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Calling oil ‘fuel of the past,’ Obama urges shift to new energy

President Barack Obama today made his most urgent appeal yet for the nation to wean itself from oil, calling it a “fuel of the past” and demanding that the United States broaden its approach to energy.

Mindful of the political dangers of high gas prices, he said shrinking demand for oil must drive the solution.

Obama, promoting his energy policies in a politically prominent state that will host the Democratic National Convention, called on Congress to provide $1 billion in grants to local communities to encourage greater use of fuel-efficient technologies. The administration’s goal is to make electric vehicles as affordable and convenient as gasoline-powered vehicles by 2020.

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  • Jim Laubscher

    I think there is too much cannabis floating around 1600 Penn Ave.
    This guy is nuttier than an old Christmas fruitcake. These other power sources aren’t worth a tinkers toot. If they were we’d be using them all over. As it is, he’s forcing us to get off the grid and away from the gas pump and into tiny houses.

    • NancyJ

      He may be forcing us into tiny houses, but he sure isn’t going into one.
      I STILL am not over Ms. Pres spending $50,000 on underwear.

      • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

        All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve.
        What we need is

      • E

        That’s the going cost to buy sufficient materials to cover such a broad expanse. Would be cheaper to get her out of the WH so she has to buy her own underwear. Most likely from Omar the tent maker, who is the only one with a large enough work table to get the job done. Besides, the cost in materials alone would stimulate the economy, and his Obummership could then honestly claim and verify a job creation.

      • Dead_Reckoning

        That’s because she has to pay by the square foot for material….. takes a LOT of material…

    • David Stovall

      To: Jim Laubscher: Obama not nutty. Using environmental war on gas as one of his many tools to destroy American economy. Cloward-Piven-Obama strategy. Obama hates America, see Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his “God Dam*” America sermon (on film) with Obama’s congregation jumping and shouting with hate for America every time Wright says “God dam* America”. And Obama left that congregation only after it was shown on TV. He is using gas as one more tool to destroy American economy.

      • Jim Laubscher

        You are absolutely right. My comment on nuttiness was seriously tongue in cheek. I KNOW his plan to destroy our country as we know it.

    • AliveStillKickin

      Calling oil ‘fuel of the past,’ Obama urges shift to new energy

      Calling Obama ‘President of the past,’ AliveStillKickin urges shift to new candidate.


      • Mike

        Perhaps our President wants us to go back to the horse and buggy days and drive them to work on 1 horsepower. He wants to continue to “invest” in green energy by giving an unlimited amount to companies who promptly go belly up after the government money dries up. The real tragedy is that America has more proven reserves of oil and gas than the Middle East and yet we are held hostage by the unstable Middle East and a radical dictator in Venezuela. This country needs to make a Fundamental Change in leadership in November.

        • Howard Lowe

          Mike – I am a retired petroleum engineer/geologist with 60 years in the “oil patch”. I can assure you that we do not have more oil than the entire Middle East – our proved and undiscovered oil amounts to around 100 billion barrels – only 20 billion barrels is proved. The Bakken of North Dakota/Montana is not the huge reservoir of recoveravble oil promoted by the media and stockbrokers – it appears that of 300-400 billion barrels of oil in place only about 1-3% can be recovered – even if I double this recovery factor -6-8 billion barrels results – unlikely! Saudi Arabia alone has 260 billion barrels of proved oil reserves, while we have 21 billion barrels. Plus the Saudis still have large areas that have not yet been drilled. The Saudis produce 10 million barrels of oil per day from 1560 wells, while we produce 5.6 million barrels per day from 535,951 wells. Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Arab Emirates, each have 10 times or more reserves than we have.
          Mike, my numbers have not just been copied from some technical report or goverrnment documents – they are from personal on the ground experience in each region. I hope this will be helpful to you and give yoou the proper perspective on our energy situatiion in the US. We desperately need the Keystone pipeline.
          I invite you to view my blog for further energy information –

        • JoJo

          I don’t even think he wants us to have a horse. We’ll be lucky if we have a pot to piddle in. Too many people don’t realize that there is a class system within their precious socialism/communism, and once that goal has been achieved, those people that backed Obama will be tossed to the dung heap to fend for themselves. There will be lines for the most basic of items. The elites will be even richer than they are now and the rest of the world that can work, will become serfs. Wow, good times ahead. I hope the 99% can handle it…there won’t be any ipads or iphones or whining about college loans.

    • Maureen Krueger

      Why should we get off of oil. There is plenty of oil available in the USA and our current reserves would last for over 400 years. We can still add some other energy resources if people want to, but oil is the cheapest fuel available. People have no understanding of how expensive solar and wind power are. One day of solar power does not provide as much energy as one gallon of gasoline. The next move should be to convert Big Rig Trucks to Natural Gas, which is even less expensive than gasoline. The money that is being used for alternative fuel like wind and solar could be used to add natural gas pumps at existing gas stations and convert big rig trucks over to natural gas. unfortunately the green companies are big Obama supporters. And that is all he cares about – getting re-elected and then destroying our economy. He hates white people.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    “Stupid is as stupid does”, Forest Gump!

    Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 full time American jobs Published: 07/12/2011

    Gasoline Taxes Vs. Exxon Profit, Per Gallon

  • Edrod


    Dear American Taxpayer

    For only the second time in my adult life, I am not

    ashamed of my country. I want to thank the hard

    working American people for paying $242 thousand

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    Honestly, you just haven’t lived until you have stayed

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    and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of CO2.

    These are only rough estimates, but they are close.

    That’s quite a carbon footprint as my good friend

    Al Gore would say, so we must ask the American

    citizens to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars and

    drive less too, so we can lessen our combined

    carbon footprint.

    I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling

    to put food on the table and trying to make ends meet.

    So I do appreciate your sacrifices and do hope you

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    I was really exhausted after Barack took our family

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    Michelle (Moochelle) Obama

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    P.SSSs don’t forget my ski trip to Vail this winter

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    All this while Barack golfs and campaigns to

    keep my trips coming for the next 4 years !

    Love ya! Remember, we all have to share the pain of these

    economic times equally!

    Love to -redistribute- share- the wealth.

  • RHSchumann

    President Obama is exactly correct. The way to cut down on energy costs is to use less. And there are many ways to do so: Cars that use less fuel, houshold appliances that use less electricity, houses that are better insulated, to name juist a few ways. The technology is all there and used in most advanced societies. It even makes economic sense. The investment in all of the above is amortized in a short time. And, most importantly, we need to import less oil from Muslim countries and others like Venzuela that don’t like us. Exploiting the few American deposits is also not the answer. We need to leave some to future generations.
    All but idiots know that fossil fuels, but especially oil, are finite and will someday run out. Now is the time to develop alternates, not when stocks have been completely depleted. Carter attempted to set us on the right course but Reagan undid it all. In addition, oil is much too valuable to burn up. The chemical industry right now cannot function without it and at present there are no alternatives but oil.

    • VirgoVince

      YOU really need help, big time!! What happened to the brain God gave you??
      Thank God, brain damage is not contagious, ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is forever!!

      • J.M.R.


    • Platoon Sergeant Chee

      Right, right! Let us rebuild all the millions of homes; make them energy efficient.
      Build new fuel efficient auto’s, lawn mowers, factories and ad infinitum.
      Oh, and by all means, do not use fossil fuels to accomplish your suggestions.
      If all oil should cease to flow, your keyboard would cease to function.
      Your ideas about how to proceed on the energy front is as naive as Obama’s pretense.
      Evidently you believe that our lawyerly government has honest energy solutions; if
      only WE THE PEOPLE would cooperate with gov men and women who have never held a job.
      Evidently you missed the gist of the story; hydro-produced electricity exposed the
      fact that gov-subsidized wind farms were erected at a wasteful location. Yes, yes, wind,
      solar, geo-thermal, algae and ad infinitum should be promoted–but–it will take a lot
      of oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power to make those alternatives a reality. Dreams
      and conjecture from naive people will not defend or power America or the world.

      • John G.

        Sarge, I agree with everything you say with the exception of the use of the term infinitum. Personally, I think nauseum would be more appropriate since everytime I hear his highness speak about green this or green that, I want to throw up. Come to think of it, I want to throw up everytime I hear him talk about anything.

        • CWD

          I’m with you. Seems like his focus is on green alright. Our GREEN TAX dollars. He likes to give it away to his friends (our enemies) and his supporters .

      • RHSchumann

        Yes, gradually insulate new houses and build new ones already insulated. And yes, buoild new cars to meet better fuel efficiency standards. Wind farms have to be erected where the wind is, not where the electricity is needed. It is then a question of how to transport it to where it is needed. And power companies shut the windmills down, not the government. They could have reduced output in coal fired and nuclear plants.

        • Jim Laubscher

          RHS they have reduced the production in the face of the news media and EPA onslaught. Just like the ridicule the investigators in AZ got for digging up Barrys’ forged BC.

    • CAllenDoudna

      If it makes economic sense why didn’t private companies start making fortunes on it back in the 1970s? Why does Congress need to lay out a few billion dollars for it now? If it’s profitable why aren’t greedy capitalists profiting from it? If your only goal is to make money why isn’t somebody making money on it? If most advanced societies are already doing this then why haven’t the Japanese and Europeans flooded our market with scores of electric cars that will go a couple hundred miles on a charge? Why is it 80% of Mid-East oil goes to Europe and Japan?

      • RHSchumann

        Because there is no immediate financial return for the customer. It takes years for these investments to ammortize. That’s why it takes some incentive to sell the idea.
        Many idealists are doing it anyway. They are more concerned about the future wellbeing of their children and grandchildren than their own comfort.

        • Joe Texan

          …and counting on all those taxpayers to pay for it.

        • CAllenDoudna

          Then do like Henry Ford did: begin with what you CAN do and use your profits from that to build more. In twenty years time Model Ts were everywhere and by the 1950s every family had a car. Using that model electric cars and other green technology would have been quite common by 1995 and by now most people would be driving electrics and most homes would be green.


        Callen, why does our oil go over seas? because we are stupid, All we need is a law oil found here stays here until we are serviced, the and only then can it be exported, and at a high export tax, which will service the national debt, our debt would disappear pretty fast, Say good by CHINA.

    • NancyJ

      Don’t begrudge those places making money. Remember that was the object when he shut down all the wells in the Gulf, stopped the pipeline from Canada, stopped the drilling in Alaska. His buddy George Soros owns 60% of the stock in those new wells down south and he really needs the money he will be making off of us.

      • Red

        No truth in your words.

    • zac

      Spoken like a true obamaite. No sense, just ‘suck up’.

    • CAllenDoudna

      Schumann, I’m actually a big fan of alternative energy, but wind and solar are practical only to those of us who are perhaps a bit on the Conspiracy side (to a degree I qualify, being part of a religious minority expecting a great deal of persecution) who want to live independent of Government and have no connections to the power grid. In other words, the people you think of as right-wing nut cases are probably way ahead of you and your friends in the practical application of green technology–survivalists and militiamen.

      If you’re looking for truely practical Alternative Energy on a mass scale the only two I am aware of are geo-thermal to produce electricity and running electricity through seawater to produce hydrogen as fuel: Dig two holes side-by-side 3-5 miles deep. Install hydro-electric plants in the downshaft every 50 feet and pour water down to produce massive amounts of electricity. At the bottom heat from the Earth’s molten interior boils it into steam and it roils up the upshaft powering steam turbines to produce vastly more electricity.

      But the DemoCracks and Environmentalists have yet to make any serious proposals along these lines.

      • Platoon Sergeant Chee

        CAllenDoudna— Well said about wise individuals being way ahead of dreamers.
        Also correct, geothermal gets short shrift–tha shaft. Excellent contribution–thanks.

        • RHSchumann

          Geothermal is certainly an alternative. All alternates need to be explored and some may not pan out as initially hoped for. But the overriding issue is: We must, simply must stop depending on fossil fuels. Is that so hard to understand?

          • Jim Laubscher

            Come on RH, in 1966 we had 1000 years of natural gas supply until the bozos in Congress decided to tax reserves, voila, all of a sudden in 1967 we only had 7 years of supply. Our government has done its’ all to destroy our economy. BTW except for a few souls the public doesn’t care one whit about good house construction. The appraisers all avoid it like the plague.

          • Platoon Sergeant Chee

            RHS— Never sink the ship you ride on untill the life rafts are developed.
            Is that so hard to comprehend? Would you explain how mere mortals
            build support systems while treading shark infested waters? Why do you
            not comprehend that 310,000,ooo U.S. citizens reside on a ship kept afloat
            by OIL, COAL, NUCLEAR POWER and NATURAL GAS? Every intelligent
            human being knows that we will be almost 100% dependent on these (evil) sources
            for many years to come. Close your eyes and pretend all current energy sources
            were suddenly and permanently deleted. Now open your eyes. How will you
            save 310,000,000 starving American’s? How will you save 6.5 billion souls globally?
            Wind power? Solar? YES, we should use fossil fuels to build our “Green” energy future;
            in the meantime, conserve, pray and think about how to use the God provided fossil
            fuels that give us life today–give thanks for the millions of men who capitalize on
            the energy they provide today; build your solar panels using the electricity they
            provide you, erect a steel windmill from the fossil fueled steel mill powered by coal.
            Before you abandon ship–think!

          • Old Faithful Geyser

            What we have to do is to stop listening to MORONS like you. If you don’t like the fact that this country wants and needs to continue to use fossil fuels for energy, then leave, we won’t miss you one bit.
            Move to that communist country that you so long for, maybe they will elect or appoint you to their leadership. (i’d doubt that though, because your not smart enough).
            Your a DREAMER, with Utopian Ideas that just don’t quit work out, and I know that that really pisses you off.

    • mark

      He said the same thing in 2008 and I don’t see any results! I hope you are not talking about the $500,000,000 dollars of our tax money that he wasted on SOLYNDRA??? The market would develope cheaper energy sources if there was a profit in it. The man is going to sell the same song and dance that he can’t deliver!!! He has had three years and I am not any better off than I was 3.6 TRILLION DOLLARS AGO!!! What about cutting the spending, balance the budget and start paying off our national debt??? That’s what I am looking for!!!

    • Graywolf

      Spoken like a true progressive, “someday”, leave some for the “children”, “Reagan” did it. The Dems killed the growing wind energy business in the 70″s with their TAX,TAX, TAX. Alternate energy should be invented by the public NOT politicians using dome companies to filter money back to the DNC, Super Pacs, ans under the table payoffs. The Dems have been using the same mantra for 40 years, “it will take 3,5,10 years to bring oil wells into production. Guess what , a lot of 3,5,10 years have passed while they fiddled as the country burned and we financed the terrorists against ourselves, paying for OPEC oil.

      • Amazedamerican

        Great post!

    • Terry Marcum

      Rh, Your here again. You have still not answered my question. Do you live in Germany? I see you are using the word we now. What changed? In the past it has always been you when referring to America. Regardless you are still a Marxist. At this point in history there is NO cheap alternative to gas,oil,and coal. Cheap energy is what made america great. Innovations have made all these forms of energy cleaner and our environment is cleaner now then any time in history.
      WE all know its not about the environment its about government control. The Obama EPA is shutting down power plants all over the mid west. When you plug in that electric car where is the electricity going to come from?

    • David Stovall

      To RHSchuman: yes , if we only use the coal, gas , and oil under our soil that we know about now (with no new discoveries)it is estimated we will run short in 60-100 years. We went through this with solar panels in the 70’s. Don’t fall for the environmental propaganda. Yes we need experiments and new technology , but not creating artificial shortages now to force it. The market will take care of it. One of the energy saving ideas that really, really works is earth-sheltered homes and buildings. But not good enough for the economy destroying Cloward-Piven-Obama strategy.

    • Lou

      We have more oil than Saudi Arabia, now go back to your left wing website

    • patriotrenegade

      hey, northeast liberal jewish guy: we have more oil off SW FL than the saudiscum have. china and russia are drilling in the gulf as we speak. lilbilly banned us from drilling because it would take 10 yrs to get oil. That was 6 yrs ago. bama, marxist america hating foreign born islamo pig, banned drilling for the “environment” yet gives brazil billions to develope their drilling and says we’ll be their best customer. now are both of you assholes “completely right”?

      • Jim Laubscher

        In the 1800’s we ran telephone lines under the Atlantic to GB. A few years ago a Transocean rig left port and went out to deep water in the Gulf. The well was drilled in 55 days and producing.

    • Bill

      I am using less, but the cost of what I am using keeps going up.

    • DoctorBob

      Who helps you tie your shoes in the morning? I SERIOUSLY doubt that you have the skills to do that. Certainly you have no understanding of what energizes Western Civilization. Your ideas would work fine – IF our goal was to return to the 17th Century. Personally, I’m not interested in going there. But YOU can go there if you feel more comfortable there. Bye, now. I’d have you send a post card, but I don’t think they have a post office in the 17th Century.

    • Dale on left coast

      Schum . . . before O’bammy the US was 25% of the World’s Economy . . . they also used 25% of the world’s energy . . . so if we cut that to 10% . . . we would then have 10% of the world’s economy. O’bammy is well on his way to this outcome. Tell me Shum . . . how do you think this will improve unemployment or pay down the MASSIVE Federal Debt?
      The O turned down a Billion Barrels of oil from Canada, shut down drilling in the Gulf and closed the public lands to drilling that Bush opened in 08. There are enough oil and gas reserves in North America for almost 200 years . . . we just need to go and get them. I suspect that in that 200 years somebody will invent “Dilityium Crystals” to power our Starship . . . today THERE IS NOTHING TO REPLACE OIL TOMORROW . . . Period!!!

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      Herr Dummkopf Schumann,
      du bis ein Dumm Esel .
      You are really in for a rude awakening come November, when this Bastard is thrown out of office and replaced with a Republican.
      I have no idea where you reside NOW, but you sound just like you may be from the old East Germany, where you idiots didn’t have the balls to correct your own political problem. It took a good Republican President Reagan and a very smart Russian, General Secretary Gorbachev to free you. Now you want to kiss ass with a worthless POS named Obama, that is an Illegal usurper and Socialistic thin skinned dictator.

    • Howard Lowe

      I guess I’m taking a real chance. I don’t want to confuse you with facts since it seems to me that your mind is already made up. Read my reply to Mike and also my reply re algae as a replacement for oil. I’d like to invite you to view my blog in the hopes that you will pay attention to an expert professional. I am retired after 60 eyars in the oil patch. I now spend a lot of my time to help the uninitiated to better understand ENERGY and our growing energy crisis.

    • Amazedamerican

      I am amazed that you actually wrote that. If you really believe what you wrote, you need to head to a cat scan. Then maybe think about leaving the country, permanently

    • Dead_Reckoning

      I prefer to use limp-wristed eco-sissys for as biofuel . They’re not quite as smart as Barrys algae, but grinding them up and burning them in a bass boat is soooo much more satisfying.
      And I hope they are not renewable either.

    • Burt

      Few American Deposits, Where are you living? On Mars? It is people like you that endanger our freedom. You must be a stupid leg!!

    • Brenda

      are you calling all of us who disagree with you, IDIOTS???? you gave yourself away then, as only the liberals call names when they can’t win an argument……we don’t need any paid trolls on this comment page…GO AWAY!!!!!!

    • Garry

      Idiot!There is enough oil in the ground in the US to fulfill the need of America for 500 years.It is ours to use.Extract it more safely than in our oceans,keep it in America.The whining environmentalist are being backed by big oil to stir up a big stink.A Big change is coming & it doesn’t include the present Administration or his criminal followers!

    • Maureen

      If using less fuel was the smart thing to do then it would be smart for our President to be a leader and use less fuel himself. But he knows it is all a ruse to gain power over people. He demonstrates that he doesn’t care about pollution when he flies all over the place in Air Force 1, He, his wife and dog all fly on different airlines when traveling. He bought those huge buses so that he and his fellow democrats can cruise around the US campaigning their little hearts out. If he really cared he would stay in Washington and do something productive. All he knows how to do is scold other politicians for doing what he does all of the time. And he pretends to care about people. When are liberals going to realize he scammed them. I guess he’s waiting for his re-election and then they’ll see who he really is. He hates white people. He is half white and half black, but he only embraces the black side. He’ll tell some heartwarming stories about his grandparents and mother, but the stories aren’t true. While his mother was dying of cancer he couldn’t find the time to go visit her. He stated his mother was the most spiritual person he knew – she was an athiest.

    • donald b oesau

      I haven’t seen any solar powered airplanes flying around lately or ships or trains using other fuel , have you?

  • Tom SC

    It will certainly be a glad day when we can call him some sad experiance from the past!! Remember to vote and make sure the machines are checked and they don’t all say obama. You folks in Nev. need to vote neg. on that guy who’s photo looks like he suffers from chronic constipation and the same in Ca. in nasty polosi county.

  • John

    O’Bama, and his hand picked cronies, are out to degrade the U.S and bankrupt us while doing so. They have an agenda to fulfill, and they don’t care about anything but that agenda. I do believe that O’Bama was a plant to bring down the U.S. He never should have been sworn in to begin with, with all the doubt of his background, and everything pertaining to his background kept hidden, why didn’t this set off a warning flag, that something was amiss? And why is the news media not respoding to all of the bad antics of O’Bama, and the Dems? Wh’s paying who to cover up?

    • NancyJ


    • Jim Laubscher

      Read ” The Harbinger”, by Jonathan Cahn, it’ll show you exactly what is happening in the US of A today. Watch out for the middle east this coming few days.

      • Platoon Sergeant Chee

        Jim Laubscher— Thanks– correct– the world is on edge—
        national leaders are foolishly choosing sides–WWII may soon
        be dwarfed in significance– a tragedy may be on the horizon.
        I have THE HARBINGER on order–will read it… thanks again

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    If you are even remotely intelligent, you can
    comprehend that PotUS Obama is stupid. I
    knew, in 2007, of the danger posed by a
    naive and characterless electorate; that could elect
    actor and pretender Ba’rack Hussein Obama;
    even as America and the West were in a life
    death struggle with i’slamic terrorist’s, as we
    remain. BHO and his cult following are a real
    threat to America and the world. Pray!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Obam the Imam is a communist from the past;;; he is old fashioned and out dated.

    • del

      We must get this yahoo and his baggage out of our white house!!!!! What a corrupt ugly group of commies

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Onumb nuts is the POND SCUM POTUS.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    for thirty[30] years the “sierra club” also known as the deomcrap party has been saying it will take [5] five years to develop more oil supplies;; well let’s see that would mean we could HAVE INCREASED supply by 600 % by now. Liberals are truly idiots.

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    IMHO, stealthy Ba’rack Hussein Obama is front
    man for S’hia Iran’s mullahs; who seek to entice
    the 12th Imam, their invented messiah from the
    well. Sound far fetched? Think and observe the
    events unfolding globally. Mosques throughout
    America, the ” Arab Spring,” murderous Syrian
    Assad backed by Iran, Russia and China. HRC,
    BHO and their cult of leftist’s cheerlead the death
    of Egypt’s Mubarack and Libya’s Mohmar Daffy
    while we observe the rise of the Mus Bro Hood,
    Al Qaeda, Hizb’allah, I’slamic Jihad, Hamas and
    other i’slamic peace-makers. History reveals a
    lot more about Obama than the MSM which has
    betrayed America. History is repeating; WWII
    could be dwarfed in a coming war that may spin
    entirely out of control. What will a nuclear war
    look like? Are Iran’s s’hia lunatics pushing at the
    king of the north? What will be the reply from the

  • John G.

    Does the Idiot-in-Chief have any idea how much algae would have to be “raised” to fuel all the cars in the U.S.? Why do people even bother listening to what comes out of his mouth. Not only does he count on Hollywood for political contributions and idiotic rants from “start,” he needs to move there. He woulds fit right in with the fantasy world that those in the industry believe so firmly. Help is needed to assist his getting there.

    • del

      Would rather see him in jail awaiting trial for fraud and treason against We the People!

      • Platoon Sergeant Chee

        del–does that dang AF-One fly on fossil fuel Obammy and Michelle ride on?
        Heck, we could build a solar plane with a lil win-pwr….

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    I wannAmerica to have millions an millions of lectrik
    automobile’s wit batries charged by solar, wind an thinga-
    ma-jigs. Where can I find out how to git me one so we can
    stop using nasty ole col, erl, nooklair and gas to charge batriees?
    My finnigan pin lacks relief due to loss of lubricant in tha dang
    cannutin valve; friction is causin premature breakdown–need oil
    or sumpin. Does anyone know how to ask for help from Barack
    or Shrillery? Does Hilry and Obam really give free contraceptives?
    They are soooo generous– how can they be so genrous?

  • Dale Netherton

    Artificially shrinking demand for oil won’t make the supply of alternative energy greater or efficient or even appropriate. This is tinkering using political power to indulge in a whim. Replacing oil and coal is a foolish notion as long as these commodities are efficient, available and economically viable. To outlaw what works and is affordable is simply the product of a hatred for human survival and convenience. This attitude while spending millions on personal trips using up fuel by the thousands of gallons is not only hypocritical, it is simple arrogance laced with the message, “I can get away with it and you can’t” which is the message of all politicians .

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    Here is a mystery:
    There are many loyal, hardworking and intelligent black American men.
    Why did 95% of eligible black voters vote for amateur, pretender and dishonest Obama?
    Why did 65% of eligible female voters vote for Obama?
    Why did 100% of homosex males and females vote for Obama?
    Why did abortionist lovers and feminist’s vote for Obama?
    Why did every union thug vote for and fund Obama?
    why did our unionized school teachers vote for Obama?
    Why is a cult carrying out Obama’s 08 threat to ” Fundamentally transform America?”
    (Maybe it’s no mystery after all).
    Never underestimate the lack of character within the ” Black block voter,
    the dependent, the baby blamers, the BHOHOMO crowd, the i’slamic mullahs,
    the unionist’s, communist’s, socialist’s, mal-contents, spoiled, stupid, naive and
    other cultist’s that obama plays; even as he exercises his sick vision.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Can you imagine how SICK THIS PR–K IS getting up every morning wanting to DESTROY THE GREATEST NATION in the history of man.

    • David in MA

      obozo actually believes soros thata he will be the
      great moo-baa after the destruction and take-over.
      The funny part is that this dumb azz will not be the HNIC,
      he does not even see the bus coming.
      BTW~ obozo, the penguin, IS REALLY A WHITE GUY
      with high melotonan in his body!

  • setpoint

    Obama’s entire energy policy is centered around reducing greenhouse gases because he is fully into the United Nations paradigm of spreading the wealth around and making everyone equally poor. Obama believes that the United Nations should be bowed to and this fits nicely into his cow towing to that body of thieves and robber barons. The AGW movement is built on the deceptions perpetrated by such people as Al Gore. We need oil and we need it now. So build the Keystone Pipeline now.

  • T. Jefferson

    Finding a new energy is one thing but you dont cut off your leg because your toe hurts. Find your new energy, make it widely available, make it cheaper than oil, and when you get that done, then and only then do you change over from oil.

  • T. Jefferson

    Oh! Don’t let the oil companies find it first, they will buy, steal or kill to get it and then bury it in a deep dark hole.

    • Darrel

      Ah yes, those “EVIL” oil companies, taking pennies profit on each gallon of gas and fuel while government takes 25% or more. But hey, the government takes all the risk, provides all the labor, and oil companies only steal the money, right libturd?

    • Dale on left coast

      Jefferson . . . do you mean they will hide it next to those 900 mpg carburetors they bought from your grandfather? Soooooo NUTS!!!!
      Oil companies employ 100’s of thousands of folks around the world . . . they spend billions of dollars searching for oil. They pay Billions of dollars in royalties and taxes to govts all over the world . . . who makes the most money off a gallon of gasoline in the USA? Why the Govt . . . the same govt that spends Trillions of dollars they borrow from foreigners . . .
      Your govt is destroying your future and your grandchildrens future . . . and your sweating about oil companies . . . Soooo NUTS!!!

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    Run outta hay fer my dyin horse. Dang windmill wore out an my wifes starvin; tha kids
    died off 6-months ago durin tha blizzard; lookin fer firewood, poor lil devils tried hard..
    Dang insects are takin over, all tha birds were killed by guvmint wind farms an glass
    got so high tha solar industry went bust after Solyndra and other pipe-dreams an tree
    hugger guvmint bureaucrats killed off the oil, coal, gas an nuke industries prematurely.
    It all stared goin wrong after what’s his name—uhhh Obammy– yeah, Obammy got
    his way durin his second go at PotUs. Dang Chinese are everwhere–but they’s hard
    workers, been workin night an day burin tha dead. Danh va dam dam va danh. (Fight
    an talk talk an fight). Gasp……

  • David in MA

    I wonder if the imposter’s statement may be partially true.
    Price goes up and flow goes down but profit remains the same
    or decreases slightly… but the money continues to flow to the
    oil producing countries in the mid-east (obozo’s muslim buddies),
    in the meantime drilling in S. America and the Gulf Coast by
    questionable “friends of America” is encouraged by obozo to the
    extent that America is providing funding for drilling in many cases.
    Folks, the mid-east (current) oil producers are running out of oil (if not almost out now)
    and via obozo America is being squeezed for all the dollars and
    debt She can be squeezed for, and this is also providing obozo a vehicle to
    install islamic socialism in America……remember Hitler & his path to take over Germany?
    obozo is on the same path to accomplish his agenda.
    (BTW~ do not expect to vote in the next scheduled
    elections, martial law will be in effect and the great moo-baa
    will announce to the world he is the Mahdi and in control of THE WORLD,
    and the UN and the muslims will support him )…….do not doubt this!
    It is time for the states to withdraw from all federal influance, ALL!

  • Oclueless

    “Calling oil ‘fuel of the past,’ Obama urges shift to new energy”
    Calling Barry a ‘president of the past’, I urge a shift to ‘anyone else’ in 2012

  • Juanita Rice

    If “clean” energy is so good and oil so bad why are we paying wind farms in the Pacific Northwest to NOT produce! It’s all political and who has the most money. Obama never tells the truth. People should ALWAYS watch what he does, not what he says.

  • grannylake

    If Obama has four more years to get rid of fossil fuel and start toward green energy, he will have Americans right where he wants us – with no working energy system for the people and totally dependant on whatever the socialist government says we can or cannot have.

    I know this is hard for some people to understand but watch the movie Dr. Zhivago and see what happened during the Russian Revolution that lead to the USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

  • Red

    It is time to quit talking about these no-sensical pipe dreams and start working on registering people to VOTE against Obama, so we can bring some sanity back to our lives.

  • JeffT

    What Odumber doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care about, or both, is that oil is the fuel of TODAY. Like it or not, the World runs on oil. There is nothing in the works that is going to replace what oil/gas can do for decades. Just as it took a long time for oil to become the energy provider it is today, so it is with all of the alternate fuel sources being touted by the Obambots.

  • Darrel

    Hussein and the First Mooch don’t hesitate to jump on “thier” “private” USAF jumbo jets and fly all around the globe, with most of the travel for pleasure and campaigning. Perhaps Air Force One, Two, and Three are all now solar powered? The huge SOV convoys all wind powered? Eat your peas peasants, King Barry and the Mooch need another vacation in Hawaii, Spain, Africa. and on and on and on.

  • DoctorBob

    Obama is so far out of touch with reality, it’s amazing to me that he can find the door to get into the room. Why doesn’t he simply declare “food a thing of the past,” and he could solve the world’s hunger problem with a wave of his magic wand? Or, he could declare “housing a thing of the past,” and simply have us all sleeping in the park. OH, WAIT – he’s already don that, hasn’t he? It’s called “foreclosure.”

    Obama MUST GO! I don’t care where he goes, he just needs to GO!

  • Old Sarge

    I would suggest that you research United Nations Agenda 21 and you will get a better idea of the final objective. Oil and gas prices are just a part of the bigger picture. Obama is also just a small piece of a group that includes numerous Republicans as well as Democrats. Don’t take my word for it. If you can read this you have the means to do your own research. A good place to start is to check out this video. It gives a simple to understand summary of Agenda 21.

  • Steve

    Typical Liberal… Recommending a solution when they don’t have a leg to stand on, and without a proposed path to get there that people can believe in. Can’t see past the bribes.

  • Ruth

    What does this worthless MARXIST, RADICAL, RACIST know about anything?

  • Howard Lowe

    Oil is a fuel of the past. If oil is a fuel of the past then biofuels processed from algae is a fuel of the far distant future. As a petoleum engineer I can tell the readers that the US is a “have not” nation as far as oil is concerned. Our potential oil resources amount to between 80-85 billion barrels of undiscovered oil – compared to the Middle East this is an eyedropper.
    Now, on to algae. To fulfill Obama’s dream of furnsihing 17% of America’s oil demand from alsgae we would need an area of just over 45,000 square miles (about the size of Pennsylvania). There would also have to be lots of water available. Let’s use salt water along our coastline – Lower 48 states = 6,053 miles. Let’s put in algae gardens one mile wide – WOW – we’ll still have to find 39,000 square miles. Get the idea. Next item – today the use of algae as a source for biofuels is only in the research stage studying types of algae that are best suited. Further research is being carried out relative to harvesting, drying, processing, and refining the algae. Even Sec. Chu has stated that the use of algae for biofuels is at least a decade or more out in the future.
    If oil is a fuel of the past, then algae biofuels are those of the far distant future.
    I invite you to visit my blog site – for a lot more information on America’s energy problems.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Carbon and Life
    It is hard to overstate the importance of carbon; its unique capacity for forming multiple bonds and chains at low energies makes life as we know it possible, and justifies an entire major branch of chemistry – organic chemistry – dedicated to its compounds. In fact, most of the compounds known to science are carbon compounds, often called organic compounds because it was in the context of biochemistry that they were first studied in depth.

    What makes carbon so special is that every carbon atom is eager to bond with as many as four other atoms. This makes it possible for long chains and rings to be formed out of them, together with other atoms – almost always hydrogen, often oxygen, sometimes nitrogen, sulfur or halides. The study of these is the basis of organic chemistry; the compounds carbon forms with metals are generally considered inorganic. Chains and rings are fundamental to the way carbon-based life forms – that is, all known life-forms – build themselves.

    Silicon is capable of forming the same sorts of bonds and structures, but opinion is divided on whether silicon-based life forms are a realistic prospect – in part because it needs higher energies to form them, and in part because whereas carbon dioxide (one of the main by-products of respiration, a process essential to all known life) is a gas and therefore easy to remove from the body, its counterpart silicon dioxide (silica) has an inconveniently high melting point, posing a serious waste disposal problem for any would-be silicon-based life form.

  • John Bazen

    In human history we had these power sources:
    1; Water, as with a water wheel
    2; Animal power
    3; Then in the last few hundred years we got steam power [many boilers blew up at first]
    4. Steam cars, but a English law had men with a RED Flag walking in front warning of danger
    5 Then we found Hydro-electric power–electricity
    6. Gas and oil fossil fuels, the most dependable and allowed power everywhere via Generators,
    cars, trucks trains and planes and ships.
    To date we HAVE NOT found a reliable alternative to Crude oil and all that we can make from it Rx Drugs, make-up, paint and stains, plastics, nylon and carbon fibers
    Yes men have used windmills for centuries, to mill grains and pump water, but the very people that are against oil are also against today’s wind generation because they kill a few birds!
    Sorry life is risky, YOU could fall and break your neck at any time!
    Sorry but I refuse to self wrap me up inside of 6 inches of foam or bubble wrap!
    So unless YOU have a cost effective and reliable source of useable energy to replace oil, on a 24/7/365 time frame, then SHUT UP! We can NOT run a thing on your HOT AIR!

  • WTF

    Cost to operate a Chevy Volt

    Numbers are a bit off…average cost per kwh in the US is around 10 cents. Someone took
    this & ‘tweaked’ it a bit. A vid shows Bolling saying it costs about $1.50 / night to recharge the battery. Regardless, it still means the car is a piece of junk…subsidized by us taxpayers.
    Cost to operate a Chevy Volt really.

    Eric Bolling (Fox Business Channel’s Follow the Money) test-drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors.

    For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt switched to the reserve gasoline engine.
    Eric calculated the car got 30 mpg including the 25 miles it ran on the battery. So, the range including the 9 gallon gas tank and the 16
    kwh battery is approximately 270 miles. It will take you 4 1/2 hours to drive 270 miles at 60 mph. Then add 10 hours to charge the battery and
    you have a total trip time of 14.5 hours. In a typical road trip your average speed (including charging time) would be 20 mph.

    According to General Motors, the Volt battery hold 16 kwh of electricity. It takes a full 10 hours to charge a drained battery.
    The cost for the electricity to charge the Volt is never mentioned so I looked up what I pay for electricity.

    I pay approximately (it varies with amount used and the seasons) $1.16 per kwh.
    16 kwh x $1.16 per kwh = $18.56 to charge the battery.
    $18.56 per charge divided by 25 miles = $0.74 per mile to operate the Volt using the battery.

    Compare this to a similar size car with a gasoline engine only that gets 32 mpg.
    $3.19 per gallon divided by 32 mpg = $0.10 per mile.
    The gasoline powered car cost about $15,000 while the Volt costs $46,000.

    So Obama wants us to pay 3 times as much for a car that costs more that 7 time as much to run and takes 3 times as long to drive across country?


    • Burt

      Replace the Battery every other year 25,000-40,000

  • Jim

    Same old crap from the same old crap. Same thing that they said 20 years ago and are still spouting out 20 years later. Remember the last company he bankrolled with our money and the millions of dollars they lost. HE has to go. We have to take our country back.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

  • Victor Barney

    Obama hates u.s. and is out to destroy u.s. Are you aware that 70% of our voting block is made up of women and blacks, both gatherer’s, love to be given things, the more the better? Yes, women are “gatherers” from their very biology and blacks by both biology and choice! Here’s the best part, America, as England, is the real Israel by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16), but it was u.s. that put over it the “forbidden foreigner” of Deuteronomy 17:15 and the “right” endtime Anti-Christ(Marxist) over u.s. this time! Next, September 16, 2012 comes the two-witnesses of revelation, chapter 11 and they will witness against u.s. for 3 1/2 years! Do you know that ONLY 144,000 Israelites, less Dan(Irish) survive this, 12,000 from each of the other 12 tribes? Again, as Clint eastwood made famous: “Get ready America because hell’s coming to dinner,” but not officially beginning until September 16, 2012 on the Annual Israelite Feast of Trumpets(war)!

  • Marc Jeric

    I am very much encouraged by Mullah Obama’s insistence on “green” energy. why, you say? ell – green energy does not exist, if you exclude nuclear nenergy. Loke some medieval prince he insists that his alchemists produce gold from lead. Nobody beats the laws of thermodynamics! Solar and wind are ferociously expensive, unreliable, environmentally destructive. Geothermal energy leaves behing huge amounts of arsenic and radioactive Cesium and Strontium. The only real green energy is nuclear – but our eco-nazis killed it in the 1970’s.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Oil Spill Timeline Update Day 84

    • Mr.Lincoln

      Here is latest update to the Obama Administrations handling of the Oil Spill in the gulf.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Obama Flashback: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’…

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Cost to operate a Chevy Volt

    Numbers are a bit off…average cost per kwh in the US is around 10 cents. Someone took
    this & ‘tweaked’ it a bit. A vid shows Bolling saying it costs about $1.50 / night to recharge the battery. Regardless, it still means the car is a piece of junk…subsidized by us taxpayers.
    Cost to operate a Chevy Volt really.

    Eric Bolling (Fox Business Channel’s Follow the Money) test-drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors.

    For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt switched to the reserve gasoline engine. Eric calculated the car got 30 mpg including the 25 miles it ran on the battery. So, the range including the 9 gallon gas tank and the 16 kwh battery is approximately 270 miles. It will take you 4 1/2 hours to drive 270 miles at 60 mph. Then add 10 hours to charge the battery and you have a total trip time of 14.5 hours. In a typical road trip your average speed (including charging time) would be 20 mph.

    According to General Motors, the Volt battery hold 16 kwh of electricity. It takes a full 10 hours to charge a drained battery. The cost for the electricity to charge the Volt is never mentioned so I looked up what I pay for electricity. I pay approximately (it varies with amount used and the seasons) $1.16 per kwh. 16 kwh x $1.16 per kwh = $18.56 to charge the battery. $18.56 per charge divided by 25 miles = $0.74 per mile to operate the Volt using the battery.

    Compare this to a similar size car with a gasoline engine only that gets 32 mpg.
    $3.19 per gallon divided by 32 mpg = $0.10 per mile. The gasoline powered car cost about $15,000 while the Volt costs $46,000.

    So, Obama wants us to pay 3 times as much for a car that costs more that 7 time as much to run and takes 3 times as long to drive across country?


  • Mr.Lincoln

    WATCH: Gingrich Visits Gas Station, Mocks Obama Alternative Energy Ideas

  • paperpushermj

    Gee I would call Oil the fuel of Today

  • tommy g


  • T. Jefferson

    Find the “new” energy and then you can shift all you want. Just don’t let the oil companies find it first. They will bury it to keep their profits high.

  • paperpushermj

    Silly Rabbit Oil is the Fuel of The ….NOW

  • Mr.Lincoln

    U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress – 2nd Session Keystone pipeline