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Salazar Advances Blueprint for Renewable Energy Development in Arizona

As part of President Obama’s initiative to spur renewable energy development, the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today released the draft plan for the Restoration Design Energy Project (RDEP). The initiative seeks to identify lands across Arizona most suitable for wind and solar power projects, with a focus on areas that are previously disturbed or have low natural and cultural resource conflicts.

“With some of the most significant solar resources in the world, Arizona has great potential to build a strong renewable energy economy,” Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said. “This blueprint for Arizona will help focus activity in the places where it makes the most sense to develop renewable energy, both for the companies and for the environment. Early, comprehensive analysis of things like resource potential, transmission, and environmental conflicts is simply good government. I am confident this smart planning will pay dividends for the state now and far into the future.”

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  • CAllenDoudna

    The areas most favorable for wind and solar have been known for DECADES. It will be the exact same sites that were announ ced in the 1960s–half a century ago. Back then the focus was on pollution. In the 1970s there was the Energy Crisis. Windmills have been around since forever and solar cell technology was successfully demonstrated by boosting telephon e signals in Georgia in the 1950s. If this stuff was practical we would have been using it long ago.

  • dirigo

    This is just another way for the gov to control the states and for them to waste tax payer money!

  • Redhawk

    This is just a political spin on another federal Land Grab attempt. Don’t believe them. If their lips are moving they are lying.

  • Bill Stanley

    Our authoritarian government wasting more of my money.

  • jb80538

    I don’t trust Salazar any further than I could throw an elephant. He was terrible for the state of Colorado and he’s worse for the federal government.

    • Bob L.

      Boy, you hit the nail on the head about Ken Salazar and we got one just as bad with his replacement in the Senate in Michael Bennet! But then, Mark Udall is almost as bad as both!

  • Willy D

    Amazing how they won’t let us ride our dirt bikes, or graze cattle there but have no problem putting a huge solar farm (a large amount of land must be covered for this to work), or wind turbine (a blunt trauma danger to all birds) there for their what they perceive as progress.

  • Navy Veteran

    Salazar is a total dumb ass. If solar and wind power is so wonderful, then why are the companies who make this junk (Solyndra) going bankrupt and taking our money with them. Could it be that Salazar is an internal part of the scam to steal from Americans. It’s looking more like communism all the time.