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Senate GOP on Keystone: This isn’t over

Republicans vowed to continue aggressively pushing for approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline Thursday shortly after the Senate narrowly rejected a GOP-backed measure to greenlight the project.

The Senate Republicans who authored the Keystone provision told reporters they are working with House GOP leadership to ensure that a measure fast-tracking approval of the project is ultimately attached to the highway bill.

“We intend to continue our efforts, including on this bill,” Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) told reporters shortly after the Senate Keystone vote. “Remember, we’re going to have to come to an agreement with the House, and I believe there is strong support for the Keystone XL pipeline project in the House as well.”

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  • Terry Marcum

    Why? Obama will continue to kill it. No oil, gas, or coal that will continue to be the policy until this menace to the country is removed.

    • vietnamvet1971

      That is the ONLY solution, or the GOP controls the house & senate to keep him in check.

    • E

      The Obstructionist in Chief in the WH has apparently done his stealth act to subvert the wishes of the American people once again. It will do him no good, as the Transportation bill will not get past the House. Unless, of course, Boehner caves. Again. If every bill coming out of the Senate is amended with the Keystone project attached in the House, we have a “Mexican stand-off” (please forgive the crude phrasing) that stops Obama and the Senate cold. Of course, that also means that every bill leaving the House has to have it as an amendment so the people see where the block is coming from.

      Now all they have to do is keep circulating the names, states, and districts of those who keep blocking Keystone’s passage.

      Every American who drives will get the message as to who’s keeping the prices as high. And with high unemployment still with us……………

      • anita

        And we do know we can not depend on Boehner. I do hope if the Republicans take over the house again next year that they elect another speaker of the House. One like Newt. One that has balls. Give this idiot a box of cleanex and let him hit the road. He’ s worthless.

  • Gerd

    Even the dimmist lib should get the idea the turd resident of 1600 Penn Ave, is dead set against any relief in unemployment, high energy costs or any improvement in the economy. The solar boondogle, the Chevy Volt, the stimulus packages were nothing more than money laundering schemes for the democrat party to pay off donors and obtain more donations.

    • June9245

      The turd resident killed this bill behind closed doors; something tells me the unions cannot be happy with the Turd while he is playing politics with his Socialism crap

  • roger

    “Now really, who really thinks that the president wants the price of oil to go up” asked ovomit….an not a single reporter said…You mr ovomit.

    What an jackass this liar-in-chief is. We need to wrk very hard to get rid of the socialist muslim in the White House before we lose America for good!

  • Bill

    Obama personally worked to kill this vital bill. He is against energy self sufficiency, kills every attempt to create new non-government jobs, and gives billions to his pals in the electric car and wind energy businesses. There has never been a more “shovel ready” project than the Keystone Pipeline. It will help close the reliance gap on crude oil from Islamic nations, provide thousands of new jobs, and stop the flow billions of U.S. dollars to he Middle East where they are use to support terrorism around the world.

  • jsnh

    A list of all the members of the Senate who voted against this bill should be made public along with the names and faces of those Senators Obama lobbied to vote against this bill. Then voters, come November it would be up to you, won’t it? I will show up at the polls to help get them out of office, hope you will all do the same.

  • June9245

    I will vote for any thing the Republicans pick to run against this Socialist walking turd.

  • Blackfoot AZ

    Most of us on this website agree that the Dem’s have to go. But most of us already vote Republican, so the challenge is to get the Independent’s and smart Dem’s (if there are any left) to vote out the Dem’s. AZ Senators are both Republicans and the Representative for my district was Gabby Giffords (D), but she more often than not voted in the interest of the people (in my opinion). We have to figure out a way to get the Independent’s and some Dem’s to vote for America in the coming elections. How, is the question?

  • Gailyn

    I agree , all Demorats that voted it should have their names made public as well as what Obummers promised them to vote it down. Then have folks show up when those senators go home and hold their hands out for their share of the loot.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Passing the legislation on the pipeline is paramount but at what cost? Less drilling? More regulations on c the coal-burning industry?
    This will just be another example of Washington’s claim that, “The operation was a success but the patient died”

  • 66corky66

    Do the black Americans realize they are becoming SLAVES by this administration? OOH, let’s vote him in ONLY because he’s black and because he’s giving us FREE STUFF! They can gather under the “Bridge to No Where” and play checkers all day long now. BUT, they will do what he wantsa them to do or no more FREE STUFF… Get the point people????? We are in a fight for our way of life, our liberty and out freedom! Stand up and FIGHT!

    • Navy Veteran

      For as long as I have voted(over 40 years), Democrats have always told blacks how much they would do for them, for their vote. I have NEVER seen it happen. During Obama’s campaign a woman told him that she needed a new kitchen and car. Obama told her that he would “work” on it for her. Did she get it? No–but you never hear about the broken promises of Obama. The black community needs to WAKE UP. Obama cares about himself and the Chicago bosses he answers to. Black people should understand that just because he is “half black”, means nothing.

  • Dad

    Curious why the Democratss oppose this… it would create jobs and more tax revenue for Americans… so much for taking care of the “little guy.”

    What a radical, racist administration.

  • Maxine

    Some day the free stuff will run out because of no jobs for the working class people then what are they going to do when there is no food stamps and other freebes they better wake up fast or they will havenothing It is us working class that gives them the freebes

    • martin

      You are right. Margaret Thatcher said that years ago. “Sooner or later we will run out of other people money” We very close to that here in America.

      • irishbulldog

        Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and makes proper tools fit for the designs of ambition….Thomas Jefferson

  • Joseph Co

    If Obama thinks that we won’t remember this in November, I got news for him:
    WE WILL.

  • Jeff

    The proponents of the Keystone Pipeline want to give a Canadian company dominion over both state and federal law to build the pipeline where they want, without government oversight. I love how conservatives are willing to subject the nation to the whims of a foreign corporation.

    The Republicans (and conservatives) patriotism is second only to foreign oil companies.

    • Red

      You are full of s—! This was a purely political decision at a time when we need the jobs and a safe oil supply that dose not send anymore dollars to the Middle East so they can finance terroeism around the world.

      • Jeff

        Red…how fitting that your chosen name is Red. Much like the Red scare of communism. You clearly believe that a Canadian oil company should have sovereignty to build a pipeline across the US to sell on the international market. There is a reason why the Canadian government doesn’t want to build the pipeline in Canada. They have a pristine environment and don’t want it spoiled by tar sands.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress – 2nd Session Keystone pipeline

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Sen. Rand Paul today unveiled his FY2013 budget, “A Platform to Revitalize America,” a plan that would balance the budget in five years, significantly reduce spending, and restore fiscal order to Washington.

  • Hobe

    What concerns me is Obama knows this will cost him a significant number of votes in November. Does he believe he will win regardless of the unpopular actions he has taken this year?
    Unfortunately we will find out after the election. If so there will be major riots and it will get ugly as Obama’s private army(earmark in Obamacare) will pull the protesters off the street.

  • Edrod

    As long as there is no drive to IMPEACH this asshole the Democrats will keep making a mockery of our Constitution and SPENDING everything they can. The kick backs are a great retirement fund for these greedy bastards.


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