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Obama, Republicans spar over gasoline prices

Facing intensifying election-year attacks over rising gasoline prices, President Barack Obama sought to shift the spotlight onto oil and gas companies on Thursday by pushing for the repeal of U.S. tax breaks that benefit the industry.

Obama’s speech in New Hampshire, in the backyard of leading Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, was part of a White House strategy to blunt a campaign by Republicans to blame a spike in energy prices on the president’s energy policies.

With the issue posing a potential threat to Obama’s re-election prospects in November, his administration has been at pains to say it is doing everything it can to bring down costs, even as it stresses that the market-driven price rises are largely beyond its control.

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  • Robalou01

    Obama is truly delusional….. He has done more to inhibit drilling on public lands than anyone …. and how does doing away with tax breaks to the industry lower gas prices???…. It’s always the same with him and his communist buddies, it’s those evil capitalist [ insert whatever industry] companies that are to blame !!!

    • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

      All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. There haven’t been any drilling permits granted for drilling, they only reason, there is any more drilling is because they can’t stop drilling on privately owned lands. All of our Politicians are responsible for high gas prices. The truth is if they really didn’t want high gas prices, we wouldn’t have high gas prices. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve.
      What we need is

    • Mike

      Oblama continues to blame everyone but himself for the gas prices. He has no energy plan except we should air up our tires and get a tuneup and to “invest” in failed green energy companies. Now, he is blaming big oil. He wants to tax them more. Gee, I bet that brings the price down since oil companies just pass it on at the pump. Had we turned the oil and gas industry loose three years ago and approved Keystone, the price would be roughly the same as it was when he took office. He really wants the price to be as high as possible to fit in with his agenda to bring this economy to its knees.

      • frank1737

        This Thing the Democratic Party has the audacity and his puppet master George Soros has two objectives:
        1) To Bankrupt the U.S.A. China already owns Two Thirds of our Country!!
        2) Two weaken our Defense in the Military by loss of morale and modern weaponry to the
        point that we are highly

    • E

      Beyond delusional. Certifiable.

  • J.M.R.

    the chimp dick-tater thinks like the true monkey that he is

    • frank1737

      my sentence was cut off, the rest should say: vaunerable to an attack on our own soil resulting in our losing the war and being slaves to a Muslim/Commun ist regime!

  • Ruth

    He is trying to DISTRACT from his worthless do-nothing record of 3+ years! Republicans aren’t buying it!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Two things control the price of crude oil;; supply available and the strength of the DOLLAR; Obama has destroyed both of these factors;; making the speculators the oil barons, capable of price manipulation relative to world events, if America developed it’s real fossil fuel potential we could care less if Iran closes the Straight of Hormuz;; revenues would pour into our coffers reducing our national debt and stabilizing the balance of trade. Obam the Imam does not want America strong ; that is his agenda. Will 51% of Americans vote this idiot out of our nation or sit back and let the puppet communist ruin us?????? EVERY ONE OF YOU PATRIOTS MUST bring [2] other conservatives to the polls in NOVEMBER.

    • frank1737

      BRAVO, Robert!!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Every time you see this phony President standing in front of his TELEPROMPTER [there is a reason for using it]; remember these things; 1.] he is a devote Marxist, 2.] he is a Black Liberation Theologian, 3.] he is a Muslim, 4.] he is a anti-constitutional President and he said the following in his acceptance speech;; ” We are the ones we have been waiting for”. There can be NO DOUBT as to his intentions for destroying modern day America’s ideals and assets.

  • Bob Marshall

    I have noticed lately you have to be careful what you say about Obama or you may not get posted.

    • frank1737

      Or killed, like Breitbart

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    In Washington D C mass transit tunnel , where most users are black;;” Go to hell Barrack”, judge let it stand “free speech”,, some one up there has some balls.

  • Mr. Conservative

    What interests me about this is, he keeps griping that the “Big, Bad Oil Companies” are making bigger profits as the price goes up! DUH! Maybe if he would allow them to drill here and in ANWAR, where the oil is, and allow the Keystone pipeline, the prices would go down and, oddly enough, oil company profits. The only problem with that is, then all the focus for the rest of his disastrous policies would be squarely on him and his criminal administration. November can’t get here soon enough.

  • Iowa Guy

    anybody who actually beleives anything this man says has got to be ignorant and stupid, oops that would simply make them a liberal.

  • Patriot Patrol

    Obama said on the campaign trail back 2008 he wanted Gas prices to be at what the EU pays per gallon which is $7.00 U.S. So does this surpise anyone. This Communist/Muslim wants to bring America down. That being said, we Conservative all need to create as much wealth as we can to vote Obama and all the DEM’s out of office. Dr. Michael Williams book “The law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind, 2nd edition does just that! Get a copy at or at The Liberal/Communist/Democrats don’t want us Conservatives getting our hands on the book, believe me. Order a copy today so we can beat this Liberal/Communist. God Bless America.

  • Msgtgdubbya

    Why is it, when gas prices spiked during President Bush’s, administration, it was his fault? Now under obama, ti’s every bodies fault but his. Bush gave an order to drill, drill, drill, and the prices dropped like a rock. Nobama, says, oh, lets use our food crops, and blight the skyline with ugly wind generators, and then blmes the oil companies, whos hands are tied by government regulations. How does that go? Oh yeah, GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    What to do about Obama the ACTING PRESIDENT. Yes I said ACTING we all know the SOB is not a real any thing. All we need is a good rope and a tree

    • frank1737

      Problem is: Obumer has more security around him than the U.S. Military!

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    I don’t like high gasoline prices anymore than the next person, however, I hope they go to $6.00 per gallon until the election so that Obama gets his ass beat real good, then drop to below $2.00 per gallon when a Republican takes over the White House.
    The problem with the high cost of gasoline all stems from the fact that this POS of a President doesn’t know his ass from his elbow when it comes to business decisions let alone how to govern. He has purposely shut down all avenues for exploration, drilling, or refining any additional crude oil in this country, while bolstering the economy of Brazil directly, Venezuela, Mexico, Libya, Iraq, Saudia Arabia and others indirectly by not allowing our oil companies to drill. He shutdown the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline for no appearent reason other than to say it was the Republicans fault because they wanted to act too fast, and this was from someone that has to have everything passed RIGHT NOW, no time to read the bill, but vote on it right now. Talk about a double standard, this SOB has more faces, than a crowd.
    The American People had better wake up to what this Evil SOB is all about and vote him out of office.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 full time American jobs Published: 12:04 AM 07/12/2011| Updated: 2:34 AM 07/12/2011

    Gasoline Taxes Vs. Exxon Profit, Per Gallon

    WHO PROFITS THE MOST? Who benefits the most from energy independence? We the people do!

  • northbrook

    For a man that believes he is smarter than most his statements are really dumb. Fossil fuels are the fuels of the present alternate fuels will be the future probably 2 decades away to get the infrastructure in place. He touts the electric car but what runs the generators for the electrical power – fossil fuels. Solar and wind power will never generate the power necessary to supply this nations needs. Obama and his administration need to stop attempting to force an undeveloped green industry. All he is succeeding in doing is costing Americans money at the gas pump and probably for energy in our homes.
    Vote for real change in 2012 put a new Pre\sident in the White House