied untle they, can do Obama’s bidding to murder everyone in the USA to get more Muslims and Mexicans into America they are used to being slaves. Because the American citizen does not count in the Obama New World Order. When are our gutless Congressmen and Senators going to impeach him? They won’t because they all belong to the same club, protect each other and rob and cheat every Citizen in America. They have a good thing going getting more rich everyday selling us out. His false SS card has been pulled from the Internet. We the people better start standing up for ourselves our polititions won’t. A qout, “It is better to live like a Lion than to live like a slave.

  • EdinNola

    The EPA is acting without legal authority when it promulgates rules which affect our lives.

    When insignificant organizations puff their importance up as has the EPA, the ONLY way to deal with the abuse is to get rid of the EPA. It’s purpose was to monitor for congress, not screw with our lives. Get rid of the EPA.

  • http://YAHOO Bob


  • pete0097

    I overheard a DER employee (EPA in Florida) tell my client that “Maybe we need a few less farms” What a brilliant plan. Get rid of our food supply. Starve off the poor, get rid of the users and keep the makers. It kind of works for me as I have a job, however, what about my kids or what if I loose my job, I may become poor. Dastardly goverment.

  •, Linda Brady Traynham

    Pete0097…that IS the plan.

    I have an automatic fertilization system based upon what is known as “symbiotic farming.” That is to say, the cattle, horses, goats, chickens, and deer and other wildlife wander around eating grass (in years when it rains), brush, and expensive hay and range cubes. The animals process this and deposit fertilizer automatically. They help keep down each others’ pests. They get along fine. Only the hogs are penned because they smell and do not play nicely, and sometimes run away.

    My current feed bill resembles the military budget of a small Middle Eastern country, but I can buy a lot of feed for the price of a dead animal. I’ve been supplementing (or worse) for a solid year now, and I’m going to write a commercial. This is a private company, not mine, no stock for sale. Check out This is the least expensive most nutritious feed I could find, and in ten days the small Dexters I raise for the “back to the land crowd” are filling out beautifully and laying in the shade chewing their cuds instead of stressing themselves and the dead pastures. The Angus, which weigh at least a third more, are still showing a little rib for nursing mothers, but coming back fast. When the horses aren’t running races with their new-found energy, they hang around the big mesquite tree where the troughs are hopefully. Very little waste–the feed is chopped alfalfa and yeast with a bit of molasses on it, very high protein and digestability. Costs me $440/ton plus a $50 delivery fee up to 6 tons, at which point I get a discount big enough to cover that fee. Suggested feeding for “optimal meat and milk production” is 25 pounds/1000 pounds of animal(s.) Nothing else needed except a trace mineral/salt block for anything except the horses who need a flake of hay for extra carbohydrates.

    I’m crazy about the stuff! It smells great, is chopped so fine calves and goats eat it easily, and has a rich, moist feel to it. Guaranteed for 2 years in the heavy plastic bag which = 1 1/2 bales of hay and stores in 1/3 the space. Just “fluff” and feed. My goats learned quickly to go a-runnin’ when they hear the stampede, ooze through the cattle-proof fence, and have a nice snack. They know the big animals won’t hurt them. (For non goat-breeders, we have a saying: if you throw a bucket of water at a fence and any lands on the other side…that fence isn’t goat proof.) With “asking” $120 – $150 for round bales this is a much better solution for anyone who doesn’t live in Georgia or Colorado. SOME animals take a little time to become accustomed to it; one of the horses had to try it three times over about a ten-minute period! The head cow stuck her muzzle in and mumbled “WOW!” I fed a favorite goat from a bowl. First she grabbed the small stems, then the leafy parts, and licked the bit of molasses off the bottom. Another advantage is that this stuff is good for older animals who are still fertile but have worn down their teeth. Check it out, and I hope it solves a problem for one of you. We put a lot of time and research into choosing it.



  • Dan Clamage

    What the heck are they even talking about? Why should we care?

  • michael peck

    hmmmm the EPA enforcing regulations not authorized by congress, no legislative regs? the IRC title 26(income taxes) has been doin that for yrs without any legislative regs, (title 26 is not positive law) but corrupt politicians and judges pretend they do…..criminals! havent heard you guys bitching about that!

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