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Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?

Ron Paul’s rallies this year have yielded quirky and eclectic crowds — bow-tie-wearing libertarians, scruffy anti-establishment types, large religious families and packs of antiwar college students, all drawn with an unusual fervor to the presidential candidate’s unique libertarian message.

Many mainstream Republicans have long viewed his supporters as a fringe element. But they face a gnawing question: What if Paul’s followers do not fall in line behind the eventual GOP nominee, who will need every vote possible to defeat President Obama in the fall?

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  • Kelly Kafir

    They will go back to their mom’s basement and continue on the Star Trek chat room while planning their next D&D move!

    • Starbrander

      You’re The Type Of Republican That Is Unaware That Most Of Military Political Contributions Are Going To Ron Paul…….Iraq Sure Doesn’t Belong In Your Mom’s Basement As Well As Viet Nam,Bosnia, Lebanon….So Close Your Mouth And Engage Your Brain Before You Make Anymore Elitist Comments…..And Don’t Thank Me For My Service, It Would Ring as Hollow As Your Understanding Of The Constitution

      • Tucci78

        Starbrander, quit the inappropriate capitalization.

        You’re correct in the substance of your post, but leave the idiocies to the idiots who are scrambling frantically to gin up support for Willard Mitney, the Albino Obama.

        In truth, the Republican establishment is no more interested in restoring government under the strict rule of law – compliance with the U.S. Constitution – than are the ACORN thugs scheming on behalf of our Mombasa Messiah.

        They’re classic “go along to get along” slime eager to sacrifice the average American to the same crony corruption they’ve plotted since they put that goddam railroad lawyer in the White House back in 1861.

        • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

          All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve.
          What we need is

        • Gunny

          I think you are spending too much time in the bathroom reading fantasy comic books

          • Concerned

            I don’t know who your reply was meant to go to but I’m one who happens to believe that if you vote Democrat or Republican, you can kiss America and everything it “stood for” goodbye.

            In my 65 years of life, we have had Democratic presidents and Republican presidents. Look around and see where we are at. Both parties got us here. Neither party has plans to change anything except for the worse. So, if you don’t like Mr. Paul, good luck with whoever you get. You won’t like it, I’m sure.

            By the way, in my 65 years, America has been at war for 35 of them. Imagine all the people we killed around the world, including American soldiers.

          • mesaman

            Hey Gunny, what are you trying to do? Present some sanity to the John Birchers, aryan brotherhood, ultra-right wingers? They only follow one drum beat; there isn’t an unbiased bone in their bodies. Sadly, if we are going to send Obama back to Kenya, we need unity and I don’t see any moderation coming from them. It’s too bad because Paul is a realist and doesn’t deserve this kind of patriotism. Semper Fi!

        • daves

          I thought President Reagan was the Messiah?

          • Lee Baldwin

            go away, daves.

          • Jean Pack

            What the Conservative Right needs is definitely UNITY! Being a conservative and not seeing Ron Paul’s name on the ballot and refusing to vote for the conservative running against obama IS A SURE WAY TO MAKE SURE OBAMA GETS RE-ELECTED. That’s plain STUPIDITY!! I love what Paul stands for, but he does not have enough people to push him forward to defeat Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. Paul does love America and whoever he chooses for his followers to support will be the BEST of the 3 running…and I would honor that choice completely. He doesn’t make decisions lightly, but with much deliberation. What ever you do, VOTE CONSERVATIVE EVEN IF YOUR CANDIDATE IS NOT ON THE BALLOT. WE CANNOT LET THE CANCER IN THE WHITE HOUSE SPREAD FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS… Think about this long and hard! Choosing between obama and another 4 years of destroying our liberties, our lives, and our land OR voting for the Conservative on the ballot, even though he may not make you feel good, he is NOT obama and can help rebuild our Nation from obama’s destructive policies — not to mention obummercare, the worst legislation in all our History! Please VOTE, no matter who is on the ballot! It’s the only way to rid the U.S. of obama!

          • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

            Daves, You bet , Reagan was the BEST President ever… he was for the American people, the Constitution, our Men & Women in Harms way, our GREAT Country, etc….that is more then we can say about this Marxist, Socialist, Muslim, Dictator that is YOUR President… MENTAL MIDGET !!

        • lew

          I agree 100%! I for one will vote for anyone but Mr.B.O. Then the day after I will work with anyone who starts a to restore OUR Constitutions rightful place as OUR HIGHEST LAW! To Limit GOVERNMENT not WE the PEOPLE!

          • Brian Yoder

            Third parties in the US electoral system are a HORRIBLE way to make changes to the way the government works. The only parties that get any political power at all are the ones that can get 51% of the vote. If you get less than that then you get nothing. This is a powerful incentive for people to set aside their petty differences and unite to promote their common positions. All third parties do is weaken the political positions of those with whom they share some agreement and are the most powerful force in delivering elections to unpopular members of the opposite party. Look, I am not a conservative and I really dislike all of the Republican candidates (including Paul and especially Santorum who is the absolute worst of the bunch) but I’m only going to even think about a third party vote if I think that the candidate is not just bad, but worse than Obama and that’s a pretty low bar.

            Third parties make a lot of sense in two situations. One is when one of the existing parties is falling apart and your third party can become the second party. This has only happened once in US history when the Republican Party displaced the Whigs. There’s nothing like that going on today. The other situation would be in a parliamentary kind of government where even minor parties can hold seats in the legislature. There are pros and cons to this kind of organization, but for better or worst, that’s not how we run our elections in the US. It’s winner take all, and that means third place (or even second place) might as well be 800th place.

        • Keith

          “Willard Mitney”? “The Albino Obama”? “The Mombasa Messiah”?
          Dude, you have so been plagarized!
          Thanks for the grins!

        • Infidel

          Tucci: That’s Not Improper Capitalization That Starbrander is Using I Use it All the Time in My Advertising. It is Easier to Read Than ALL CAPS or all lower case. Go Back To Your English Class.

          Ron Paul Supporters Should Vote For The Republican Nominee. We Cannot Afford 4 More Years of Th FoodStamp Presydent.
          In 2014 & 2016 We Need to Run TEA Party Candidates. The TEA Party Has Been Quietly Working in the Background. We Have Not Been Asleep

          • Conservative I Am

            I agree wholeheartedly. Elect the Republican nominee, whoever it may be. Far, far better to have a republican president who will be responsive to the people supportive of the Tea Party ideas, rather than a president who will take his marching orders from the far left liberal progressives. It is also the only chance we have of getting more conservative judges appointed. It is only through the courts that we can return our constitution to its original intent. We must make Obama a one term president.

        • wnettles


      • DocDave

        Ron Paul, candidate for President of the United States, has a strong, fanatical following of supporters. Within the Republican Party there are few camps of people, those who say “anyone but Obama”, those who say “Ron Paul can never win so I’m voting for…”, and those who are in the camp of “I don’t care about principles, I’m voting for the most electible Republican so Obama doesn’t win in 2012.”
        What many are not taking into account is the power Ron Paul and his supporters now have on the 2012 Presidential election.
        One of three things is going to happen:
        1. Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination and runs as a third party candidate: The new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll suggests Ron Paul would win 18 percent as a third-part­y candidate running against Obama and Romney. Obama wins.

        2. Ron Paul drops out: fervent and stubborn Ron Paul supporters stay home or write him in. Obama wins.
        3. Ron Paul gets the GOP nomination­: Ron Paul gets the following voters:
        (a. 2008 Obama voters who thought they were going to get ‘Change’,
        (b. 2008 Obama voters who voted to end the wars,
        (c. the VAST majority of the Independen­t vote,
        (d. the entire GOP voting block who dislikes Obama enough to vote for Ron Paul instead.
        (e. Ron Paul supporters coming out to vote in DROVES. Ron Paul wins.)
        So if the main goal is just to make sure Obama isn’t in office for another term, then Republicans are seriously going to need learn more about Ron Paul and find the common ground they have with him as opposed to what they don’t like

        Message to the Media and the GOP

        I’m Vet who served during Vietnam. My home paid for free and clear. My son is out making it on his own even in this horrible economy. I can’t vote for anyone else but Ron Paul.. Obama or another GOP candidate is the same thing. They may have some different stance here or there but when it comes right down to it they work for the same thing, our utter destruction. Our policy of Keynesian economics is destroying us and is the reason Ron Paul was able to predict the housing collapse 5 years before it happened.
        Sun Tsu, wrote that “..first you must know your enemy.” Well, Obama has been identified and he can be dealt with to a significant degree because we know who he is.
        Most of the repugnantcan purple haired sheople taking their orders from Bill Oliely, Fawn Vannity, or other judas goat; Won’t figure out that out until Oromney, Scamtorum, or Newt shows the sheople by his actions for a couple of years. Then the neoConned will wake up and realize, “Hey! I could have had a V8!” Ron Paul is the V8…. The rest are high fructose and aspartame-neotame laced slow kill drinks that will take you down before you know what happened to you.

        I AM going to vote for Ron Paul in 2012. Whether he is the nominee, a third party, or not even running, one way or another i will have ron paul on my ballot. Anyone else is the same person. Status quo vs Ron Paul

        • kellys

          One vet to another, I like your style!

          • D Fowler

            I am Texan so know Ron Paul politics first hand. He is a great guy and even greater congressman…but I could never vote for him as president unless it was only a choice between him and Obumo. I endorse most of his libertarian policies on domestic issues, except perhaps his legalization of drugs. The problem as president, he could never get his policies through any congress, unless it was also libertarian. It is not. Nor will it be. This country does not need more division…at this time it needs unity to stop the evils of the neo-left. Nor could I agree with his foreign policy as president. Ideologically it makes sense, but it is far to naïve to apply in reality.

            Because we developed the strength after WWII we unwilling became the worlds policeman. It is not fun or popular being the king of the sand pile. This has been an awesome responsibility and admittedly has frequently been abused. LBJ and the war in Nam is the best example of this. But if we now become isolationist, someone will quickly step in to take our place. The world has become far too small and there is no other power I can see that would do a better job. In fact the likely candidates such as Russia, China or Iran would place us right back at fighting for our freedom and liberties from foreign rule. Best we stay right where we are, only with resolute and competent leadership.

            None of our candidates are without flaws. As an independent conservative it is a tough call. I need a vision of the future to come forward. Something I can fight and work for such as term limits, real tax reform, restoration of my rights as an American, and mostly someone who will lead by example. The only one’s really doing anything to get America back are the Tea Party which have been vilified and ridiculed to the point many are ashamed to admit they are members. Maybe this is the year I will join their efforts. Anybody except Obama should be everyones call.

          • blackhawk

            Guys ; I’m also a Vet and yes I would prefer Paul ,however I refuse to give Obama the right to 4 more years. Please do not waste your votes and let that evil creature regain power.

          • 1776 Patriot

            Another veteran agrees. Ron Paul will get my write in vote as well.

          • D Fowler

            1776 Patriot : There will be 4 Supreme Court Justices up for replacement in the next presidential term. If you want Obama picking those justices then you are cetainly no patriot. Obama is stripping badly needed benefits from us vets. If you want 4 more years of of that then again, you are no patriot. I would put you guys more in the category of traitors.

          • Richard

            A traitor seeks to usurp. A patriot dies with good conscience of intent. The winner labels them both.

          • Conservative I Am

            For all those “Ron Paul and no one else” people, you couldn’t be more wrong in your belief that there is no difference between Obama and any of the other republican candidates. There is one huge difference, the base to whom they will be responsive to. A republican president will be have to be responsive to the Tea Party, limited government base, and Obama will be responsive to the far left liberal, progressive base. With a republican president, the conservative base can influence the type of judges who get appointed; whereas with a democratic president, we will be guaranteed all liberal judge appointments. It is absolutely critical that we have a Republican president.

        • Duane Grindstaff

          I like what you say & the way you say it. It is sad that so many can’t see that all candidates except Ron Paul are virtually identical to Obama on all issues of importance, so the only reason to vote for them is Party preference. Democrats outnumber Republicans, so we’d have 4 more years Obama.

          • D Fowler

            Actually that is not the case. Register Democrats (32.4%) and Republicans (36%) are pretty evenly matched. This is why independents will play the pivotal role in this year’s election. Now if you state it as ‘welfare junkies’ vs ‘workers’ it may come out differently.

          • Livefree1200cc

            D Fowler and anyone else with the childish and unintelligent ‘anyone but Odumbo’ philosophy have a lot to learn about how BOTH parties are destroying our once great country. Anyone but Odumbo is the same thing as the ‘lesser of two evils’ and that I will NOT do. Ron Paul is the only sensible choice.

          • D Fowler

            LiveFree: As the article states, and I would like to know, which one are you…bow-tie-wearing libertarian, scruffy anti-establishment type, large religious family or antiwar college student? From your asinine vitriol I suspect a neo-left progressive dressed in wolves clothing. For certain you never took a course in logic 101…but then I am sure you went to one of those unionized public schools. It shows.

          • wnettles

            Our founding fathers pledged their sacred honor, their fortunes, and even their lives to create this great, free nation that we are now on the verge of losing. Would you veterans and military members not also do the same? I know that I would. So, to call a man a traitor for voting for the only candidate that is willing to “… preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America …” is quite cowardly of you, to say the least. Dr. Ron Paul is probably the last best hope of saving what is left of this republic, if it can be saved. If you choose not to support him, then, do so at your own peril. You will have wasted 230 years of human lives that it has taken to give us freedom. And, Judas, when you are through, leave us in shame.

          • D Fowler

            Ring, ring “Hello, this is President Ron Paul”. Desperate reply, “Mr. President my house is burning down, what should I do?” Long pause. “Just checked the Constitution and its not covered. Sorry. Here, hold on. I will get you the number of a good drug dealer named LIVEFREE1200cc who has some great hashish. It will help calm your nerves”.

            Ring, ring…”Hello President Paul…this is Hugo Chavez. I just fired a nuclear missile your way and wanted to say goodbye.” Pause. “Damn you Hugo if you dare hit my ranch in Texas I will never again try and negotiate with you”. No reply.

            Traitors and idiots.

        • DWAIN

          You just as well vote for Obama.I don’t care who the GOP npminee is We all better get behind Him as no matter who it is they would be better than Obama.I don’t see how any sane person could think otherwise.Besides R.Paul is in lala land when it comes to foreign policy.Only way I vote for Paul is if He gets the GOP nomination.
          At least the GOP nominees aren’t marxist leaning like obama!

          • DWAIN

            Should have said nominee!!

          • Concerned

            The lesser of two evils is still evil. There is no way that my conscience would permit me to vote for evil. If you choose to vote the lesser of two evils you are supporting their system. I will withdraw my vote if that’s my choice.

          • Ron

            Sad lala land because Paul believes in communication over war and not telling other countries what they can & can not do. If we are going to tell others what to do then we might as well conquer the world have Obama dictator of the planet.

        • Patrick Henry

          I would hope that all Ron Paul’s supporters, or the supporters of ANY Republican candidate vote for our nominee. Anything else is a vote for “The” Socialist that will bring this country down beyond fixing!

          • Mike

            Unfortunately, the Paulbots are just as fervent as the far left crowd. He makes some decent points about following the Constitution and free market principles and then makes numerous crazy remarks about drugs, foreign policy etc. This makes me think he is mentally unbalanced and unworthy to hold public office. He should just retire and go to the ranch and leave grown ups to to do the work.

          • D Fowler

            That is not the case Patrick. Ron is a libertarian and not a nut case. It is the ideology our founding fathers believed in, but much of it no longer addresses practical issues of the day. I do not believe in some of his policies either and would have a hard time voting for him (certainly I would if it was between him and Obama) but the man is highly intellegent and believes in what he says.

          • Longchile

            Totally agree Patrick Henry!

        • Aberdeem

          Thank you for your service. I had many friends who never came back from Vietnam. I just do
          not feel comfortable with voting for Ron Paul. Have a nice day. Another American

        • Orley

          Well that looks like a ron paul supporter, not intelligent enough to spell words close enough to guess what they are trying to say.
          Whether we write in or nominate Paul it would give it to obommer. He doesn’t even like like presidential materiel.

          • Leslie

            I know you were so busy correcting the spelling of others that you missed your own error, “material” not materiel. and fyi- names are supposed to be capitalized, I guess you must have a problem with capitalism though.

          • D Fowler

            Leslie: Maybe he is trying to be Obumo’s spelling Czar or just high lighting his graduation from a unionized public school.

        • The Big Dog

          That will put Obama back in for 4 more years and probably destroy life for future generations… your position is complete selfishness and immaturity masquerading as wisdom and principle.

          • D Fowler


        • Charlotte Juett

          I really like your style and you speak the truth as does Ron Paul. The problem is whether or not the “elite & Main Stream Republicans” will wake up soon enough that the ONLY chance they have to defeat Obama in 2012 is to nominate Ron Paul and get behind him 100% or maybe just 90%. I know that I will never vote for the lesser of two evils again, especially when there is so LITTLE difference between the two.

          • Bob

            I feel the same way, I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils many times and now I have a chance to vote for someone that I completly agree with. The Republican Party has lost it’s way and there is little difference between either party. Ron Paul is the only one that stands out from the rest of the Republican candidates because he has common sense and is more honest. Many people say that he cannot win, why ? They are influencd by the media which has it’s own agenda, they no longer think for themselves. Wars, inflation, debt, and social programs were brought on by both parties and will bankrupt this nation. After WW2 this nation was fairly stable, but since the 1960’s it’s gone down hill at an accelerated pace. Other than the Civil Rights Bill most legislation that Congerss has passed has cost the tax payers dearly. Nothing has been done since the 1973 oil embargo to solve the problem. The government works for investors and corporations not the people. Ron Paul is not part of Wall St. Both parties and the media are afraid of Ron Paul because he will hurt them financially. 249 members of Congerss are millionairs, some because of insider trading which is illegal for the public. How much longer will the American people put with this scheme ? They are getting rich on your behalf, while you pay the bills.The sleeping giant may never wake up again if something isn’t done to remove the corruption in Washington. All your worries about Social Securtiy, Medicare and other social problems will come true if our country goes bankrupt, you will have nothing.

        • jacy

          I respect Ron Paul voters but I don’t respect voters or citizens who would refuse to vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination. This country is in dire straights. Another four years of this corrupt man in the WH along with his thug administration will turn the greatest country in the world into a third world country; the one people came to in order to get away from tryanny and slavery. We are on our road to tryanny and slavery. If you want your children and grandchildren to live in a dictatorship, laws mandated by the UN; your freedom of speech (1st amendment) taken away; your second amendment gone (guns); AGENDA 21 in place (removes your property and rights – THEN you are not a citizen who loves this country.

          I may have to hold my nose and vote for the nominee – and I agree that the GOP establishment is not great – hopefully after this election maybe another party csn be formed, but until then we have to stand up or lose, its that simple. Ron Paul may have some great supporters who love the ideas he has put forth – but stand up and demand that whoever is the nominee incorporate those ideas. The problem America has is most of us have been asleep, not caring enough to stand up – we have allowed politicians to put forth bills without knowing what was in them; we have allowed Congress to do insider trading (you would go to jail) or accept bribes from lobbyists (most are now millionaires) – we haven’t had the guts to demand term limits (which was recently turned down by Dirty Hairy and the senate. So Ron Paul voters – for the sake of this country be a citizen – vote. We are in perilous times – the jerk in the WH will get us in a war…Obama is tramping all over you – you are paying for his vacations…God Help Us if he gets another 4 years!

          • Concerned

            I think if you go do your homework, you will find that both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for where we are. And, we citizens are just as responsible because we refuse to get educated. Because of this we get what we got. Our government is a reflection of we the people.
            So, you can keep marching over the cliff and vote for the lesser of two evils (still evil), but, if you do, just as you have no respect for me, neither will I have for you!!!

          • Sheldon

            This is exactly what is wrong with this country “hold your nose and vote for the nominee”… how about stand up to your principles? For example
            1. Mitt Romney stated in a debate that he would sign the NDAA into law just as Obama did.
            2. All other nominees aside from Ron Paul want another war just listen to them.
            3. looking at the nominees there is one thing I know I have seen all of them aside from Ron Paul at one point or another get themselves in to a situation which requires them to defend something they had said or done politically in the past I have a hard time believing they are going to do what they promise when they would through the door of the white house. They haven’t told the truth yet at least with Ron Paul I can pull up his voting record ( and see that he votes for what he believes in
            and yet if the corporations and main stream media get there way he will be nominee.
            Ill informed people such as you will basically sign away your constitution by “holding your nose and voting for the nominee”

            As for me I will stick to my principles because I trust them more then Mitt, Newt, and Santorum Put together if he is not nominated you better believe RON PAUL WILL BE A WRITE IN FOR ME!!

          • Sheldon

            suppose to be
            “and yet if the corporations and main stream media get there way Mitt will be nominee.
            Ill informed people such as you will basically sign away your constitution by “holding your nose and voting for the nominee”

          • C Eastwood

            The reason that many RP supporters would not vote for “whoever is the GOP nominee” is because we do not see Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum as being any different/better than Obama. Obama is bad, no doubt about it, but the other three would follow the exact same monetary, fiscal, and tax policies. Oh, they might tinker around the edges, but not one of them is willing to strike at the heart of the status quo in Washington. So, they might get rid of Obamacare. OK. Big deal, if we continue down the exact same economic path we’ve been treading. Obama didn’t put us into our current economic crisis, the Federal Reserve did. You want to know what is going to destroy this nation? Economic collapse.

            EVERY great nation throughout the history of the world has collapsed because it overextended itself militarily and financially. Tell me, will Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich reduce military spending? Will they reduce spending as much as it needs to be reduced? No. They will maintain the status quo and just tinker around the edges. Mark my words. They will do nothing substantial to change what is fundamentally wrong with America.

            I agree that we need to get Obama out of office, but what good will that do if we just replace him with a Caucasian version of the same garbage?

          • LibertyFirst

            @jacy says:

            March 6, 2012 at 3:55 pm

            I respect Ron Paul voters but I don’t respect voters or citizens who would refuse to vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination. This country is in dire straights. Another four years of this corrupt man in the WH along with his thug administration will turn the greatest country in the world into a third world country; the one people came to in order to get away from tryanny and slavery.

            I may have to hold my nose and vote for the nominee – and I agree that the GOP establishment is not great – hopefully after this election maybe another party csn be formed, but until then we have to stand up or lose, its that simple. ”
            Nothing like insanity of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. :(

            If Ron Paul is not the nominee, expect another 4 years of Obama. Ignore the facts and count on all your predictions coming true. There is only one person who will stop them (the predictions) and that person is Ron Paul. All the others are Obamalite.

          • pat78

            What will be different if Romney is elected rather than Obama? He’s still backed and led by the same arrogance that brought us Obama!

        • SadPatriot

          I’m the wife and daughter of military veterans and an active member of my local VFW, and resent anyone descrying my patriotism simply because I’m not an avid Ron Paul supporter. Your points about voting outcomes are worth some thought, but there’s something neither you nor any of the RP supporters with whom I’ve spoke ever address. Let’s say that by some miracle he gets elected. Awesome. If he wins the nomination, I’ll gladly vote for him. But what about afterward? How likely is it that any of the wonderful things he’d like to implement will be supported by the creeps in Washington? They won’t respect him at all, and most of his attempts at getting policies passed will be shot down or worse, ignored. Why do I say this? Look at his record. How many of his bills have gotten passed? That’s what worries me. I kinda think his attempts at legalizing drugs will get laughed off the floor of Congress, and that’s okay – I just can’t agree with that stance. But his good ideas, like the ones concerning our economy and our over-involvement in foreign countries that take and take and take while ripping us to shreds in their media, will probably get ignored, too. Until we can clean out the corruption in the upper levels of government entirely, we have to take this one step at a time. Gingrich and Santorum are hard-core politicians, but as such, have a much better chance of getting what they want as POTUS (especially if we can scrub out the filth currently polluting the Senate). Mitt Romney will be treated politely, but I don’t think he’ll be able to do much unless he can somehow get the entire country behind his proposals. Look, you may feel that voting your conscience is the right and proper thing to do, and I applaud you for that. But how firmly will you be patting yourself on the back when government agents come to your home to conduct unconstitutional searches, or the IRS attacks you unfairly, or you suddenly find that no matter how hard you work, you’ll never get past being a drone for the government because everyone has to “share the wealth.” And how will you feel when, because your lack of support for the “flawed” Republican candidate made it easy for Obama to remain in power, he declares Martial Law that eliminates all future elections? It’ll be too late then, and all your moralizing will have done is contribute the final nail to the coffin of this once-great Nation. Please reconsider.

          • D Fowler

            Well said. I agree.

          • LibertyFirst

            SadPatriot said: “Let’s say that by some miracle he (Ron Paul) gets elected. Awesome. If he wins the nomination, I’ll gladly vote for him. But what about afterward? How likely is it that any of the wonderful things he’d like to implement will be supported by the creeps in Washington? They won’t respect him at all, and most of his attempts at getting policies passed will be shot down or worse, ignored.”
            First of all, they DO respect him, but most of all they FEAR him. Why? Because he will attempt to end the Fed. I know that may be lost on many, but believe me, the Fed is the very source of ALL our woes. And THAT is why they fear him. He has stood for the Constitution and everything it stands for. The others have not. They have trampled our rights until we have very few left.

            SadPatriot also said: “Gingrich and Santorum are hard-core politicians, but as such, have a much better chance of getting what they want as POTUS…”

            Do you not understand that Gingrich and Santorum are of the same category you said we need to clean out!? Why do you insist on voting what you perceive as the “lesser of the evil”? They are STILL evil!! Gingrich robbed the people of millions with his help of ACORN. Santorum is a snake in sheep clothing. Romney’s healthcare is the blueprint of Obamacare! Does anyone not read or research the records of these criminals?? If the American people had truly been awake, none of these people would be running for President, nor would they have had a chance to pull the shenanigans they did! These are the very kind of politicians that need to be cleaned out! and are what’s wrong with our country today!! People complacently going along with the status quo and continue to vote in those who continue to destroy our beloved country.

            Finally SadPatriot said: “And how will you feel when, because your lack of support for the “flawed” Republican candidate made it easy for Obama to remain in power, he declares Martial Law that eliminates all future elections? It’ll be too late then, and all your moralizing will have done is contribute the final nail to the coffin of this once-great Nation. Please reconsider.”

            “Flawed” Republicans?? It doesn’t even come close! They are criminal! Please read what DocDave said above @ March 6, 2012 1:04 pm. “Paulbots” know exactly what will happen if Ron Paul is not the nominee. THAT will contribute the final nail to the coffin of this once-great nation, NOT refusing to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. We know that this election will be no different than 2008 if this attitude prevails. Please wake up!
            Doc Dave hit the nail on the head! Please!! read what he said. And believe it as what he says is the absolute truth!

          • SadPatriot

            Okay, LibertyFirst, take a long, deep breath. If you had been reading my post without the hysterical RP filter, you would have realized that nothing I said contradicts your beliefs. In fact, I pretty much said the same thing you were ranting about but in a different, calmer way. Yes, they fear him, but no, they won’t respect what he tries to put out for passage. Why? Because they fear him. No matter how you define it, the outcome remains the same. He won’t be able to get his bills through unless, as I said, we weed out the corruption choking our government at its highest levels.

            You also seemed to have missed that I very clearly stated, albeit in a different, less hysterical way and minus all the exclamation points, that Gingrich and Santorum were hard-core politicians. That’s synonymous with your assessment. They are part of the corruption. Hooray, we’ve figured that out. My point, which you would have gotten had you been more thoughtful in your reading, was that we simply cannot expect someone like Ron Paul to sweep in on his Constitutional white horse and fix everything right out of the gate. Washington has become too complex and too dark for something that simple to occur. It’s going to take, I believe, a series of elections in which each POTUS is at least leaning slightly more to the right than the one before until at last we have someone like Dr. Paul who will THEN have the backing he needs to implement proper measures to get us straight again. This is why I said we need to deal with the problem one step at a time. It’s wild-eyed, arm-flailing responses like yours that get so many of us annoyed enough to want to shut out what you’re saying. But honestly, I do understand and – surprise – agree with your conclusions. I simply do not agree with the means by which you and others believe the problems will be resolved. Allowing Obama another term is the very worst thing you could do. You’ll vote for Ron Paul, then go home feeling all smug and self-satisfied with your righteous selves while the rest of us feel as if all our hard work, efforts and finances to kick the Kenyan out were absolutely in vain. And when the proverbial smoke clears, we’ll be living in a communist/Marxist/Nazi-like society where you can feel as self-satisfied as you like from whatever hole they put you in for supporting Ron Paul. And believe me, they will. You will also be remembered and despised as the ones who made the coming misery possible because you simply couldn’t think logically or generously enough to see past your own self-righteousness.

            Now I get to sit back and wait for you and your fellow fanatics to start calling me names. Go ahead. I’m right, and most right-thinking people know I’m right, too.

          • LibertyFirst

            And so, your answer to the dilemma is to elect…who?? Romney? Gingrich? or Santorum? Do you actually believe any of these guys will even try to bring back adherence to the Constitution? Your solution sounds more like removing one fox from the henhouse and putting another one in. That isn’t even rational.

            To Ed Orr: Ron Paul or the nation will fall. And you can take that to the bank.

        • dfrank

          Doc, we do not hold presidential elections every four years just to give some person an opportunity to be president. We do it to provide the people an opportunity to change presidents, if that is what they want. You have a vote — just as we all do; and, I am not going to try to convince or coerce you in how it should be cast. For the sake of our country, though, I hope that you and the majority of the rest of us make the right choice.

          I agree with you that Ron Paul is a good, decent and honorable man. I even believe he would be a good president: But, I can not say, that I agree with much else in your post.

        • budman

          I am a Viet Nam Veteran as well but I do not agree with your assessment of Ron Paul.
          First, he is not in any sense a conservative and those states which tend to be moderate or liberal , Paul has done well. Why? Because that is what he is and if you look at his record in Congress, you will see this is the case.
          It is understandable why many in the military today like Ron Paul and I totally agree that we should not have been in Iraq and in Afghanistan or in any way involved with Pakistan. I studied these countries for many years and understand any involvement in those countries is a total waste of time where far too many of our military people have lost their lives or maimed for life. History should have told the experts any attempt to bring our type of democracy there is impossible.
          I have no doubt Paul’s views on Iran are short sighted and would in fact cause a major conflict in the middle east. He simply doesn’t understand that the leaders in Iran are on a mission that they believe is their destiny. This is a religious mission and they believe it is written and willed to be their destiny. This is a radical leadership and they may talk but will not change their quest.
          You are assuming that the Independents, of which I am one, will vote for Ron Paul and that simply is not true because the majority of those votes will go to the moderate and conservative and recent voting has shown Paul hasn’t fared well in any state that is moderate or conservative, only the more liberal states. Romney has won in those moderate liberal states and Paul came in second. When you look at all the candidates, none are truly conservative.
          I would not be surprised when Paul loses his bid to be the nominee that he will run as an Independent and split the vote assuring an Obama win. He has done this before and he knows his chance of being elected as an Independent are slim. The reality is he doesn’t care because he is a Libertarian, not a Republican by choice and the only way he could get elected to office.
          His record in office after many years is insignificant so what makes you think he would make a good president?
          I will vote for whoever the nominee is because we have to remove this person who is destroying our country.

          • Max

            You sir, are a “sheeple”. Ron Paul is indeed a conservative, and may I remind you, this is not a Democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. Democracy always has been and always will be a disaster, Duh! Please go bury your head back in the sand.

          • LibertyFirst

            You must be watching mainstream media. Otherwise you’d know that RonPaul is waay ahead of the other candidates. So, if you’re wanting to vote for the true winner, you need to vote for Ron Paul. Voting for who you think (might) win is grade-school mentality. Be an adult and make up your own mind. Don’t let others do it for you.

          • pat78

            It will not make a difference if one votes for Obama or Romney because they are both “programed” to do the same to our country–destroy it! The “global elitist” party is just waiting to gloat that the rest of us will be foolish enough to vote for Romney (aka McCain) thinking we’re voting for someone who will stand with us Conservatives.

            I’ve thought about this a lot. If we don’t all double down now and vote for Ron Paul, it will be an opportunity lost probably forever. If Romney wins, we’ll have 8 long years of Romney unless he screws up. Then we’ll have someone like Rahm Emanuel (ugh!) ushered in in 2016. If we get only 4 more years of Obama (or get him out for being ineligible), we will get another chance during the 4 years to groom someone we can all stand behind like Rand Paul. It’s a bad situation any way you look at it. This is a chess game, not just one election.

          • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

            budman, I agree with you ALL the way, God Bless !

        • GB

          Finally! Someone who gets it!

        • Max

          Another Vet, I will vote for Dr. Paul, Period. No more lesser of two evils. We either fix this mess or prepare to defend ourselves. No, on Rick, No on Mitt, No on Newt. If the Republicans don’t nominate Dr. Paul, or a real conservative they are no better than the Dems. Might as well have Obummer, at least we know he is pure evil and not just another Say one thing and do the opposite.

        • Lee Baldwin

          the question asked was, “Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?” -My answer is straight to the polls and early to VOTE for RON PAUL for President of the United States of Ameica. Why? ~because he is the ONLY candidate that supports the Constitution of the United States of America. All the others are posers like the creep in office right now. Each will try their level best to support one entity-THEMSELVES. ~A Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 is a vote FOR America!

        • Keith

          If Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republicant nomination I’m voting for whomever the Libertarian Party picks, probably Gary Johnson although selecting Dr. Paul regardless of the GOP’s choice would almost insure his election!

        • Billn

          I am a disabled Viet Nam Vet So this leaves me a lot of time to read and research the issues. I have read both of BO’s books and have come to understand his mind set very well. I’m also aware that there is no way that he could have afforded the college tuitions to get his law degree. He never had a job that paid the kind of salary one would need to go to those schools. It’s obvious he had help from some very powerful people, people who were interested in putting him in the fast track to a political position of power. So my warning to all of you is don’t let him be elected to another four years, either by apathy or foolish loyalty to any one individual. This could very well be the last chance you may have to vote at all. These powerful people would push OB to being a Dictator very quickly, he would suspend Congress and would rule has he would like to do. Then those same power brokers would then step in and take him down, he is after all just a pawn. But they would not return us to Constitutional rule, they would create an Americas Union much as the European Union run mostly by the International banking empire.
          We’ve got a long road ahead of us to prevent this from happening, but it has to start with the first step. Which is don’t let Barack Obama be elected again. Then we have some time to get the fight going in the direction of the true enemy.

          • pat78

            A vote for Romney, Newt or Santorum with Romney being stuffed down our throats like McCain was, is a vote for the global elitists who don’t care if it’s Obama or Romney as president. They just care about what they want, and they’ll get it with either Romney or Obama. Ron Paul 2012!

        • bobby bryant

          I totally agree with. Its Ron Paul 2012 or none. He is the only candidate that can beat Obama. If the republicans can’t see that and want to stick to their chosen candidate, then we and our great country will lose.

        • jpshrugging

          Right there with you!

        • Dennis Johnson

          One Viet Nam Vet to another. I think you are a Fucken Idiot.

          • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

            Dennis Johnson, BRAVO… I agree…for the life of me I can not believe some these people on this page are true Americans, Conservative Republicans… MAYBE DEMOCRATS ????

        • SGrant

          Excellent Word! Excellent. But as you said if RPaul supporters don’t vote, we will end up with a socialist, Muslim in the white house again. So at the very least vote out the current demise of this country with a united front for the white house.

        • SGrant

          A pure and excellent word. Although please vote out the socialist Muslim in the white house who is dragging our country into the pits of hell rather than split the vote that may put him in office again.

        • awakenowc

          DocDave … simply “outstanding” comment.

          Ron Paul 2012

        • John

          I fully agree with you DocDave! I’m not a vet but I will not give my vote to ANY lesser candidate. Ron Paul is the only true conservative choice. Romney is nothing more than a White Obama. Not that skin color has anything to do with it, but Paul is the only one with an established record of voting for the constitution. Said and done. All the people who talk crap about him and those of us who see his true vision are just ignorant and have no idea what he’s really about. They’d rather run thier mouth about something the know nothing about then to research and find out the truth. As far as strength goes he’ll fight for our country and it’s not gonna be any of this sissy crap. He’ll declare war and we’ll do it the right way. Just like we did with Japan. Not send our soldiers to get killed for nothing.

          • D Fowler

            At least you are honest…but for sure you are not a Vet. Nor are half the Ron Paul idiots claiming to be on this forum.

        • megs

          agree if ron paul is not on ticket i will not be voting. will not vote for lesser of 2 evils

          • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

            Megs, Your choice, but the SAD part is we Americans WILL SUFFER because of your idiot way of thinking…you, for one, reminds us of”08″ all over again & can not see past Obama… because of that you sure as HELL have seen what has happen to this GREAT Country, our Constitution the last 3 years, haven’t you ???? Wake up America , we must vote the right way because we have some people that have BLINDERS on so we have to compensate for them in order to have a FREE Country !!

        • Dagny

          Thank you for your service. DocDave. My late husband was in the Navy for ten years and we lost many friends in Viet Nam.

          I agree with you 100%. I wrote Ron Paul in, in 2008, and will do so again if necessary. As an older, longtime Republican I suppose most would consider me an “Establishment Republican.” Well, this “Establishment Republican” would rather be shot than vote for one of the Three Stooges running against him.


          • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

            Dagny, We find it very hard to believe you are a TRUE Republican & vote the way you say… Some of these off the wall comments I have read makes me very SAD to think you & some of the others will not put your Country & Constitution FIRST , above all who the Nominee will be…Don’t you find any GOOD at all in these Candidates compared to the DICTATOR we have in office ?? I am suspicious of someone like you , in other words I feel you are a Democrat in disguise along with the others that think like you!! God Help America !!

          • Ed Orr

            My oh my what a patriot YOU are! Ron Paul will decimate the military ( tear it down to laughable strength). Just who and what in hell do you think all those 58,000 plus who gave their lives to protect in Vietnam? It certainly was NOT the type of country Paul would give us if elected. So go ahead and do your very patriotic duty and re -elect b.o by voting for the liar Paul.
            Then after b.o IS re-elected you should go to a military cemetery and ask forgiveness from those who gave all they had to protect this nation from the likes of Paul and/or b.o. Do not give me the bullshit that Paul was some sort of hero being a flight surgeon. He was DRAFTED and admitted it during a recent GOP debate. I saw more courage and honesty in the little fingers of Navy corpsmen in the field with the Marines in Vietnam than Paul has in his entire body. People like you are traitors and shameful.

        • Phil

          @ DocDave:
          It’s real tough to say this to a vet., but you’ve obviously lost some of your marbles (“Obama or another GOP candidate is the same thing. They may have some different stance here or there but when it comes right down to it they work for the same thing, our utter destruction.”).
          There hasn’t been ANYTHING like Oduma in our history, & your comment suggests that you haven’t really grasped the deep shipt our country is in.
          ALL OF US should be in ABO mode (Anybody But Oduma). If Daffy Duck gets the GOP nod, we should ALL be voting happily for DD … ’cause he’d be a huge improvement over the Dummy Oduma in the WH now.
          Your tone suggests that you are a fanatic of Ron Paul (b/c you’d vote for him EVEN IF he goes Third Party and EVEN if doing so puts Oduma in for 4 more years. THAT is the stupidest political position one can take in the U.S. in 2012, bar none!! Our country is in real danger, and we have to endure a Veteran (no less) making such foolish and thoughtless comments.
          And then we have other dummies who, just b/c you’re a vet., follow up with likewise thoughtless comments like “I’m with you”. Such simple-minded thinking is what got us into this mess (remember the simple-minded “Yes We Can”?).
          If you can’t HELP get rid of Oduma, then just shut up … or at least stop faking as though you’re a Republican. (These sites are filled with Dummycrat plants trying to sway simple-minded thinkers.)

        • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

          We have had decades of these so called “conservative” Neo-Con presidents and congressmen who are all big government (more spending), war mongering, interventionist (in our lives and the governments of other countries). Voting in another of these people who disdain the Constitution of the United States (by their actions, policies and votes) means continuing the one party system. The rhetoric coming out of their mouths is belied by the actions they take. George Soros would be happy with either Obama or Romney. He says that (ideologically) Obama and Romney are the same. Is that the change the Republican party wants? It is NO CHANGE! Romney, Gingrich and Santorum all have slightly different viewpoints but are all STILL un-conservative, un-constitutional big government people. Wake up to the reality that a Neo-Con politician is not following the Constitution of the United States and is, in effect, working hand in hand with the socialist left toward a WORLD GOVERNMENT! The rhetoric to get elected is just that – mealy mouthed platitudes to get elected and then continue the downfall of the REPUBLIC. Ron Paul is the ONLY Constitutionalist who would work toward restoring the Republic from the grasping socialist hands of the left and wayward right. Unelectable Ron Paul? Yes, if the deluded electorate (you, the voters) believe the disingenuous pap handed out by the socialist left, wayward right and the doggeral media! A vote for anyone else BUT Ron Paul is a vote for continuing the degradation of our Republic to the World Government march of foreign countries.

        • Paul

          I like a lot of what Ron Paul stands for but cannot vote for him because of his foreign policy. I think that it is vital that the US be stronger than any other country or our ideas and ideals will be userped by another country that wants to fill the power vaccum such as China or Russia. The most sure way to loose this country is to let others influence the world and the directions that they take. Someone will be on top, and it should be the US. If not the US, we will become insugnificant in shaping the world and negatively impact our country.

          • Toni

            A few years ago, I believed like you. However, I have come to understand that I had been duped by establishment liberal philosophy. I would encourage you to study so that you thoroughly understand the arguments on both sides. You might be spurprised by a change of mind.

        • Toni

          I’m voting for Ron Paul and no one else. Voting for any of the others is like voting for Obama. There is only one good candidate–Ron Paul. Why would anyone vote for any of the others? To do so, you’d have to be either a socialist or else a dupe (duped by the media and the GOP into tinking that Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance). He would have a very good chance of winning if only people wern’t duped by establishment propoganda. It is time to let the establishment know that conservatives refuse to settle for the establishment’s socialistic picks. If the GOP wants to win elections, they are going to have to get with our program.

        • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

          DocDave, You should think about what you wrote in your comments…the way you will vote will be a vote for Obama…don’t you want this great country to be saved & returned back to the American people, also our Constitution ?? Another four years of Obama will no longer be the FREE USA… We tend to believe Paul will not be the Nominee ,so for you to still write him in or vote third party, is a wasted vote…If my choice does not make the Nominee, I will vote for the one that did, as I love my country enough to help save it from the DICTATORS we have in Washington now ! God Bless America !

        • .50 BMG

          If everyone who thinks RP has the right ideas (mostly, anyway) would vote for him, he WILL win. Anyone who votes for whom the MSM says can win just to defeat barry is being led by the nose. Notice that the media says who can win and the sheeple follow. Any of the other candidates are barry lite- NWO all the way.

        • Burt

          Ron Paul is nothing but a lying sack of (S). I remember when he first ran. Only 1 term maybe2 well how many? He loads a bill with pork that he knows will pass then votes against it then screams I voted against it. He sure is worth more than when he was a mallard duck

      • reba4freedom

        You go Starbrander!!!!

      • Glenn

        Could not have said it better Star!

      • Ed Orr

        I too am a Vietnam veteran and I do not NEED anyone to thank me for my service, that is up to them.However there is an element of Paul supporters who will most certainly pout and not bother to vote if their candidate is not chosen. Childish to say the least but more important is that so many are narrow minded and selfish they become part of what is killing this country…….another term for b.o.!!!! Not to vote for whoever the nominee is becomes nothing short of traitorous. The Dems are laughing their asses off at the Republicans and their childish squabbling. Another item you missed is the underlying humor posted here. I for one have retained that sense of humor even though I served in Vietnam for three years to see and experience things which I do not really like to talk about or that most do not want to hear.

        • patriotrenegade

          I’ve been asking for weeks if any L ron bots will be there for the final battle with globalist satan bama. Not one answer. To me, that means a lot of his lying scum will go back to bama. BRATS-thanks for the damage. satanic bama will thank you. You’re all afraid of serving during wartime-how stinkin selfish. The vast majority of the military does NOT support paul. Another lie refuted.

          • Ed Orr

            Hey patriot! Exactly right on man and I do not buy the bullshit about Paul getting more support from the military and FORMER military, especially Vietnam veterans than any of the other candidates. We really piss off the Paulbots because we are immune from his propaganda and have the ability to think for ourselves without any lying politician to hold our hands. These guys and especially Paul can and will lie their asses off to become president. Curious how they all become such immediate (but very short lived) supporters of the military and veterans till after the election. If we Vietnam veterans had not fought so long and so hard for not only our deserved rights but for the “greatest generation” and all conflict veterans since by kicking the politicians in their asses, we would be forgotten and only remembered when it was to the politician’s advantage. That is a fact. The minute this country confirmed what country was responsible for the 911 attack war should have been declared and the Muslim country responsible should have been turned into that glass parking lot. One declaration of war, one well placed bomb and NO troops on the ground…what a concept. This country is responsible for making so many disabled veterans but we veterans are in a daily war to receive those benefits promised us. We held up our hands and took that oath seriously and still do. If the scumbags in D.C. would simply do the same we would not be in the mess we were in and allowing ourselves to be invaded through Mexico and other areas.How many times has Paul screeched that diplomacy should be persued first. The good doctor does not understand that you cannot negotiate with those who are hell bent on our distraction simply because we are not all Muslims. Paul’s Koran IS the constitution and there is no gray area about it. To undo all the things which this government has done and which are unconstitutional would take more than eight years. 50 or more t the pace of this government and the Paulbots are way to enamored with their man’s sermons that they are fanatics just as were Hitlers drum beaters and bullshit eaters.

          • Dennis Johnson

            Right on patriotrenegade. These morons that love that goofy old goat Paul, spout off all kinds of bullshit that they can’t back up. Most of them are little pieces of shit that wouldn’t put themselves in the military but like to talk it up like they are supporters of the military. What a bunch of bullshit.

          • LibertyFirst

            This is for Ed Orr: Are you suffering from the effects of Agent Orange or something? Just because you WANT to believe the military isn’t behind Ron Paul doesn’t mean it’s so.

            I am so tired of this younger generation and their “no absolutes” Whatever they want to believe is just how it is! Well, it’s not! You can lie to yourself all you want, but in the end, you are still wrong….AND deceived!

        • della

          My family has many in the military and some retired military. One went to Viet Nam twice, the second time he volunteered to go. I have heard none say they are voting for Ron Paul. We have to unite behind the Republican nominee and that would include Ron Paul if he should be chosen. When we start writing in names or having a third party, we are falling into Obama’s trap. There are many who don’t see this like I do, but I feel if you don’t vote for the Republican nominated, you are in essence voting for Obama. Those who don’t bother to vote are stating they are supporting Obama. There is no way Obama needs to be re-elected. If ever we need to be united it is in this election. It is going to be the battle of a lifetime to keep this dictator from being re-elected.

          • Oregon Bill

            Della, point well taken, I have not met on single vet that supports Ron Paul, his Isolationist stance does nor endear him to them in any way, it’s a complete myth. The only people that support him are Liberal’s that think he’ll legalize drug use, prostitution and gay marriage, that’s his base, not ours. Conservative Republicans need to get behind a candidate that can defeat Obama in 2012.

          • Ed Orr

            The Paulbots are ignorant of the reason that Michele Bachman was ran out of the race by us veterans. She was warned early on that her stance on veteran’s issues should be clarified and if she did not she would be doing so at the very peril of becoming totally inconsequential.Many veterans tried to urger her to save herself but she ignored us. The paulbots called ME names because I stated that Paul has despised the military ever since he was DRAFTED during the Vietnam war, they said I was a liar and worse ,well, well, well after the good doctor was contacted as was Bachman he had to come clean and did so durning the VERY NEXT DEBATE!
            There is no secret about Paul’s hatred for the military and for blacks as well. It is all on record no matter how many of his congregation attempt to deny the facts. The constitution is NOT all encompassing because if it were we would never have the government which we have. So all you believers and admirers of Paul can now spew your swill about him being our savior but will only make our situation worse by your fanaticism.

          • pat78

            Let’s look at our options. Let’s say Romney is the Republican nominee. Either the globalists are making a regime change for Romney because Obama didn’t make enough “change”, or they still back Obama and a third party candidate with a pretend Conservative like Ross Perote is put out there for us. Any way you look at it, we’re screwed unless we all get behind Ron Paul who’s wanting to serve US!

          • Ed Orr

            This message is for Liberty first. Tell me everything you know about agent Orange and its effects on humans. Are you an expert? Did you serve in Vietnam or read a book or two about it, maybe a movie or two? The only thing I “suffer from is headaches from asshole idiots like yourself who make statements and cannot back them up with proof. Just because Paul and you say the military IS behind Paul does not make it so….sound familiar Einstein? What in the hell were you writing about when you stated that “I am tired of this younger generation and their “no absolutes” whatever they want to believe is just how it is” Where in hell did that come from and just how is it supposed to be germane to ME? You dumb ass I served three goddamn years in Vietnam , 1966,167 and 1968 so get out your calculator and arrive at my probable age.
            So just how (now take your time) do you think I am one of the younger generation? You can lie to YOURSELF all you want, lie about Paul but in the end you are only that…a liar. Thrill me now with at least a coherent rebuttal.

        • Bob Marshall

          I also served three tours in the Nam. I ask myself of which candidate would our founders approve. I keep coming up with Ron Paul. Their warnings from their letters and in their quotations are the same of which Ron Paul has warned for twenty years. Even great presidents like Eisenhower and Reagan have given some of the same warnings. At least Ron Paul has helped to wake up millions of citizens to the fact our Constitution is under attack by President Obama, men like George Soros and Eric Holder. These men and many others in power are in favor of a new Constitution. A more “progressive” living Constitution. our founders warned this could happen. Remember what George bush said about the Constitution. It was just a G_d D__M piece of paper. Obama called it outdated and did not apply in todays times. Our founders knew conditions would in due time change. That was the reason they made provisions for amendments to be added when deemed necessary by congress.To keep Obama from being re-elected i believe most Ron Paul supporters would back the Republican candidate providing it wasn’t Ron Paul, of course. I read the 2008 exit polls on Nov. 05, 2008. “If we vote an immoral man into office we are a traitor to our country.” Norah Webster. this should be our first consideration. Each of the Constitutions of the original colonies stipulated that only a Godly man could serve in office. Just one short example of one states Requirements.The Constitution of the State of Mississippi 1817, stated: No person who denies the being of God or a future state of rewards and punishment shall hold any office in the civil department of the state. All of our elected officials promised to defend our Constitution. Sine Obama has ignored the Constitution in at least sixteen instances. since the supreme allows the teaching of Islam in some public school while they removed prayer, the Bible, posting of the Ten commandments, approved same sex marriage and are considering weather to allow the teaching of homosexuality in our public schools, that lets them out so no one can tell me our freedoms and liberties are not under attack because of the choices we have made. Consider the following statement. “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism,, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas America will fall from within.’ Joseph Stalin. Former Premier of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev have a similar warning in 1957 to America. those who have hear and watched some of OBamas speeches know where he stands on Christianity. Voters need to research and find what their candidate voted on while in office. How does that bill accept our freedoms and liberties? Are they a member of the C F R, the BB or the TC? Do they have any ties to Socialist, Communist, or any other anti-American extremist groups. Our children’s future is at stake.

          • Ed Orr

            From my childhood under the roof of a Marine drill Sargent father, six other kids and a died in the wool Democrat mother I remember a few things which were preached at the dining room table. Usually the conversation turned into one of politics. I remember my parents railing on how this or that was not constitutional. Politicians scaring the living daylights out of those on Social Security by saying this politician or that politician will take it away. Please, please inform us all just how Paul, step by step will right all the laws and regulations now on the books which go back hundreds of years and are not constitutional and motivate both the supreme court and congress to reverse all these illegal constitution transgressions. AND do it if four or eight years!
            Please impress us all and show us the Paul plan. You need to do this otherwise your support and rhetoric for Paul is nothing but the adoration of a another phony politician. We are waiting for that detailed plan…………………………

      • DrDulcamara

        And you, Admiral Starbrander, are the “type of Paulestinian Republican” that makes mountains out of molehills…the total military contributions to date is a measly $213,301 from all the service members you want to pimp which comes to around $6 bucks/person out of the complement of 3.2 MILLION military personnel both active duty and reserve. Essentially that is the price of a Happy Meal at McDonalds. Please notice that this money comes from *PACs* and not individual members of your Astroturf musings.

        Yeah, wRong Paul is just slaying ‘em in the aisles. If your guy was such a popular girl at the primary prom, please to explain why he is in 3rd place…still…and barely holding? Of the 1144 votes needed for nomination, wRong Paul has a scant 4% of the delegates.

        I live on an Army post. I have been in the military for a goodly portion of my life. My wife just came back from deployment in Afghanistan last year, my son just returned from his 4th tour in the region. WE think that wRong Paul is looney bait as do many rank and file members. I’ve seen ONE wRong Paul bumper sticker in two years at this post although there are a great many old Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. Let’s just say you’re fulla crap and call it a day, shall we?

        wRong Paul is an angry hardware salesman arguing over the relative merits of a bag of broken roofing hammers. You can crawl back to your XboX now.

      • Bob

        The problem is most people don’t read the Constitution or know what’s in it or don’t care. This is what will cause the downfall of our nation, ignorant people.

      • ABO

        Good shot Starbrander. Apparently somebody IS paying attention.

      • Dennis Johnson

        You don’t make any fucking sense. No one is going to thank some phoney like you for anything.

      • shot in the foot

        I’ll thank you for your service. It sure is amazing how many of the cowards both Republican and dam. like to run their mouths about how great they are when all they have ever done is run their mouths and pad their pocket books. They did not think their rights were worth them fighting for.
        As I have long said If you don’t think your freedom is worth you fighting for you don’t deserve it!
        Go back and read the Constitution and study it. When you have fought for your rights then you deserve them.

      • EddieW

        I don’t think we will fall in line with the GOP and Vote for Romney, Santorium or Gingrich…They are NOT CONSERVATIVES!!!
        The GOP needs to get back on track, and give us Conservatives….not Moderate Leftists as they did also with McCain!! I refused to vote for Cain, and sure as hell would not vote for Obozo, our Liar in Chief! Guess I won’t vote at all if it’s Romney or Gingrich…think it wrong to vote for Santorium too…he’s a big government moderate!!

      • Tommy

        I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer that served for 25 years and I live in a Navy town next door to Ron Paul’s district and yet…I have yet to meet any active or veterans that support him. Much like my own opinion…he is a total nut job!

    • Insurgent

      Can any candidate beat the Urkel controlled voting machines????

      • daves

        Resistance is futile!

        • Mr. Right

          Don’t pay any attention to this idiot. It is not worth a response. He is a obomabot plant who’s only purpose on this site is to waste our time with his far left ideas. My Grandpa always said,” ignore a fool and he will go away”!

          • ABO

            Dunno Mr. Right, Apparently he doesn’t realize you’re ignoring him, he just keeps coming back. Good for comic relief I suppose.

          • shot in the foot

            Mr. Right the Bible says if you argue with a fool you look like one too.

    • bruce

      Your response to “Where will Ron Paul supporters go in the general election?” reveals a lack of knowledge about Dr. Paul’s issues. You may have seen all the debates, heard all the commentary, etc. but unless you have researched Dr. Paul’s stand on issues, you do not have a complete view of him. If you get your facts from talk radio, they need to be verified or dis-proven by your own research. To just parrot the talk-radio sentiment that Ron Paul is a crazy old man is irresponsible. Please research Dr. Paul’s stand on the issues. Doing so will broaden your horizons and give you a new respect for those of us who ‘live in their parents’ basements’ (by the way – we own and manage several properties, have jobs, care for a handicapped friend and spend summers volunteering. We don’t live in our parents’ cellar) .
      Dr. Paul is the only candidate who has any respect for the laws this country was founded on. He is the only candidate who has the rights of the people foremost in his mind. NOT to support him is a vote for the same monarchy we currently live under, which will lead to fewer and fewer rights for the People and more and more rights to the government. Continue on your current path at your own peril!

      • Ed Orr

        I’m sure glad that Ron Paul is not nor ever has been a racist nor made racial comments, yes indeed a real saint amongst the philistines running against him. Don’t you poor souls out there who are of a different mind set than Paul supporters yearn to “broaden your horizons” and fall into lockstep with other automatons whose mechanics are so flawed that they can only progress in ONE direction….over the cliff?

    • DocDave

      Ron Paul, candidate for President of the United States, has a strong, fanatical following of supporters. Within the Republican Party there are few camps of people, those who say “anyone but Obama”, those who say “Ron Paul can never win so I’m voting for…”, and those who are in the camp of “I don’t care about principles, I’m voting for the most electible Republican so Obama doesn’t win in 2012.”
      What many are not taking into account is the power Ron Paul and his supporters now have on the 2012 Presidential election.
      One of three things is going to happen:
      1. Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination and runs as a third party candidate: The new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll suggests Ron Paul would win 18 percent as a third-part­y candidate running against Obama and Romney. Obama wins.

      2. Ron Paul drops out: fervent and stubborn Ron Paul supporters stay home or write him in. Obama wins.
      3. Ron Paul gets the GOP nomination­: Ron Paul gets the following voters:
      (a. 2008 Obama voters who thought they were going to get ‘Change’,
      (b. 2008 Obama voters who voted to end the wars,
      (c. the VAST majority of the Independen­t vote,
      (d. the entire GOP voting block who dislikes Obama enough to vote for Ron Paul instead.
      (e. Ron Paul supporters coming out to vote in DROVES. Ron Paul wins.)
      So if the main goal is just to make sure Obama isn’t in office for another term, then Republicans are seriously going to need learn more about Ron Paul and find the common ground they have with him as opposed to what they don’t like

      Message to the Media and the GOP

      One more brief Message to the Media and the GOP

      Honest Mistake?

      I’m Vet who served during Vietnam. My home paid for free and clear. My son is out making it on his own even in this horrible economy. I can’t vote for anyone else but Ron Paul.. Obama or another GOP candidate is the same thing. They may have some different stance here or there but when it comes right down to it they work for the same thing, our utter destruction. Our policy of Keynesian economics is destroying us and is the reason Ron Paul was able to predict the housing collapse 5 years before it happened.
      Sun Tsu, wrote that “..first you must know your enemy.” Well, Obama has been identified and he can be dealt with to a significant degree because we know who he is.
      Most of the repugnantcan purple haired sheople taking their orders from Bill Oliely, Fawn Vannity, or other judas goat; Won’t figure out that out until Oromney, Scamtorum, or Newt shows the sheople by his actions for a couple of years. Then the neoConned will wake up and realize, “Hey! I could have had a V8!” Ron Paul is the V8…. The rest are high fructose and aspartame-neotame laced slow kill drinks that will take you down before you know what happened to you.

      I AM going to vote for Ron Paul in 2012. Whether he is the nominee, a third party, or not even running, one way or another i will have ron paul on my ballot. Anyone else is the same person. Status quo vs Ron Paul

      • Chd

        Excellent post Doc.. I’m right with ya..Army Vet, Working Nurse.. Voting for RP only.

        • grossyi

          navy vet working RN. Only paul.

      • Ed Orr

        Obviously you have PTSD or will have. Post traumatic Ron Paul stress disease. Just because you are a veteran does not automatically place you into a category of enlightenment. Ask Me because I served my three tours in Nam and it sure as hell did not put me in any such category. Go ahead and vote for Paul because you have certainly earned him but if your vote places b.o into office go look into the mirror because you have just spit in the faces of all the 58,000 who were wasted in Nam see if you are still so proud of yourself. I call that being a damn traitor and if you do not like it tough shit!

        • Bruce R Porter Sr

          Some of us Ed can’t find the difference between the policies of the Kenyan and the records of the rest of the republican group. One of my sisters told me that to not vote for the Kenyan was “racist”……If I voted for Romney, based on his provable record, I’d have to agree.
          Seems your focus is voting against someone, rather than for.
          I’m at a loss on what you find wrong with Ron Paul, unless, of course, you are on the payroll of one of the others.
          He’s the only constitutionalist in the bunch. Yeah, the alleged “law of the land” which it neither party has any desire to follow….They all become kings.
          I’m also sick of fighting illegal wars. I am combat wounded in an illegal war called Viet Nam which we were sent to on a complete lie (Gulf of Tonkin incident). We lost the same number in Korea, fighting for the UN, now we are losing bunches in the middle east, fighting for what? The king again….Not to mention Kosovo and wherever else the king decides to waste Americans.
          Do you believe Ron Paul actually said if he had to go to war he would do it legally and involve the Congress, I mean, what a nut right? Follow the clear instructions in the Constitution.
          Have you ever read the Constitution? Do you believe it is the law of the land, or the president (king) takes precedence over it?
          BTW: 2 1/2 years in Viet Nam, point man, infantry and LRRP. Ranger and SF. On my first tour I figured out things were not right, but I was 18 and when I addressed it with my platoon leader he told me I didn’t understand the big picture.
          But let me throw some stuff at you. We would go out and find a regiment…we’d tell the infantry don’t go or go in force….they’d send a platoon or a company.
          We’d get ARDF reports showing enemy radios everywhere… where did we send the report? To the guys on the ground…..oh no, back to DC….They’d just let the troops walk into it.
          Seven (7) days prior to every B52 strike (arclight) the North Vietnamese wound send out a message warning of it…..yeah, Hanoi knew before we did.
          And you want me to vote for the same crap?
          Unless you can show me a difference between the Kenyan and the Grinch, Rombama, that other dude, Sanbarak or what ever besides skin color and the letter behind their name I will not waste a vote on them.
          As it stand right now, I’m voting Ron Paul. Period. And no amount of emotional BS is gonna change it. Deal in facts, not fantasy. Go look at the record….history, of the other jokers and you will see the the same old same old the establishment wants us to vote for.
          On an aside, I’ve said this for years, the only difference between the sides in the one party system is how fast we become a dictatorship, not whether it will happen. At the top it is more of a family spat on who the favorite is.

          • Ed Orr

            Understand this and very clearly! I am on nobody’s goddamn payroll!!!!!!!! I do not sell my vote or support to ANYONE. I am no body’s political whore as are most Paulbots. You obviously have not read very many of my posts and therefore ASSume a LOT. So until you can prove your ASSumptions I strongly suggest you shut your pie hole about ME. I kiss no man’s ass and am no politicians lickspittle like so many Paulbots are. Not all are that way and their intentions may be honorable but it is those who are blind and cannot see the entire true picture that are dangerous and ignorant at least. Had you read many of my posts you would see that I supported Paul but not as a President. I think if it were possible he would make a great attorney general or sit on the supreme court. So put that in you memory bank or wherever you choose to stuff it.

        • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

          ED Orr, It is amazing the nut jobs that have crawled from under the rock… You Paul fans are nothing but a bunch of liberal communists in disguise to promote Paul, we can see right through you just like I seen through this Mad Man we have in office now, did not vote for him in 08 & will NOT vote for the crazy man ,Paul..he is a dangerous man & has no chance in hell to win or beat Obama… I would like to know how much you are getting paid from the Obama, communist regime … you all are just wasting your comments, breath because Paul is a has been & should retire, as he has run for president a couple times before & lost each time, so you all should give it up along with Paul…. Have a great day !!

      • Orley

        Thanks doc Dave another closed mind, “I will vote for Obamer if Ronnie doesn’t get it. That Ron Paul camp is the most stubborn group out there. I can just see the mess we would have if he got it. But I don’t think he could win in either case. But I know you have to have hope even if it is in the wrong thing, or person.

        • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

          Orley, You Sir, are mentally sick… you probably voted for the Dictator in 08 & we Americans are suffering for it because of the likes of you… where have you been the last 3 years, our country destroyed & the American people are hurting all over this great country ,
          Obama & his regime caused this & you say if your choice is not nominated then you will vote for Obama…Sir, you do not deserve to have the freedom to vote much less live in this Country…one more thing, it is not only your ignorance that will hurt everyone but your one vote will elect a Muslim, Marxist, Saboteur, Illegal , a Traitor to this country… God have mercy on you…hope you can sleep at night !!!!

      • Bob

        A majority of the vote is not necessary to become president of the U.S. Bill Clinton won the presidency with 43% of the vote. If enough people get their head out of their behinds, Paul can win the election.

    • G Schmidt

      I urge Ron Paul to run as an independent or libertarian and let the chips fall where they may.

      Neither Republican or Democrats party ideology are good for our country since both parties are now control by their extremes and their corporate interests. Let us move toward a parlamentary systems where all voices are heard

      • just sayin’

        If Ron Paul is honest, then he is incompetent as a manager in my opinion. Here is the fact. Please don’t blather on about NWO, Neo Cons and the like. Just make your determination which one he is and then temper your future comments using common sense rather than Mantra! His views that were written about in HIS newsletters for years with HIS name on them are scary. He claims that he did not know what they were writing for years. To me, that sounds like irresponsible management AT MINIMUM. How can someone who cannot even supervise his OWN newsletters manage international affairs and the US government. So IF he is honest, he is irresponsible and incompetent AT THE LEAST. My belief is that he DID know what was in his newsletters for YEARS and did supervise what went in there. THAT would make him patently dishonest by claiming that he did not know. What would the average person think if they were not a PaulBot or a cult member? My guess would be the latter but the former is possible. Which do you believe, since you claim he is the ONLY honest one? Is he irresponsible and incompetent or dishonest?

        • Glenn

          Ya lets vote for the guys that are just like the other guys that drove this country to the brink . Now thats smart! ;)

          • Oregon Bill

            Glenn, if you are referring to the Republicans, you are really wrong. In 2006, the last year of their control of Congress, the unemployment rate was 5%, which the Democrat’s portrayed as too high. The Dow was 14,000 and the national debt was 9 trillion. Bush was a lame duck President and did not have the resolve or the will to contain the Democrats, when Pelosi got the gavel it started us on the road to financial ruin. Not one bill dealing with the failure of Fannie and Freddie made it to the house floor, and our debt went spiraling out of control, virtually overnight. The actual cause of the financial collapse was the Community Reinvestment Act, started in Carter’s administration and put on steroids in Clinton’s terms. Bush’s embrace of it fell in with his compassionate Conservatism theme. He and his father were both admitted Progressives. In five years our debt has ballooned to 16 trillion, thanks to the Democrats.

          • ABO

            With you Glenn. Good point.

        • SickoftheBS

          I have seen this same post by you on many different blogs and I have come to the conclusion that you are afraid of Ron Paul. I am not sure if it is because you are of the Obama Group or from one of the GOP Sects but in any case your getting old with the story you tell.
          I am not a Ron Paul supporter but with your incessant blathering I could probably become one.

      • Leslie85223

        As a loser of the GOP, making a last minute stab with an Independent nomination would not bode well for Ron Paul (or his son Rand) other than throwing away more money on a pointless campaign . . . I think Mr, Paul is wiser than that!!!

      • bevad

        If Ron Paul runs as an independant it assures Obama of a second term. That must NOT happen!

        • Chd

          If it happens..We the RP supporters didn’t do it.. The GOP and media did.
          First off, we are constantly told that theres not many of us( so we couldn’t make a difference could we :) ) The GOP knows whats going to happen and, they don’t care.

      • Mene

        So, you are actually going to vote for Obama, right?

      • Aristophanes

        g schmidt – that is exactly what I think will happen and we will be able to thank you paulbots for obozo getting 4 more years to finish destroying the country. You paulbots just do not get it – you think paul is the messiah.
        I do not like or trust paul. He trusts the radical or otherwise muslims, he is too much of an isolationist, he has no clue about foreign policy. I think he would be extremely dangerous as prez. But, if he got the nomination, I would vote for him since I still think he would be better than obozo.
        Paulbots really need to think about where they stand and if they want another 4 years of obozo. I sure as hell don’t./

      • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

        G Schmidt, you need to return to Germany where you have learned your ignorant beliefs from Hitler !!

    • Patrick

      You buy the media propaganda that all Ron Paul supporters are fringe or kids or nutjobs. Is not true. I am a 60yo, retired USAF, and own my own home/farm where I raise dairy goats. I, too, support the Constitution. And since the other candidates are not much better than our our former President (whom I voted for twice….held my nose the 2nd time) or the current one, I will only vote for Ron Paul…as a write-in, if needed. For me, no more the lesser of 2 evils. I will vote for the country, the Constitution.

      • Leslie85223

        Not voting for any other candidate but Ron Paul is the same as a vote for Obama. Even though you can claim you didn’t vote for Obama, you will also be looked at as one who didn’t stop his gallop!!!

        • Freeme


          • DrDulcamara

            “Shouting” by capitalizing your comments Freeme merely demonstrates that you have the intellectual capacity of a first place winner in the Special Olympics.

        • jack

          That is the most ridiculous post I have seen in a while Leslie. And that is saying a lot since these forums tend to rile the shallow end of the gene pool.
          It goes to the heart of what is wrong with the political system in this country. Voting for the candidate that you think is best is the point. If more people stopped voting for someone because the media says “they can win” or not voting for them because they say they can’t we would have a much better group of “representatives” which is their job. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Ron Paul not for Obama. It’s not a vote for “any one but Romney” it’s a vote for Ron Paul.
          We keep winding up with mediocre at best leaders because people say “I like that candidate and think he/she would be the best, but this other guy is the front runner so I will vote for them. Switching from one mediocre candidate to another has gotten us here. Switching from Obama to Romney is sort of like flipping Obama over and saying it’s a new candidate.
          Ron Paul is the only candidate who is beating Obama in national polls because he takes votes from Obama. He has a lot of support among independents of which I am one, he also has a lot of support among fiscally conservative or “Reagan” democrats. He is also the only candidate who has consistently stood for your freedom even when it was not the politically expedient thing to do.
          What we have right now is one big government ruling class party, the differences in rhetoric may be stark between the the “two parties” the differences in what they do while in power are more blurred. Ron Paul stands up and stands out from the crowd because he stands for the constitution and personal liberty for you and me and everyone else instead of for whatever will get him or his friends more power. A Romney presidency will be more of the same, a Santorum theocracy would not result in any significant changes, a Gingrich presidency would be as status quo as it gets. All three would grow the size and scope of the government and hurl us deeper into debt. On the other hand a Paul presidency would be a distinct contrast to what we have had. He would restore our standing in the world, he would restore our currency to one that can be believed in, he would restore our liberties, he would shrink the size of government and the debt, he would in fact restore this nation. We barely seem to understand anymore what freedom and liberty is beyond a word that gets thrown around, that is the result of the two party system that fights for the cameras to keep us busy but behind closed doors works hand in hand to pick our pockets.
          Ron Paul has my vote because he is the best man for the job, but most importantly he has my vote because I have children, and I would like for them to know the America that stood as a beacon of freedom to the entire world.
          Vote Ron Paul 2012——-Vote for Freedom.

          • Aristophanes

            jack – you are calling leslie’s post ridiculous? What about yours? You just don’t get it!!
            If you paulbots insist on writing paul’s name in instead of voting for the Republican candidate, you WILL be voting for obozo!!! You will be throwing your vote away and pretty much giving the election to obozo. The liberals will vote for obozo, what you are saying is the conservatives will split and either vote for paul or the republican candidate. This happened with Ross Perot and Clinton was elected!!! Sounds like what you paulbots are wanting!!!
            And this is exactly why I think obozo will get 4 more years to finish destroying this country.

          • PaddyO’dore

            Sure, and Ron Paul is just going to walk into the White House and change everything! Being a strict constitutionalist, he will of course, play by the rules that handcuff any presidency and get bogged down by the senate. Ron is a wily old rattlesnake, not very different from any other politician that has learned how to use words to convince people that he will represent their interests when he is only really interested in winning elections and job security. Crazy, like a fox, is he!

      • Glenn

        Holding our nose is what got us here Patrick

      • Seth

        Excellent post Patrick. I will be mailing my absentee ballot from Afghanistan. I will be voting for Ron Paul.

    • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

      We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term.

    • Lance

      Ha! Just another Clingon fool! ;)

    • Travis

      Fuck you whore. You obviously are an uneducated piece of shit. Suck your Obama dick and kill yourself.

      • Aristophanes

        travis – please go back to huff-n-puff. That kind of attack is not welcomed here.

      • DrDulcamara

        Hey Travis…do you kiss Michael Moore with that mouth?

    • Seth

      Kelly, I’ll be in Afghanistan writing Ron Paul’s name on my absentee ballot.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Kelly when you finally get your lips unstuck from Obaminations ass you might be able to see the light of Ron Paul and how he will bring back this Nation from the brink of Obamainations Communisum. Its dead brained people like you that got us into this situation of spending $5.6 Trillion on Nothing except dead beat Demo-Communists who sit on their ass and complain they don’t have anything and ask Government to take care of them on the backs of Hard working Tax Payers. Why don’t you Commies pick China or North Korea and move there and see how much you would enjoy what Obamination is offering America. Ron Paul has the common sence to reduce the size of Government, audit the Federal Reserve and then get rid of it, get rid of the I.R.S., eliminate 5 Illegal Government agencies, close our borders and get rid of 40 Million Illegals in this Country, reduce the 2013 Bloated budget by $1 Trillion and balance the budget by 2015 and a flat tax where everyone pays a fair share for being able to enjoy our Country and finally he will bring back the Constitution and Congress will have asay in who is to help run our Country. I know that might cut Welfare and food stamps so you might even have to go back to WORK but times are tough and freeloaders are afraid of Ron Paul.

      • jacy

        But Ron Paul’s foreign policy and national security may leave us all in a grave! I agree he has great ideas domestically but this is a time when we are facing a multitude of anger, threats and a nuclear bomb from Iran. To stay home, not vote because Ron Paul is not the nominee is bordering on being traitorous to this country and a vote for the worst president this country has ever had – want what he offers for another four years for your children and grandchildren? They already have a debt on their backs they can’t pay. You may have to hold your nose and vote – but if whoever is the nominee and doesn’t perform he can be a one term president – the problem lies with us – we have not stood up as a people and demanded politicians legislate according to the Consitution – look at Nevada – they keep putting Dirty Hairy back in office – or
        California with Piglosi. Congress is corrupt to the bone and we keep putting them back in office – how many of your have signed the petition a blogger put out about Congress? How many of your are working to get rid of Obama -

        • reykool

          Jacy His foreign policies ARE THE BEST WE COULD GET It would hurt the Military Industrial Complex who are behind the Ron Paul bashing….Only victim of War Propaganda like you believe in this “War on Terror” crap. You are obviously ignorant of Historical facts :
          We are the Evil Empire invading the Middle East killing innocent people while building our future enemies WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THE US WAS NOT INVOLVED IN WAR ?
          When was the last time IRAN invaded another country : 200 Years ago compare to the US UK or Israel …WHO AGRESS WHOM ?
          We killed 1.5 Millions Iraqis while liberating them from a ruthless dictator that we placed in power while he was a CIA asset, WE sold him Poison gas in 1986 , declassified documents on the subject are available (I have copies for you)
          OFFICIAL Defense Department Numbers shows that ONLY 10% of Iraqis killed by our War machine (corrupted by private defense contractors mercenaries) were ENEMY combatants 90% were COLLATERAL DAMAGE (innocent by standers women and Children) you expect these people to LOVE US AND OUR GREAT “DEMOCRACY” AFTER THAT…There are ALWAYS retributions to our actions…Our Blind support for Israel who is committing war crimes for the past 60 Years is the main reason why many Muslim countries are hostile to the US (because of the policies NOT the people) And to the uneducated idiots who still believe that IRAN would nuke Israel if they had a Nuclear weapon GET A BRAIN ! the main reason why the Iranian Government want the Zionist Regime of Israel removed (and not the Country of Israel “wiped off the map” like the controlled US Media repeat without checking the original sources) is because of the horrible treatment Israel give to the Palestinian people SO If you have the tenth of a brain you would realize that Nuking a small country like Israel would kill all the Palestinians in the process
          BIG GENIUS (victim of zionist propaganda) while getting all the Nuclear clouds back to Iran and others.
          Israel has more than 200 Nuclear missiles in violation of international Laws (made in a secret plant in Dimona, originally built by the French in 1958 for ENERGY ONLY)
          Israel always REFUSED to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty (NTP) unlike IRAN who did sign it therefore IRAN has the right to develop Nuclear Energy and under the NTP must be INSPECTED by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) WHO do you think work at the IAEA Choir boys ? It is loaded with CIA MOSSAD & MI6 agent THEY KNOW THE FACTS BUT THEY ARE NOT GONIG TO TELL YOU BECAUSE THEY WORK HAND TO HANDS WITH THE WAR MONGERS….There was NO WMDs in IRAQ AND THEY KNEW IT but Politically naive people believe the BUS administration lies (Intelligence was FIXED to FIT the Policies) RON PAUL has a 160 IQ and is one of the most knowledgeable congressman alive he has also access to intelligence (clearance) People who hate his PEACE policies are zionist Neo Cons War mongers like the Fox News crew and its victims
          Sorry to say most of the ignorant Wannabe conservatives “Cold War mentality” retards on this site who criticize Ron Paul have No clue
          PEACE and prosperity (Ron Paul)
          Because War is a racket and it sucks ! (Sanctorum Romney Gingrich)
          Educate yourself check :

      • SGrant

        Thank you Viet Nam Vet 67-68.
        And, Travis please make and intelligent point with facts without slander. Freedom of Speech is precious for anyone here but slander is not welcome.

    • Patriot Diva

      You have no clue what you’re talking about. Ron Paul’s supporters cannot be pigeon holed into the little box you’d like. The snarky comment just shows how uninformed you are.

    • NoTalkStink

      That is Hillarious!

    • tod

      We Aren’t Going Anywhere!!! We Are Out getting people who never vote because both sides are always crooked and just gave up,Now We Have Someone we Can Believe in,and if We Have to Write Him In,That’s What We will do !!! Even if We have to carry him to Washington on Our shoulders ,We Will Be There With him !!! I myself have 11 people who never vote,voting for Paul,and there’s plenty more time between now and then to get a lot more and they can find more too !!! We JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT !!! Dr.Ron Paul for the ONLY MAN Running that LOVES Our Country,Freedoms and Rights !!!

      • Ed Orr

        There are not enough Paulbots to do the write in thing or otherwise make a difference with the absolute truth that he will never be president. The sooner you realize that the more time you will have to seek professional mental health so as to cope with the inevitable outcome of the election. It will NOT be Paul….sin loi.

    • dave

      That doesnt speak for ALL of us.

    • The big boss man

      That remark showes you ignorance. Get some real edukashun…learn the Constitution before making yourself look this stupid again. Then perhaps we can have some meaningful dialouge with you, half wit!

    • Fox


      Laugh and ridicule the Paul supporters.

      Best way you could think of to win them over to your side, huh?

      Good luck with THAT!

    • reykool

      Kelly Kafir while Sheeple idiots like you will use our worthless dollar as toilet paper, in the middle of World War III after the bombing of Iran to serve the Israeli lobby (and their Zionists fanatic friends) who financed the tree idiot Corporatists stooges Mitt Romney, Gingrich and Sanctorum…
      RON PAUL is a medical doctor with a 160 IQ which is probably more than all the rest of the Republican party combined…

    • Luke

      They will back the GOP and get OBAMA out!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      Let’s see — I retired as an infantry Colonel after 34 years in uniform, have served in three of my country’s wars, have lived in third world “countries” you couldn’t imagine, am an Army War College graduate with a Master of Strategic Studies degree (amongst others), and have likely forgotten more about real politic and the way the world runs than you ever knew. I support Ron Paul. How do I fit your profile of a “Paul-bot”? Grow up, and listen to what the man says, rather than what other people say he says or how inelegantly he may say it.

    • amagi

      …or they will continue to run their businesses and study von Mises, Hayek and Austrian
      economics in their spare time.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Please don’t transfer that whacked-out left wing mentality to any true conservative. What you describe is the typical left-wing “dreamer” personality.

  • CaptTurbo

    If I couldn’t vote for Dr Paul I suppose I would have to vote for Newt.

    • jewell

      I hope he will run on a lib. ticket so we can vote him in if not I will write him in I will not settle for a white obama

      • 820 REDHORSE

        If you do that ,you just as well piss in the wind and vote for oduhhuh!! I like Paul but he is not electable!! So make up your mind and vote for ABO! Otherwise your just a closet obummer voter! Remember this election has more at stake than the quirky hang-ups you may have with other GOP canidates. So dislodge your nugget outta your anal cavity and vote for ABO! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

        • Joanneo

          820 Redhorse..Ron is not electable because the NWO does not want anyone as president except another member of their order. Many many of our past (and present) presidents , our senate and congress members belong to this group that would destroy our country and our lives as we have always known it. There is never 100% of anything and we do have some good politicians in office, however the bad block the good and we are going downhill fast.Haven’t you ever noticed the media and most internet articles NEVER mention Ron?? We may or we may not have an election in November. If Obama decides to declare martial law, we are “screwed”. God help us all…

          • Retired Marine

            Does it really matter why? He is not electable. So what are your choices. Do nothing and oduma** wins. Vote for Ron Paul and oduma** wins. Vote for Romney, and oduma** wins. The only one that can take him down is Gingrich. Excuse me if he is not pure as the driven snow, I don’t want a moral compass in the oval office, I want someone who can kick some a**. You all really want to make an inroad, attack. Attack the left with facts as it blows them away. Do whatever the heck you want to do, but I and all who served bled so you have a vote, and the freedom to cast it. Just do something and stop bitching. Ron Paul cannot win, a write in or third party vote gets odum a** wins. Lets get behind Gingrich because Romney is oduma** lite.
            Semper Fi

          • Glenn

            Joanneo he is unelectable because he is too honest, too American, too against the nwo, and the sheepole have been told who to vote for.

          • Patriot Diva

            You are are exactly right Joanneo! Trouble is most people dismiss this out of hand. They do not realize that if Ron Paul does not get elected, we are screwed. It will not matter one bit who we vote for as a group.

          • DrDulcamara

            Wow…spoken like a true Alex Jones-town InfoWars troll…oogedy boogedy.

        • Starbrander

          Who Are You To Say He Can’t Beat Obama……You The Closet Obama Fan,I Say Romney Can’t Beat Him Because Most Conservatives Are Disgusted By His Liberal Leanings…..So Come on, I Know You’re Dying To Say….Obama In 2012

          • just sayin’

            He can’t even win a Republican caucus in a state where he is the only one who spent money advertising. How can he beat Obama?

        • Patrick

          You have it wrong. If the Rep party selects a candidate who, other than color, believes in the same unconstitutional positions, then the PARTY has voted “… for oduhhuh”.

        • kellys

          You say you like Paul but will not vote for him, you have no integrity. It is not about just defeating Obama, its about defeating the machine that will force an Obama, Newt or Romney shill upon us. There is nor real difference between these, they are all big government hacks.

      • J.M.R.

        its a shame we can’t get the real american leaders to run and get support from the party, i will be going to the independant party as so as possible i’m sick of the sell outby the repubs and of course the demograps

        • Dingbat36

          The reason we can’t get any “electable” candidates to run is because the titular heads of the Republican party make their decision as to whom is “acceptable” right after their latest nominee FAILS. I am convinced that Romney (who was beaten by McCain in the 2008 primary) was selected by the GOP after the 2008 election. Romney is no doubt their choice because he has jumped through their hoops and kissed their backsides!

          • Glenn

            You are very wise dingbat36 that is why he backed out in 08 the party asked him to and he got their backing on this election . There has never been another choice for the RNC.

          • Dolores F. Tamoria

            You said it! All of those Republican Rino’s are coming out now endorsing Romney and saying they are doing this because he is “the only one who can beat Obama and that they are bringing the Republican Party together behind “One” Candidate. They are full of ……(you know what). They do NOT represent the People of the the Republican Party but only server their own self interests. I will vote for Newt Gingrich at this go round. Ron Paul is a good man and I respect his
            domestic views but at this time I do NOT support is international views. We need Newt right now. He does not give up and is a fighter and that is exactly what we need along with his inside knowledge of how the games are played in Washington and his vast political and historic knowledge.

        • G Schmidt

          The party had a real leader running for President in Huntsman (ex governor of Utah, Ambassador to China, businessman), he is not a demagogue (like Newt and Romney) or an impostor (like Cain) or ignorant uninformed (like Bachman) or a narrow minded religious nut (like Santorun)….BUT you rightlies ignored him as NOT being Republican enough!!!

          Now you get what you deserve

          • jacy

            I agree with Delores – Romney is the GOP candidate. They have been in the tank for him since the beginning. I couldn’t figure out why Governors i.e. Christie, Haley – now Paul Ryan and Cantor endorsed him – then I figured out the good ole’boys in the GOP said if they wanted support for a re-election – endorse!! However in this election I voted for Newt – I think he is the only one at this time that can beat Obama. I respect Ron Paul, but so far he has not won a state therefore it appears to be impossible for nomination. We are in a grave crisis in this country – either we get rid of the Marxist Muslim – we should get rid of him on eligibility (Sheriff Joe found that his birth certificate is a forgery – therefore he is not consitutionaly eligibile to be president- but the MSM won’t even report this) – or we live in tryanny and slavery. To not vote is a vote for a Muslim, a Socialist and George Soros – who wants a one world government – the UN (along with Hitlery) has and is trying to take away our guns – ask why? So Vote even if you have to hold your nose.

          • ABO

            To that point G Schmidt, the RNC made sure that the best leader we could have had the opportunity to elect was not included in our choices. That man is Lt. Col Allen West. He apparently didn’t fit into RNC’s profile like Romney does. He’s their choice and we’re going to be stuck with it. That behavior from RNC is why after 42 years as a registered Republican I have changed my voter registration to “I”.

      • stillmoral

        The other nutcase Gary Johnson is already on the Libertarian line.

        • Rene

          @ stilmoral, You people that can’t see past the end of your nose don’t realize where you and the rest of the Ron Paul Bashers have your nose to begin with, up the Establishments you know what. It looks like the odor would tell you to pull it out.

          • just sayin’

            Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury. I am NOT the establishment and also am NOT for Ron Paul as President, so get our nose out of mine and quit insulting me. Why do you think PaulBots piss people off like this? They are rude, insulting and obnoxious, even in public, they obey like a bunch of college kids drunk in a bar.

          • Glenn

            You left pro American :0
            JUST SAYING

      • Anne

        Dear Jewel any third candidate will ensure Obama’s re-election. Vote for anyone who is the Republican nominee no matter how distasteful it may be. Otherwise our country will never be the same again.

        • DJ Fisher

          Actually I don’t want things to stay the same cause right now they suck. I would like to see the nation be what it was meant to be a beacon of liberty and justice.

          • NancyM

            Anne didn’t say the country should “stay the way it is now” (and I think you know it). She means that Obama has an agenda to take this country down a path of complete destruction. I like many of Ron Paul’s ideas, but the fact remains that he is not going to be the nominee. Personally, I’m not thrilled with ANY of the four candidates on the Republican ticket, but I will hold my nose and vote for whichever one is the eventual nominee — because NONE of them will be as bad as Obama.

          • Dolores F. Tamoria

            Yes we all want that. But you have got to realize that we are so FAR down the tubes things will not change overnight. We need someone who can go to work immediately and does not need a “Honeymoon” period before he gets started. We cannot waste time breaking in another person who does not have enough background to move decisively, accurately and ethically. I will stay with Newt to the bitter end if need be. But, event though it “Stinks” I WILL vote for a Republican if it comes to that. NO MORE OBAMA!

        • bevad

          Anne – that is a very correct analysis. The vote in November cannot be split or Obama will win. There has to be unity for whoever the GOP candidate ends up being.

        • Mr. Right

          As usual Anne you are right on. I have nothing against Ron Paul but don’t think he can win. We will see what happens today. For those of you that would but foolish enought to “write him in” wether he is the GOP choice or not, you might as well pull the lever or hit the keypad for ovomit. Don’t even bother to vote for POTUS, but please help to take back control of the Senate.

        • kellys

          It will go downhill anyway, without Paul.

          • Dolores F. Tamoria

            Ye of little Faith. You have lost before you have tried.

      • OV Grandpa

        If Ron Paul ran as an independent it would be a GAURANTEED win for obummer. If you are old enough,remember the Ross Perot charade. Same game,different players

      • David Stovall

        Well that behavior will not be a vote for a white Obama, it will be a vote for the black and white Obama. Look at the “God Dam* America” Rev Wright film at how the Obama congregation jumped and shout

      • OLDMAN

        A third party candidate will guarantee election of OBAMA. Not what this country needs.

      • David Stovall

        That behavior will not be a vote for a white Obama , but will be a vote for the black and white Obama. Look again at the Rev Wright sermon film where the Obama congregation jumps and shouts with hate every time Wright says “God Dam* America”. Obama kept his family in that hate America congregation for years and only left when the TV exposed what he was doing. No Republican is a white Obama.

    • G Schmidt

      Try again…..Newt will not be there in the end (even Georgia’ politicians are NOT supporting him) Your Republican choices may be “God only knows what I stand for today Romney” OR “the Pope knows best and I want to take the country back to the 1940’s Santorun”

      Really….the more I think about it Obama does not look that bad anymore even if he costed me about 25% of my income

      • David Stovall

        He will not be satisfied with 25%.

    • t’Kish Kape

      I am a 100% Disabled Viet-Nam Veteran. I will cast my vote for the candidate that has always voted Conservative. I will cast my vote for Ron Paul.
      If you have to deride my comments, you are as lost in space as obummer himself!
      I HATE muslims and any other faction, religion or ideal that wants to destroy the USA as a country and as a people. I may be over 60 and a little slow, but I’m still able to shoulder a rifle and hit a mark with my pistol if it comes to an armed conflict on our own soil.

    • della

      Newt is a good choice!

  • lad

    Anybody but obonzo i hope.

  • Milo

    If it is allowed in their state, they most likely will write in “Ron Paul”.

  • Ed Gallagher

    I certainly hope they don’t stay home on election day. The over riding message must be ABO, anyone but Obama. We can have our family fight after we rid the country of this most failed president in its history. I’m not thrilled over any of the candidates but the prospect of another 4 years of Obama gives me incentive enough to stay active, talk to friends, and prepare to vote for Obama’s opponent in the general election.

    • Dani B

      Agree! As a Ron Paul supporter I plan to vote for the Republican candidate.

    • Bernadette Talbert

      I agree with you on most points in your comment. I support Santorum as the least person to continue the ungodly happenings in Washington. It’s ABO for me too!

    • gparra9


    • Starbrander

      No, I Won’t Vote A Compromise Candidate….McCain Shouldn’t Have Been Nominated, That’s Why We Got The Kenyan. So When You No Longer Have The Constitution To Protect, In The Back Of Your Mind Will Be the Thought…….What If I Voted For Ron Paul?

      • Retired Marine

        Your attitude needs an adjustment. oduma** was elected because people thought it would be an historic moment. Yeah it was that. If you vote for Ron Paul, obama wins, period. If we don’t stand together we get another four years minimum of this piece of islam. Use your god given brain for something other than phony theatrics.
        Semper Fi



          • Dolores F. Tamoria

            We are not deaf, stop shouting!

        • kellys

          The phony theatrics belong to those who would vote for the Republican Obama like candidate while shouting anything but Obama. It wont matter who gets in, they will be a big government, big business puppet. Paul is the only alternative. You cannot drench yourself in gas hoping to put the fire out.

      • Patrick


      • just sayin’

        What’s with the caps at the beginning of every word? Weird.

    • Rene

      What has gotten this country into trouble has been that kind of mindset, 4 years ago we had a chance to change the way we were heading, and the Republican mindset was ABP (Anyone But Paul). The majority of the Republicans running, as well as their supporters don’t even know what a true Conservative is. The Republican Party and their blind followers are the ones that got Obama elected, by running McCain and Palin, most intelligent people knew that the idiot McCain could not beat Obama, just as none of the present candidates besides Paul cannot beat Obama.

      A Conservative wishes to conserve what he has, and what he has is a Constitution, that guarentees personal liberty, as well as all of the other things that allowed this nation to become great. The sad thing is that most don’t know their history, have not read the Constitution to understand it, and don’t do their research to know why this great nation is being destroyed.
      The national Republican and Democrat Parties are both owned by the Elitists, they are whores to the new world order. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and a handful of others are the only true conservatives.

      • just sayin’

        Libertarians, by definition, are NOT conservatives.

        • kellys

          Libertarians are the only conservatives, any other line of thought is pro big government and agenda driven, liberty be damned.

      • Mannafeast

        After I stoped crying, I decided to respond to the article. But the comments are the real reason I am crying. To many here refuse to understand that this nation stands on the edge of the abyss of tyranny; given and propagated upon us by BOTH partys. It would seem that memories are short and that a conscience is unforgivable. It would also seem that without an educated understanding of all the founding documents, the average american is only guided by opinion. Opinion devised from a false patriotism.
        Americas enslavement is almost complete, and it’s citizen/subject(s) have chosen a path of inept moral guidance as a rational to be utilized as the building blocks for the future of their children; Subjecting them to a meager existance in Plantation America.
        Had a simple effort of due dilligence been made, then the citizens would have greater control over those who they wish to REPRESENT them, not rule over them. But opinion is the guide and substantive truth, combined with conscience and morals has no place in their decision making concerning their childrens future.
        To state my prefrence of candidate would only cause more divisive, caustic conjoling from the readers; therefore, education, truth, moral standards, and personal conscience will guide that decision. Albeit, I have come to a full understanding of each through their verifiable history and actions, not their present begging/lying for the job. I have compared each to the Constitutional Standards given by our founders, and sadly enough, most do not qualify by their previous actions.

  • FamilyMan

    Anybody but Obama.

  • Kelly Kafir

    Cause they are so cultishly into DOCTOR PAUL that they would rather see America destroyed by this Marxist in Chief than actually have to VOTE for someone else! What a bunch of idiots – and it proves they are full of crap! They don’t care about this country and the Constitution like they obnoxiously claim they do – they only care in getting a kook elected that would allow Iran to have nukes so that they can have drugs and prostitution legalized! The real motive comes out!! I asked some of these frontal lobe challenged zombies if they would vote if their messiah doesn’t get the nomination and about 80% of them said NO. SHEESH Cut off your nose to spite your face! IDIOTS!!

    • Jack Cantrel

      You’re a moron. The description of Paul supporters in this article only applies to a few. No Paul supporters are anarchists or want to see America destroyed. Most are mainstream Americans that want to see freedom restored and the government to do what the founders intended. We care about the country and the Constitution. Maybe you should learn something about the Constitution….might be able to actually post something intelligent.

    • Laurie Dahlke

      Your comments shocked me with their vulgar anger. We really don’t need to hear how stupid or idiots we may be, we need to keep our mouths shut if we only have crap coming out of them. We need to build not tear down.
      You may not like PAUL, but that is your problem! He will survive and we will surive. Hopefully, we can get someone else in the whitehouse.

    • Phere

      Kinda’ sounds like you are more like the head in the sand zombie than the ones that you’re challenging. You talk as if we should already admit defeat! We will not! Do you feel that strongly about the candidate that you support? Do you think of your candidate as being already defeated? I think not. Thus, why would we expect you to say who you would back, should your candidate not be elected? Who would you throw your support to in that event? Or will you say? Or do you even know what issues that your candidate even does, or doesn’t support. You do not even attempt to understand why the arguments against war, drugs and economics are so important to this election. Yours and your family’s lives depend on whether we get 4 more years of the SSDD that you are going to get should Ron Paul not get elected. Any other candidate (other than RON PAUL) is a moot point! If honest polling, caucus reporting, and media attention were being fair, Ron Paul would now be so far in the lead, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening!

      • Phere

        Ron Paul;
        What do my three opponents have in common?
        Well, an awful lot actually.
        All three would continue the status quo in Washington. All three would support more Big Government. And all three have records that don’t match what they are telling you on the campaign trail.
        In fact, my campaign released a television ad to show the good folks in Super Tuesday states that there isn’t a bit of difference between ALL three of my leading opponents.
        As you can see, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum ALL:
        *** Supported massive new government intrusion into your health care through the individual mandate and Medicare Part D, the largest entitlement expansion in 40 years before ObamaCare;
        *** Joined union bosses in opposing a National Right to Work law, or, in the case of Gingrich, refused to lift a finger to help pass the bill when Speaker. Even more disturbingly, Rick Santorum joined Ted Kennedy in TWICE voting for a massive expansion of union power that could have broken the backs of hundreds of thousands of small businesses;
        *** Supported the doubling in size of the federal Department of Education and the No Child Left Behind federal power grab;
        And Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich went even further, not only supporting the bank and housing bailouts but personally enriching themselves by them.

        The sad truth is, none of these three candidates can give us change.
        In fact, they can’t even help us defeat Barack Obama this fall.
        If we’re going to defeat Obama, our Republican candidate for President must show a CLEAR, TRUE contrast with Barack Obama.
        I’m afraid Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum simply won’t be able to do that.
        We can’t defeat Obama without making an issue of ObamaCare, bailouts, and massive federal power grabs.
        Polls continue to show that I’m the candidate to take on and defeat Barack Obama this fall.
        Can you imagine the clear choice my campaign would give voters?
        You see, I’m the only candidate with a real plan to cut spending and balance our budget.
        My Plan to Restore America cuts $1 trillion in federal spending during the first year of my presidency by eliminating five unconstitutional departments, and it balances our nation’s budget by the third year.
        And I’m the only candidate in this race with a lifetime record of standing up for constitutional government.
        Because of my strong defense of the right to keep and bear arms, I’ve received the prestigious “Defender of the Second Amendment” Award from Gun Owners of America.
        And since I believe that liberty cannot be protected if life is not respected, I’ve fought hard to defend the unborn
        I’ve introduced legislation to federally recognize that life begins at conception, repeal Roe v. Wade, and strip federal judges of any jurisdiction over the abortion issue.
        And when it comes to our borders, I’m the only candidate talking about securing OUR borders – instead of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
        I’ve opposed every single bailout, and I have NEVER once voted for a tax increase.
        I’m known as the “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” in Congress.
        If you want a real constitutional conservative with a 30-year track record of standing up to the Big Government, big spending status quo in Washington, then, if you live in a state voting tomorrow, I ask for your support.
        Together, you and I can Restore America NOW!

        For Liberty,
        Ron Paul
        P.S. All three of my opponents would continue the Big Government, big spending status quo in Washington if elected President.
        All three have records that don’t match what they are telling you on the campaign trail.
        And I’ve released a new television ad showing the voters in Super Tuesday states that there isn’t a bit of difference between all three of them.
        I’m the only real constitutional conservative in this race, and I have the track record to back up what I’m saying.
        That’s why I hope if you live in a state that is voting tomorrow, you’ll vote for me.

        • Sandy

          very well done Phere. I love Ron Paul and even worked on his election campaign last go-around. I am with him all the way…except what he said about Iran and their Nukes. I DO believe that they are a huge threat to the US, Isreal and the world if they get their act together and make a bomb. Let’s face it, they HATE us. It’s hard because this go around each candadate has “something” bothering me. But I DO believe anybody but Obummer. I would vote for an arangatang if it was running against this America hating, Muslim, Kenyan, Marxist, boob in the White House.

          • ANTICRIME

            SANDY, Put yourself in Iran’s shoes for a moment; WOULD you attack nuclear nations like Israel or the USA just because you had a few nuclear weapons? ~ Sounds like SUICIDE to me, if you say yes! ~ Ron Paul is RIGHT, that Iran or any other sovereign country has just as much right as we do to protect and defend themselves from possible aggression!

          • Rene

            I think Americans should be asking, “why do they hate us”, They hate us for our blatent interfering in their leadership, their affairs, and their lives. they hate us for killing millions of innocent people just so we can make the Elitist, Warmongers, and Military indudtrial Complex richer. They hate us for allowing those that profit off of war to lie to us, and lead us into wars that kill our soldiers, and rob our coffers.

            We have sacrificed some of our brightest and most patriotic people to the unconstitutional wars and conflicts, and what does that leave us? Broke, in debt, and continuing to warmonger.

            When are the Americans going to wake up? When it is too late to save our Republic?

        • ANTICRIME

          ANYONE that sees Ron Paul as a “senile nut-job”…is INDEED an IGNORANT NUT-JOB themselves!!!

          • David Stovall

            Anticrime? Please be aware , the leaders in Iran are fanatics. Suicide is fine with them. The only one that want them to have the nuclear bombs are China, Russia and Ron Paul.

          • ANTICRIME

            David, Ron Paul NEVER said he “wanted” Iran to have nuclear weapons but just stated the fact that WHAT RIGHT do we have to prevent a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY the ability to protect itself with the latest available technology if they are able to develop it?! ~ How would you like your neighbors to be well armed within their homes to gang up on you and say “YOU cannot have firearms because we don’t trust you”?! ~ Iran would be be commiting suicide to even think about being a nuclear AGRESSOR toward other nuclear nations! Turn OFF your TV and start thinking and rationalizing for yourself! The Military Industrial Complex wants wars and will use their media pawns to incite and get them….AT OUR PERIL!

          • David Stovall

            To Anticrime, Me and my neighbors is not a good analogy. I have not vowed with maniacal religious fervor to wipe my neighbors off the face of the Earth and willing to blow myself up to get it done, and look forward to the 79 virgins as my reward. Do you people not see it?

          • David Stovall

            P. S. I may turn off my TV, but will not start rationalizing the subject. I leave that to you.

        • Glenn

          And they call us Paulbots Phere ? What is the definition of insanity ?

      • Charlie

        Ahh someone speeks with some intellegence.

        • Joanneo

          I hope all you people read this and realize what kind of person you are about to vote for. If you want to save America and our way of life, vote for the only one that thinks like we do and wants to save our country.

      • stillmoral

        You Paul supporters are so blinded by this nutcase it’s unbelievabe. He has a 24 lackluster career in Congress. He keeps getting back in because of all the earmarks he brings back home. He is #4 on the pork list. He’s not even honest about how he manipulates that and is one big liar. He is a Progressive/leftist and you are too blinded by his waving the Con stitution around like he wrote it. People realize how anti American and dangerous he is and you refuse to see it. So keep drinking the Ron Paul kook aid and keep helping Obummer because that is what you are doing.

        • cmbhi

          How can you call yourself ‘stillmoral’ when you are obviously filled with hate and spread lies about Dr Paul? You have never even read any of Dr Paul’s books, and never listened to the numerous speeches he’s made before Congress. You are a sheep.
          I am going to take President John Quincy Adams’ advice and vote my conscious. I will write in Ron Paul if I have to. And it will not be Paul’s supporters who see a second term for Obama, but ignorant people like yourself who would rather back a neocon politician who can’t get the support of the independents, moderate dems and youth rather than supporting a true statesman who believes in America’s founding principles.

          • Rene

            You are 100% correct, and four years ago I decided I would be condoning evil myself if I voted for the lesser of the two evils, because even the lesser one is still evil, and those that voted for Obama as well as those that voted for McCain voted for evil.

            Those that helped put McCain in the running are guilty of getting Obama elected, and it cannot be denied.

            Our young people know that the older generations are responsable for the mess this country is in, and they don’t like it, they know that they are the future of this country, and that they have inhereted unbelivable debt, and a corrupt government, and they know that our generations are responsable. Whether the older generations understand it or not. they had better be listening to the younger generation, because our very livelyhood depends on them.

        • Michael S.

          What a dumb ass you are. Dr. Paul is so far above you on the evolutionary scale it’s frightening. People like you have placed this country in the hands of criminals. Our problems are not the result of one bad socialist president. They are the result of many bad presidents from both major parties. Oh, why am I wasting my time with an ignorant moron.

        • Freeme


      • just sayin’

        Change your name to Atmosphere and we will understand that comment better. You are off in space somewhere if you think someone who can’t win a Republican caucus in a state where only he spent money on ads can possibly beat Obama. This is intergalactic thinking? You sound like a space cadet. Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury, but not in an Obama administration. That is the point of this article. Why do you need to bash everyone else just to support your candidate?

    • James Daher

      Kelly, I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I can tell you that I will vote for Dr. Paul and only Dr. Paul, even if I have to write him in. It is BECAUSE I believe in the Constitution, Liberty, sound monetary policy, and a reasonable foreign policy, that I will do so. To address a few of your concerns: Santorum and Gingrich has no chance at all of beating Obama in a general election. Therefore the GOP will not nominate them. Romney has stated that he would have signed the NDAA just like Obama did, which means that under Romney we are subject to martial law, being arrested, detained indefinitely without evidence of our guilt, and without a trial of our peers. So that is why a vote for Romeny is a vote against our Constitutional liberties.

      Additionally, Romney is for MORE war, not less. Iran is not a threat. All of the CIA experts and even the Israeli experts say that Iran is not an existential threat. They have a RIGHT to enrich uranium up to 20%, which they are doing. They are YEARS away from trying to enrich uranium up to 98% (weapons grade). Iran has never attacked another country – not in their entire 200 year history. They are surrounded by 40 US military bases, and sit next to Israeli, which has hundreds of nukes. Pakistan has nukes, India has nukes. I can’t believe so many people are willing to fall for this “Iran is trying to get a nuke” B.S. when you all JUST fell for the “Iraq has weapons of mass-destruction” lie! Wake up! And, by the way, Dr. Paul has said (many times) that he would let Israel defend itself, and wouldn’t interfere if Israel decided to attack Iran. Do you remember back in the 80’s when Israel attacked Iran’s nuclear facility? EVERY SINGLE member of Congress condemned Israel’s actions, except Dr. Paul, who stood up as the lone voice in Congress and said that Israel has a right to defend herself. How quickly people forget history in favor of revisionist propaganda. Dr. Paul’s foreign policy will actually make our national defense STRONGER, by ending these useless wars and bringing our troops home to defend OUR borders. That’s why he has been endorsed by so many CIA experts, and why he gets three times as many donations from active duty military personnel than all other candidates COMBINED. Our military men and women have chosen their next Commander in Chief, and we should respect that.

      Lastly, Dr. Paul is the recognized expert on fiscal policy. He was the ONLY one to accurately predict the housing bubble all the way back in 2001. And several independent analysts have concluded that Dr. Paul’s monetary plan is the ONLY one that will actually reduce the deficit. I will vote for the one guy who saw the problem coming from a mile away and who has a workable plan to actually fix it. I am not voting for the lesser of two evils. AND the most recent Rasmussen poll shows that in a hypothetical match up against Obama, only Romney and Dr. Paul beat him. Now, no candidate can beat Obama without Dr. Paul’s millions of supporters, and we are definitely voting for Dr. Paul. So the rest of the GOP has a choice: They can lose with Romney, or they can win with Paul. Period. I sincerely hope you choose to vote for Dr. Paul, because a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama. Either way, my path, and my conscience, is clear.

    • Starbrander

      No, We’re Tired of You Cowards That Listen To CNN ” Ron Paul Is Crazy” “He Doesn’t Have A Chance”” He’s Not Electable”……….Romney Is All That And More, America Needs A Hard Jerk Back To The Right, Romney Is A Jerk, So Enjoy 4 More Years Of Obama,I’ll Be In Belize, Laughing At Y’all In Concentration Camps, Because They Are Already Built and Awaiting You….But I Won’t Vote For A Leftist Against A Leftist

    • kellys

      So Kafir, who do we vote for, Romney who brags that his Obamacare is better than Obamas Obamacare? Santorum who voted to increase the debt ceiling trillions of dollars, supports two phony wars and wants another one as well as the Patriot Act which put Americans under house arrest, allows spying on Americans and groping them at the airport. How about Newt who made millions on the housing fiasco and helped Bill Clinton send our manufacturing base overseas as well as our jobs and economy.

      I will stick with Paul. If I vote for one of the others I will get the same old shit and I have had enough of that. If Americans cannot see this we may very well deserve to go down.

  • http://none RandallT

    Conservatives do not equate to Libertarians: Paulites are whimsical like their gadfly leader.
    Do we really want communism or Libertarianism? You already know your reply, right?
    Libertarians are pro-American patriots; demoncrat communists are not, any questions?

    Drs. Paul are Iconic with a patriotic message: FREEDOM, MORE FREEDOM & EVEN MORE FREEDOM!


    • COL Joseph A. Masterson

      What were the words of that Roger Miller song. “Freedom’s just a word for nothing left to do..” If Dr. Paul wants to continue to be heard, he needs to have his message preserved AFTER the election. It won’t be if his supporters go “third party” or stay home. They will ensure another four years for Obozo, and his/their message won’t even be an afterthought. Taking your ball and going home won’t stop the game from being played~~~it will just be a different game with a different set of rules~~~set by Obozo!

      And for you others that say its “Dr. Paul or nothing at all”, that is exactly what you’re going to get NOTHING (nothing you’re going to like, that is!!) So, stomp your feet, throw your little tantrim, pitch a hissy, whatever you want to call it, but YOU are voting YOURSELF out of the game. Maybe you can get tickets to Obozo’s inauguraton parties! They’re pretty good at throwing parties (at taxpayers expense)!!

      • COL Joseph A. Masterson


        • C.Davis

          IMHO, you will find that a song more pertinent to the subject under discussion is The Who’s “Won’t be fooled again.”

      • 820 REDHORSE

        Very good sir!

      • cmbhi

        It’s not Ron Paul supporters who will ensure another four years for Obozo, it’s ignorant people like you who will not vote for him that will. Obozo, as you call him, beat McCain with the youth vote – look it up if you don’t believe me. Ron Paul has grabbed the attention of these youth and he is the only Republican candidate who can secure their vote. He has the best chance to beat Obama and the recent Rassmussen nationwide poll had him and, unfortunately, Romney as the only two candidate that can beat Obama.

        • just sayin’

          You hit it on the head! He has gathered the attention of the youth vote. The inexperienced idealists who do not understand history and can barely prove the reason that they got out of school any more. THEY elected Obama last time! It was not rational thinking people, but idealists looking for a home. There are not enough of them t even get 10% so why insult the rest of us. Juts support your candidate until he does not win the nomination then get behind the winner to have a chance. Seriously, do you really believe Ron Paul is a Republican? Seriously? He just could never have gotten elected to congress as a Libertarian.

          • Rene

            You are the one that does not know your history, or you would not say what you did, the young people knew that the older, “so-called experienced” generations” were supporting the wrong candidate for the Republican (an idiot that fraternized with the enemy when he was a POW), and gave Obama, that had promised real change the oportunity to prove himself. He proved to be a liar, and they realize that, atleast they have learned something, and are supporting a true constitutionalist, and patriot. Most of the so-called experienced voters have not learned a thing. This country is not going to be in the hands of the older generations much longer, it will be in the hands of the younger generation if it survives what we have allowed to happen to it. We the older generations had better wake up before it is too late.

      • Dusty Jones

        Col Masterson, the lyrics to which you refer are from a song titled “Me and Bobby McGee” written by Kris Kristofferson and made famous by Janis Joplin circa 1970-1971.

        Roger Miller was famous for classics such as “Dang Me” and “Chug-A-Lug”.

        That said, while I too cringe at how Dr Paul frames his response to the Iran issue, he is still the only candidate who is genuinely faithful to the US Constitution. The others are “cafeteria” conservatives who pick and choose the parts they believe will serve their interests.

      • Glenn

        It has nothing to do with taking the ball and going home. People that will vote for Ron Paul are fed up with what has gone in this country for he past 30 yaers + .If anyone should be blamed for our current situation it was the last 3 abortions of government that drove the voters to this mess and all you Paul haters are either not smart enough to see it or just like to keep getting kicked in your teeth time and again. The proof is all around us open your eyes this did not happen over night.

      • kellys

        If you dont vote for Paul what will you get, NOTHING but the same old crap, it may come from the right rather than the left, but it will still be crap. Grow some back bone and join the fight, you accomplish nothing flapping in the wind supporting the idiot that is being shoved down your throat.

      • Lance

        “for nothin’ left to LOSE”

      • della

        Well said! Some of these messages are disturbing to see just how far we have drifted apart. Unite or lose! There really is no other choice. If Ron Paul is chosen, vote for him. If he isn’t, vote for the chosen one. You are sealing America’s fate if you choose to stand on your selfish choice of any one candidate and not consider another if he is nominated. I love my grandkids too much not to do all I can to get Obama out of office, and at least give America a chance to recover the freedoms we have lost. I believe in this nation and I would rather die than live under a dictatorship like we have now. Together, we can get Obama out of office. Divided, he will go back in office and this nation is history. God bless America!

        • pat78

          “…at least give America a chance to recover the freedoms we have lost.” Do you really think Romney will give America that chance? He’s a paper doll puppet.

  • Patrioticnut

    My hope is that they will support the GOP nominee. I hope it will be Newt, but I will vote for the one nominated. As for Kelly of the previous post, do you really think it does anyone any good to try and demean people because of their beliefs or are you a troll trying to keep the Paul followers from voting for the nominee?

  • Sharon Pyles

    Ron Paul’s rallies this year have yielded quirky and eclectic crowds — bow-tie-wearing libertarians, scruffy anti-establishment types, large religious families and packs of antiwar college students….wow, if this is all we are why worry about what we will do?

  • Jason Burns

    If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, I will write him in. It’s Ron Paul or it’s not at all. Sorry, but I have to do what is right.

    • steve

      i agree 100% that is what i will do also

      • Ihatelibs

        you morons aren’t very bright.
        you will be responsible for nobama’s 2nd term

        • Brandon Magoon

          No, you would be responsible for Obama’s second term. What would be the point of electing someone just like Obama? In fact as a GOP Obama he would be worse because a GOP congress would rubber stamp everything he did just like they did with Bush. That’s why it has to be nobody but Paul. You might as well face facts. Only Ron Paul can beat Obama. You can deal with that reality or you can give it to Obama but don’t you dare try to blame Obama’s 2nd term on the Paul people.

          • Ihatelibs

            you’re sick.
            we’ll be taken over by our enemies if Rupaul is elected.

        • george

          The fact is that even if I was fighting Goliath I would rather go down swinging, than roll over and play dead. The MSM and the Rich are giving us another BO or McCain choice again.
          It is Ron Paul or nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          He is the only Honorable Man Running.
          The Rest are just a Bunch of Rabble.

        • Starbrander

          If That Is So, Then I Hold You Responsible For Voting The Party Line(McCain) And Getting Obama Elected In The First Place And That was a Leftist Versus A Leftist, I’m For Freedom, Spent 15 Years In The Marines, A Purple Heart, A Silver Star And You TV Fed Chickens Are Screwing This Wonderful Experiment Up……Ron Paul Is The Candidate That Wants The America I Fought For…..Freedom, Freedom and More Freedom

          • ANTICRIME

            RIGHT ON target, Starbrander! ~ Ooo Rah!!!

          • just sayin’

            Don’t you think saying it once in the same blog on the same day is enough? And What Is With All Those Caps?

        • Rene

          You are one of the idiots that are responsable for Obama’s first term by running an idiot that could not beat Obama, against him. The National Republican and Democrat Parties are part of the Establishment that has stollen trillions from people all over the world.

    • http://cowboybyte Dana

      If Paul wins the nomination I will vote for him, but if he does not, a write in vote for him will be a vote for Obama, simple as that. If we want to see Obama out we must stick together and make sure he is out.

      • Rene

        If Ron Paul isn’t chosen to run against Obama it is all over, he is the only one that even the Democrats believe can beat Obama, and the Republican Party knows that.

    • COL Joseph A. Masterson

      See my remarks to Randall T above. You just gave up your vote!

      • Tucci78

        Alleged O-5 Masterson masturbated:

        You just gave up your vote!

        And you, sucker-at-the-public-teat, just made it clear that you don’t consider your fellow Americans’ preference for government under the rule of law to be a valid choice.

        What the hell use is any election under such a blind and stupid mindset, anyway? To offer the threadbare and ridiculous illusion of participation in a civil government?

        If you were ever a member of the officer corps, to just what further extent are you committed to the betrayal of your oath to preserve the U.S. Constitution against all enemies including the Republican Party parasites and thieves?

        • george

          You are a true Patriot!! Masterson is coward in my book! My dad was at the Frozen Chosin in Korea and he supports Ron Paul against all the others!! I also thought the same before my Father showed his Wisdom.
          We need our gov to start serving it’s Citizens instead of being a pawn in the One World Government

          • Dolores F. Tamoria

            You and afew more of you who have responded to the Colonels remarks have just showed your true colors. You are no AMERICAN PATRIOTS you are Communists, Socialist lovers. Go get on one of their websites and post your rubbish. WE don’t need your trash cluttering up this website.
            You be damned!

        • just sayin’

          You moron! Insult someone who gave his life and time to serve our country and call him at the public teat at a wage lower than the private sector and YOU believe that Ron Paul, who has been sucking it for years at a high priced paycheck with all the perks is your man? You sound to be much a fool. Thank you for your service Colonel. I am sure tucci78 would never put his or her tushi on the line for his or her country.

      • Charles

        Anyone who votes for Mitt or newt or even stan are the one’s that are going to help O’bumbo win. because they have no chance to win against O’bumbo. So if I were you I’d get behind the one man who could beet O’bumbo.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Like I commented to Jewell… will be pissing into the wind and voting for oduhhuh !! Then you will be helping the toxic commies finish destroying our nation!! Think about it!!!!!

    • cmbhi

      Ron Paul only for me, too. I’ll write him in if I have to.

      • just sayin’

        Would you write him in as often as you have said the same thing in this column?

        • kellys

          I would if I could, vote early, vote often.

          • Dolores F. Tamoria

            You are a Obama supporter. You only have “ONE” vote. Remember that!

    • merrill d trone

      Not picking a fight here..but when you write in Ron Paul make sure you spell it correctly….the end result will be Obummer wins…thinking we are too stupid to survive and deserve what we get!!!!

  • Sue

    Like it or not, Paul supporters have earned some respect. He has a following that, this year, has some clout!! For the Rep party to ignore these supporters, they do so at their peril. I don’t agree with some of his foreign policy statements, but I do support his position regarding the fiscal side of our country. I’m hoping he throws his support to Newt when the time comes.


      RON PAUL’S FOREIGN POLICY is right in-line with that of our founding fathers….NON-INTERVENTION in a foreign country’s internal affairs! ~ IF more people were educated in American history, there would not be all these “doubts” about Dr Paul’s statements on this issue!

      • just sayin’

        You are incorrect and I do understand history. Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury. Too bad if he runs 3rd party, Obama wins and people like O’Geithner stay in.

        • kellys

          Either you are wrong or lying. Washington told us to avoid the entanglements of foreign affairs.

    • Dolores F. Tamoria

      Thank you Sue. You have levity.

  • Freedom Mom

    Kelly Kafir’s response just shows how immature today’s voters are. Ron Paul supporters are the most educated when it comes to government and spending. We are not the “follow the leader” GOP folks. What has the past given us when they asked us to vote for the “lessor” of two evils in the Republican primaries? We got Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama. We got bigger spending and larger debt. Our government is out of control and it’s people like Kelly and CaptTurbo that helped us get there. I, for one, have the ability to think for myself. Do my own research and make an educated decision. I am not a sheeple and will vote the educated vote, not the media propaganda.

  • Jtsgrandmom

    Wake up, people. Despite the shifts back and forth of party majorities, the actual policies have not changed, Obama is simply the continuum of Bush who was the continuum of Carter, etc. They have all led the march toward socialism and global government. Newt? He is a card carrying member of the CFR, an organization dedicagted to global government and new world order. Romeny? If Romney had gotten into office in 2008, Obamacare would be called Romneycare. SAntorum? Big spender, hiding his record behind pro life, a joke itself since he’s voted to fund planned parenthood. Media and machine play up the “differences” but they are only superficial differences and all three are “acceptable” to the RINOs, knowing all 3 will do their bidding toward NWO.

    • george

      Thank you for our opinion. I am so tired of followers, and cowards. Our country was founded by people who understood that Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong!

    • just sayin’

      Think about it. If Ron Paul is honest, then he is incompetent as a manager in my opinion. Here is the fact. Please don’t blather on about NWO, Neo Cons and the like. Just make your determination which one he is and then temper your future comments using common sense rather than Mantra! His views that were written about in HIS newsletters for years with HIS name on them are scary. He claims that he did not know what they were writing for years. To me, that sounds like irresponsible management AT MINIMUM. How can someone who cannot even supervise his OWN newsletters manage international affairs and the US government. So IF he is honest, he is irresponsible and incompetent AT THE LEAST. My belief is that he DID know what was in his newsletters for YEARS and did supervise what went in there. THAT would make him patently dishonest by claiming that he did not know. What would the average person think if they were not a PaulBot or a cult member? My guess would be the latter but the former is possible. Which do you believe, since you claim he is the ONLY honest one? Is he irresponsible and incompetent or dishonest?

      • Rene

        justsayin, you are one of the biggest, idiots I have ever seen on here, you keep spouting stuff that you apparently have no knowledge of. It is very plain to see that you don’t know the true history of the US, or the World, or you would not be saying the things you do. I can see that you don’t know or understand the constitution, or maybe how to get out of your own neighborhood. Why don’t you do your research before you start trying to tell others that they are wrong, quit soaking up everything that Corporate Media, and the Socialist Education System is propagandizing.

        • ABO

          I’m sitting here clapping, Rene. Well put, very well put.

      • kellys

        So I take it that you are voting for BO or one of his Republican clones.

  • Michelle

    Either write in Paul or Gary Johnson. Either way not gonna be forced to vote lesser of two evils ever again!

    • Randy

      Then as the many posters above have said, a write-in vote is a vote for Obummer, thus a wasted vote. They said they would “divide and conquer”, and people like you will allow it to happen….sorry state this country is in…..

      • Rene

        A vote for anyone besides Ron Paul will be a vote for Obama, none of the others can beat Obama. There a lot of Democrats that have come over to Ron Paul, combine that with the smarter Republicans, the Libertarians, and other Independants that have come over to him, and he can beat Obama. The Establishment owned Corporate Media, Republican,and Democrat Parties want business as usual, and have tried but have not been able to dismiss Ron Paul. Think about it, and tell me I am wrong.

        • bevad

          That, dear Rene, is a gross misrepresentation.

  • PJ

    I can tell you what I see them say on most forums..Paul or nobody. Quite a few are democrats who actually switched over from Obama, but would not go for warmongerers. Since all the other candidates are for bombing Iran and getting in another war, they will go back to Obama and we will lose.

    That’s what I see most of them saying. No Newt, Santorum or Romney. They see them as the status quo and feel they might as well vote for Obama, because they know he’ll just take us down quicker and we can start to rebuild. I may not agree, but that’s how it is.

  • Jacqueline L

    ANYONE BUT OBAMA! The primaries have proven Paul has NO chance of gaining the nomination. However, many of his domestic views are on target and, hopefully, will be incorporated in the final campaign.
    We cannot, will not survive as The United States of America we know if the Great Deceiver and his army of thugs, anti-white, ant- and pro-illegals are not pushed out of all the crevices they crouch in!

    • Dolores F. Tamoria

      RIGHT ON!

  • Jtsgrandmom

    I will vote Ron Paul, I will not vote for any other. I will write him in, if necessary. “Whether the boot at your throat is the left boot or the right boot, is moot.” ~ Anonymous

    ALL the party approved candidates will deliver is the boot at our throats. I will not vote for that, it is not somehow more acceptable to be controlled by the GOP than the Dems, in the assault on our rights and liberties, they are one party, double teaming us. As they gain more power every day we lose our Republic .. and our futures.

    Wake up. Ron Paul is the ONLY voice of opposition in DC. The other three defend NDAA, Ron Paul has written legislation to gut it. The other three march us toward global governance, Ron Paul has written legislation to get us out of the UN.

    Wake up.

    • COL Joseph A. Masterson

      That is exactly what you’re voting for. A “third party vote” is a vote for a “Left” boot on your throat~~Obozo’s!

      • Ltjg

        These same Ron Paul voters are the people who put in Obama in the last election. All they want to accomplish is to sabotage the election and get Obama another term.

        • Starbrander

          What Isolation Booth Did You Come Out Of……..McCain Is a Disgrace To the Uniform For Giving Away Military Secrets For Medical Care, He Shouldn’t Be Running For Anything But His Life, The GOP Is Giving Us Nothing To Vote For, Because Ron Paul Would Upset Their Power Base,.Anyone With 2 Brain Cells Knows Bozo The Clown Could Beat Obama But You Wouldn’t Take Him Seriously, Because He’s a Clown. Ron Paul is No Clown, The Constitution Is No Joke And Obama Is Not Qualified To Be President…….But You Voted For a Traitor And Gave Obama the Job

          • just sayin’

            All the caps make you look like a flake.

        • Kashey

          Congratulation Ltjg, the dumbiest message ever! You got it.

        • Bill

          I agree.

        • Glenn

          WRONG ! It was the same ol liberal republicans and democrats that drove people to vote for Obama Ltjg

        • pat78

          I didn’t understand Ron Paul’s stance in 08. I didn’t vote for him then. I voted for the liberal pretending to be a moderate conservative. Do you really think McCAin would have done differently than Obama considering he followed Obama much of the time? How is Romney different from McCain? I, like many here, want a standard that our nation was founded on. We don’t want this rebel hijacking that’s been going on for about 100 years! Democracies are unstable because the standards are based on “feelings” rather than truth!

      • Charles

        Col. Give it up you are being a Ahole.

      • kellys

        What about the rights boot on my throat, unprecedented spending under Bush, two unjustifiable wars looking for a third, the Patriot Act that allows the government to spy on me, grope me, arrest me and detain me. What have I done good Colonel to deserve YOUR BOOT ON MY THROAT?

    • Randy

      Sorry…but YOU are an idiot if you think a write-in will do anything but re-elect the clown that is there already….

      • JRRS

        If you want to put Obama out of work VOTE for the Republican candidate. Nothing else will work.

        • Rene

          Unless Ron Paul gets the nod from the Republican Party (the voters), Obama will win again!

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Then go behind the barn put on your ” moot boots” and be prepared to kick yourself in the arse for 4 more years of oduhuh! You will be an obummer supporter and guilty of treason!! ABO God Bless America and please Lord open these peoples eyes !

    • Ihatelibs

      I hope you cast your vote on that Wed. in November

    • Val

      We ALL should vote our conscience. It is our RIGHT. It is our moral obligation. This is politics, yes, but to feel FORCED to vote for someone that we don’t want to vote for so that we can play a strategy game of keeping someone out or in or the “lesser of two evils” is bs. I will vote for Ron Paul because he is my candidate and I want no other, period. I will let the cards fall where they may, but my conscience will be clear because I will know that I voted for my CHOICE which is my RIGHT and I don’t care who criticizes me for it or accuses me of being an idiot. Just so that I have the jump on people who would do that……..those people are the idiots who don’t understand the process of democracy. My vote is MY vote and as I do not tell others how they should vote, I expect the same consideration when it comes to my basic right as an American to cast mine as I see fit. What year is this anyway??????????

  • chanticleer

    If the choice is between socialist Obama or socialist Romney, why bother? Neither is worthy of being put into the White House, and neither is different from the other politically. Been watching the news? Romney supported the socialist mandate for compulsory insurance, although now he’s lying just like Obama about it.

    • Randy

      But he has also gone on the record saying that even though his plan was good for his state, it would probably NOT work for the entire country. Been watching the news????

      • C.Davis

        OOOOh, I see. You’re one of those who havan’t figured out that most politicians are happy to say whatever they think will get them elected in spite of what their actions have clearly shown.
        Never mind.

    • zac

      you know what a piece of crap obama is. take a chance on anyone being better.


    The only reason this article was printed is because they are on Obamas’ payroll. They know that Rom Paul is the ONLYcandidate that can beat Obama and are trying to disenfranchise his supporters and convince them to GIVE UP AND STAY HOME. The fact that they included his remarks about Bachman is PROOF that what I say is TRUE. The media is our DOMESTIC ENEMY just as Obama is and we should DISREGARD any NEGATIVE comments they print about Ron Paul and vote for him anyway to show the PARTY CONTROLLERS that we will no longer submit their GOOD OLD BOY tactics.

    • Riverdweller

      What article did you read ? There is NOT ONE WORD in this article about whatever it was that Ron Paul said about Bachmann.

    • just sayin’

      Yup, spoken like a true PaulBot. Disregard ANYTHING that anyone says negative about Paul and vote for him anyway. Who, pray tell, should we listen to when they state facts about Paul’s shortcomings? Or is everyone who would desecrate your man’s image a nefarious New World Order commando? You guys make yourselves sound ridiculous and don’t get why people call you to task for sounding weird!

      • Rene

        Do your research on all of the candidates, read to understand the Constitution, take a good look at our history, and come back and say that in good concience.

  • Stand Up America


    I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Sydney.

    I think it should be the goal of every Australian to be tolerant.

    Thus the Mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.
    That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque

    We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy “, and the other a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot.”

    Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbeque pork restaurant, called “Iraq o’ Ribs.”

    Across the street there could be a lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret “, with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods.

    Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toy shop, “Koranal Knowledge “, its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store called “Morehammered.”

    All of this would encourage the Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us, so the mosque problem would be solved.

    If you agree with promoting tolerance, and you think this is a good plan, please pass it on..


    • Rene

      The Christians would join the Muslims in a protest like we have never seen before if that happened, but at-least they would find they have something in common. Hey, I’m all for it!

  • Chuck Bushong

    One responder who’s initial’s are KK has really showed their intelligence with not one but two posts out of five. If you don’t know what your talking about keep your mouth shut to not show your stupidity, this person opened it and proved theirs.

  • CAllenDoudna

    Most of them will stay home. Thanks to the financial mess Odumba is making the Republican President probably won’t be able to afford a foreign policy much different from the one Ron Paul has described and the cuts we’ll be forced to make will result in somethding like the rest of Ron Paul’s policies.

    • Red

      The money problem is easily solved. STOP the spending (borrowing) and cut all the social programs.

      • Rene

        Don’t forget to include cutting all of the foreign aide, and the money spent on unconstitutional wars.

  • http://CowboyByte Mary

    Has anyone considered the fact that no matter who gets the nomination and eventually the white house (lower case intentional), it is CONGRESS that has the power to put a stop to the madness? The criminals we currently refer to as congress could have, should have impeached the imposter-in-chief, but they checked their manhood at the door and they are responsible for the mess this country is in! Ron Paul is the only candidate who still has a shred of conscience left, the rest are card-carrying, bona fide communists and traitors. A vote for romney or newt will be the same as a vote for barry soetoro – what’s the difference.


      CONGRESS is indeed America’s BIGGEST PROBLEM….no doubt about it!!! ~ We must place strong focus on WHO we are ellecting as our Representatives and Senators if we want to flush out the Commies who have infiltrated our government! ~ (RIP, Joseph McCarthy…you tried!)

      • Rene

        McCarthy had it right, but the commies had their agenda, and now they fill our government because of the American Voter’s ignorance of History, and our Constitution.

        • ANTICRIME

          @Rene, THAT happened because of Commie infiltration of our educational institutions and their buy-out of all major national media sources! An uninformed majority is very easy to lead by the nose simply due to the fact that the ONLY way to recognize a LIE is to…know the TRUTH!

  • http://yahoo hev*enbound

    The first person to comment on this matter!!! You and others like you seem to have the grrogance to underestimate the ones that sit in their basements and have the power to make a better life for We The People!!!!!!

  • Pat G

    I wouldn’t vote for Dr Paul with his first stage dementia in the first place. He would be out of office within a year anyway.


      PAT, We could only wish that the kids graduating from college these days had an iota of the “dementia” of Ron Paul’s sharpness of mind!

      • Rene

        Pat G is ignorant, ignore the hate filled message.

    • dusterdog

      Pat G would you give up your welfare check?

    • pilot

      First of all Ron Paul can not stop everything wrong with this country! Nor is any other “non -0″ individual! However one more round with the big “0” will!! It took over 50 years to get it so screwed up! … What makes you think any one man can fix it in four?? There is a saying about the “camel getting his nose under the tent” that applies here! The saying goes like this — “let a camel get his nose under the tent”,– and if you do nothing, he will slowly work his way in till you find yourself outside looking in,- and the camel blocking the entrance looking out (and laughing at you)! I remember how liberals started taking things over one small part at a time, — they lost a lot in those days, — but they had a “master plan”– (Lets see where have I heard that description before??) — Then they won somewhere, – soon only evolution was being taught in schools, then abortions became legal,- then banning religion from schools (but only Christian religion of course), now major efforts to ban it from public buildings, – apparently Christians have no income, so pay no taxes, and therefore have no voice whatsoever in any displays in government buildings. And probably some were “born in this country as citizens”, and that is also bad! Now we play the race “card supreme”, and anybody saying anything about someone being a foreigner, illegal citizen, non-functional idiot, – or anything of that sort is “racist”! But yet a really good non-liberal black man was destroyed because of his past (and offenses that made Clinton a hero – no less),– but of course “liberal pasts of same caliber or worse”, – are excused from scurtiny… “Liberal good,- conservative bad””—- We need change! — are you going to vote in Obama,- by any which way you wish to? Or are you going to vote for “anybody” against Obama?? It may come to that! After all I have been voting (every election) since 1960– I even “served milittary” under the first man I voted against………. But back in those days they were still “loyal Americans, with America’s future at heart”! They have been chipping down the establishment a brick at a time, and now the building is ready to fall,- unless something is done to start putting bricks back again! Are you going to “follow the lemmings,- at a distance”, (and go over the cliff too),– just to show us that you will settle for absolutely nothing but the best?? So are you going to put your brick in under the “teetering building”, or are you going to throw it away in the street, and watch the building fall! Bad as I hate it, I am once again going to give my vote to somebody I do not like, and vote for the least of the worst pair! knowing that to do anything else will surely show my distatin to the “man??” in power or the man that “might be coming into power”!– I will throw my vote away on somebody that can not win, — just to show em!! And thereby end all voting in future (just like Venezeuela and a lot of other Socialist regimes at present)!! Of course the next “stop” is constitution, and bill of rights,- freedom, – and don’t foreget the guns!! “Slaves” don’t need any of those things,— The government will provide everything they determine that you need!

      So it is now your decision I guess, will you shoot the bear with the last bullet you have left, and save youreslf and your family, — or will you shoot off into the woods, (because you distain killing things),– or just throw away the damn gun all together (liberal approach)?? Sometimes principles have to be put on hold for a bit,– till you can get things under control again! Be aware that the woods are full of bears, — and it would be sensible to go and obtain more ammnuniton, if you survive this “run in”!! But the task at present is to ensure that tomorrow is still in your future! And remember that tomorrow is a big day – no matter what you do today!! So you have 3 choices, — “bang,– (dead bear), – — throw away shot,- (or get rid of that damn gun alltogether)-Then comes tomorrow.. (dispose of dead bear, — or funerals for you and loved ones.) — The choice is yours! — (Yesterday) ,— the future WAS too!


        @Pilot, In a nutshell; Ron Paul is the START BUTTON….his ADMINISTRATION along with CONGRESS will be the ENGINE!!! ~ Ponder on that!

  • Randald Bartlett

    I will not vote for any body but Ron Paul

  • Jeffrey Monheit

    If Ron Paul is not the GOP nominee, I’m going to write him in. Let the whole GOP sink until they ALLOW someone to win who the people actually WANT! The GOP is responsible for voter fraud in every state! Ron Paul won the true vote of the American people and is the voice of the American people because we want our liberties and privacy back, we want government limited to the U.S. Constitution and want the Rule of Law respected. We want undeclared wars, the TSA, the central banking system, legal tender laws and the I.R.S. eradicated!

    I hope and pray Ron Paul runs as a third-party candidate since he built himself up enough to compete this time and win.

    In terms of Romney and Obama, it’s a contest to compare which one is worse! It would probably come to a draw. Poison pill A versus poison pill B. I’ll choose choice C which is suicide before voting for these two traitors!


      IF the Nov 2012 General Election is LEGITIMATE, then I’d be willing to bet that if Ron Paul ran as a Third Constitutional Party, he would take the country by a landslide! ~ Teddy Roosevelt ran on a “Bull Moose” Third Party and WON…at the chagrin of the naysayers!

      IT SEEMS that TOO MANY Americans today are VICTIMS of a compromised educational system that have prevented them from learning the words and concepts of our forefathers but instead ingrained within their minds the words and concepts of Marxism, hidden behind the word “PROGRESSIVE”!

      SADLY, “Progressives” run national mainstream media which is a daily dose of “education” for the masses!

      BOTTOM LINE: Have we reached a point in America where we can no longer THINK for ourselves without being “influenced” my media talking heads? ~ OR WORST of all….have we lost our UNDERSTANDING OF FREEDOM?!

      • Rene

        I agree, however if Ron Paul gets nominated (which I doubt if the Republican Party will allow that), then the voting machines will make sure Obama wins, Big Corporate will do their best to see to it. Ron is the only one who can beat Obama in a fair election and the Establishment knows it.

  • Ihatelibs

    I hope that all you Rupaul Kool-Aid drinkers don’t forget to vote on this important Wed. in November.

    • cmbhi

      You apparently hate the Constitution and America’s founding principles, you neocon.

      • just sayin’

        As Rush says, when the ignorant cannot win an argument, they resort to attacks. You are a kibbutzer at best with your Neocon crap!

        • Ihatelibs

          These Rupaul cult members are taking to many drugs….very dangerous.

          • Rene

            Government Kool Aid is the dangerous drug, and most in this country are drinking it and love it, and don’t know it is poison to our Republic!

  • Patriot1

    * Ron Paul is the one and only true worthy candidate for the Office of the President of the United States in 2012.*…” All the others are just Wannabees”… Keep Freedom Alive; Resist Tyranny.”…

  • Dusterdog

    They really don’t know who Ron’s supporters are.Evidenced by their description of us.After seeing what the republican establishment has done to Ron in 08 and now, as his supporter my question is why would I vote republican?Its kind of like mistreating your child all his life and then when you are old & bed ridden you expect him to take care of you.Personally I think the republican establishment has stolen the election this time from Ron with voter fraud & manipulating the news media against him.My reason for supporting Ron is he is anti establishment.So why would I support an establishment candidate?We already have that as president now.Why would I waste my gas money going to the poles just to vote for changing one establishment president for another?

    • Ihatelibs

      Then just vote for Obama.
      You can send me 200 bucks for my gas.

      • Rene

        You are too stupid to be voting, it is plain that you don’t understand our history, our constitution, or what is at stake with your type of thinking!

        • bevad

          Rene – People with radical positions and attitudes like you amaze me. You keep calling other people (anyone that does not share your view) “stupid” and you keep referring to their ignorance of the constitution. It is all too apparent from some of your comments that you are no constitutional scholar either just a parrot.

    • Freedomlover

      Great post Dusterdog, I agree with you 100%, These people that keep saying Ron Paul isn’t electable are just listening to the media. He is just as electable as any of the candidates if people who say he isn’t electable would get behind him. George Sorsos himself said “I don”t care if Obama or Romney get elected, they are on the same team”. RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • just sayin’

      That would be OK with me. Go to the poles. Turn left at Gdansk and you will see the first one! Vote for Ron Paul there.

  • Reggie

    Ron Paul, Or None At All. The base will never change if you continue voting for the same thing each time. Romney cannot beat Obama. Ron Paul can because he will get some Democrat votes, Libertarian, and Independent votes. If you vote for Romney, you are just accepting what is offered. You can move the base by voting for Principle, not Party. If the GOP doesn’t wake up and realize they are the swing vote this time, we will be listening to the talk shows for moths after the election, explaining to us what happened.
    Ron Paul, Or None At All!

  • Robert

    Living in a county (with high radical content) that went for Ron Paul in the 2008 Iowa caucus and voted 47% for Paul in 2012, they will most likely do what they did then. They changed their registration back to Democrat and vote Obama. Unfortunately they are still trying to do everything in their power to disrupt and destroy the Republican Party and disenfranchise the Real Conservatives.

    • Rene

      Robert, noone has to try to destroy the Republican Party, they are doing a great job of doing that themselves, by being part of the establishment, and working to throw the election in the direction of Obama. The Republican Party knows that Ron Paul is the only one who has what it takes to beat Obama, and is shooting itself in the foot.

  • chuckn49

    I am not sure what Ron Paul many of you are watching, but it is not the one who is running for President. To begin with, Ron Paul will never support Santorum or Gingrich. In fact, he is colluding with Romney to defeat them. There is a view in political science that if you go to the extreme left far enough, you meet the extreme right. That is more true than most people realize. There are similarities between Paul & Obama that should give most supporters of both pause. They are well documented racists albeit from opposite directions, but racists nevertheless. They are both anti-Semites with a blatant soft spot for radical Islam and they both have a vested interest in anarchy as a means to bring about their ends politically. Finally, a write-in vote for Ron Paul in the general election is, indeed, a vote for Obama; That is the history of third-party and write-in candidates effect on the elections.

    • Rene

      Chuckn49, It is pretty apparent that you don’t know anything about Ron Paul except what you have heard from the Puppet News Media, why don’t you do your own unbiased research on Ron Paul.

      • chuckn49

        Let us, for the sake of argument, accept Ron Paul’s outlandish claim that he had no idea what was in those newsletters that were going out over his signature all those years; doesn’t that make even you wonder about both his judgement and his attention to detail?
        I have been following Ron Paul’s career for many, many years when he was in and out of office and I have read many of his infamous newsletters. He is a phony Republican because he couldn’t get elected dog catcher as a Libertarian and he knows it. I don’t have to rely on the “Puppet Media” to know a racist and bigot – all I have to do is read what he is lying about writing to know him for what he is. To me, there is no advantage in trading a white racist and anti-Semite for a black one.

    • LibertyFirst

      “If you tell the lie often enough, people will eventually believe it”, eh? All liars will have their place in the Lake of Fire. Check your conscience. You know who you are. If all of you had to prove the lies you told, you’d be laughed off the forum. There is nothing more disgusting than one who spews lies without so much of a hint of documentation. Kind of like a hit-and-run driver.
      FYI, Chuckie, Ron Paul’s stand on Israel is to respect them as a sovereign country instead of making them grovel before the mighty USA for the right to defend themselves.

  • GreginNc

    personally Ive been very surprised by the number of people from various backgrounds That have stated to me that if Romney gets the nomination they will write in another candidate or not vote for president at all. I do have a few friends who say they will hold their noses and vote for romney, but in all honesty they are in the minority.
    All I can say is it looks like the republican party is throwing another election, this is simply another repeat of the last election when they though wed all vote for the most hated man in the republican party.
    Personally I see no difference between romney and our poser in chief, I would like to see Ron Paul get the nomination but realize even if he won the election he could do no more than use the veto and would be opposed by both parties, as anyone who actually looks knows they are one and the same just with different masks.

    • Red

      If you see no difference between Romney and the President, you are in serious need of help. There could not be a greater difference bertween any two candidates.

    • Rene

      GreginNc, The president has the power of Executive Order, and Ron Paul will use that authority to repeal all unconstitutional laws, and Executive Orders that fall within his constitutional authority to do so, and that in itself would start a snowball back toward constitutional law, and personal liberty.

  • Stephanie

    Are you kidding me? Paul supporters will either stay home or write-in Paul! They refuse to see that there are in fact other, better, candidates out there.

    • Charles

      O’K show me one.

      • just sayin’

        Brilliant comment Charles. Did you slap your sister when you fought with her at dinner or just say “did not” or “did too”?

        • Rene

          Again just sayin, you aren’t competent to debate, is this the most sophisticated remark you could come up with?

          • Stephanie

            Do you guys do anything aside from insulting people? This is why I shut myself off to Ron Paul, what’s the point when you guys wanna act like liberals all the time?

      • Stephanie

        You can’t post pictures on here… but I can give you names.

        Those better than Ron Paul:
        Rick Perry
        Mitt Romney
        Newt Gingrich
        Rick Santorum
        Sarah Palin
        Michelle Bachmann
        Bob McDonnell
        Bobby Jindal
        …. oh f**k it all, I’m not writing every single Republican in the country. You get the idea, now start yelling like you guys always do. 3, 2, 1, GO!

        • Rene

          Bless your heart Stephanie, you just don’t know anything other than what the Major Media tells you, do you.

          • Stephanie

            LOL!! If I were to “just listen to what the media tells me,” I won’t be a Rick Perry supporter. I merely listed other names (yes, there are some RINOs if you will in there) because I feel that if it came down to it, the two last people in the country I’d vote for are Barack Obama and Ron Paul.
            I’m just telling you guys, you aren’t acting like very nice people…

          • ANTICRIME

            @Stephanie, WHY would you support Gov Rick Perry after he allowed the Globalists’ “Trans-Texas Corridor” to be built in Texas that was part of the NWO plan to unite Mexico-USA-Canada into a “North American Union”?! ~ ALSO, he MANDATED that young females in his state be required to receive Gardasil shots, that caused many to suffer permanent injuries and even death! ~ BAD DECISIONS, and a failing memory, is what eliminated Rick Perry from the GOP candidate line-up, my friend!

          • bevad

            And by golly what Rene has heard and parrots, well, that is the gospel truth. Rene knows best. Why aren’t all of you listening to Rene? Rene knows! But woe unto you if you have any different opinion than Rene, she will call you ignorant and stupid. That’s just the kind of wholesome sweet gal she is.

        • Stephanie

          @anticrime, it wouldn’t let me respond directly to you so I’ll say this:
          1. you aren’t my friend, I am a friend of Rick Perry
          2. I supported the TTC, it was a VERY good idea as I listen to facts not rumors and lies
          3. Gardasil never happen, the legislature stopped it and Rick Perry didn’t stand in the way. At any rate, I supported that as well. It prevents cervical cancer!! He already said if he could go back, he would’ve done it a different way and so it’s time to move on (I know haters won’t and they will just continue their hate but whatever)
          4. There is no new world order
          5. Ron Paul isn’t a Republican, so remove him from the GOP before you “remove” anyone else
          6. Nothing will stop Rick Perry from winning his fourth term as governor, and he’ll be the next president as this election was lost on Jan. 19, 2012.

  • Dad

    They are all conservatives… they won’t be chasing after any big spending, big government Marxist doctrines.
    Try to imagine how disgusted these people are when they look at the alternates of the GOP RINOs Romney and Santorum. You have a contributor to Obamacare (along the Mass. veins of Kennedy and Kerry) and a Washington insider that contributed to our present socialist crisis.
    The mantra of the present day American public… what’s in it for ME!

  • Jim

    As a life long democrate I never thought I would change affiliations until I read “the creature from Jekyll Island” which opened these old eyes and after watching a movie called “cover up” proved the book was dead on I now realize it matters not republican or democrate they are all puppets of one master they have all been bought and paid for except for one whom the puppet master is afraid of, which is why the media does it’s very best to ignore and down play and that being Ron Paul who by the way forced the monster to finally give WE THE PEOPLE an audit be it though a PARTIAL ONE something they have never done in nearly 100 years yet WE THE PEOPLE PAY TO WITH EVERY PAY CHECK yet WE are to blindly except these BANKERS are taking our money using for our GOOD. Ron Paul stood up to this Monster his entire career and it has done it’s best to make him appear as the bad guy. I pray more read the fore mentioned book and then research to see if what it said were true or false, I did and now firmly behind RON PAUL. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Breeze

    I will not be reduced to voting for the “lesser of two evils”. I will vote for the person that doesn’t follow the status quo. I contend that those who don’t vote for Ron Paul are throwing their vote away. You should be voting for the best person.

    • just sayin’

      You forget that the best person is in the mind of the voter and they have been exercising that opinion by their ballots. Even in the Caucus states where people can get loud and argue and duke it out, Paul’s vocal supporters still cannot muster a majority. How can he win in ANY election? That is silly!

  • enough

    If Ron Paul doesn’t make it as the Republican nominee then I will look to Gary Johnson.

    Voting for any of the remaining Republicans would be every bit as bad as voting for Obama. These people have been selling us out and stealing our liberties. There is no way I would support any of them.

  • 9thID

    They will vote for Obama — again…
    Just as many Americans were duped into voting for the Hoax & Chains mantra of Obama, it is a tragedy that some conservatives are of late being snookered with a similar tactic from Ron Paul. As history shows, Liber-als and Liber-tarians are two sides of the same coin of Libertinism/anarchism. Liber-alism leads to the tyranny of Collectivism and Liber-tarianism to the tyranny of Anarchy.

    Of the three major policy platforms, Social – Fiscal – National Security; Liber-als & Liber-tarians basically agree on Social & National Security policy. Their main disagreement is over Fiscal policy. Further proof of this is, recently Liberals like Jon Stewart, Barry Manilow, Marxist Oliver Stone-d, and Snoop Dog have all embraced Ron Paul. Ron Paul also votes with the likes of Barney Frank, Socialist Dennis Kucinich, et al. on Liberal issues. Paul also voted with Liber-als to force h o m o s e x u al i t y upon our combat troops during a time of war, and joining with Bill Ayres, Code Pink, and Michael Moore in calling the g a y WikiLeaks traitor Manning a “true hero and patriot”.

    The Liber-tarians, just like their Libertine cousins, resent our Judeo-Christian heritage and try to revise it & our Founders as being amoral, and our Constitution as the chaotic Articles of Confederation. However, once the façade is cleared away, many self-described Liber-tarians are actually exposed as secular humanists, agnostics, supremacists, or Dominionists.

    Murray Rothbard, the mentor of Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell, has been described as the Saul Alinsky of the Right. I disagree with the “Right” part of that statement, for as described above, Liber-tarians agree on more issues with Liber-als than Conservatives. Rothbardian Liber-tarianism, like Liberalism, springs from the well of anarchism. Murray Rothbard was a self- h a t i n g Jew and atheist like George Soros. This also explains Paul’s infamous “newsletters”, the movement’s attraction for anti-S e m I t e s of all sorts, and policy of appeasement towards j i h a d i s t s.

    Ron Paul is also known as a “Voluntaryist” as shown by Paul’s own words on video. Internet search it today, as this is openly discussed by Liber-tarians online. Then checkout Paul’s “Lord of the Flies” vision for America on display at the annual Liber-tarian event called PorcFest: tinyurl (dot) com/7yqhozr

    We need a new American Revolution to restore Reaganesque conservatism, but not the French Revolution being called for by Ron Paul.

    “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

    “Liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as well as the abuses of power.” – James Madison

    “There is a natural and necessary progression from the extreme of anarchy to the extreme of tyranny; and that arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of Liberty abused to licentiousness.” – George Washington

    • Tucci78

      Yet again this 9thID schmuck copies and pastes the same friggin’ message onto yet another thread.

      This practice is known as “copypasta,” and it’s grounds for deletion and banning.

      What’s the matter, jerk-off? Can’t you think of anything else to simulate an intelligence you’ve never once displayed?

      Gawd, wotta putz.

  • Lowell T.

    Lets face it, Ron Paul has a lot to offer but some of his ideas are completely unacceptable to most Citizens. We must except the idea he probably is not going to get the nomination. Our next move must stand tough for the conservative that is nominated. There is going to be massive voter fraud during the November election. We must seek out those not interested and educate. Locate those with transportation problems and arrange to get them to the voting place. Just getting the majority in the House and Senate is not enough. This president has shown he will go around them and they will do nothing. We must get involved in local elections also. Our school boards,County commissioners,Governors and state representatives etc. are in most cases selling us out. In the primary I will vote for Newt,in the November election I will vote conservative. If you prefer to sleep it out, go ahead. In the end you could have a rude awakening and not have the opportunity to vote again.

  • Arthur Bruno

    Both my son and I are Dr. Paul supporters and if he is not the Republican nominee for president. Nether one of us will be voting for the Republican, tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Bush 1 &2, Dole, McCain, Romney, and all the rest, same same GI as the Dumbocrats.

    • Nancy

      So, if Paul doesn’t win the nomination, you’re saying you plan to vote for Obama or not vote at all? Then you do not love the Constitution, as most Paul supporters claim. Because if Obama gets back in, the Constitution will be completely null and void. Obama and his staff have already stated that they do not follow the Constitution when they draft legislation. In another four years, this country will have a new constitution drafted by Obama and his left wing supporters. The “lesser of two evils” in this case is better than what we already have. Voting Obama out is the only way to start reclaiming our country.

      • Old Faithful Geyser

        My Springer Spaniel would make a better President than Obama, and she a whole lot smarter and More Loyal.
        Prettier too!

  • JRRS

    Well, I see someone opened the luny bin today. The only way to be rid of the current occupant in the White House is to VOTE him out of office. The only way to VOTE him out of office is to vote for the Republican nominee, whomever that may be. No third party candidate is going to win, no writeins are going to win, and those stay at home are just voting for the President.

  • The Gizmo51

    If we simply ignore the right wing-nuts they may just go away. This type of individual may very well be crossing over the borderline into a form of schizophrenia with one of the symptoms being delusions of grandeur believing they may be, not the next rush limbaugh, but they are indeed THEE rush limbaugh of today. By bashing women’s rights they are today’s Don Quixote attempting to slay the liberal windmills in their minds that stand for liberty and equality for all. They may believe that this will be a long and arduous fight to the bitter end creating for themselves a wealth far above expectations of mortal man. So I advise caution in confronting such an individual as he may well be not only dangerous to himself but to others as well.

  • Don

    If Ron Paul runs as a 3rd party candidate, then odumbo wins his 2nd term in office. Then watch to see what happens, he will then clean America of democracy and our country will become a socialist monarchy with him as a mullah dictator with America becoming a muslim country under sharia law Voting priviledges will no longer be allowed and America(which will no longer be known by that name) eventually become a 3rd world country. Ron Paul must not do this and get on the Republican bandwagon or else America will be lost forever as odumbo has far too many duped Americans! Maybe our only hope then is for several States to cecede from the United States!

  • Seta

    Let hope some ego trip clown head doesn’t form a third party. It would split the conservative vote. That is how we got on his knees Slick Willie. I my self voted for Ross Parot. Now I see that was a mistake as the Socialist got their man in. However I would not have voted that year other wise. Also if the Rockefeller republicans don’t get their way this go round, they will support the Half Breed Kenyan. That is how selfish they are. They vote their pocket book just like the welfare crowd. Example When Goldwater won the Republican nomination in 1964 The Rockefeller republicans walked out of the convention and support LBJ. One of the most corrupt politician known to mam. Totally owned, lock stock and Barrel by Hermon Brown of B&R now owned by Halliburton and HB Zackery. They raised him from a boy. I will tell you all you free love turkeys, female and male. If you loose as many freedoms in your life time as I have in mine you will have to get a permit from the One world government to go take a S#$T. Fact are facts! Spades are spades! Just think how many of you would be stoned to death if you lived in a muslim control state. Especially the queers who have wrecked and made a mockery of the institution of marriage in many states.

  • Leslie85223

    It’s a foregone conclusion that Ron Paul will not win the GOP nomination. I suspect he’s stayed in the (expensive) race in order to get his message out. Perhaps there will be some last minute negotiations for his endorsing another Republican in the end???? But unless Paul EXPLAINS why and directs his supporters to vote for the GOP, they will melt into the cracks and thereby be guilty of allowing Obama to continue his path of bankrupting this country. This is a critical year that ALL Americans must vote to save what we have so that Obama can not continue to give it away to the people HE sees as deserving . . .

  • http://cowboybyte dan cano

    anybody who votes for Ron Paul is a fool. as a conservative instead of a civil libertarian i do not believe Ron Paul can even come close to beating Obama.Ron Paul has no EXECUTIVE experience. his foreign
    policy is isolationist and nuts and civil libertarians have no right to complain when these enablers see Obama appoint LIBERAL judges to the courts. in the real world conservatives alone can not beat Obama. you need the vote of independents and moderates to do that.

  • Bob L.

    For a long time now, we’ve been given the choice of Edsel “A” or Edsel “B”, one blue and the other red. Both carry on the New World Order agenda. The only difference has been the speed at which they have been moving us toward their end goal.

    If we want to return to American values, we are going to have to quit being taken in by both major parties which are run by the same powers behind the “curtain”. That’s why I joined the Constitution Party several years ago. Since it makes very little or no difference which Edsel wins as things stand now, I am not wasting my vote by voting for my principles. When enough other people do the same, we will begin to take our country back.

    • Nancy

      So, if Paul doesn’t win the nomination, you’re saying you plan to vote for Obama or not vote at all? Then you do not love the Constitution, as most Paul supporters claim. Because if Obama gets back in, the Constitution will be completely null and void. Obama and his staff have already stated that they do not follow the Constitution when they draft legislation. In another four years, this country will have a new constitution drafted by Obama and his left wing supporters.

      • Nancy

        Sorry, Bob. I was aiming at another poster and my browser “jumped” just as I clicked, and it landed on you.

      • Mannafeast

        Nancy, if you havent noticed, the Constitution and Bill of Rights is null and void; only the fact that it has not been publically articulated yet. The actions of the ruling class (both patys) has witteled down those sacred documents over the past 100 years. All in the name of taking care of the People, defending the People, educating the People, controlling the People. The People are now subjects, and do not realize their demotion in life. But yet the People still feel that they have some sort of say in the process of the electing of those who will “represent” them.
        Ignoring the manipulation used upon them, the average American now , without question, accepts every thing their masters in Plantation Amerika perpatrate against them; never considering how they (their ruling masters) have overcome and overridden the Original Founding Documents.
        Even though Andrew (Stonewall) Jackson’s words were about the banks of the time, they ring true today about the present condition of Amerika : “If the American people knew of the fraud that has been perpatrated against them, tonight, Washington would be ashes tommorrow morning”.
        After almost 100 years of continued fraud, and mega advances in communications and educational awareness, the American people still dont know, and Washington and its Ruling Class still stand. And the People still refuse to understand or even accept that they are now merely subjects/serfs in this once great nation. The truth is out here, if the American people will only accept it and not opinionize it. Then this Republic will be great again, by their hands; not votes.


    Ron Paul should endorse Gary Johnson and campaign for him. Both parties are contributing to the decline of our once-great nation. The 2-party system of demopublikans and republikrats is the root of the problem. Not a single public penny should be spent on the primary. These are two private clubs, and they can elect their nominee however they like. Just don’t spend my money doing it.

  • Michael S.

    Easy question. I know many Ron Paul supporters and we all intend to vote for Ron Paul. The way we see it, any other selection is a waste of a vote. Why walk away from the voting booth feeling that you voted for somebody you don’t like or trust. There really is much difference between Obummer and the Republican Party. They’d have you believe there are huge differences but history proves that both major parties are two heads of the same public serpent.
    This election we can vote for a person with integrity who has a consistent record of voting in the interest of the American people. Writing in Ron Paul for president is the only intelligent thing to do. At least you’ll have a clear conscience when the economy collapses and the country is in chaos. Let those who voted for the hypocrites suffer the pain for their ignorance.

  • bevad

    Ron Paul has some very good ideas about economic issues but his foreign policy views are horrible. I understand that a lot of you “love” him but it is now very obvious that he is not going to get the nomination. After this Super Tuesday is over I think it will be much more obvious that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee. I am appalled at the comments some of you make that Romney is a “white Obama”. That is only pure nonsense. Yes, he has changed his position of some issues but they are more toward the conservative side? Is this not a conservative blog site? What the hell do you want folks? Have none of you ever changed your mind on something? I was once on the Democrat Central Executive Committee of my State in my idealistic youth but I saw the light and long ago switched to Republican. It is clear that Obama has a socialist agenda for America. Romney does not in any way support socialism. His entire life has been built around capitalism. Romney CAN beat Obama if there is unified support from all of us that first and foremost want Obama out. But if Ron Paul runs as an independent it will split the vote and assure Obama of a second term. Use some common sense folks.

    • Supporter in FL

      So, by your own admission, Romney cannot win this upcoming election. Based on the comments above that Ron Paul supporters will not vote for anyone but Ron Paul, along with the possible nomination of Romney by the RNC, the RNC will fail if they nominate Romney. Therefore, the only possible success for the RNC will be to nominate Ron Paul.

  • 57 girl

    Any true Ron Paul supporter is behind Ron Paul because he is behind us, our Constitution, and the freedoms America was founded on. If Ron Paul does not win the ticket, I will either write his name on the ballot in November, or I’ll vote for anyone I can find that is not affiliated with the CFR or some other World Organization, which means both Romney and Gingrich are out of the question. I am voting for the man, not the party. If Ron Paul were a Democrat, I would be voting for him. He is the only man on either side of the Isle that is actually running for POTUS to return our Nation to us. Think about that when you cast your votes.

  • Mannafeast

    After I stoped crying, I decided to respond to the article. But the comments are the real reason I am crying. To many here refuse to understand that this nation stands on the edge of the abyss of tyranny; given and propagated upon us by BOTH partys. It would seem that memories are short and that a conscience is unforgivable. It would also seem that without an educated understanding of all the founding documents, the average american is only guided by opinion. Opinion devised from a false patriotism.
    Americas enslavement is almost complete, and it’s citizen/subject(s) have chosen a path of inept moral guidance as a rational to be utilized as the building blocks for the future of their children; Subjecting them to a meager existance in Plantation America.
    Had a simple effort of due dilligence been made, then the citizens would have greater control over those who they wish to REPRESENT them, not rule over them. But opinion is the guide and substantive truth, combined with conscience and morals has no place in their decision making concerning their childrens future.
    To state my prefrence of candidate would only cause more divisive, caustic conjoling from the readers; therefore, education, truth, moral standards, and personal conscience will guide that decision. Albeit, I have come to a full understanding of each through their verifiable history and actions, not their present begging/lying for the job. I have compared each to the Constitutional Standards given by our founders, and sadly enough, most do not qualify by their previous actions.

    • bevad

      Mannareast – Very inteligent and inspiring comments. Thanks for sharing your heart.

      • bevad

        Mannafeast – sorry I mispelled your logo above. Have a great day!

  • Ihatelibs

    Rupaul will get his 10% from his drug addict followers.

  • Rhunt56

    Obama will not be running come November. He will be forced out because of the eligibility controversy. I would prefer that he did run so that after the election his arrest for multiple felonies regarding his eligibility would automatically put in office his opponent.

    As it is, Hilary will probably be the Dems schmuck. Now she should also be arrested for her part in the Osama coverup but that will take longer.

    The sad part is that the Repubs are gutless and the Dems are just plain criminals. They both need to be permanently disbanded.

  • Freeme

    Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?
    NOT JUST ‘EMPTY PROMISES IN RHETORIC”. While the MSM captures your attention on mundane issues of the day, month and year after year of the same ole, we’re busy in RESTORING THE CONSTITUTION AND OUR FREEDOMS, NOT JUST FOR US….BUT FOR YOU!!!

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    This is totally crazy and it should make you want to slap the hell out of the idiots we have in Washington DC.

    Georgia Arms is the 5th largest retailer of .223 Ammo in America . They sell 9mm, .45, .223 ammunition. They normally buy spent brass from the US Department of Defense. Spent brass is “one time used” shell cases used by our Military for training purposes.

    They buy the brass, recondition it, and then reload the brass for resale to Law Enforcement, Gun Clubs, Gun Shops, and stores like Wal-Mart. They normally buy 30,000 lbs of spent brass at a time.

    This week the DoD wrote a letter to the owner of Georgia Arms and informed him that from now on the DoD will be destroying the spent brass, shredding it. It will no longer be available to the ammo makers, unless they buy it in a scrap shredded condition (which they have no use for).

    The shredded brass is now going to be sold by the DoD to China as scrap metal, after the DoD pays for it to be shredded. The DoD is selling the brass to China for less money than the ammo makers have been paying, plus the DoD has to pay to have the brass shredded and do the accounting paperwork.

    This sure helps the economy now doesn’t it? Sell cheaper to China , and do not sell at all to a proven US business. Any hidden agenda working here? Obama going after the Firearms Industry and our ammunition!!
    The Georgia Arms owner even related a story that one of his competitors had already purchased a load of brass last week. The DoD contacted him this week and said they were sending someone over to make sure it was destroyed. Shell cases he had already bought!

    The brass has no value to the ammo maker if it is destroyed/shredded/melted.
    The ammo manufacturer only uses the empty brass cases to reload different calibers, mainly .223 bullets.

    The owner of Georgia Arms says that he will have to lay off at least half of his 60 workers, within 2-3 months if the DoD will no longer sell spent brass cases to the industry. Georgia Arms has 2-3 months of inventory to use, by summer they’re out.

    If the Reloading Industry has to purchase new manufacture brass cases, then the cost of ammunition will double or even triple, plus Obama wants to add a 500% tax on each shell.

    You can read the information and see the DoD letter to Georgia Arms here:
    The Shootist Site

    If you’re not outraged at what this administration is doing you
    should be! Be Afraid! Be Very Very Afraid! Get involved! It’s Your Freedom and Our Country They’re Stealing! If You Fail to Act Now, there may not be a Free United States tomorrow!

    I implore you to get involved and forward this to as many people
    as you can. Contact your legislators and put them on notice, We’re fed up with what’s going on in the name of stimulating our economy!

    • Ed Orr

      Gee whiz! I seem to remember that the shell casings being used by the V.C. and NVA troops in the Vietnam war were made of steel with an o.d. colored coating and manufactured in China or Russia. I still have a few souvenir rounds on my bookshelf and one which pins the rim of my old boonie hat to the headpiece. A lot of the ammo which is being imported now is still manufactured this way so no brass casings should not prevent ammo from being made. Something does not sit right on this issue.

  • Randall Covey

    I can tell you what this RP backer will do;
    I will not vote for the “candidate” the machine dictates, but will rather write in Dr. Paul. If you want a massive exodus on voting day, then continue denigrating the one man in the race who is for the Constitution, is able to pull support from Obama, and has a chance of (for once) limiting this overgrown monster that is the “government”.
    There will be no going back. Let the RINO’s destroy the GOP. If none of you have the courage of your convictions to stand against the “Fed”, then you don’t have the courage to stand with free men and women, and God help you.

  • Carol Goodwin

    These people are doing all they can to block my posts! I have been trying to get the word out about Romney and the hateful way he tortured the family pet and this is the third attempt at posting it. RON PAUL is the only true patriot who WILL protect and defend the Constitution
    as no one else has done in too many years! He will restore a republic to the people and the freedoms and liberty none of us except the super rich have enjoyed all this time! None of the other candidates can win against Obama! Obama cannot fight head to head against an HONEST man who will fight for justice for all citizens of this nation.

    • Ed Orr

      At this point and into the foreseeable future complete restoration and adherence to the constitution is akin to pissing in the wind. Paul knows this yet continues with his sermons to the contrary. Why do you suppose he still does this as even he realizes that to reverse ALL the bad laws and regulations which are not totally constitutional would require several lifetimes just to reverse the most egregious ones. Paul cannot walk on water just as b.o. cannot yet you believe that he can simply because he suggests it. Several times I have asked other posters and supporters of Paul to post in great and concise detail what Paul’s plan would be to “restore” the constitution. So far nothing! Why do you suppose that is?

  • Mene

    I think we have a problem here. First I like Ron Paul but the REAL numbers show that he is behind the other three candidates quite a bit and the possibility of wining the nomination is out of question. Second, we are at a war to get Obama out of the White House and we need ALL THE VOTES we can get in order to win and if WE REALLY, REALLY want that then we should want to have every single vote we can get against Obama and any other option should be out. When you go to any war and you want to win you use all the power you can master not half of it because you don’t like your captain.
    Obama MUST BE DEFEATED and we will need EVERY SINGLE VOTE any other option should be out. If we split our votes and Obama is re-elected then we should shut-up and eat the same garbage for another 4 years.

  • Charles

    The real question is: How will the Republican Establishment accept Ron Paul after He wins the nomination and who will they vote for in the general ? …….Charles of Waveland,MS.

  • VMJ

    Is there no one out there paying attention to the reports authenticating the fact that Obama is not a US citizen, and totally ineligible to be a candidate, let alone to have held the office for 4 years? He is an avowed Muslim, wannabe Dictator, an empty shell puppet of one world order. Why, oh why, aren’t stronger actions being taken to keep him off the ballots in every State? The irrefutable proof is there for everyone to see.
    The whole dynamics of the election would change if this imposter was eliminated. It almost seems like the poplace WANTS this ridiculous, destructive, and insane “status quo” to play out.

  • Steve

    Well the question is mute…if he is not on the ballet I will write him in. anyone else in the republican field will continue Obama/bush/Clinton/bush policies. America will continue towards financial ruin and an all out police state. The banksters will bring on a one world currency and you can kiss the America we all have know goodbye. Ron Paul is not an option…he is the only choice. If you believe Newt/Santorum/Romney are not Obama/Bush than there is no hope for you at this point. I recommend some research for you and you can start at infowars dot com.

  • Ihatelibs

    All you druggies that vote for Kookpaul are re electing the Marxist Barry Soetoro

  • Russ

    Personally, I will NOT vote for any ot the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Gingrich, Romney, Scamtorum, Obama) as they are all Zionist War Mongers who are there to first and formost to represent the agenda of the Racist aparthide police state of War mongering Israel! Israel is evil to the very core and as the saying goes, the United States has become it GREAT ENABLER and, whore which makes us just as bad if not worse than the worlds greatest Pimp Israel! I will vote FOR Gary Johnson! Remember, there are two kinds of voters….1.The ones who voted for Ron Paul and 2. The ones who are going to wish they had voted for Ron Paul! Otherwise, the 3 stooges are really nothing more that Bush polished over and/or Obama “lite”! The ONLY way were are going to save this country is for it to suffer far more than it has so far………. The America people will suffer for being sooo stupid! RW


    To: Retired Marine

    I agree with you whole-heartily. Just recently I gave my reasons for selecting Newt Gingrich as Candidate for the U.S. Presidency because, he is the only person with the guts that stood up against the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussien Obama II’s apologies to the religious Muslim fanatics. Who apologizes to the families of our military men and women murdered by these Muslim religious fanatics, not in combat, but simply murdered?

    When did the foreign-born dictator call the families of the murdered Border Patrol Agent to express his condolences…. NEVER!

    Newt Gingrich is not a saint, but he has the knowledge and the guts to put our nation back where it belongs…. UP FRONT!

    To all American Patriots; do not not accept or vote for third parties! It will be dangerous to do so.

    USAF (RET)


      MSGT JOHN CORREA, Bravo, great comments….love the choice for president, Newt, my pick also… he would be in the lead right now if it had not been for Romney bashing him in all the debates & ads on TV,,,Perry was in the lead until Romney brought him down & he got out, then Newt was in the lead until Romney tried to take him down but Newt stood his ground & stayed in….The Democrats, Republicans are scared to death of him because they know he would clean house with the likes of them all…. can you see him in a debate with Obama? He will make Obama stutter more then he does without his teleprompter ! He balanced the budget 4 years in a row, created jobs, worked on both sides of the isle { with Clinton } to accomplish getting things done their way. He would give our Country, Constitution back to the American people as it should be ! God Bless America !

  • Paul Barsalou

    My son has been in the milatary for 22 years,and tells me that fr4om what he hears the milatary as a whole will vote ABO and not Ron Paul “the clown of the young”

  • dusterdog

    Personally I think if Oblamer gets another term you will see a total collapse of this nation.Maybe that would be a good thing.We could have the revolution that is so badly needed and out of the chaos possibly get this nation back on track.Less a lot of the people who have brought this nation down.There needs to be a great cleansing of corruption here in America.Patriots will be needed.

  • Dave

    I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, but I did vote for him in 2008. Since the GOP nominated a RINO in 2008, I voted for Barr in the fall. I’m a Conservative first, I’m a life long Registered Republican, who is running for GOP Committeeman position. I no longer vote for the “lesser of two evils,” i.e. a RINO. So if the GOP nominates Romney, I will vote Obama or third Party. Sometimes when you buy a property, you find it is “cheaper” to tear down the building and start over. Well, I’m willing to tear it down (vote for Obama), and rebuild it. The GOP is moving in the same direction as the Democrats, just at a slower pace. Both Parties need to be stopped.

  • Raymond
  • DocP

    If Rick Santorum wins, he has already stated that he doesn’t want the libertarian leaning republicans there.

    I strongly advise the GOP voters to consider the fact that Santorum will toss out a substantial chunk of the GOP because of his hatred of limited government and fiscal responsibility, in addition he will also not bring in any independent votes.

    Since Reagan hit it head on when he said libertarianism is the heart and soul of the conservative movement it means one thing: Santorum is NOT a conservative. He is not fiscally conservative nor is he for Constitutionally limited government. His support of funding for Planned Parenthood, despite his rhetoric, proves he is not even as social conservative as Ron Paul.

  • Leslie

    I’ll be one of those that either write in Ron Paul or just stay home if he doesn’t get the nomination, we’re on the path to destruction and the only one that WILL change the course is Ron Paul, if he doesn’t get elected president then it just don’t matter which one of those clowns it is that finishes destroying our country, the only difference is, is that Obama can probably get the job done quicker.

  • Dave

    The Ron Pauk supporters will run to their Mother’s basement and dust off their Omam stickers and vote for Obama again…….


    • Dusterdog

      Dave;Go look in the mirror.See the guy in there.He is a moron.

  • Mr.Lincoln
  • Victor Barney

    Tragically, it does not matter! Women by biology and blacks by conditioning are “gatherer’s” who love to be given things, the more the better! The Obama Marxist(Anti-Christ by defintion as Islam, but marxism denies that there is any “spirit” anywhere, which is the “only” sin that can never be forgiven either in ths world or the next)! It sure looks as though that the first ressurection will not have very many women and blacks in it, does it? Just saying what is…

  • Melodee Andersen

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will turn our country around. Mitt Romney is only another Obama, he is just more subtle as to how he goes about it. They are all establishment men except Ron Paul. RP knows the constitution and intends to do all he can to follow it. Our country is great because of the constitution and moral Christian people. The reason we are in such a mess in our country is because people want something for nothing (the welfare state) and being that way is not moral it is dishonest because we are taking from those that work for a living and giving it to those who do not, and doing it in the name of government.

    If I sneak into my neighbors house and steel some money to buy myself some food, I would be put in jail. But if I go to the government and say I want my neighbor to pay for my food, please make some laws so I can have some welfare then it is okay. This is not charity when we are forced to pay for welfare programs. It is only charity when we freely give to the poor.

    When gov’t prints more money it is steeling from everyone. If I counterfeit I get put in prison. If the gov’t does it, it is called inflation. Inflation is caused because the government prints more money so it can buy more stuff for its socialistic programs, it is worse than a tax because it is hidden. When government gives its citizens “free things” it is called socialism. That is where they take our money and spend it for us on things we may or may not use or want.

    Just one more thing. I keep hearing from people that they don’t like RP foreign policy. Well if people understood the constitution they would know that we do not put our noses in the affairs of other countries. We should let other countries be self-reliant and allow them their freedom to do what they want. They do not come to the US and set up bases and tell us what to do, so we need to do the same. We cannot be the worlds peace keepers. We need to mind our own business. The politicians use war to have an excuse to go into debt and spend and print more money. The mideast has been fighting for thousands of years and so why should we think that we can go over there and make peace. All we do is cause more misery and make them mad at us so that they have a greater desire to fight us and do terrorist attacks. We should have a very well trained armed force to keep on our homeland. We should be prepared to defend ourselves in case of attack and keep the latest greatest weapons ready. But we should only use them in self defense. George Washington believed that too!

    If people would research they would find out the truth. The media feeds Americans what they want them to hear because the establishment owns the media. Therefore they try to make RON PAUL look like a weirdo crazy far fetched man. He is the only one who makes sense of all the political problems we have, and he is the only one who has a real solution. The other ones are all pretending they know, but they flip flop and have no firm foundation to stand on when the wind starts to blow. Our nation will have to pay for the crap that has been shoved down our throats but with self restraint on spending we can pull things back together in America, if Ron Paul doesn’t get in then we had better prepare for some awful things, because this may be our last chance.

  • http://noneIdon'tbelieveinegodrivenexpression MCS

    There’s no denying Ron Paul supporters are passionate. They won’t get what they desire regardless of how many posts they write. When he doesn’t get the nomination or win the general election as a third party candidate they will all go home and pout but they will issue in a communist/socialist regieme that will gut what’s left of our Constitution. I’m certainly not a Romney fan because he has been picked by the Democratic/Republican complex which is the only real party left in politics. They both bob and weave but they both have the same agenda. Romney is just Obama lite. Unless a lot of people wake up Romeny will be the candidate. Ron Paul supporters will have nothing to say about it. Money is the only thing that talks in politics anymore. I would vote for Santorum or Newt but not Romney or Paul. Romney is a shill beholding to many with the money and Paul is a naive old doctor that politically doesn’t know where the bodies are buried to get things done in Washington. All anyone has to do is look to see who the Dem/Repub complex doesn’t want and that should be your man to pick. I like Newt because he’s the smartest man running and he espouses lots of programs I hold dear. I could care less about his marital infidelities but unfortunately women hold this fault in higer regard than freedom or our Constitution. What comes to mind in this regard is the Kennedys and the Clintons. The public at large were infatuated with both with the same bagage. To you infatuated Ron Paul fans, happy posting. You won’t get him as a nominee winner or a third party winner but you probably will bring down our Republic. Congratulations on a job well done. I’ll be laughing all the way to the passport office. America will get exactly what it deserves in the end. Some smart man whose name escapes me now once said. “America will survive so long as its educated people vote.”

  • Zay

    It seems Kelly Kafir, Dana, Jacqueline L., Stephanie, Don, and a few more commentators have hit the nail on the head. Ron Paul is smart enough (I hope) to know that if he ran as a third party candidate in the general, it would guarantee Obama’s re-election. (Some Paulbots aren’t that smart.) The ones who plan to write in Ron Paul or any other thirder are just spitting in the wind. They don’t realize it, but they will guarantee our country will be a socialist nation.
    I think a frog would be a better president than Obama–better for the country. But Ron Paul can’t win the nomination, let alone the general election. As I said in another post, he is a constitutionalist, he’s for state rights, etc., etc. (never mind he thinks Iran should have nuclear weapons, and he wants your kids to have greater access to pot and cocaine, and he thinks our monetary system should depend on a metal mined mainly in Russia and South Africa, and he thinks we caused 9/11)–he’s about as charismatic as a ten-day old slice of pizza. He couldn’t possibly win the general election against Obama.
    So go ahead and throw away your votes. And where do I sign up for a number, so I can stand in line for a handout from the government? Soon we will be forced to buy products according to government mandate, our businesses will be 100 % owned by the government, we will be told when to go to work, when to go to bed, what foods we must eat, which light bulbs we must buy, which cars we must drive, and on and on. That’s the kind of freedoms we will have under Obama, and all because some voters want to be able to stick out their chest and say “Wooie, I did what was Right! I voted my Conscience! What a good boy am I!” (Plum on thumb.) Look in the mirror an tell yourself, because nobody else will hear it. Everybody else will be crawling before King Obama!

  • della

    I am so sick of hearing the constitution thrown into all these posts. People, if we have no America, why would the constitution matter? If Obama is elected again, it will all be null and void. He will make sure of it. If we don’t stop Iran, there will be no need of the constitution. Let’s use commonsense. So many posts are narrow minded beyond belief. We have to get Obama out! I have seen many calling others names and that is so useless. Yes, I voted for McCain, but it was a vote against Obama. When I hear people say they didn’t bother to vote, like it or not, they voted for Obama by not voting. Get real people! Obama is the evil we have to defeat. He is the only Muslim in the group.

    • John R. McBride

      You fail to recognize that Bush trampled the Constitution as well and Santorem does not believe in a strict interpretation either. A vote for a Republican who gives lip-service to it is just as bad or worse than Obama who openly diminishes it. In both cases we have no Constitutional Republic. America is lost.

  • Brian Fisher

    Ron Paul is the only true conservative in this race. You cannot expect people who believe in the Ron Paul philosophy to vote for Romney who is not a conservative at all. Give your own heads a shake. Come on grass roots Republicans, take the party back. Nominate Ron Paul.

  • Joe

    Ron p supporters are libs in disguise. Just look at their rant above. Mindless!

    • John R. McBride

      The Jefferson was a lib. Giving the responsibilities to the states that are not explicitly enumerated in the Constitution is not liberal. All RP says is that the Federal government does not have a roll in all these supposed social agenda items, which is true. The Republican party used to be the arbiter of the Constitution, but it left that after Goldwater. Since then they have become a big government, Globalist, stomp on the people party and I will not put up with that. If following the Constitution is liberal to you, then you are an enemy of the Constitution and may someday be an enemy of mine if revolution ultimately occurs. I pray it does not, but good people must put the Fed back into the bottle and allow the sovereign rights of the individual to be pre-eminent.

  • James R. Maxwell

    Ron Paul, like the TEA Party, has shaken up the established GOP and they are in a tizzy as to
    how to deal with either of them. While I am not impressed with many of the current crop
    of candidates I will be forced to hold my nose and vote for whoever is against obama. From
    what I have observed with the Ron Paul supporters they will pretty much follow his lead and
    if he actuall endorses a candidate and supports him they will also do the same. With a brokered convention this will be a very intersting time and bear watching when it comes
    down the chosing who will represent our values.

    • Brian Fisher

      Ron Paul, least of all the nominees, has blind followers. It is the party establishment that is trying to encourage blind adherence to some mistaken idea of loyalty. Ron Paul is not bought and paid for. Ron Paul is not a liberal marading as a conservative. Ron Paul does not flip flop nor does he lie. He is, by far, the most electable Republican. He will not, however, follow the direction of the party inner circle- which is why they try to dismiss him. Nominating Romnay ( or Santorum) is a guarantee of 4 more Obama years. Even if every Ron Paul supporter voted for them; they will not win the election.

  • Patriot Diva

    Don’t you people realize, this is another hit piece, not just on Ron Paul, but on his supporters? You are being played like a fiddle and you don’t even realize it.

  • Tim Adams

    Where do they go? Vote Obama 2012–no Republican victories for the next decade–voter fraud and media lies is all the GOP’s got. Romney and the rest of the Republican banker trash should have the teeth pistol-whipped out of their mouths. Death to the GOP.

  • Richard Kahn

    If Ron Paul is NOT the nominee then I suggest people vote for Gary Johnson as he will be on the ballot on the Libertarian ticket.

    Since anyone other than RP on the Republican side is like the difference between Obama (D) and Obama (R) voting for GJ will have the same effect as writing in RP on the Republican side except when you vote for the Libertarian candidate at least you help create some REAL competition for the two-party monopoly.

    Richard B. Kahn, candidate
    Selectman for Hudson, NH

  • Richard Kahn

    If Ron Paul is NOT the nominee then I suggest people vote for Gary Johnson as he will be on the ballot on the Libertarian ticket.
    Since anyone other than RP on the Republican side is like the difference between Obama (D) and Obama (R) voting for GJ will have the same effect as writing in RP on the Republican side except when you vote for the Libertarian candidate at least you help create some REAL competition for the two-party monopoly.
    Richard B. Kahn, candidate
    Selectman for Hudson, NH

  • Bruce A. Frank

    Well, if you analyze Paul’s form of Libertarianism, the position aligns more with the Progressive Democrats. I believe in two likely scenarios, or a combination of the two. They will vote for Paul regardless of the Republican on the ballot. Out of irritation and spite and some deeper thought that Democrats really grasp “liberty,” they will vote for Obama.

    Misguided? Yes! Ridiculous? Not at all!

  • Tom

    What the GOP should remember when it comes to their worries regarding their individual political careers and what voters will or will not do is the most often forgotten lesson among politicians, “You Reap What You Sew!”

    Personally, I believe their so called worry is just so much BS. It is staged and fanned by the government media to help distract the U.S. voters from the truth, that is, that U.S. elections have been rigged for a very long time and business is continuing as usual regardless of what the citizens of this republic want or think that we can trust or believe. We are treated to a horse and pony show in elections, litigation, through the no longer applicable checks and balances of government and the nightly highly censored, distorted and politically rewritten government owned and manipulated public media, while the illegal-in-chief and his cronies within his regime dance to the tune of their financial and foreign handlers, gleefully distorting and dragging this nation into complete and total ruin around us. What is worse, they get to “pick” their choices for who will carry out the continuing policies and who most matches “their” agendas/not ours and finance this “closed field” with our money while we pay for the show. Very funny huh?

    The thing about it is, we are stupid enough to continue playing their games, watching the play-acting we are presented with while nodding our heads right in keeping with what the private elite sell outs want, and we keep forking over the money for countless smaller issues while we are distracted from and held back through false promises of a return to better days so that we do not move as one to take responsibility for our own republic and repair the damage they have done through first removing all of the the snakes that are residing in the nest of corruption at the top. If we were really as smart as we would like to believe, we would throw every last politician out of the current regime, arrest and prosecute the lot beginning with the current illegal alien offender-in-chief at the top (and not by a sideshow slap on the hand for some smokescreen charges like the Clinton bimbo alerts while the real crimes are swept under the rug by his/their henchmen and women either) all the way down to the Czars, departmental appointees and leadership (i.e. Kagan and Holder) and down to the lowest level government bureaucrats in each and every state (especially those not of U.S. Citizen birth and those who are not lawful U.S. Citizens) and start over after in effect firing Washington en toto with honest hard working truly patriotic U.S. Citizens with no handlers or foreign connection or associated agendas, pay them a modest salary for one term only and make it treason for any of them to return to the current ways of the members of this regime or to work for big government or any foreign intity (directly or indirectly) ever again.

  • dan

    from the past two presidents I have learn the man elected is the gift wrap, knowing who they bring into the office with them is the substance within the wrapping. wo will our next president have as advisors and in key position. those are questions that will ferret out the truth of the direction the executive branch will take.

  • Justwonderingwhy!

    D Fowler, I agree with you 100%! I to am a vet. I like Ron Paul a lot concerning the consitution and policy, working at home and for America. However, the world is in an unrest. The freedom of America, has to be involved or we could lose those freedoms! Yes, obummer has caused a lot of it this term, but his wings are going to be clipped, and when he is on the ground crawling like the worm he is, America will chop him up in pieces and deport this dirt bag, back to Africa!

    If Ron Paul makes the republican nomination, I’ll vote for him hands down! If, he creates a third party and forces thr rep’s to splite their vote which allows obummer to get a 2nd term! Then, it is really the ronbots that are the enemy of the USA! As long as obummer and his marxist are cast out, we shall continue to have an America. In, four years we can really look deep at the next president then too! However, if, this illegal pile of dog crap, gets a second term, the United States, will break apart, each State fending for itself. It will also, cause multi- civil-wars.

    I do not like too much of the Republican choices, I do like Ron Paul, but not his foreign policy. If, Ron doesn’t get the nomanition, it would be better to throw support towards another one of the canidates and work on getting into his policy making, just to keep the USA, in tact if, anything!

    Because, my friends, if, we lose America, as she is, even now? We will lose everything and the world will lose a great deal, more!

  • Russ

    Paul supporters will vote Republican IF they really wish to defeat Obama, but for those that believe the Republicans are as bad as the Socialists, they will either sit at home or vote Libertarian. Myself, I will vote for the Republican candidate. The Republicans will, at the very least, slow down the Obama Socialist Movement, but they will probably put the movement in reverse, low gear, to be sure, but any reversal will be good.

  • Not a farmer

    The people of the United States are slowly waking up. Ron Paul is setting the ground work for his son. If the Republican party doesn’t get thier act straight, Ron Pual’s son will dominate as a nominee for President next election. I like Ron Pual and his son.

  • Cindy Lou

    I would feel so much safer if Newt Gingrich was my persident!

  • Carol Fryer

    They will go to the same elections you do and write in Ron Paul. Did you think they were going to swallow the BS just because you stole the votes?

  • John R. McBride

    The disrespect that the MSM, FoxNews and the Republican party has shown to RP, the animosity that Santorum has for Libertarian views, coupled with the fraud election tallies and the lack of reporting on how RP actually fairs better vs OBAMA than all the rest, and that he actually has the more historically conservative views have led me to support the Libertarian candidate and demonstrate to the Republican elite, that this dishonesty will not be rewarded. We have principles and I will not be manipulated through fraud to support any body but Obama. A non Constitutional Republican is just as bad as Obama.

  • Barbara

    Where will we go? No where. I will just write him in on the ballot like I did last time!

    • Zay

      Start crawling. Get used to crawling before King Obama!

  • Joyceann

    One can only solve a problem if one knows the problem. For the first time in History, most of the people realized the importance of this election over any held before. The first and foremost work the people have to do when realizing the government does indeed belong to us is to get the president defeated. We do this by standing as one. While the process is in the making, we bring our personal choice to bear and when it’s done, whoever wins is the one we need to unify behind to oust Obama. Hopefully it will be one that can debate Obama and clearly help the undecided to make a choice. We have only one choice – Obama or a person running against him. If we do not stand as one against Obama – he will win. We can fix Congress and government to one more respresentative of America later, but first, we must reclaim America. I will vote against Obama for anyone who wins the ticket. Those who do otherwise assure Obama’s re-election. How much clearer can I be.

  • Teri

    I have no illusions (or delusions either for that matter) what Ron Paul supporters will be doing on election day … they will of course be “writing in” Ron Paul on their ballots and this is fine. If Newt doesn’t get the GOP nomination I will be asking them to move over and make room for me at the “write in” desk so I can “write in” Newt in November. Because I refuse to vote for the rest of those bozo’s! :)

  • Mr.Lincoln

    This is Ron Paul’s famous Predictions speech from April 24, 2002. This is the original video compiling recent images and video to give his speech a chilling effect.

    “I have no timetable for these predictions, but just in case, keep them around and look at them in 5-10 years. Let’s hope and pray that I’m wrong on all accounts. If so, I will be very pleased. ” Ron Paul

    Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul’s Right on Iran: Jan 13, 2012 Former Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer explains why he says Ron Paul’s stance towards Iran is the most grounded in reality of the GOP candidates.

    Ron Paul gets endorsement from former CIA agent in “Bin Laden Unit” January 2, 2012

    Scheuer notes that throughout the Republican primary campaign, Rep. Paul has raised more money from active duty military members than all other candidates combined, including Barack Obama.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Here’s some unemployment info to think about from John Lott and Grover Norquist. What’s the truth about the unemployment numbers?

  • Jeff Williams

    Ron Paul is more a constitutionalist than libertarian. Very soon you’ll discover that Congressman Virgil Goode (VA) will be the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party.
    That’s where Ron Paul supporters will find a home. No more voting for “the lesser of evils”.
    Will that insure four more years of Obama?

  • Tara Jane

    Romney 2012!

  • Boyd Smith

    Other than the frenzied ‘kool-aid’ drinking Obama-ites, …. the Ron Paul-ites are the most frightening occurrence that I’ve seen in my 50 years of political involvement in America. They are even worse, since they also ‘twist’ the Constitution in such a clever way,.. even more clever than the ‘living, breathing’ mantra of the Obama-ites. They actually embrace the idea that they are the ONLY ONES who understand and interpret the Constitution CORRECTLY,… and their standard -bearer is the ONLY one who represents their views correctly. SO we get the ‘politically-correct’ Obama-ites,.. or the ‘Constitutionally-correct’ Ron Paul-ites…… BOTH groups have an INCORRECT and ERRONEOUS MIND-SET,… which seems poised and determined to DESTROY THE BLESSINGS AND OPPORTUNITIES OF AMERICAN LIBERTY!!!!
    It’s easy for me to see how America is headed down a road of DIMINISHED HOPE for it’s future, when we see so many inane and foolish Americans pushing for a ‘diminished America’,.. battling for the right to claim PYRRHIC VICTORY, while standing on the ash-heap of fallen Biblical principles, ideals, and morality,.. both groups seem to be at war with God?

    • Dusterdog

      Boyd have you ever thought of suicide?

  • Mr.Lincoln


    • awakenowc

      I’m having trouble keeping up. Just how many wars are we going to be fighting? Is it 2, 3, 4??

      We’re still in Afghanistan after a decade. We’ve already staged on the island of Cyprus to get ready for the big show in Syria. We just set up shop in Australia with 2,500 Marines who are supposed to “step up security” in Asia. And, of course, we’re gearing up for a fight with Iran, even though Iran hasn’t threatened us at all.

      Meanwhile, we are drone bombing the crap out of Yemen, Somolia, Sudan Pakistan and, of course, Afghanistan. Killing innocent civilians, little kids, moms and dads, etc. who just happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

      The CIA coined a term for that when we backed a young Saddam Hussein in his fight with Iran. They called it BLOWBACK.

  • J Hugh Nichols

    I won’t like it, but I feel that anyone of the Republican candidates would be better than Obama–even if some of them are marginally. I am sincerely hoping that all of us will.

  • Storfisk

    Paulites, STAND FIRM !!!! In all probability our choice will not win the primary. There is a very strong possibility that no one else will either. Ron Paul’s votes will remain critical when the deal making starts. He may not win but if we stand firm he will be in a position to demand implementation of many of his policies.
    In the meantime, let’s try and be a little kinder to those who disagree with us. Down the road we will need them as allies, not enemies.

  • DeusVult

    There is MUCH that I like about Ron Paul; “BUT” the reality is it IS Very unlikely that he will get the nomination, IF he were to get it, I would back him 100%!
    That being said, it is outright Stupid and Foolish for ANYONE claiming to be a Conservative/Patriot to not vote because thier favorite is not on the ballot/gets the nomination!
    I doubt OUR Republic will survive another 4 yrs of “resident”(thats NOT a typo!) obama, her worshipFULLness moochelle “antionette” AND the cabal of socialist/marxist SOB czars!!!
    2012 ABO=”ANYBODY” but obama! (For the LOVE of GOD & COUNTRY!)

  • Bonnie Gallimore

    Hmm…interesting news clip video….one that would give me a bit more hope for the GOP primary battle……comparing to 1980 campaign and how Reagan was a dark horse back then. HOWEVER, where is our “dark horse” now? I don’t see any Reagan on the line-up—-other than Ron Paul…who the press and uninformed voters like to ridicule. Take Paul out of the line up and these comparisons go right out the window! The rest are all “lip-service” candidates, as their records reflect……and all bode iffy as to how well they would respond to the out of control national debt, our penchant for being the world’s policeman, our devotion to the out of control Federal Reserve, EPA and reams of Federal regulations that have lent themselves to disabling our economy and our freedoms.

    Praying that Publius is rising from the ashes as more and more citizens realize our Constitution and therefore America are up for grabs in 2012.
    (ahem…posted by a 72 yr. old woman who proudly occupies the “fringe element” as did Publius in their day!)

  • http://Cowboybyte Zoe Varaday

    I would HOPE that they get in line, behind SANTORUM; but, unfortunately, they are more likely to support OBAMINEY, and I just can’t get behind him. Lets put it THIS way…..IF, in the final analysis, Mitt proves to be the more popular choice? I will have no other choice, but I will be voting AGAINST my Political conscience.

  • glennl38

    RON PAUL OR NOT AT ALL -and no I didn’t forget how to turn off the cap lock

    • Ed Orr

      Ron Paul and the nation will fall!

      • oldtooter

        Without RON PAUL the nation will fall.. He is the only one I will vote for….

      • rusureuwant2know

        I don’t think they need to bother having an election if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination – that’s how much alike Obama, Santorum, and Gingrich are.

        • rusureuwant2know

          Oh, forgot Romney – another clone of Obama…

          • Melodee Andersen

            Ron Paul or not at all!!!!! If Ron Paul doesn’t win then we will continue to see America do as it is already doing with Obama, it will just take a few years longer with Mitt, Newt or Rick. They are more subtle but basically doing the same things as Obama. I will write in Ron Paul.

      • mark

        ed orr this is what i call the blind people who cannot see the forest for the trees so they vote for nut job ron paul why most young people today love drugs so they vote ron paul because he will give them their drugs but that is what libnut dumborats believe to win elections you have to give people every thing that want then you never loose elections again, but oh are these blind people so very fooled by ovomit, ovomit needs to get reelected so he will tell these blind people he will give them what they wantbut the only thing ovomit wants is their votes plain and simple then comes the screw job, sad thing is we the people who didn’t vote ovomit will have to pay the price because of these blind people vote . wake the hell up people before it is too late.

  • Tango805

    We will write in the name of our candidate and never look back as the Republican party goes the way of the dodo. It’s time for a new party – one that embraces the concept of limited government – and the Republican party “ain’t it”.

  • RoBoTech

    They just vote Democrat, which the majority of rabid “Paulies” are in the 1st place.
    Frack’em, we don’t need ‘em.
    We counted them as Socialists when Paul started running. What they do has no relevance to the General as nothing changes.

  • Dusterdog

    I’m going to punish the Repubs for what they have don to Ron Paul.

    • Richard P

      Dusterdog says:
      March 7, 2012 at 12:49 am
      I’m going to punish the Repubs for what they have don to Ron Paul.

      Message: Dusterdog: To what extent do you want to “punish” the Republican Party? Do you want them punished so badly, as to have Obama reelected and finish his goal of destroying America and our constitution? This sentiment is exactly what Obama is counting on in November.

  • Giigii

    Kelly kefir

    I’m not a kid in a basement. I’m a middle aged PhD mother of 4, business owner. Learn about Dr Paul from personal study rather than what you hear in the media. I can’t believe any thinking person who had really educated THEMSELVES rather than allowing themselves to be educated by the media, would not vote for Paul.


      GIIGII, And you have a PHD ???…maybe they gave you the certificate to get rid of you…. of course some people with a degree like that , just do not have common sense…you are one of them !!

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Vote for a Republican House and Senate to curb Obama, then write-in for Ron Paul; or vote for whoever he endorses, if Ron Paul loses the Republican Nomination. Ron Paul is polling too well in every state to be ignored. His message is starting to be heard. After hearing his message for most of my voting life and agreeing, then supporting the Establishment Republican Candidate, I finally saw that we will never see any change in our bankrupt and morally degraded nation, unless we stubbornly vote for it. I am a fiscal and social conservative, a Christian Evangelical, and I will not vote for another RINO Fiscal and Economic Progressive Republican. Social solutions are Libertarian solutions, the philosophy of Our Founding Fathers, not screaming and legislating morality at the expense or our prosperity and our children’s and grandchildren’s prosperity.

    • Richard P

      Ann: It does not make any difference how well Dr Paul is polling in the primaries. If he does not win the nomination, all of that polling becomes a mute point. We cannot have Obama win. That is what this election boils down to, and it is really that simple. If he wins that will mark the end of America as we now know it.

      • Zay

        And a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. It doesn’t matter if all the pimps, prostitutes, crackheads, liberals, Israel -haters want Paul in. He would split the anti-Obama vote, guaranteeing Obama’s election. Period.

  • Brodik

    I’ve got news for you folks that don’t like Ron Paul. You have no real view of history, finance, current events, economics or geopolitics. You may think you do but you probably get all of your information from the main-stream media. Well this is going to sting but you’ve been had. You live in a fantasy land that is dictated by talking heads in the propaganda media. Thats a fact. If you think for one second that any other candidate will end the unconstitutional wars, bring back a sound economic policy, bring the federal government back down to a manageable size, restore personal liberty or do ANY of the things that they promise you should come over here to Brooklyn because I have a fantastic bridge for you to buy. Real cheap. And for those of you that think that Ron Paul supporters are lunatics that live in their mothers basement, please know that I am a veteran, I own my own company in Manhattan with 40 employees and have a personal net worth of over 10 million dollars. I know plenty of people just like me that all support Ron Paul. Get a clue before it’s too late.

  • joby

    We will follow Ron Paul wherever he goes. Hopefully as an independent, warmongering republicans make me sick.

  • Supporter in FL

    Seems to me that you folks who will vote for whoever gets the repub nomination are without principles. Romney? Gingrich? Santorum? Paul? The only one you have any misgivings about is the only one who has been the most ardent supporter of the Constitution. You’re more loyal to the RNC than you are to the USA. Sad.

  • http://www.santaisfatherchristmas Darrell Williams

    This time we have to hold our noses and vote for the person opposing the Criminal resident in the White House.

    Then WE the People must stop referring to this unconstitutional legislation of healthcare as law, it is not a law because it is repugnant to the Constitution and therefore is VOID. WE can be rid of Obummmer by nullification: never accept this fraud as president, usurper only. Condemn the congress and senate, supreme court and the electors for their unconstitutional acts in this

    Then call for a state constitutional convention in your respective states to forbid and elected SERVANT to belong to any political party. For the sake of your children please get rid of political parties. George Washington warned us not to allow these power structures to exist. They have turned our government from a republican form of government into a damnable “DEMOCRACY”

    When the House and Senate is controlled by a majority party what the hell do you think you have but a DAMN DEMOCRACY. The House and Senate is to work together and cooperate in carrying on the limited enumerated powers in Art. 1, Sec 8 of the Constitution. A democracy is mob rule and when you tolerate our representative government to be divided by a political party being the controlling majority you have destroyed our Republic. Does anyone understand that at all.

    Stop this and take our Nation back from these political parties, PLEASE.

  • http://facebook pat

    as another vet put it earlier,,,i am done with being politically correct,,voting for the worse of two evils…i will vote for Dr Paul and no one else…..

  • Richard P

    I am a Ron Paul supporter. I am also realistic. I am pretty sure that Ron Paul will not be nominated as the Republican standard bearer. Paul has the best knowledge of the constitution, and he has the best voting record in the House in supporting it. But that does not mean that he will ever be president. I am convinced that if Washington, Jefferson, Adams, or Madison could be resurrected, and could run as a Presidential candidate today, they wouldn’t be elected either.t doesn’t look Presidential enough.
    Washington would be too stodgy. Jefferson would be accused of philandering. Adams would be too radical. And Madison would not be favorable, because he just doesn’t look Presidential enough.
    As far as I am concerned, the most critical goal that has to be accomplished is to end Obama;s rule as President. He has already been successful in damaging our Republic, and destroying our economy, and in another four years he will finish what he set out to do when he illegally took the oath of office; e.g., destroy America.
    Therefore no matter who becomes the Republican Nominee, I will vote for them, because Obama has to retire to the speech making circuit, or be deported back to Indonesia, or to Kenya, whichever country will take him. We just can’t afford to have this man in the White House for another term in office.
    It would be a miracle if Dr. Paul was chosen to be the nominee. I would like to have that happen. He is the best person to successfully beat Obama, and would turn this nation around economically. He would also follow the Constitution. But he will not be nominated, because he fits the descriptions what the media would say about our first four Presidents, maybe with the exception of a “philanderer,” although I am sure some bimbo could be hired to make a claim that she had an affair with him.
    So whoever is nominated be it Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Micky Mouse or Goofy, I will support them because Obama has to be defeated, or The United States and the constitution will no longer exist as we know it.
    However this election is; as Barbara Bush stated; the worst display of political infighting that either party has ever displayed. I believe that all of accusations and nastiness has only given Obama the ammunition to run roughshod over any of the Republicans candidates now in the race. The Republicans will give Obama the White House by default, and if that happens it will be disastrous for America. Maybe our only hope is for the RNC to come to its senses, and choose a nominee that isn’t even included in this group. That might save the election and our constitution.

  • Carol Crow

    Ron Paul has done a magnificent job of awakening people to our danger while in Congress & on the campaign trail. Even without becoming president this man has been a tireless fighter for our liberties & has alerted many people to what can be done to save ourselves. We can’t let him down by sitting back & doing nothing. We must investigate the possibility of writing his name on the ballot to ensure the administration knows we mean business. Voting for whoever is chosen to represent their party, either Republican or Democrat (with the possible exception of Kuichinek) isn’t going to serve us well. I’d rather withhold my vote in protest that ‘business as usual’ I’ll have no part of. And be assured, the election is apt to be rigged, the last 2 were & no one was courageous enough to fight about it. We get the government we deserve & we may not be worthy enough for Ron Paul yet. Keep the faith people. The Commies aim to win & we must aim to as well.

  • LibRep

    As a Paul supporter, if his name isn’t on the ballot, I’m writing him in. I will not vote for Obama or one of the other 3 stooges that are the other side of the same coin. The Democrats and Republicans might as well merge and become The Big Government Party because no matter who gets elected, (with the exception of Ron Paul) government will grow to become our caretaker. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Ctuton

    To the polls to vote for Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination, or
    Ron Paul will run third party, or
    the movement will WRITE IN RON PAUL during the general election.

    No compromise.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Richard P

    Lib Rep: We (the USA) has had some real clunkers sitting in the Oval Office in the past, but none of them ever equaled Obama in his anti-constitutional stance on every issue that he manufactures. Obama is the MOST DANGEROUS, single leader of any nation on the face of the Earth. We cannot afford four more years of Obama in office.

    The sad fact is that voting by writing in Ron Paul’s name, that “write in” becomes a vote for Obama. I understand and agree with you that Ron Paul would be the best choice of all of the candidates running for office, but we have to be realistic, the chances of Ron Paul, becoming the Republican “Standard Bearer,” is pretty slim.

    I believe that the best course of action is do, is to whatever has to be done, to get Obama out of the White House before he has the chance to completely destroy our constitution. He has already done a tremendous amount of damage to it, and a second term would assure its demise.

    As long as the primaries and caucuses are still being run, and right up until the time of the official Republican candidate is chosen, I will keep my Ron Paul bumper sticker on my car, and work at his campaign office to try to get him placed on the ballot as the Republican nominee.

    But if that does not happen, I feel that we will be forced to choose between a “not so great” Republican, or have the communist that currently occupies the Oval Office reelected. It is the same as having to make a choice between Hitler as President of the United States, or Roosevelt during World War 2. The choice is that striking. We have to face the fact that any of the current people left in this race, are a better choice than the prospect of Obama win a second term. We know without a shadow of a doubt that it would be a disaster if this happens. Conversely, cannot know for sure, how far to the left that any of the current Republican candidates would be, but we know for sure that they can’t be any farther to the left than Obama is already. Who knows, Romney or Santorum might surprise us when it comes down to losing our constitution and our sovereignty.

    Perhaps we will have enough independent thinking delegates at the Convention that will understand that the current crop of front runners have screwed things up, and the danger of Obama being reelected is more likely than one of the current Republican candidates winning. Someone like Jim DeMint, or Mike Lee would be our best bet for defeating Obama in this crucial election. I hope that the Republican’s are not handing Obama the election because of their stupid infighting during this campaign, which I fear has happened.

    The fact is that we may have no choice about the Republican who gets nominated, but we will have a choice to get Obama OUT of Office. And I for one will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that goal.

  • B. Hill

    If Ron Paul supporters where that loyal to him, I would guess that they would not want Obama in office for 4 more years. Voting for him would be like cutting your nose off despite your face. Would they do it? I think some are that crazy and unpredictable. They are mostly kids who don’t know what end is up.
    In the past 8 weeks, since the GOP has heated up, these Ron Paul supporters have been rude, self-serving andd even deliberately rude toward many other GOP’s candidate supporters. Have you read the posts? They seem like uneducated bratts who have never understood the word NO.
    No other GOP candidate has the same foreign aid policies that Ron Paul has. So, what will his supporters comprimise? Santorum will go in and bomb Iran, so will Romney and Gingrich will be reasonalbe I think..wait until the last minute to go over and bomb them, but he will bomb them. Ron Paul has gotten his supporters to think that we as Americans will be alright if we just sit down with Iran’s leader over a cup of tea and pringles.

    They do not understand who Iran IS and what these people stand for in this world. They hate American’s and want us removed from the face of the earth like they want Isreael gone. American is the Big satan and Israel is the little satan.

    As I mentioned before, Ron Paul supporters are not educated people. They have not gone deep into the history of Iran and really come to the conclusion, that these people are barbaric killers of Westerner people. If they had studied their history, they would not be voting for Ron Paul. Does that make any sense to anyone I wonder?

    Most kids today are NOT taught to think something through. They are reactive to anyone with a cause. Ron Paul has a good cause don’t get me wrong, but he would be a dangerous man in the White House because he his idea of other countries are delusional at best.

  • noobama2012

    They are not going to vote, thus giving obama four more years.

  • Curtis Bostic

    every commentary is the same! The ones with the most intellect are pro Ron Paul! The others are living in a world very far from reality,usually ex obummer voters that have no intellect in the first place.If peoplewere required to take an intelligence test before they can vote,only a fraction would be allowed.

  • Drew Walton

    Somewhere back there in the posts (I’m reading this several days late…work got in the way.), “lew” had it right. Prioritize. Defeat Obama first, then work like crazy to get those elected held accountable…not so much to us, the people, but to the concise constitutional standard. It says what it says, not what it may be tortured to say.


    Ed Orr, Love your comments that are true to form…. Paul is a nut case ,{ in my opinion }…he scares the hell out of me with his foreign policies, wants to make drugs legal, { that is why so many young people are for him }, he never got a bill passed while in office, he has run for president several times & lost every time, etc…. time for him to retire & give up. That is why I am for term limits, these politicians get too comfortable & that is when they do not do their job justice ! I will vote for the nominee if my choice does not make it, Obama needs to go !!

  • mark

    people you want ron paul the only thing you will get is 4 more years of ovmit and this country can’t take 4 more years of ovomit. if we the people get 4 more years of ovomit it is bye-bye country for good then you will see the true ovomit not the phony you see now a days. squeak i totally agree with you. i too will do the same.


    Retired Marine, Semper Fi, Once a Marine Always a Marine… Great comments…Newt is the only one that will clean house in Washington, beat Obama & work for the American people..Democrats & Republicans are scared to death of Newt because they know what he is capable of doing.. Go Newt !!


    Can’t you people on this page see who these nuts are that are saying, Ron Paul, if Paul does not win we will write him in, no one but Paul…..they are plants, Democrats in disguise to promote Paul…they know he will never beat Obama so if they tell enough lies you will believe it, that is how the Liberal, Communist , Democrats operate…wise up & ignore them..I fell for it for a second but realize just who the hell they are, nothing but Obama people !! Vote for the person { republican } that is nominated !

  • Bruno F. Rivera
    This will what happened when Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination or if he does get the nominate, his supporters will have enough strength from the local, state, and federal level to move him to a secure third party slot. Yeah, I once believe it was useless getting into a Third Party slot. Political suicide. However, Josh Tolly is right, Mitt Ronmey, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich will all lost in the general election. But Disgruntled Liberals will have a chance to vote an alternative to Obama AND it doesn’t have to be a Republican. Genius!!!