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Gingrich, Palin Blast Obama Quran Burning Apology

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is expressing outrage over a U.S. apology to Afghan authorities for burned Qurans on a military base.

He was joined by Sarah Palin, who blasted the decision on her Facebook page: “Obama apologizes for the inadvertent Quran burning this week; now the U.S. trained and protected Afghan Army can apologize for killing two of our soldiers yesterday.”

Gingrich lashed out Thursday at the Obama administration for the formal apology. Copies of the Muslim holy book were found burned in a garbage pit on a U.S. air field.

President Barack Obama’s apology was announced Thursday morning. A few hours later, news organizations reported that an Afghan soldier had killed two U.S. troops and wounded others in retaliation for the Quran burning.

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  • Deb

    What the hell does anyone expect? “Apology” is BloBama’s middle name! He went on an apology tour … apologizing to our enemies for America and American citizens … almost the minute he took office.

    • American 1st

      Yep, that’s Obozo for you. He’s always apologizing to Muslims, praising them, bowing to them, protecting them or covering up for them.

      Aren’t they the cult that attacked us & killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11? You wouldn’t think so by listening to Obummer.

      NOBAMA 2012 or Ever Again! I’d vote for a rock before I’d vote for Obama.

    • Jim Laubscher

      Remember when he was in Cairo, He said “a government of the people by the people,” But very obviously forgot “for the people”.

    • Jo Lara

      Brings back The Moose’s saying on 911, (all this for a flag) WELL all their rants for a holy book
      does not make killing our people even. They are very bad, evil, stupid people. Why do we try to help people who do not deserve it? Sorry, don’t mean they are all b/e/s people, but what we see and hear is NOT good! AND BO is REALLY THE MOST STUPID FOR NOT ASKING FOR an APOLOGY for our good men. BRING our good folks HOME!!!!!

      • http://googlechrome David

        Let the muslims help themselves and kill each other off. We should pull all troops out and take all equipment and ammo, burn everything else and leave immediately. Muslims hate us no matter which side they are on or what we do for them and get those over here thrown out or jailed and burn the mosques over here. They are nothing but planning places for their next bombing.

        • Melodie Dow

          Right on David! However, I would go one step futher and bomb their mosques in our country. Every mosque in the USA to them means that they have claimed that spot as theirs. No way!
          That’s why it is foolishness to allow them to build a mosque on Ground Zero.

          • Melodie Dow

            My apologies David I missed your comment about bombing their mosques here to.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        Muslims can say anything to non-muslims to save the MOMENT.
        I have always said, an apologie demanded is WORTHLESS!

        After “WE” go home THEY will only have each other to murder!
        After “WE” go home THEY will only have poppies to grow and their
        own woman to stone . . . so be it, sooner then later! Not another
        American life for these 12th century pirates with 2012 weapons!

    • salleeann

      How much more of this muslim boboon are we expected to endure? Lord help us.

    • American

      Just a thought here…
      I’m beginning to think OUR own government BROADCASTED the burnings in afghanistan so there would be an acceleration of uprising against America over their…Seeing obama has been doing everything he can to dismantle our country mentally, physically, financially, racially and religiously ( just to mention a few ). obama hates America and for what WE stand for he said it with his own mouth and it’s in his can see for yourselves on you tube just search “Obama Disrespects The National Anthem” ..My heart is broken for our country. To have a person like this as our leader is just WRONG..Our forefathers are turning in their graves..Shame on the people who keep supporting this government in the White House,,Demacrates an Republicans alike.. Far as im concered your NOT Americans. Only illegals an haters would support this desecration of our Beautiful country.. For US who love America,, We have to stand together and VOTE the HATERS and CRIMINALS and LAWYERS OUT of our White House..Together We Stand ~ Divided We Fall America…!

      obama talks of muslims and where he’s from a MUST see for ALL Americans….

      This video kinda boils it down between the government and US..It’s called the tiny dot..….

    • William

      Obama should have the gonads to openly admit that he is a freaking muslim and that he is intent on having muslim rule in this country with himself as the top and only leader of the muslims. He should admit openly that he hates America as it was founded and has been for the past almost 2 and a half centuries. But, instead, he is using the tactics of ‘divide and conquer’ the American people, turn all nations against America, letting the nations know that he is working with them for our demise as a country with “liberties and rights as laid forth in the United States Constitution.” EVERYTHING that he has done since he has been in office has been for the directive of overthrowing our traditional, Christian-based way of life. Never thought I’d ever HAVE to say this about anyone who was elected to the office of president, but this man (or lack thereof) is a total disgrace to America, to mankind, to the black race, to the white race, and to society as a whole. He deserves no less than to be tried for treason, convicted, and executed for his concerted efforts to destroy the United States of America and its citizens.

  • ruth

    You are so right, Deb! The Muslim dirtbag!

  • American 1st

    Burn, Baby, Burn….. Yeah, they don’t want us burning their “Handbook for Murder” (Quran).

  • Jim Laubscher

    Okay, Palin/Gingrich or Gingrich/Palin. Not a bad ticket.

    • patriotrenegade

      I used to support and defend her until she went with CFR knewtburger. I thought she knew better than to support a globalist traitor. Shame on her. She is an airhead and out of her league. For treasonous scumbag knewtlizard CFR, just more pandering. As my grandfather said: “The obvious is apparent”.

      • mac

        Would you please please please define your acronyms! I know of a lot of meanings for CFR, but I don’t know yours.

        • patriotrenegade

          council on foreign relations-CFR, north american “free” trade agreement-NAFTA, north american union-NAU. globalist pigs have a lot of bad ideas for north america, and knewtburger is one.

          • American

            this will send SHOCK waves through your body…Major Appointments by President Barack Obama and Members of His Administration: click on their names an see who’s from where and what they stand for…. They ALL must be voted OUT INTO THE STREET..!

            America’s Most Corrupt Politicians
            In the list of the top ten most admired men, was none other than President Barack Obama.
            Now Judicial Watch has released the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list. To no surprise of my own, President Barack Obama made Judicial Watch’s list along with the nation’s top cop, Attorney General Eric Holder.
            Judicial Watch’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2011 are listed in alphabetical order:
            Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL)
            Former Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
            Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL)
            Attorney General Eric Holder (D)
            Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL)
            President Barack Obama (D)
            Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA)
            Rep. David Rivera (R-FL)
            Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
            Rep. Don Young (R-AK)
            Dishonorable Mentions for 2011 include:
            Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC)
            Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
            Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA)
            Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (D)
            Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
            Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)
            Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY)
            Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius (D)
            Note that six of the ten list are Democrats and six of the eight listed on the dishonorable mention are Democrats. That’s 75% of those on both lists are Democrats. That has to say something for the overall mentality of the attitude of being above the law that permeates the Democratic Party.
            As for President Obama making this list and being listed as the most admired man in the country speaks volumes as to just how far American society has declined. Why would a nation of people admire one of the most corrupt politicians of the day and probably in the history of the American presidency?
            Obama has repeatedly defied the US Constitution and federal laws. He ignores the mandates of Congress and the general opinion of the American people and yet they turn around and admire him for it?
            And then there has to be a lot said when the US Attorney General makes it to the Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list. The man who is supposed to uphold the law turns out to be one of the biggest violators of the law. Every day, more Congressmen and women are calling for his immediate resignation and even more are signing on to a vote of no confidence and yet he sees himself as doing no wrong. Leaving Eric Holder in his role as US Attorney General is like placing a career pedophile in charge of a day care.
            I wish we could post Judicial Watch’s lists of the Ten Most and the Dishonorable Mention outside every polling booth in the nation so that it’s the last thing voters see before placing their votes. Just maybe, it would be enough to change a few votes this next year.

      • 1Mike

        Was she helping a “globalist” or beating down the dungbag? Think stupid.

      • krdave

        Are you saying that you would rather have Obama than Gingrich/Palin? Anyone would be better than this Muslim who is intent on destroying the USA.

        • American

          obamas appointees in the white house today..
          1.Timothy F. Geithner Secretary of Treasury
          became the ninth “president and chief executive officer” of the “Federal Reserve Bank” of New York on November 17, 2003. In that capacity, he serves as the vice chairman and a permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee, the group responsible for formulating the nation’s monetary policy. NOW President Obama nominated Mr. Geithner to be the 75th Secretary of the Treasury and the U.S. Senate confirmed him to the position on January 26, 2009. He Belongs to the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral commission..
          2.Hillary Clinton Secretary of State ,,Bilderberg group,, council on foreign relations and married to trilateral commission member William jefferson Clinton..
          3.Ambassador to the united nations..Susan Rice..Trilateral commission member..
          4.National security advisor..Gen. James Jones..Bilderberg group,,
          trilateral commission member & council on foreign relations..
          5.Deputy national security advisor Thomas Donilon, council on foreign relations..
          6.State Department Special envoy.. Hennry Kissinger..Bilderberg group..Trilateral commission member,,council on foreign relations..
          7.Chairman economic recovery commission,, Paul Volcker..Bilderberg group,, Trilateral commission member,,council on foreign relations..
          8.Director of national Security,,Adm. Dennis C. Blair..Bilderberg group,, Trilateral comissions member,, council of foreign relations..
          9.Secretary of Defense,,,Robert Gates,, Bilderberg group,, Trilateral comissions member,, council of foreign relations..
          10.Deputy Secretary of state,,James Steinberg..Bilderberg group,, Trilateral comissions member,, council of foreign relations..
          11.State department special envoy..Richard M. Haass,,Bilderberg group,, Trilateral comissions President,, council of foreign relations..
          12.Presidenial Advisor,,Alen Greenspan,,Bilderberg group,, Trilateral comissions member,, council of foreign relations..
          13.State Department special envoy,,Richard C. Holbrooke,,Bilderberg group,, Trilateral comissions member,, council of foreign relations..
          And so many more.. What do all these people have in common..? Not just are they ALL members of Bilderberg group an Tirlateral commission & sit on the board of Foreign relations.. But they are affiliated with the “Federal Reserve Bank” These are the people who run the World.. not just our country.. they have to get out of America. I wish i could put they’re pictures up..



    • Edward Shick

      When has he ever did any thing right ? He is destroying our country, He should not even have been allowed to come here as a Foreign student!

    • tony


  • RHSchumann

    Look, Muslims do not react rationally when it comes to their sacred book. Civilized people know that sacred ideas are put on paper but that this does not make the paper sacred. Yes, it is a form of delusion to react the way Muslims do when it comes to their sacred book.
    But we cannot change it. We have sent thousands of soldiers into Afghanistan to fight a useless war and are now trying very hard to extricate ourselves. Bush got us into the war and regrettably, Obama failed to get us out fast enough. But as long as our soldiers are there it is counter productive to antagonize the Afghan Muslims, knowing that they would react in an irrational way. Our soldiers are now at greater risk for the lives and health than they were before the burning of the books. If Obama’s applogy saves one American life then we should cheer him for it, not attack him for it.
    Or do Gingrich and Palin wish that ever more of our brave soldiers are killed in Afghanistan?

    • Ben

      “Look, Muslims do not react rationally”

      You should have put a period at the end of this statement and not written another thing.

      • L.T.

        Look, Muslims do not react rationally.

        But neither did GW. Instead of bringing total war to the Afghan/Pakistan border until the Taliban and Al-Quida were but memories on this planet, he wandered us off into Iraq to finish daddy’s war … which GHW should have finished the first time, instead of bowing to the UN mandates!

        When will we get some leaders in who have the huevos to actually finish a war?

    • praypsalms1o9v8

      RHSchuman….when i read posts like this ……I WANT TO PUKE…..!!!!no more can be said….

      • Patriot

        DITTO praypsalms1o9v8

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      What kind of Jerk are you?
      I guess you think it’s alright for them to kill American Soldiers that are trying to help bring their country into the 19th Century or the fact that they can excute people for being Christians that carry a Bible. Or how about the fact that they were using their “Holy Koran” as a means to send secret messages, or that they can use a Mosque full of people as a fortress to launch attacks from, knowing that we are not to retaliate against a Mosque.
      This isn’t about George Bush you Baffoon, it’s about the fact that we have a MUSLIM leading this country that lies to the people of this country and goes around appologizing to the enemy of this Nation.
      When will you simpletons understand the reason for us really being in Afghanistan & Iraq at the same time? It was to contain IRAN, it’s that simple. As soon as Obama announced the withdrawal of troops from these two countries, the tensions & threats started to escalate from IRAN’s Madman, very similar to when Jimmy Carter was President.
      Why don’t you wake up and realize that everything isn’t George Bush’s fault and that Barak Obama is worthless as the leader of this Country. He is a corrupt, ineffectual, narcissistic, Socialist and a lying SOB that knows nothing about running this country and has spent more money, for less gain than all other Presidents combined.

      • Jo Lara

        I agree with all you have stated. Glad some people think straight.

    • Dave

      Rational is not in their language in the same meaning we have for the word. Rational to their thinking is killing someone over ideological differences, flying planes into buildings, strapping bombs to children, blowing up women, beheading infidels, (anyone who is not of their ideology) or lying to meet their agenda. Once that is understood, negotiating with them is easy, don’t. If we help someone by freeing them of their oppressor (their own people), we are then demonized for killing their people???? This is a rational the USA has not understood and never will. I don’t believe we should have gone there, just blasted them until they gave up the ones who created our 911, because they understand that, (bombs on women and children for ideology vs burning of a paper book, no matter the words inside) is not rational thinking in our term of the word.

    • patriotrenegade

      ANTAGONIZE! Pull our guys out and NUKE that sorry excuse of a country.

    • MsgtGdubb

      When are we going to demand an apology for all the Bibles and Flags the muslims have burned? We should pull out of Afghanistan and leave these ingrates to the mercy of the Taliban and close our borders to all things and people from there,

    • Jr

      I don’t cheer that scumbag obama for nothing. That’s what’s wrong now, he wants to be a movie star and a king over us( he wants us to feel inferior to him and his elite few and feel like peons) Hell is enlarging itself daily so him and his virgins will have plenty room to frolic in the flames. Maybe satan will let him be a star.

  • Bippy Bellito

    Each time Obama apologizes for our country it emboldens our enemies to think we are all as weak as this Cowardly Traitor. Each time he besmirches the efforts of our malitary, another group of our sons and daughters needlessly die on the battlefield. Every Time his actions result in our good men and women dying, he runs off on another vacation. Why is this “girly man” still in office? Why hasn’t he been impeached? Why ???????

    • Don

      Impeachment requires that the House bring charges and the Senate try the charges. Conviction requires a 2/3 majority vote. This only establishes guilt or innocents. A subsequent vote, requiring a supermajority is then required to remove official from office.

    • DefendConstitution

      He will not be impeached because most members of Congress are lacking balls of any size. We MUST clean house this November, not only obama but Congress also.

      • Lionking

        Wrong!!! He should not be impeached because it will be viewed as RACIST! As Morgan Freeman (one of my former favorite actors) said “What the Tea Party is actually saying is get that black man out”! He needs to be defeated in November and beaten bad. Make sure you get every conservitive to the polls to vote!

        • Old Faithful Geyser

          Who the Hell cares what Morgan Freeman thinks? Morgan Freeman is just an actor and not a leader of men. If the shoe fits then that’s too bad.
          I can’t help it if Obama is a Mulatto, I didn’t have anything to do with his birth, so why should I have to suffer because of his mothers indiscretions. It would be just as bad if he tried to pass himself off as being white, it doesn’t change the fact that he is WORTHLESS as a Leader and President, and a danger to this country.
          Everybody is so afraid to say what is on their mind and afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings that we fail to respond to a National Emergency that is taking place right before our eyes and are sitting around wishing that it will work its self out, all the while knowing that it is only getting worse
          Obama is no better than Mahmoud Amadinejad when is comes to running a country. He is 180 degrees out of kilter with the American way of life and is better suited to running a dictatorship in some nation that he could be KING of, NOT the USA.
          As far as the consequence of the black community staging riots and looting, because of Impeachment of Obama, that is too bad, it will have to be addressed at the time it happens, but we can not allow this Nation to be destroyed because of fear to react when it is necessary.
          Rioters and Looters should be shot on sight in case of insurrection.

        • Patriot

          Does this mean we should never vote black again? Is it far too dangerous to do so? Blacks are held to a far different standard than the rest and therefore ARE actually in positions of dictatorship and with much more power than anyone else would ever have as president. And no I am not saying all blacks are bad any more than whites, browns, or purples. I am speaking of the “correctness” stranglehold we have allowed to be created and it is growing some pretty big bad monsters. We are also held to the same ridiculous “correctness” with all the illegals and all the islamists in our country. How is all this working for us, for U.S.? We are speaking spanish, entering into sharia, ousting God and everything good (and American) and are forced to look the other way by our own laws and liberal unconstitutional judges.

  • Fenderman

    No wonder our troops are almost unanimously backing Ron Paul…the ONLY candidate that would pull us out of that quagmire IMMEDIATELY! And no wonder why the GOP and the MSM are using every cheating, lying tactic to stop him from getting the nomination… he’s not bought and paid for by the military/industrial cabal like the rest of them.

    • patriotrenegade

      a few maybe, but not like you say, a majority have no use for L ron. This lie is now months old.

  • Irishmist1000

    That insane, crazy, left-wing, progressive, liberal, communist, traitor, idiot has really done all that is possible to make THE AMERICAN CITIZEN hate, hate, hate, hate and be more and more rasists. I know that he has done that to me and a lot of my friends. he has done absolutely nothing to improve race relations, only in the reverse. Impeach the biggest traitor and racest that has ever crawled out from under some African pile of ooze.

  • WTF

    Odumbo is just one sorry a$$ SOB. He needs to go crawl back under his rock and STFU.

  • Amazedamerican

    Obama gives Muslims a bad name. He has done more to discredit them ( and himself) than anything else. It does seem like he has been sent here by the devil.

    • Bubba

      Maybe Satan did send ObaMao as one of the false prophets you read about in in the Bible, maybe he is the Anti-Christ.

    • Old Sarge

      He gives America a bad name. He is the perfect role model for “The Ugly American”.

    • mac

      AmazedAmerican- if even a quarter of the Democrats and Socialists with morals had read “Dreams From My Father” they would not have backed him as the Party’s Choice in 2008. He trumpeted his lack of moral character in the first half of that book so loudly that I don’t see how anyone could vote for him.

      • Patriot

        Now that they all know all about BO and have read his books or heard them discussed, what is their excuse this next time? MANY are going to vote for him all over again. And look at where all Bo’s campaign money is coming from. At least part of it will SHOCK you. There is much more going on than just that BO makes a bad (and illegal) president. MUCH more. And he (they) don’t care who knows it. He, they, have even been telling us with their own mouths their plans since BEFORE he was even elected and continues to do so every step of the way. WAKE UP those of you who are still asleep!!

  • AJP

    What do you expect we have a Muslin Communist trying to wreck the USA on all front’s how the Congress put up with his CRAP you thought NIXON was bad take a look at BARRY S. record NIXON was an Angel to this Snake his BS. is getting deeper every day.

  • Edward Shick

    Israel will not get any help from this Muslim President of the united States ,What has happened to the greatest Christian Nation, The Muslim”s have been trouble for us , even back in Thomas Jefferson’s day, If Obama wants to be part of the middle EAST , he should go there as he is not helping our great country,, Impeach him, get busy Mr.BOEHNER , or try the traitor

  • Glenny

    A book can be replaced. A life cannot be replaced. Besides it was found in the trash. Was somebody looking through the trash. Who found it, a muslim? They don’t even know if it was burned there on site.

    • Patriot

      Aren’t the muslims desecrating their own “holy” book if they are writing in it? I suppose it is ok since it is in order to do the work of muhammad? Do their rules change as they go? like BO changing our laws and constitution as he goes?

      • MadmaxUSA

        Patriot, you’re absolutely right. Lost in all the hubris is the fact that Muslim detainees actually desecrated the Quran by writing in it. The only thing the Americans were guilty of was not knowing the proper way to dispose of the books. Here’s the reverse situation: A Muslim inadvertently allows the American Flag to touch the ground, then tosses it in a dumpster. The American people are outraged. The Muslim apologizes but the American people kill him and his family, anyway. What madness!

  • will

    The Afgan” WAR” is not a War ,neather is the Irac “war”. WE (the United States) have not been in a war since WWII. We have forgotten how to fight a war. That is one of the many things things that is wrong with this country. I love this country and would not trade it for any other, but the powers who be in charge and the ones to take their place and it will soon happen one way or the other , are leading this country down the wrong road. Down a road that our forefathers would not even reconize or me eather for that matter. God has blessed the USA but god is being left out of the equation . So we better pray that God will please send us some one who can turn this country around and fast.

  • donl

    Our so called president is a coward!! He is a communist muslim, that is why he will not stand up for America. If he were from america we would all have known about it by now, we don’t.

  • Padremike

    Whenever a book, the printed word, becomes a holy object then it becomes a false idol. In Christianity we use the term the “Holy Bible” but it is not the book, the printed word, that is holy but rather the Spirit of the Word. Islam will never be sophisticated enough to comprehend this. Their God is so weak that in order to protect him they murder people whom they believe may have insulted him whereas the Christian God is so powerful that we call on Him to protect us.

  • L Berry

    With Obama I guess his next step is to order his puppets in DoD Chief of Staff to investigate this crime of burning trash and find someone to punish. He probably feels anger himself being raised in a Muslim family and attending Muslim school. He knows how big of a crime it really is. He probably is sending sympathy to the family of the martar (Afgan soldier) who shout our troops as well.
    I supported our original actions in Afganistan, but what exactly are we trying to do there now? What is the objective to keeping our troops in harms way? We can’t just destroy the poppies and leave…or can we? It’s time to pack up and let them continue to kill themselves, not our brave men and women.

  • Dingbat36

    Muslims are so incredibly stupid that they are not capable of understanding that the word of God, Allah, Buddha. Krishna or any other religious leader CAN NOT be destroyed, no matter what any puny human being does to a BOOK!

    • Willie

      boy are you appropriately named. ? All that you have mentioned (unless yyou referred to Jehovah as God) are pagans “deities” and have no power but from satan. People who dont know should either KEEP QUIET or Learn the reality. DINGBAT indeed!!

      • Anthony San Diego

        And you sir, Willie, because of your self-righteous attitude, your fears, your inept analyses of other dogmas are one of the reasons people regard your faith as tyrannical. I do not believe in religion, but I respect your right to believe in any deity you find comfort in. What makes you different than the people you seem to abhor? Does the Spanish Inquisition ring a bell? Perhaps it was the elimination of an entire race of people in the western hemisphere… better know as genocide. Or it could be the Salem Witch Trials that give credence to your stance. I’ve got it, the Crusades were what gave you the confidence to slander every other religious belief in your diatribe. If you have no knowledge of said historical events then I suggest you zip it and give other beliefs the respect you seem to demand.

  • jerome ennis

    They ought to be blasting the FBI and other Incompetent federal bureaucracies. The recent so-called Terrorist that the FBI groomed and set up is a case in point. The FBI should be called the Fabrication Bureau Institution. They go out and recruit Patsy’s, groom them, set them up, talk them into doing something criminal, help them out with would be weapons, etc. and then Ride In and Bust Them, and then the Obedient Media and Politicians and Bureaucrats say, “Look what a great job we are doing in protecting you from terrorists and other assorted criminals.” And, while the FBI and other Bogus HLS and other Federal agencies are busy spying on innocent Americans and Setting Up Patsy’s for sting operations, the Real Damned Criminals and Terrorists go totally un-detected. What a bogus pile of crap. The FBI in this case are the Real Criminals and are a much larger threat to your safety than any of the Patsy’s they set up. This illegal alien Moroccan, which they admit had been in the country illegally for 10 years, should have been deported 10 years ago, but no, they had plans for this Young Lad. They kept an eye on him, and then later, Recruited Him for One of their Own Schemes to make themselves look good in order to keep up their funding and their Front that they are protecting us from Terrorists. I am sure that if they would spend as much time, energy, man power and money on finding and capturing real criminals and terrorists, we would all be much safer. This reminds me of the Nurses who have a Mental Disorder called Munchkins Disease or something like that, who go and tend to people, then make them sick, and then murder them, and then ride in to try and save the dying person which they made sick to begin with. Our country is sick and the FBI and other Federal Agencies are the Insane Nurses of our Safetey and Health as a nation.

  • Dolores F. Tamoria

    From my understanding, these copies of the Quran had been desecrated by members of their own faith who tore out pages to send messages and wrote in them. Fire is a God Given Cleansing Agent. I see nothing wrong with burning a desecrated Bible much less desecrated copies of the Quran. When our American Flags get old, faded and tattered we burn them as well. These people are nuts!

  • CJ

    I’m Scared to Death that he is going to end up getting elected! After all he’s got the Liberal Loonies and the Freeloaders and 99% of the black vote (and They call us “prejudiced”!) We need a Strong Leader like Gingrich, one who will speak the Trueth — America can’t endure 4 more years of an Anti-American!

  • Dad

    Killing Americans does not bother this president… he repededly says that he does not believe in America… he wants to change it from the best country in the world to a third rate, Muslim socialist country. gee, I thought the European model was bankrupt.

  • Lionking

    Does anybody remember Obumbler appologizing when some of our soldiers were ordered to burn Bibles written in their Islomic language?

  • Ed Watson

    If one has no balls is it ‘natural’ to apologize for any and everything. Our president should DEMAND an apology from them and tell them in no uncertain terms that another attempt to use their holy (BS) book as scrap paper to communicate will result in NO more ‘BOOKS ever again. They can simply remember what is says and go to hell.
    We need to get out of that hell hole ASAP and let them die there. NO MORE HELP, they don’t deserve it. We tried to ‘teach them to fish’ so they could feed themselves for a lifetime and they are not smart enough to understand it so the next time they start a fight, let us WIN THE WAR.

  • TaterSalad

    (Video) –

    “My apology to President Karzai on behalf of the American people”. We are all sorry for the President of the United States for NOT having “any balls”. We here in America apologize for having a weak President !

  • harleydavidson

    I missed President Ronald Reagan.

  • ARMYOF69

    Stop sending these foreign dictators my hard earned money which they use to kill my soldier friends.

  • Lions Den Roars

    When is some one going to turn this Muslim inside out , SWorry it’s just as rotten , an as full of his Musli8m agenda.

    Most have had eneough of his Jack ass ideas.

  • Crashaxe

    Who’s to say that those koRan’s weren’t planted there by muslims just to cause static.
    Regardless its an evil book filled with hatred and commands to murder the infidel and take over the world, all is the work of satin.
    To apologize to islam shows weakness and submission in there eyes.

  • phxrcf

    I must disagree with RHSchumann on a few points:
    “Bush got us into the war.”
    We were attacked on 911 and the people responsible were harbored by the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was absolutely necessary to go into Afghanistan to go after them and remove their sanctuary for their terrorist training camps. The 911 Commission (made up of about 1/2 Democrats, some like Jaime Gorelick who bragged that she had strengthened the wall between the FBI and the CIA [which then prevented them from sharing info which would have helped them connect the dots for the 911 plot] , and some squishy Republicans like Dick Lugar which allowed the commission to disregard all the mistakes from the Clinton years, such as the Sudanese offering up Bin Ladin on a silver platter and Clinton refused to persue the offer, and disregarding the conclusions of project Able Danger which predicted a 911 type attack) said that Al Qaeda was at war with us, and we were not at war with them. Bush finally got us on a war footing which was the right thing to do. By treating the conflict as a war and not a police matter, all kinds of legal options open up to prosecute the war effectively.
    “We have sent thousands of soldiers into Afghanistan to fight a useless war and are now trying very hard to extricate ourselves.”
    It is precisely Obama’s eagerness to extricate HIMSELF from Afghanistan which is turning this into a useless war. On the one hand, having seen the success of the surge in Iraq (which he opposed) he decides to send a surge of troops of his own into Afghanistan. On the other, he completely undercuts their mission by publicly announcing the withdrawal date ahead of time. So of course the Afghans are going to start cutting deals with the Taliban, and radical elements in Pakistan, and Iran. We already announced that we are giving up and getting out. Victory is assured for them.
    “Do Gingrich and Palin wish that ever more of our brave soldiers are killed in Afghanistan?”
    What a dispicable thing to say. Her son, Track Palin, served honerably in Iraq so she is quite aware and sympathetic to the soldiers serving in Afghanistan and what their mothers go through, because she has gone through it herself. What evidence is there that the apology will do any good? It just transmits weakness to them, and validates their Anti-American propaganda. I agree with Charles Krauthammer. ONE apology should have been made BY the base commander while explaining that it was their understanding that Islam requires burning as the proper way to dispose of a Koran that has been defaced with radical messages. All these multiple apologies, and hand-wringing have only inflamed the mobs even more. 18 people died AFTER the apology. And now there is talk of prosecuting the servicemen? UNBELIEVABLE

  • dhaneshaney

    ….Sarah and Newt are right.. Obama is just too fast to apologize to the muslims over anything… how about he demand an aplolgy from them for all the atrocities they have committed against Christians and Jews.. and their own people.. Apologize!!! .. hells bells…. The U.S should just get the hell out of there and lets those idiots kill each other…

  • setpoint

    In Muslim countries like Afghanistan, the individual has no free moral agency such as we enjoy in the United States. All kind of mayhem can be done in the name of the Koran, such as beating up women, honor killings of daughters who don’t obey their fathers or their boyfriends, committing genocide, rape and murder against black people such as in Darfur, etc., . . . all in the name of “Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful.” Sharia law is barbaric and should never be allowed in this country. The fact that the Koran authorizes killing your neighbor should be signal to the unwary that this is one way of discerning an evil religion . . . if there is no love and God’s creation is targeted for fatwas and killings. I believe Obama owes an apology to the people of Pennsylvania, for the remark he made in California, regarding those who must have their Bible and their guns. Of course Christians do not hold grudges or exact revenge . . . “Vengeance is mine. I will repay, saith the Lord.” A quote from the Holy Bible!

  • Runninbear

    An Afghan soldier turned his gun on foreign troops, killing two American soldiers, during one riot outside a U.S. base in Nangarhar province on Thursday. It was the latest in a rising number of incidents where Afghan soldiers or policemen, or gunmen wearing their uniforms, have killed NATO forces. Last month, France suspended its training program and threatened to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan a year ahead of schedule after an Afghan soldier shot and killed four French soldiers on a base in the east.
    These are Afghanistan s who we have been training to keep the peace,along side these soldiers who went out day after day to train these afgans and they are the ones back shooting the marines there.
    It’s time we leave these people to their own life or destruction?because we can change something that they have been doing for thousand years,and are unwilling to change?
    Bring the boys home and protect our borders!

    • Riverdweller

      I read something now that they are saying it was an Afghan POLICEMAN who shot our 2 guys.
      The Afghan soldier (original story) supposedly was also later killed.
      We need to just get our people the h-ll out of there and leave them to each other to continue their centuries old wars against one another.

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    If Obama thinks an appology is necessary for the burning of a few tattered rags called the Koran or Quran, he needs to have his head examined.
    If I had one, I’d use it for TOILETTE PAPER or feed it to a PIG.
    By the way, I wonder if Obama likes Pulled Pork Bar-B-Que or Ham? just a thought.
    This is just like the time he jumped to the conclusion that the cops where wrong in arresting his black Professor buddy, then he had them come together for a beer at the White House.
    This man is dangerous to this country and needs to be removed from office, He is always on the wrong side of ever issue and quick to make a judgement call, when he knows nothing about the facts on the subject.
    He is not LEADERSHIP material, never was, never will be. He just won the election because he claims to be more BLACK than WHITE, and the Idiots of this country voted for him so as not to appear to be Racists. BIG MISTAKE, so now we have to pay the price for STUPIDITY of the MORONS of this Nation. People WAKE UP, this jerk is tearing this country apart at the seams, Dictating his beliefs without regards to the Constitution, making up laws as he goes along, appointing Czars, and staff at exorbitant Salaries, making recess appointments of people that could never pass the scrutiny of Congress, and Ramsacking our Economy.
    What else are we going to sit still for? I know that we can not Impeach this POS, because Harry
    (suck ass) Reid will never let a bill of Impeachment come to a vote in the Senate, BUT, that will not stop us from seeking an indictment and arrest after the next election.
    We need to concentrate on winning a majority in BOTH Houses of Congress in the Next Election, more so than winning the Presidency. That way we can control whom ever is President, whether Democrat or Republican. That is the way this country was established, so that no one person had complete control to ruin this Nation. So quit fighting over WHO is nominated for the Republican Presidential candidate and concentrate on the Senate and the Representative races to insure victories there.

  • http://CowboyByte... Sparkle

    Obuncha’s stating he is an African American is not the problem……he is a Commie Muslim (& there are those that are not Commie Muslims), he is a trashy, lying, evil, yellow belly sneaky snake, unAmerican (sis to Nancy Pelosi), money hungry, disgraceful, pitiful, shameful, sham of humanity claiming to be an American…..he needs to use his head for something besides a hat rack or to keep those “ears” apart. The actors need to stay on the Silver Screen or book that boat that Allen West told the evil doers to get on! Go sit thru “Act of Valor” all you movie stars that have so much in common w/the White House Gang….that is a picture of what we are dealing with. Impeachment is too good for him….his time is about up for blaming Bush for all of the trouble in this great Nation. He could not lead a band of crooks, it takes leadership for that & he does not possess those qualities. Wake up America….please don’t give up your right to vote, take a stand (if not for yourself, for your children & family members) put this man out of the White House, he has hid enough money to feed the starving in South America….but… you think he is going to help anyone but his family……….NO………….NO…….!!! Pray for a miracle for the USA, do your part to make this a reality, we are supposed to be the land of plenty, not the land of sneaks!!!…….God Bless America should triumph & not be viewed as the land of “Abomination”.

  • Swimmer

    This comment was from Patroit!

    Please read again. This was by far the best comment made!!

    Does this mean we should never vote black again? Is it far too dangerous to do so? Blacks are held to a far different standard than the rest and therefore ARE actually in positions of dictatorship and with much more power than anyone else would ever have as president. And no I am not saying all blacks are bad any more than whites, browns, or purples. I am speaking of the “correctness” stranglehold we have allowed to be created and it is growing some pretty big bad monsters. We are also held to the same ridiculous “correctness” with all the illegals and all the islamists in our country. How is all this working for us, for U.S.? We are speaking spanish, entering into sharia, ousting God and everything good (and American) and are forced to look the other way by our own laws and liberal unconstitutional judges.

  • http://FEDUP Nicholas Lemak

    I have been trying to look kindly upon Islam and the people who believe in it. But it is no longer possible to give any credence to that relgion. As if killing their own women for minor “HONOR” offenses wasn’t enough, they now take irreplaceable lives for nominal cost of a few books. It’s not as though there was a plot to destroy ALL Quarans, it was just to destroy those that were already desecrated by notes. And, just how do the Islamists recommend the destruction of those books? It isn’t just a few extremests that are rioting, it is the general population.
    I now declare that the Moslems are acting like barbarians and deserve no favor until they can act with civility. There are Moslems who portray themselves as peaceful but refuse to stand up and declare the extremests to be criminals. I also declare that our President is bending over backward to appease those same barbarians. There should be severe reprocussions for the wanton killing of our soldiers.

  • Larry G

    What do you expect from a fellow muslim?

  • Meralu

    The thing I do not understand is how the muslims knew the note filled books were burnt. A trained monkey should have known how to keep it quiet somehow. Ship them to Washington, ship them to me, ship them to anyone with a brain in the effort to keep things calm as possible.

  • DockyWocky

    For unknown reasons, Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama never tires of defending islam.

    Obama believes the word “jihad” has many meanings. However, he has also failed to explain any of them to our satisfaction. He also believes islam is one of the world’s great religions – and again, failed miserably to explain why.

    Over a billion humans are devotees of islam, Obama believes only a small part of them are radical, while experience reveals that they talk a good game and completely tolerate the most extreme radicals at the same time.

    Talk is cheap. The tiniest part of their religion affirms peace, tolerance, or fairness. One look at their societies exposes the inherent hypocrisy. The radical extremists dominate, because that’s how they loke it.

  • IllegalAlienPOTUS

    Kill two of ours, we need to kill 100 of theirs now.. retaliation is a Mother aint it…
    Are we America or are we going to be Obamas bitches???

    Looks like we are picking the latter….. too bad for my unborn child….