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Iowa farmers blast Rick Perry’s answer to their questions about ethanol mandate

Iowa farmers weren’t happy with the answer presidential candidate Rick Perry gave them today about an ethanol mandate that requires the petroleum industry to put the corn-based fuel in gas pumps.

Perry dodged questions from two farmers at the Iowa Corn Growers Association meeting today who hoped to pin down his support for the renewable fuel standard, which guarantees a market for ethanol – a product they called “the lifeblood of Midwest agriculture.

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  • kenneth klemm

    i like my corn on the cob, not in my gas! america should be a more sharing country, by feeding the world not by driving on what we grow

    • dave smith

      well Ken,maybe the middle east and OPEC should stop bending us over at the gas pump and they would have more corn to eat!!

      • johnm

        maybe we should drill more…..ethanol is a scam

      • Giancarlo Angelini

        Oh Please, this is a perfect example of government waste. $10 worth of corn for $5 worth of gas. Subsidized at the cost of the taxpayer with money that is borrowed from China. Cut, Cut, Cut, but not me mentality! Grow corn for feed and food! Don’t be a a greedy fool! Boo on you!!! :-(

      • Gary ( the right wing, terrorist nut job that owns a gun )

        Dave it isnt OPEC or the Middle East ( and let me tell you, i have been in Kuwait for over 3yrs and fuel cost is low low ) and i have no love for either.
        You really want to drop the price of fuel in the USA ?
        Drill, develop, and refine…….period. and if the truth be told, just threaten to do it.
        You want better fuel prices, quit printing WORTHLESS dollars and falsely shoring up the economy.
        Remember, oil is the ONLY commodity on the market that is tied to the dollar.
        When the value of the dollar drops, oil rises, and the Middle East responds accordingly !
        We need to get pols with balls and not deep pockets ( and earmarks-think corn subsidy here ) and not rasied the debt ceiling and coversely make our dollar worth less, and then the price of fuel will drop.
        1. drill
        2. develop
        3. refine
        4. not artificially shore up the dollar
        5. bada boom, bada bing, oil goes down.
        do this as an exercise, google gas prices in 2009 when Bozo took office.
        and then go down to your local gas and barf station and see the difference.
        then, if you really want a wake up call, look at how the economy has tanked ( sorry, no pun intended ) and then, thank a Democrat !

        • DAVE

          Very well said Gary.

        • James

          Gary is right!
          The price of fuel in the middle east is one tenth that in the U.S. Most of the price of a gallon of motor fuel (gas and diesel) is TAX!
          The Gubmint taxes the oil companies to import it, again when they refine it, a third time when they ship it, be it in a pipeline or on a truck. Again when it’s sold to the retailer and finally when it’s sold to the consumer. There is enough oil under Montana, Colorado, the Dakotas and Alaska to support ALL Americas needs for the next 100 years. Then there’s the gulf of Mexico and both Seaboards. PLENTY of oil but, politicians and the green people won’t let us touch it. Stupid is as stupid does! Let Iran put the squeeze on the shipping lanes here in the Middle East and oil will tripplr in price overnight. Then and only then will those dick-heads in Washington turn the oil companies loose. Think of all the jobs directly and indirectly related to the oil industry, that have been choked off by these idiots. You want to free America from the bleeding ass the Arabs are giving us? DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW! Corn will be a much more valuable comodity as a food stuff than as a motor fuel. Not to mention a damn fine liquor. The moment the farmers start selling most of their corn for ethanol, corn meal, corn flour and corn sugars will go through the roof. People would rather eat than drive! TRUST ME!
          By the way Gary, I live and work in Kuwait also. Camp Arifjan.

        • http://n.a. JERRY

          Canada & mexico are #1 & #2 suppliers..(friends)?=Can be googled, so no need to argue it..=I’m hopeing obozo won’t drill
          before ’12, coz these dickeweeds would go out and re-elect his
          sorry ass.

          • Ben Gardner

            Canada is an oil producing country.
            The prices for fuel at my Petro Canada and Esso stations down the street are currently $1.32CAD/litre. That works out to $5.158USD/US gallon. Keep in mind that the Canadian dollar is currently beating the pants off the US dollar.

            Don’t start whining until you pay our prices.

            Also, the proposed pipeline from Alberta to the gulf coast refineries WILL NOT benefit the US. The refined fuel is to be sold to…CHINA!

          • Eloy

            Drill baby drill, lets get the EPA out of the way and do what is right for this country once and for all…. What are these idiots thinking ? why are they making us all suffer? we should use our resources and stop depending on the OPEC nations who keep laughing at us and keep us attached to oil because we refuse to become independent.
            We need someone in the White House and Congress with balls and MAN up.

          • Richard McKee

            We really have to turn out the vote to get obozo out of office. He continues to dominate the black vote, and with the extention of de facto amnesty for the illegal aliens, he is pandering to the hispanic vote. Don’t worry about obozo allowing drilling; if he did, he would loose what little far left wing support he has left. Instead, look for him to make empty gestures of removing meaningless regulations, and blaming the republicans for Hurricane Irene. He will continue to offer the same meaningless solutions to our problems, such as MORE stimulus, and bigger government. He is a classic socialist…..

          • ProudTEAbagger

            Wouldn’t make a difference if Obama did allow us to start drilling our own oil tomorrow. It would be after well after 2012 before any of it would make it to the gas pumps.

        • Wayne

          Very good post, Gary. I don’t understand why all Americans don’t see this. I agree with you 100 percent. Some way we need to educate, at least over 50 percent of the voters so they can make a sound judgement when they vote next year. We need to get Muslim Communist Obummer and his 70 Democratic Socialist Congress Members voted out of office.

          • Francisco Monzon

            I am with you on that, and I support Perry 100%.

          • David in MA
          • KennyB

            I couldn’t have said it better, Wayne! Why can’t americans wake up and realize that we do have a communist, liberal muslim as president who is on one united muslim agenda to destroy America. We have abundant resources right here that we desperately need to explore and drill for. Obummer has already burried America in so much debt that it is doubtful we can recover from without drilling and exploration.

          • Rio Sam

            So let’s do it…get the EPA out of the way..get this country producing again! And how do we do it? Simple! Vote for RON PAUL! He is very much against the EPA and all the regulations keeping this country from be producers of many things..
            RON PAUL 2012 is the answer

          • MC

            You hit hte target dead center. Vote obamaaa and his Zars out of office.

          • Victor- : Bunch
        • Joe

          At least someone is getting it right. Energy is the input to everything American. Everything from dirt bikes to the pencil our kids use in school trying to learn enough to pay for the outrageous give away scams of the DC clowns.

        • jeffrey

          gary is absolutely right.

        • BillG

          AMEN in spades. Ethanol is uneconomical as a motor fuel. It takes more energy to grow, ferment, distill than it produces. Misuse of a material that would better be used as food. Politics was the only reason for the law. It should go away.

          • Irma in Massachusetts

            Using corn for fuel instead of food is also drastically increasing the costs of food for people as well as for cattle and hogs/pigs. Our animals are being starved!!!

          • Cliffystones


            And I’ll just add that any farmer presented with those facts who still insists on a government handout to grow corn for ethanol is a TRAITOR to their fellow Americans, period! All Americans need to start doing what’s right for the good of our Republic, NOT what gets them a bigger welfare check from the rest of us.

          • nmgene

            Our farmers shouldnt need subsidies to make a living, half the world is starving and we are paying our farmers to grow corn for ethanol???? Doesnt make any sense to me!!!! The mega farms owned by big business should be shut down and given back to the real farmers. If you have 2 million acres to farm you dont need as high a profit margin to make a profit. Its the small farmer, under 2000 acres that raise the good un messed with crops and our government is trying to shut them down.

          • KennyB

            Ethanol has only accomplished to raise prices on food, it has not reduced prices at the pump, even by one penny! Why do we continue to pruduce a product that only deprives the destitute and hungry people in third world countries, as well as some of the remote areas of America. God created corn and soy beans to feed hungry people, not hungry fuel tanks.

          • BettyS

            Ethanol also ruins outboard motors unless you put in another costly additive to reverse the damage it does. We drive miles out of the way to find a pump that doesn’t have it, now they want to take away that choice. Use corn as food as it’s suppose to be. Good for you Gov. Perry.

          • SWB

            There are starving children all over the world. They can eat corn not oil. This is an example of what has just begun, that the Democrats are going to find any subject to Blast any Republican on any subject. There are so many cars on the road now that could burn Ethanol but there isn’t any place that it can be found. It was a stupid idea when it first came up and it is still a very dumb Democrat idea.

          • Joseph Hunt

            Your correct….do away with ethanol and food prices across the board would drop.

          • Robert

            agreed that ethanol is a poor fuel. There is one place here that sells no EtOH in their fuel. I get greater mpg on that than 85%. Furthermore, there is ample market for grain as an export.
            China has been importing grain for as long as there has been a China. They have a paucity of arrable land and they have a moisture deficit. They import the lions share of their grain from Brazil.

          • Truthteller

            Amen to that, and ethanol drives up the price of food and feed corn, then we all pay higher prices.

            The Kool Aid drinker politicians, don’t factor those higher costs into the total cost of producing a gallon of ethanol, which, by the way, is lousy for your car. They don’t tell you that, either.

            They also don’t have to pay the bills, for shortened engine life and poorer gas mileage

          • Charlie Bart


          • Mary

            Drill here, drill now, pay less, and create thousands more jobs for American workers. Defund the EPA. They have done some good things, but they go too far. In Washington state, the tree huggers will attach themselves to trees so they can’t be harvested to build homes, and businesses. In Texas someone wants to halt drilling in certain areas because of the sagebrush lizard which would destroy thousands of jobs for Americans. They don’t use what my father used to call “common horse sense.”

          • trackfodder

            They grow a special breed of corn that lends itself well to fuel but not much good as food. I agree wholeheartedy. they should grow edible corn and we should quit buying votes with subsidies. The gasahol is ruining vehicles and gives worse milage plus holding water to corrode the fuel system. It destroys a lot of rubber parts, and it even ate the catalyzed acryllic paint off my motorcycle tank. I stripped what was left with GASAHOL and spent $110 for epoxy and urethane paint to repaint it. My chainsawa and weedeaters all need carb. rebuilding. A boondoggle plain and simple by career politicians.

          • American Patriot

            You are right on. I would like to see a law passed that would make the Ethanol plants use their own product exclusively to fire their stills with instead of those dirty old fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. They couldn’t produce enough to keep going if they were given 10,000 gallons to start. It takes many more BTUs to produce a gallon of ethanol then there is in it.
            There was a new plant built at Fergus Falls, Minn. a couple years ago that I don’t believe ever got going.

          • Rich

            Ethanol is NOT the way to go. However, another type of alcohol is. It is called Butanol. It has many advantages over ethanol, (google it and see) and keeps that ear of corn on my table and not in my gas tank. It can be made by biochemical means using corn silage and husks., and gives more grain to export, thereby increasing the GDP.

            Thanks, Rich

        • AndyS

          100% on the mark Gary. And in addition, please remember that our oil companies (At least at the top) are complicit in the whole scheme. I am pretty sure they don’t mind oil at $100 a barrel
          Also, remember that only about 8% of a barrel goes to fuel production. We feel it more at the gas pump but we are really getting it in increased costs in the thousands of other products that are made with oil, like this computer…
          I am not a farmer, but I have compassion for your plight. It is a very tough job and the large corporations make it harder for the family farmer. But, you know in your hearts that ethanol is NOT a good idea. The amount of energy it takes to make it is not equal to the energy it produces. If someone tried to sell you an implement that used more energy than it produced you would chase him away with a shotgun. I know it’s nice to get a high value on your crop and you can finally make money, but this is wrong for America.

          • Terry

            AndyS, I agree with your sentiments on ehtanol, but you err when stating 8% of a barrel of oil goes to fuel. In fact, 19.5 gal. out of the 42 gal. barrel is used for just gasoline, that’s 46%, and then there’s diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, etc.

          • E

            And, I’d bet, Gary would be happy to NOT grow corn. As has been done numerous times in the past. (AND getting paid to NOT grow it!)
            Corn should be used as a food staple, not a tank-stuffer.

          • Mark Ward


            You’re correct (that nearly 47% of a barrel of crude becomes gasoline) – BUT the PROFIT an Oil Company makes on those 19.5 gallons per barrel is 39 CENTS (TOTAL)! Oil companies make about TWO CENTS per gallon in PROFIT! The Government, on the other hand, makes $9.38 on that same 19.5 gallons of gas! That’s RIGHT – The Government (Federal, State, Local) makes 24 TIMES as much “profit” as do those “evil” Oil Companies!

            You want to STOP the people who are SCREWING US (on a gallon of gasoline)? Stop the TAXES!

          • KennyB

            One hearty Amen to that, Andy!

          • gaius

            Plus .. the fact that ethanol damages your equipment. that alone should make people not want to use it.

          • Doc Freeman

            29.5% Mutual Funds & Other Firms
            27 % Pension Funds
            23 % Individuals
            14 % IRAs
            5 % Other Institutional Investors
            1.5 % Corporate Management

        • PR

          Gary…this is so spot on it requires a clap or two from me and anyone with any sense! We could provide jobs and get the economy back on track as well as erase our national debt within 10 yrs or less by drilling and using our own resourses. One thing you failed to mention are the special interest groups and enviro whackos that control the leftist marxist buttheads in congress and oval office that hold up and restrict said drilling. They are anti-american IMOHO and should pack their bags and head for better climates elsewhere. Then we should close our borders; Stop foreign aid(with the exception of Israel); Bring all our troops home and put half on the borders to quell illegal immigration; Quit the UN and stop funding their leftist unified agend…then put polititians on notice….do the job you were elected to do. If you fail to do so you will face charges or be booted from office and will serve only one term(or less..depending on performace) more tenure. You will also have the SAME health plan as all americans and your retirement will be tied to your OWN contributions including the requirement you pay into Social Security. Pay all borrowed funds to said fund with money saved from above ideas and then realize that if you try to abscond with said funds again you will be treated as a traitor and hanged by the neck until dead:)

        • Ralph Simek

          Gary, you are spot on. Hopefully people in this country will get the picture and get out and vote. In the meantime we ALL need to blitz our congressional representatives and senators with our passion for oil drilling and refining.


          To: Gary

          Everything you stated is right on target. For years I’ve been pleading with our spineless Representatives to dump the looney EPA and commence drilling for oil and the rebuilding of our refineries in America. If I had my way I would drill a hole for oil in every state along with its own refineries. It’s time we put back our country first, and then, later resume our nation’s generosity towards other countries. But for now… we first!

          Unfortunately, the recently discovered 70 socialist communist members of the Senate House, won’t permit any progress to grow in America. These socialist communist in the Senate House are the foreign-born Muslim Communist illegal U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II’s disciples.

          In any case, well done Gary!

          USAF (RET)

          • bellewise

            Correct Msgt. Correa, I just typed verbatim from the communist manifesto a numbered list of what they seek to do and sent it to all of my friends and relatives and a letter to the editor. Along with what the manifesto says will happen to religion under their guidance. My oh My, how familiar it all sounds and yes the liberal democrats have the exact philosophy as the communists do. I would suggest that anyone who has not read the manifesto do so, won’t take long.

          • Another Gary

            That’s why we need a million man march on DC heavily armed to the teeth. Go to the Capital and kill all those 70 liberal/progressive/socialist/communist pieces of shit. Hopefully Palosie/Ried will be there. Mean while storm the White House, shoot any one who resist,..and if Obama is there, capture his ass for interrogation and execution on the White House lawn. Video it and send it to all muslum countries telling them this is what happens to any muslim that want to take over our way of life. It is our right ,indeed our duty under the Declaration of Independance to take over the government who is usurping the people. It’s the only way to take our country back.The Revolutionary War, the Sequel.

          •, Linda Brady Traynham

            Learned a long time ago that it isn’t a good idea to argue with the Master Sergeant about his areas of expertise, but you’re wrong this time, Sergeant Correa. It is long past time to stop being “generous” to other countries with tax dollars. Enjoy your posts very much.


            Linda Brady Traynham

          • CWO4 Larry, USN Ret

            Our two vehicles get 2 mpg less with corn added to the gas. We were in VA this summer and my GMC is a flexfuel vehicle, so I found the E85 corn fuel. It was $2.45 per gal and unleaded with 10% corn was $2.33. What would you buy? This is total crap, this whole corn idea. As others of you have said, we need to eliminate the EPA, do away with the muslim and all his followers, and drill, refine everywhere we can. You can start in my back yard or front, where ever you think the black stuff might be. We’ve got to get this country back in order. I don’t know if we wait until Jan 2013. The ship is sinking real fast and no one is at the helm.

        • Paul R.

          Jerry, I could not agree with you more. California, where I live, could solve it’s own debt problems by drilling off the coast of San Francisco but the nutjobs in Sacramento and the EPA will not go for it. We need to get rid of the idiots from voting for more idiots.

          • Goober

            Idiots is the correct term!!! I live in San Francisco and the idiots here just RE- Elected that piece of crap Pig-losi right back into office. I’ll say one thang for that Bitsh she sure knows how to give a snow-job to the Gays and the dumb-asses in San Francisco. Kinda like one of her statements; “They have to elect her to see what she can do”

          • Mary

            Boy you have it right. My cousin and her family live in California. Don’t get her started on San Fran Nan and her crowd.

        • caron

          Gary you are dead on .Amen amen I say to you

        • patriotrenegade

          We cannot grow enough corn to get through Friday rush hour, etanol is BAD for engines and gives off worse emissions than fossil fuels. Typical commie bullshit. Screw those “farmers”. NO MORE ETHANOL!!!! NO MORE SUBSIDIES!!!

          • GINGER GHENT


          • Amos Moses

            No Ginger, It’s the Gov’t wanting to control the farmers. Ever heard of AGENDA 21? I recommend you do some research on it. The UN is really in control and alot of it started back in the 50’s. Type in AGENDA gringing down America. You will be shocked there too. I bought two copies to show to my friends.

        • Eric the Read

          Well Said, Gary,

          For those of you who READ these things- Ethanol is subsidized at a total rate in excess of $3.50/gal. Farmers planting Fuel Crops instead of Feed has inflated Food Prices exponentially, hile the dollar is losing ground preciptously. AND to top it off, there is a corresponding loss of Fuel Economy, proportionate to the amout of ethanol in the mix- meaning, measured in Grams per Mile- Ethanol Cleans nothing!!!
          Put it all together, we have a subsidy that saves nothing, drives up foo prices, cleans nothing that is being subsidized by a governent that HAS LESS THAN NOTHING?WE’RE BROKE!
          WE NEED TO DRILL, REFINE, PRODUCE, GROW. Y cain’t grow good crops from bad seed!

        • GINGER GHENT


        • peggy

          You are right on the money – and some of my income is from Iowa corn!

        • Lois

          Several years ago I saw a movie called the formula, and one line stayed with me. It said OPEC/OIL is the U.S. one in the same. They don’t want competition.

        • jim

          In referance to what rick perry said,remember “if ya aint pissing anybody off ya aint doing anything”

        • EdinNola

          Correction: Thank a Progressive (communist).

        • http://TeaParty,gunholder,inLiberalCA Wayne Stickles

          Gary, I agree with you 100%

        • dragonfFIRE01

          agreed Gary. While you’re at it get rid of ALL subsidies. so the farmers can get back to work and if a company to big to fail goes SPLAT so be it.

        • JD

          Gary, What you say many agree with but, you left out that producing ethanol is a losing proposition. The only reason that ethanol is marketable is because we subsidize its production. Without the subsidy, ethanol cannot stan on its own economically. This subsidy and the production of ethanol has been another cause of food shortages and escalating costs of food. I would rather just give the farmers the money instead of producing such a wothless product.

        • Bill

          Well said, Gary. No additional comments needed.

        • Buckeye

          O.M.G. Where was you when we were paying $4.59 per gal. and Exxon Mobile was making $14,000.00 per second profit????? Bush said everyone has a right to make a profit.

        • Lloyd Welch

          Nice to see someone who understands the problem and knows the answer. Most haven’t got a clue.

        • SamFox

          Gary hits it out the park!! He tells us what we need to do. Why has our govt kept US from drilling. Answer that. It’s the key.

          Corn for ethanol is a waste. If the ‘greens’ were serious, they would be pushing industrial hemp for fuel.

          @ YouTube look up ‘Henry Ford’s Hemp Automobile’. Copy & past the term in a search.

          Most people still believe the lie that oil is running out. Peak oil is a control myth piece of propaganda on the order of Reefer Madness. And, oil is not from fossils.

          Now you know how the Russians have become a world leader in oil production & distribution. Much of the oil world is following the Russian-Ukrainian research while the USA, under a ‘peak oil’ propaganda blitz, continues to lag behind. This lagging is keeping US from producing our own oil & becoming energy independent. IMO that is another way the socialists & ‘progressives’ in power are implementing the Cloward & Pivon strategy of ‘Collapse The [US] System’. Also our dependence on foreign oil is one more pressure point used to force US into a one world govt. Our huge no excuse for it debt will used as another pressure point, if not being done already.


        • DCM

          Response to Gary “The right wing, ‘terrorist’ nut job that owns a gun”:

          AMEN Gary! You are right on. I’m with you all the way Until the price/value difference between gasoline and ethanol is sufficient to make it worth my dollars, I’ll continue using gasoline in my Flexfuel Chevy. If it is essential for our government to give aid to other countries make it in the form of food products, which can be purchased from our farmers who do such a great job. I’d rather that “cash” donations be given voluntarily through the the hearts and minds of the people via non-profit charitable organizations. When we drill, drill, drill….let’s remember natural gas and propane shouldn’t be excluded from the mix. It was available back in the early ’60’s but for some reason it’s only available for trucks currently.

        • Mark

          “Drill, develop, and refine…….period. and if the truth be told, just threaten to do it.”

          That is CORRECT. And that’s why Michelle Bachman can say that if she (or any other pro-domestic-energy conservative) get’s elected, the price of gas will start dropping like a rock the very next day. Obama has tied our hands on drilling for own massive oil resources. THAT is what is killing us on the price of gas, not necessarily OPEC.

        • Maureen Krueger

          I agree we need to start drilling for and producing our own oil and methane gas. The price of oil would immediately drop. Gas is a natural product produced by the earth. Young people today don’t remember the tar on the beaches of CA. When permits were issued to allow the drilling for oil & gas in the area the tar disappeared and now the beaches are beautiful. I’m all for clean air and being conscience of our environment, but we can have a balance. So, let’s elect a President and members of Congress who will support an industry that will reduce oil prices and bring many jobs back to the US.

        • Michael

          Humorously, well stated.

        • Wendell Fountain

          Gary, right-on! Besides, I don’t care what those greedy farmers in Iowa think. Corn is for the dinner table and not the damn gas tank!

        • Marine Dad

          Gary, be very, very worried. If Obumble ever unleashes the Common Sense Police, you will be the first to go. I’m mailing a copy of your Post to everybody I know, if you don’t mind.

        • Tom

          Gary, you are absolutely correct!

          One other thing that bugs me about these corn growers complaining about the possibility of less ethanol use in the USA is that there is already a world market for ethanol. We import a substantial amount of ethanol from several countries, primarily sugar-based ethanol which has a GREATER energy value than corn-based ethanol, and the USA also exports a substantial amount of corn-based ethanol. World ethanol use has driven the price of food up a minimum of 20 percent, and it will drive it higher than that. There is not enough greenery on this planet to fuel the cars, so it should not be attempted. It is bad for the economy, bad for our cars, bad for gas mileage, bad for the environment, and just plain bad. The industry should stand on its own without being forced upon us.

          If these farmers had their way, the government would mandate we all eat broccoli and several other things they grow. If the unconstitutionally mandated Obama-care passes through the US Supreme Court, we might just see that happen too.

        • trackfodder

          As I understand it, Cushing, OK, the crossroads of most domestic oil, is full up and building more tankage. There are dozens of tankers puttering around full of crude. All owned by speculators waiting to rip us off when the need grows severe. Supply and demand is the word. The supply is there the demand is there but not at their greedy price yet.

        • SoTxConservative

          Right on, Gary! … you mean TANK a Democrat, don’t you??? LOL

        • jag57

          Gary, it’s hard to find a Democrat. I wrote an email to my “Democrat” Senator; subject: “Where Have all the Democrats Gone.” I then went on to tell her what I see as Collectivists, and listed the types, where Democrats used to be. Funny, I didn’t receive a response, and I also sent it to my local paper and it didn’t get printed.

          The last real Democrat, Larry McDonald, Representative from Georgia, was murdered by the Soviets, Sept. 1983, on KLA 007. Any legislation he voted on, all he used as to whether he would vote yes or no, was the U.S. Constitution. By the grace of God, Jesse Helms wasn’t on that flight; he was supposed to be.

        • bob the ultra right wing conservative who thanks Dems and rinos for our problems

          Well Said Gary

        • Kathleen Schofield

          I agree wholeheartedly. America has more oil than any other Country so why on earth are we wasting our time and money on mid eastern oil? We are being held hostage by them. And why are we using Ethanol when we have so much natural oil? Another thing, there is talk of food shortages and that many people will be in great need. We can’t see it because we are presently living in a land of plenty. But all we need are bad weather patterns destroying our farmers crops and we could be hurting and really quickly. Does anyone think all the flooding on the East Coast from Irene is going to help our crops? Think again.

        • Felix ( the right wing, terrorist nut job that owns a gun )

          Gary, thank you for putting this in the prospective for the frozen minds of the PC Americans. With people like you WE STILL HAVE CHANCE TO BE WHAT WE ALWAYS WERE BEFORE!

        • enoughalready

          Amen to that!!

        • Jan

          Right on!!

        • Andy

          Ya, and maybe with corn at $7/bu. we could stop paying farmers to not grow it?????????? Stop the set aside subsidy..

        • Jessie James

          Drill, Develop, refine, market our oil! Boom. There goes the econo,ey, up UP AND away!

        • freedom-2012

          Well stated – we need to run these socialists out of DC on a rail.

        • babagnaush

          well said Gary, you are right on the mark

      • Mike Tanco

        We have plenty of crude here in the United States but the EPA says no to drilling for it. I say tell the EPA to take a flying leap(Shut it down would be better) and then drill in Anwar, The Dakota’s, Montana, or the Rockies. We would be independent and could tell the MiddleEast to stick up their mostly Muslim asses.
        The corn can be sold here and to other countries. Mike Tanco

        • Joe

          Mike, if I may, let me add “up their islamofascist muslim asses”.

        • David in MA

          The oil in America needs to be held in reserve for military purposes
          in case America is attacked, and don’t you think china would attack
          if it were known the military was at a grinding halt? I do.
          This is why the “gun control crowd” wants to disarm the American public so
          they can shut off the oil spigot and have no ressistance to a takeover
          and the introduction of a fully communist/socialist United States of the
          North American Union with Mexico & Canada as partners.
          Don’t think so?

          • Betty Salsbury

            We have enough oil in the US to last 900 YEARS. I don’t think you argument holds up very well.

          • Charie

            Not sure where you get the idea that the oil in the ground of the U.S. is our oil reserves. Not true. Obama actually had our oil reserves (which were to be used only in case of war) hauled out to try to stop the price rise, which it did for a short while.

            Reserves that can’t be accessed in a short period of time are not reserves. Think about.

          • Lloyd Welch

            We have all the oil we need and don’t need the arabs(pronounced a-rabs) What we need are a few million less tree huggers and EPA goons, democrats, rinos, and morons.

          • Maureen Krueger

            Yes, we need to keep some oil in reserve for emergencies, but we have a lot of oil available off our coasts in Alaska & California that would brink thousands of jobs. There is methane gas available on land that can also be captured for use rather than it leaking into the atmosphere. Natural gas is continually created by our planet and it is the cheapest form of energy available. We need a President who has common sense.

          • A_Nobody

            The military branches have their own reserves set aside andthey don’t share. There’s still plenty beyond that for the rest of us but we can’t drill because soemoen is whining.

          • jag57

            David, you must be referring to that Marxist, Hillary Clinton, with her UN terrorist Small Arms Treaty. If we fall, it will be from the inside, but only after a long bloody battle. I don’t believe any country would be stupid enough to attack us, as well armed as we are.

            During the 8 years of the Clintonista Regime, firearms ownership increased a lot, and when the Marxist Muslim desecrated the White House, sales went wild.

            Getting back to ethanol, I don’t believe we should be burning our food supply; ethanol is energy negative and it drives up the cost of everything we buy.

        • Bacord

          Amen! If we don’t buy their oil just here in America it will pretty
          much shut down terrorist. When we send them money it is used
          against us..
          Eat corn and drill for oil..

        • Paul R.

          Yes Mike, Sounds good to me.

        • Betty Salsbury

          It is now being discussed that oil is not all fossil fuel, some scientist believe that oil is manufactured by the earth under ultra hot conditions and tremendous pressures. As the oil migrates toward the surface, it is attaked by bacteria, making it appear to have an organic origin dating back to the dinasaurs.

          Finally something that makes sense!!!! I always thought that there could not have been enough dinasaurs to produce the amount of oil this is on earth

          • The Quadfather

            It was not necessarily just the dinosaurs, but all the vegetation that was credited for the source of oil in the older theory.

          • Truthteller


            that type of oil creation might be a possibility, but until we evelop better scientific methods for determining whether oil os produced geologically, it remains only a possibility.

            Of course there wern’t enough dinosaurs to create the world’s oil. But, there was enough fauna (plant material and other micro organics (plankton, protozoa etc) to fuel the oil making process.

          • Dwain Holmes

            Another thing about the theory that oil came from pre historic plant and animal life that does not make sense is how did it all get buried so deep.I have read several theories but none realy make sense.

          • PurpleFlash

            It makes no sense that all the oil (the hundreds of billions of barrels) that we have used and are using and will ever use came from decaying dinosaurs (of flora and fauna for that matter). How the heck there ever could have been that many dinosaurs and plants to do it? Its not possible. Oil has to come from some other source.

          • PurpleFlash

            Here’s something else to think about: Why are all dinosaur bones found in archaeological sites that are dust and dirt and rock, and not in pools of crude (dinosaur) oil?

        • E

          We need to use our ability to grow food as a lever against the oil-producers of the Mid-East, making sure that as oil becomes scarcer, so do the food items. (No, Russia is NOT a contender in this- they are far to unstable to compete regularly and globally.)
          Actually, I would think that a bushel per barrel would be about right.
          Any countries we sell our grains to would be proscribed from forwarding it to ANY country in ANY form- or be cut off themselves.
          It wouldn’t take long for the realization that you can’t eat or drink oil sinks in.
          And skip the Liberal crap about “starving the helpless little children” they always trot out.

          • Amos Moses

            Amen E! 1 bushel of Corn = 1 Barrel of Oil

          • dragonfFIRE01

            VERY GOOD IDEA.

          • Lloyd Welch

            I like it.

          • bob the ultra right wing conservative who thanks Dems and rinos for our problems

            we MUST drill and refine, but if you check your history, Carter did a wheat or corn cutoff to Russia think. They just bought from South America. While we’re tanking economically, our farmers are getting their asses kicked financially too. Farmers still pay for diesel at very high prices. They buy retail and sell wholesale.

        • d rash

          The ONLY Americns who benefit from Etananol is the farmers who grow corn. The rest of us see increases in prices ofMANY other things because of a corn shortage to produce those “OTHER” things. These farmers blasting Perry are greedy bastards, who only think of themselves. They enjoy an artificially hight price on corn, while the rest of us get ripped off. Farmers are not a bad bunch, just many are too greedy to turn down a government welfare program, which ethanol is.

          • Amos Moses

            Amen Rash!

          • Robert

            Ethanol also causes a lot of mechanical problems with vehicles.

          • Jack

            Many of the small farmers are gone, bought up by the Corporate Farms and, truth be known, probably set up to fail by the bankers. Ethanol has been proven to be a bad idea all the way around. The basic IDEA for ethanol is a good start for the biofuels industry. We dont have to use FOOD crops to generate ethanol as it can be generated out of any kind of biomass.(see WillyFuel) The whole program, along with its subsidies and payoffs to the politicians, needs to be scrapped. Farm subsidies in general, need to be totally overhauled. It is just one more example of government waste and overreach. We have the most resourceful farmers on the planet in the US if we could get the government out of the way and let the free market operate as it should.

        • Michael

          Better yet, let the ragheads drink their oil, or pay top dollar for our corn. We have been bent over the rainbarrel too long by those lying Muslims.

      • Eddie G.

        Dave and Ken,I agree with both of you. Ethanol belongs in livestock bellies,not gas tanks. The subsidies to the growers are an exercise in stupid. Before the greenie weenies got the big idea of using corn as a fuel alternative,the farmers were satisfied growing corn for the livestock breeders. Now that the government gave them a feeding trough the farmers are like the lazy addicts on welfare. Gimmee,gimmee,gimmee! What used to be a living has now become an “entitlement” and another government failure. The corn grower can stay the hell out my taxpayer’s wallet and grow for livestock feeding or there’s always barber college. They can shut up their whining at Rick Perry and if he dodges their whiny questions, good for him.

      • Thomas Conway

        R u kidding? Bending us over? Go check to see how much of the price we actually pay for gas is taxes. Our govt is who is bending us over

      • RS


      • Nick K

        Well Dave, maybe we should produce here and then not worry about the idiots in the middle east.

      • URKiddinMee

        Ethanol costs far more energy and money to produce than it gives back in either. EXCEPT for auto mechanics who LOVE the damage it does to our engines. Reserve ethanol for something useful like Jim Beam, Jack Daniels or Maker’s Mark!

        • Amos Moses

          I’ll take Mr. Jack…….

        • jag57

          Do all the grades of gas have ethanol in them?

      • Hank

        We don’t need that much middle east oil if we tapped our own. Besides that we subsidise the corn growers and pay a $1.50 per gallon before it hits the pump. So the $3,50 at the pump is actually $5.00. Who’s doing who?

      • Robert M.

        Well dave, EVERYONE with any sense at all knows that ethenol is a joke and just helps opec with a little more vasoline. If you guys like that scam, you need to see al Gore about a wind mill to harness the power of hot air.

        • jag57

          Like all the other crap, it’s all about feel good, we are doing something to mitigate the oil shortage. Just like when they lower the % of blood alcohol from .10 to .08; I really don’t care what the level is, if someone is driving irradically, I want them off the road.

      • George

        Ethanol? Don’t you people realize it costs three times more to make a gallon of ethanol than to refine a gallon of gasoline? And to top that off, it uses up precious water to produce it. And there are a lot of older cars still in use today which cannot use it. It ruins their mpg, corrodes their carburetors and fuel pumps, it ruins lawn mowers and motorcycle carburetors. Just the NEW motor vehicles can use it without much damage, and it doesn’t get as good mpg as gasoline. I have tried it a number of times, and it JUST DOESN’T DO as good as gasoline. Smells terrible too.

      • chuck954

        Well Dave,,, Just maybe if we would start drilling our own oil and gas we wouldn’t need Opec at all. The farmers should be feeding us. if you remember the prices for food went up when they started this program for the farmers.


        your lust for mamon !
        growing corn for the pump is insanitiy……
        when you take seven gallons of water that will take hundreds of years to be renewed from the underground ocawafers under your feet thats for feeding peaple! stupit,not juising cars……
        renewable fuel,you will be focilized before the water you use to grow corn for fuel will be renewed!!! you use more fuel to make the stuff than you get out of the corn!! liberial imbreeding gone crazy.

      • Bruno Boccagalupe

        Well dave ken’s right Forget OPEC raping us, it’s the halfbreed in the WH that is doing the damage. You didn’t vote for him did you? I didn’t think so, can’t find any one that will admit to voting for him. But he’s there even though he is not eligible to be there. You kool-ade sippers think he can do no wrong. Fact is, he hasn’t done anything right.

      • Robert Baird

        Politicians with gonads is probably an oxymoron, but just in case there might be some out there, here’s the stand I believe they ought to take!
        Each day, find out the OPEC price for a barrel of crude oil and put the same price on a bushel of corn, wheat, etc. You will hear the little muslim squeals echoing across the land. Tough sh**!! If they don’t like that deal, then they can ‘enjoy’ their sand casseroles!!

      • Elmer

        the arabs cant grow wheat..and they cant eat gas..lets cut off wheat..and gas prices will lower,,then we can go back to corn on the cobb

      • WASP

        It is immoral to use a food crop for fuel. The US will pay for that too someday. To the greedy farmers, you deserve to go out of business. Raising essential food for non-essential fuel. Just another price-gouging tactic. Another ag welfare scheme. BTW, I own a small farm. Around here, we hear the farmers and the farming organizations CONSTANTLY whining about how a lot of the farm land is disappearing, being sold for various commercial development purposes. What I ask, and they can’t answer, is “Who the hell is selling the farm land to the developers, if not the farmers (or their heirs)?

      • USAF VET

        We have plenty of oil in the United States. It’s those Liberal Econuts that keep creating problems. As for Ethanol, that has been being made for centuries. I have a couple of friends in Tn. whose families have been making it for generations, it’s called MOONSHINE. As far as putting it in our gasoline, that can ruin the engines especially the way the Obama administration want it to be blended. It burns way too hot for the average engine to put up with.

      • GCHjr

        Ethanol is NOT the answer. We need to drill here, drill now. Bachman is right, we could have $2 gas again if we took advantage of our own resources…but environmentalists are killing this country. Oil, nat gas, and other renewablle resources, but not corn! All that accomlishes is higher corn prices for us all…and that is why farmers like it, they make more profits but at our expense.

      • Wm. Tomlinson

        Dave I have heard and I believe it takes more energy to make ethanol than it provides.

      • JC (Nebraska)

        Ethanol can be made from grass and many other things beside ‘corn for food’… farmers don’t like to grow corn for food?… maybe they shouldn’t be so against Cellulosic ethanol and grow other things like grasses, wood, or the non-edible parts of plants or their corn stocks too. They seem to want to sell food for fuel, it is not easier to grow than other things… but the price had gone up because of supply. That seems like greed to me.
        As far as sources of oil…. we only get 10% of our oil need from the middle east, we get 25% from Canada and that will soon be 35% and that can wipe out the need for oil from the middle east. Also, if we ever have a president and congress who want to grow our economy… they can open up some of the big oil areas in the states to produce our own fuel and make 100,000’s of new good paying jobs in this country. As well as lowering prices on oil and gasoline. While we keep more money here in the states we will also have more revenue flowing in to pay the gov’t black hole of debt. No matter what… Corn ethanol can never become our only source of fuel. It makes no sense at all. Oil is so plentiful and if we truly want a better source of fuel for the future, we can look at hydrogen(converted water) and nuclear to run our vehicles at less cost. Electricity is wasteful as well….

      • http://PatriotUpdate Kevin Cook

        Dave, you are assuming that ethanol is somehow saving us money, quite the contrary – it is costing us dearly in the increased price of not just corn but all food products.

    • BoBoBiggie

      I don’t know what planet you are on but if you just open your eyes you will find out that America is the most generous country in the world. We export more food, medical aid, and money than any body else.

    • Alien

      There are refining companies out there that have adapted to Bio mixed fuels. These refineries need to purchase the corn now to produce their products and the free market has the potential of making the corn farmers the profit they seek. The biggest problem is that the farmers like the inner city wekfare class have become addicted to Big Government and Nanny State subsidies. What would be best for all is what Rick Perry is prposing. The Government getting out of the farmers life and allowing them to become a profitable entity again growing what they choose and selling it for profit rather than false Government programs. And the idea of America feeding the world is Assisnine all we do is make dictactors and giving them the weapons in which to enslave their people. If the foods and seed we sent to foreign lands actually reached the starving masses by now they would be well on their way to self substantionality. Instead now America like the United Kingdom has only given the foreign powers means to bankrupt our own citizens.

    • Bob

      My understanding of using corn for fuel is not a good idea. 1st of all, the government , which has no money to spare, has to prop the ethanol program up to the tune of billions of dollars ( more than a dollar a gallon ). My cars get 3 to 4 mpg less when burning gas mixed with ethanol compared to pure gas. My motorcycle mechanics say it is bad for my bike and I should add an additive to every tank that I use ethanol . My dairy farmer friends say it is driving them toward bankruptcy because the corn prices have sky rocketed since the corn is now in demand for fuel and they still need to feed the cows with the high priced corn. If you have thousands of acres of land, a dairy farmer could raise enough corn to feed his herd but that is not possible in small farms.
      So bottom line is : 1- Ethanol can’t stand on it’s own (government must prop it up) 2-Ethanol is ruining dairy farms. 3-Ethanol is bad for engines 4-Ethanol takes more fuel to go the same distance than pure gas ( so it doesn’t save us from burning pure gas and that is the purpose that is being pursued ).
      Perry must check the facts and stick to what is best for the country , not just those who are making a lot of money from the rest of us taxpayers supporting a wacky idea.

      • Tracy

        Bob over looked a couple of things.
        Bob is right about fewer miles to the gallon; ethanol gets 20% fewer miles per-gallon.
        5) It takes the equivalent energy of 1-gallon of gas to produce 5-gallons of gas, for ethanol it takes the energy equivalent of 1-gallon of ethanol to produce 1-gallon of ethanol.
        6) In order to profit from the subsidies, farmers have been destroying habitat that would not have been worth farming without the subsidies.
        For more negative consequences visit the Cato Institute website.

      • Bill

        Further …. it takes more energy to produce Ethanol than the result. Makes no economic or strategic sense.

      • http://coservative Denise

        I couldn’t agree more! Stop burning our food supply, and stop sending our wheat supply to places like Egypt and Jorden. Soon we will be starving here in America, while Obama is busy feeding the muslim countrries who hate us. Is there anyone in our government willing to call treason by its name? I’m so tired of everyone saying, that Obama just dosen’t get it. He gets it all right, and he’s damned good at it! Call it by it’s name; TREASON!

        • shar

          You are so right let take of us first and stop sending everything over seas. Obama is just wants to help the MUSLIM.

        • Be1234

          Right on target!!!

        • Sonja

          Isn’t that the truth, our country HAS TO GET RID OF OBAMA, QUICKLY.

          • WASP

            I’ll buy that. Turn Obumbler and his socialist-communist friends into fuel.

        • http://googlechrome David

          I started growing my own edible corn since it costs so much in a store. But a small plot that I have only has about 100 plants and I’ll eat 4 ears per sitting. Now with the cost of fuel, seed and fertilizer so much higher than it used to be, raising a small plot costs more that buying it somewhere. Then here comes osloba and wants corn for ethanol instead of food. Send his ass back to Kenya, Indonesia or where ever the hell he came from and put an American citizen in office.

      • gustyj


        • Wayne

          Another, Amen.

          • Steve from Mn

            Agree the guy has sold us out!

          • Robert Baird

            And yet……..another!!!!

      • frank miller

        thanks Bob, you are so correct. I think I remember that congress,
        before the last recess, canceled billions of $ for the upcoming subsidies for ethonol. some one correct me if I am wrong. at least I hope they did.
        ethonol is BAD for all engines and congress knows this.

        • Eddie G.

          Frank,I watched the dummies on C-Span argue over and again whether to cancel the subsidies or continue them. After their usual gasbag speeches they voted to continue the subsidies. This was after they were told time and again the ethanol subsidies were a boondoggle. The bastards just couldn’t let go of that useless spending.

      • Thomas Conway

        Perry? Forget perry. He is just regurgitating whatever catchphrases is going to get him the best public response while not trampling his Texas image. You can’t trust him. He only follows through half the time or less on his political promises. You want cheaper gas and corn related products and dairy? Educate yourself on Ron Paul – he’s going to do away or limit the EPA and get rid of the whole ethanol debacle while allowing drilling and refinement here in the US! Go Ron Paul!

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        With CORN the new cash crop! WHEAT took a hit, and the donut was made smaller because the WHEAT (in short supply) now is costing 3x more then it did pre Ethanol! The energy used to provide the fertalizer and to refine the corn into ETHANOL must be calculated into the ADM, CONAGRA, US Goverments fleasing of the US TAX PAYER!

      • George Houchens

        And add one additional fact. Much of the ethanol production being subsidized by our government is being shipped to Europe by the producers, because they can sell it for a higher price over there. I have heard that over 80% of our ethanol production is shipped overseas. How does that accomplish energy independence in the USA? It doesn’t!!!

      • Brenda

        agree totally w/Bob. We raise beef cattle and we used to feed them corn mixed w/alfalfa & corn silage, but had to quit because of price of corn. We have enough acres to grow barley & oats in place of buying corn, so we do. Makes even more work for us but you gotta do what you gotta do.

      • Barbc

        Ethanol is corrosive to the engine. I have a 1960’s Massey riding lawn mower. There is one gas station that sells 100% gas fuel. I go there to buy fuel for the mower. It is that or ruin a good machine.
        It takes an gallon of gas to produce a gallon of ethanol. This just doubled the price of fuel in our cars.
        Petroleum is used to make synthetic materials; shoes, tires, nylon, rayon, etc., paint for cars, houses, all your man made materials. You should look at the product label on everything you buy. You would be surprised.
        If we stopped having access to these materials and had to used exclusively natural products; how many people would be screaming how unfair this is. Linen, cotton, silk, wool, leather, wood, metals (bronze, tin, copper, brass, etc., all require smelting). Using coal, wood to fire the smelter to make these metals takes a lot of time.
        The cost of food went up because corn syrup is used extensively.
        I feel for the farmers because many of them do live on the edge. However, if they were allowed and educated to grow a greater variety of products they would succeed.
        The other problem is they invest as much as $100,000 dollars in equipment. They can not afford to change out their machinery. The manufacturers have built in obsolescence. The owner can buy parts the first five years. After that the farmer either cannibalizes other equipment or buys a new replacement. The farmer is caught between a rock and a hard spot. The government created this dependance and now the farmer is afraid of loosing the income. This is a way of life, their home, and their job. If he looses, he looses everything, not just a part of his existence.
        My dad farmed his entire life. This was his job to grow food to feed people. It is what he wanted to do. He had to play ball with the government, quotes, restrictions or he could not sell his wheat. And there were other penalties. He hated it but — and would have preferred the government to butt out, which has not yet happened. Farmers tend to be an independent group but they have been backed into a corner.
        The small family farm has to compete with monoliths that get billions in tax payer money. The corporations make a profit and still they receive millions in tax money. New commentator Sam Donaldson is a prime example.

      • Robert M.


    • Tommie E Evans

      I will be happy to share, I think 1 bushel of corn for 1 barrell of oil is fair. If not let them eat sand and drink oil

    • liz

      I agree, it is not a good source of fuel and too expensive to produce, when we have a great supply of oil here and gas there is no need to join opec and buy there damm fuel at there damm prices. I say develop our own sources, cut taxes to business, bring production back to the USA, or we will surely be under the bus in 2012. Recind the 16th amendment, incorporate the fairtax, not a flat tax.

      • Jack

        Liz…if you do your due diligence you will find that the SCOTUS ruled that the 16th amendment gave the Congress no new powers to tax anybody. There is an excellent book on the subject called “The Law That Never Was” by Bill Benson. Bill took it upon himself to travel to all of the states and research their archives on the ratification of this amendment by 2/3rd of the states. He has documentation to prove that this amendment was never properly ratified and merely rammed through illegally just like the Federal Reserve Act. BOTH the FED and the IRS are illegal and unConstitutional and need to be eliminated. We dont NEED an income tax to begin with. What we NEED is a small, compact central governement that lives within their means and doesnt have EXCESS funds with which to EMPIRE BUILD and give away to bribe other countries.

    • Goodforall

      The whole ethanol thing has been a joke and has done nothing but line the pockets of a few and has driven up grocery prices astronomically. It does a lot of harm to small engines and uses over 40% of our corn crop to produce. I hope Perry can do away with it’s manufacturing so we can get back to normal.

    • Sal

      Why should we be the ones to “feed The world”? We don’t have a pot to pis in right now!

    • T. Stevens

      Good idea!! Let’s feed all of the third world a$$holes, strengthen them up so that they can kick our a$$ when the Jew sends our troops to their country for our next military adventure to protect and serve “God’s Chosen People”.

    • Michael May

      Ken, America shares too much, but given your views please share your wealth with me. I have been out of work for 2 years. I get a temp job once a year through a temp agency. No unempolyment for me but……….since you feel so generous please share your wealth with me. Yes that is right based are your opinion. So put your money where your mouth is. BTW I like my corn on the cob to. America produces 60% of the corn that feeds the other countries of this planet.

    • Joe DeVet

      I’ve long been wary about Iowa, where the primary votes have about 100 times the power of primary votes elsewhere simply because they are first. The result is that candidates who should know better than to support the corn-to-ethanol boondoggle, which can never make economic sense, still have to support it or get creamed in the primary. Hooray for Rick Perry if he refuses to continue this sick, toxic game.

      Corn-ethanol requires just about as much energy to plow, plant, fertilize, harvest, and process as the final product has. Thus, with no net energy produced, ethanol is added to our gasoline without actually relieving our dependence on fossil fuels, or contributing to the environment, or doing anything but costing us more tax dollars to subsidize this boondoggle for political gain for big-government interests. It also, of course, ensures that poor people around the world must pay more money for their food. Time to call the questionon this terrible, misleading waste.

    • Starbuck777

      Ethanol gives you 20% less MPG than gasoline. Lets eat the corn and do more drilling.

    • Bill Codner

      Please don’t give me that liberal, guilty, middle American syndrome of not doing enough for the rest of the world. I like my grits but
      I can eliminate ethanol for some great reasons not mentioned here.
      1). Growing too much corn is wasting away vital top soil, nutrients in the ground. Top soil near the rivers is washing down the rivers to the
      to the Mississippi River basin and along with nitrates, ruining the eco system in the gulf. There is already a huge dead zone from it.
      2). Every gallon of Ethanol is costing Americans around 3.50 a gallon in subsidies, above and beyond what is paid for at the pump.
      3). Ethanol is costing us increased prices in feed and edible corn for ourselves and our livestock, raising the price of all meats.
      4). If the midwest farmer can be convinced to grow too much corn, he can be convinced to grow something else that is vital to our
      country and to our export selections.
      5). Ethanol is a polluter since it takes far more fuel to reach a destination increasing the expulsions of vehicles, lawn mowers,
      boats, motorcycles, mopeds, whatever.
      6). Ethanol has caused damage in countless boat engines in America today as well as lawn mowers and other 2 cycle engines.

      Rick Perry is so right in trying to rid this country of a mtyh, that ethanol is a fuel standard we should strive for. It’s just another
      liberal, commie, environmental wacko idea that should be eliminated!

    • James Andrews

      Your right Dave….also, ethanol is BAD for our engines-burns up the gaskets and rings quicker.

      • Barbc

        Ethanol is alcohol based and it deteriorates gaskets and other soft parts. Gas has just a little oil that lubricates and moistens thereby extending the life of the gasket.
        Alcohol is a drying agent. So why is it used in so many cosmetics? It is an astringent. Is this why a person who drinks to much is so thirsty the next day. lol

        • Robert M.

          The agricultural run-off is making huge dead zones in the gulf and for what, To subsidize a business that does NO GOOD, but only Waste Millions of Bushels of perfectly good food. The surprising part to me is that the Farmers and ranchers, the supposed conscience of the country, the grass roots of America, are a totally complicit part of the scam. Selling out for a few pesos a bushel.

          • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

            Don’t blame farmers in general. It is the Mega-Farms run by greedy corporation managers that are recipients of the subsidies, not most of the small farmers. Some of our congressmen (who are definitely NOT farmers) own farms that are getting subsidies.

          • USAF VET

            Here we go with another conspiracy theory. What agricultural runoff and deadzones in the Gulf are you theroizing about?

    • Los

      Mister get an education == I hear your gripe but the United States gives more in aid to foreign countries than any other nation on the planet. In past decades this aid was called CHARITY — Now it called ENTITLEMENTS ___ Why should my nation provide charity to nations that wish to undermine the USA? And why expend our resources and manpower to feed the world? You are saying that every other nation are idiots and do not know how to manage a few plants growing on their own territory? NO doubt they dont be USA is not the caretaker of the world. We “SHOULD” ease up on our Charity not provide more!!

      • Garx69

        In case you missed it we just gave $900,000 to feed the North Koreans,
        I find it sad that China and Russia can sell them weapons but don’t want to feed them. Last time I checked they are one of our many enemies.

        • Jack

          Yeah, it just never ends. Obama KNOWS damn well that we are BANKRUPT and he just keeps on spending like there is no tommorrow. Kind of reminds me of a person that writes hot checks and just keeps one step ahead of the law. He just gave billions to south Africa to feed his fellow Kenyans. And trillions to Brazil and Mexico to invest in THEIR offshore oil fields? Common Obama…if this isnt SABATOGE…what do you call it?

      • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

        Charity is when I compassionately help someone in need. Socialistic THEFT is what the government engages in, taking without my consent to give to people whom I do not endorse.

        • R. Cook

          Bi partisan compromise = When the RINOs and Democrats agree to slightly remove their fondling right hands from each other’s front pockets so they can reach further with their left to fleece the public.

        • Jack

          Theres a quick way to solve this problem, Joe. Everybody stop filing 1040’s next year and withhold your money. It is illegal to begin with and beside that, it written in the Constitution (that I still happen to futiley believe in) that we have the legal right to withhold our money if we feel that the government is not doing what we elect them to do. WHY has almost everyone overlooked this important point. WE are a nation of weenies and AFRAID of the governement we implemented. There is very strong language in the Constitution that deals with this problem and sets out very specific remedies and safeguards. Let us return to the RULE OF LAW and demand our God given rights!!!

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      These farmers epitomize the selfishness and disregard for Average Americans! Corn is a staple to help provide a cost effective food source for us, as usual government has seduced usually good folks with promises of wealth, it’s too bad these farmers do not think of the bigger picture, that of the rest of American workers who refuse the government tit!

      • Thomas

        90 plus % of everything in your grocery store has some form of corn in it. If you really want to lower fuel cost (which add to our food cost) do away with the ethanol in fuel ( which has not shown to either reduce fuel cost or milage in our cars and trucks) you will automatically see lower fuel and food cost. Don’t belive it do some research.

        • Lois

          I’d rather see corn in the gas tank, than on our hips. Corn is an acid food, and eating too much of it, causes an imbalance in the PH balance of our bodies…causing disease. Some kind of corn product is in all our food, can cause sugar problems, such as diabetes. Eating corn at times, by some people may be alright, but for others, no. I must say I LOVE corn, but corn doesn’t like me. Again, corn in the tank sounds reasonable.

          • Bruno Boccagalupe

            Lois, You’re just eating too much! All things in moderation. If you cannot eat corn ..DON’T. there are other things that will love you.

    • Windrinker

      I don’t have any aspirations to feed the world! Let them labor in their own fields and grow their groceries…. Many of these countries, the people just lay around and wait for someone to send them money. When it doesn’t come, they end up on a TV news show, looking pathetic or being violent! “Give a man a fish and it will feed him for a day…Teach him “how-to-fish” and it will feed him for a lifetime.” But, these kinds of people don’t want to work.

      Oh, yes, lets not forget that all these people are really good at doing one thing, that is “producing kids, they can’t feed.” I guess you can say that I am, basically, tired of people that want other people to take them to raise… all the countries. Look at Greece. They want to retire at 55 years old…. All around the world, people are mad because they want to know, “Where is my free money?”

      As for ethanol, the taxpayers have to subsudize this business or it won’t fly! The gas is not good for the cars and it gets less gas mileage. That is why they have to post signs on their pumps that their gas has 10% ethanol. Taxpayers pay more for an inferior product! Then, ethanol raises the price of all our food, livestock food, and many other products! I don’t see any “up side” to ethanol….except everyone that has something to sell is charging more, and our fuel efficiency is decreased!

      • Windrinker

        This is in response to Kenneth….because he wants American to, “be more giving!” (Like we are not already giving away more money than all other countries combined!)

        • Wayne

          Could all this give a way to these other nations be part of the reason the United States is currently$15 trillion dollars in debt? Anyone who says we need to do more does not know what they are talking about. This is why this country is creating folks that become dependent on us for their very existance. Do you realize that our government is using taxpayers money in helping to rebuild old Muslim Mosque. This is a fact, folks. You most likely could google this and get this information. Every man, woman and child owes around $45,000 on the Federal Debt which is increasing every day. The debt is growing like a snowball rolling down hill getting bigger. Soon wse will owe more interest on the Federal Debt and there will not be any mney applied to the principal. Please don’t assume that the Congress you vote for will be looking out for your interest. Most of them are only looking out for their own interest, not yours. Know who you are voting for. Even after you vote you Congress person in office watch to see how that are voting. I am one person who is sick of the Democratic Socialist in Congress who are turning this country nto a 3rd world country. Anyone who thinks this isn’t happening is just plain nuts. Vote the Muslim Communist and his Democratic Socialist Zombies out of office. When you vote the newone in, watch them like a hawk would watch a chicken.

    • Rick

      Take A long look…they do feed the world and Im sure they will gladly let you direct deposit to them if you feel the need.
      The corn used for ethanol can easily be the corn that get dumped into the ocean every year and not disrupt a thing.

    • http://PatriatNews Ken

      Right on Ken And besides feeding the hungry & animals it takes almoxt TWO gallons of oil to produce ONE of corn ethanol!! Brasil has it right using brush sugar cane. Maybe the producers could look at other source material.

      • Jack

        That is a spot on point Ken. Biofuels can be produced out of most any kind of plant materials including the plant trash that we fill our landfills with and/or incinerate. I talked to a sales rep from Iowa that sells to the farm industry and he says that the ethanol coops have managed to build five to six times more ethanol plants than can be supplied. It is a subsidized, EASY business and the farmers are buying into it because it makes their life easier and puts more money in their pockets. I say let the free market operate without government intervention and the problem will take care of itself. Greed feeds on itself and will, eventually, self destruct.

    • John

      A more sharing country? Where have you been for the last 50+ years?


      How do you spell NIMBY or in this case my wallet dictates my agenda.
      Corn at over $6. a bushel somebody is getting very rich.

      Ethanol sux. 10% drops my gas mileage 5 mpg. I can buy non ethanol gas at the station by the water. Outoard motors are destroyed by the inefficient burn. This is such bullshit. I have to drive, don’t have mass transit. politicians still vacillating the need for the “METRO”. I mess with the nmbers by driving once a week as needed. I could buy a Prius get the GUVMINT susbidy and then I do the math. At $5. a gallon I can fill my tank for 3 years. The $7500 subsidy you “GET” for buying one is coming out of your pocket numbnuts. Nothing the guvmint does benefits you, deal with it.

    • Nonnie

      Not good for the vehicles anyhow!

    • Amos Moses

      Corn should be eaten and not be put in gasoline. It’s bad for our equiptment. As far as sharing with the world. We should sell our corn to them at double the price if they hate us. Most of the countries. do. Also, we have many Seniors and just plain ole American families that are hungry and need food. We tend to feed the world and let our own go without. We need to end Foreign Aid to ALL countries. Too many Bleeding Heart Dumoncrats in Washington to suit me. Fire em all and start over!

    • john

      Love what you say Gary and Dave. Our governments generosity for the overseas bunch is finally SUCKING. They got oil wells, letem drill for water and irrigate the dessert and grow their own food. We need to drill and not let the Green’s group burn any gass. That way they won’t be responsible for the green house gsses.
      The people of the middle east are beganning to eat as we do, getting heart disease, obesity and diabetates,etc.

    • Marilynn Reeves

      I agree corn is for eating not for gas tanks.

      • Jack

        The HIDDEN corn product is the HUGE high fructose corn syrup sweetener industry. Besides food and animal feed, this stuff is being used as a cheap substitute for natural sugar for many food products that we use everyday (check your labels) and the ethanol industry is helping to drive up the prices. It, like ethanol, has been proven over and over to be extremely harmful to our bodies and, truth be know, is probably contributing to the diabetes problem that is prevalent in this country. Another EASY way to make money for the farmers. Good for business…bad for humans.

    • AppyH

      Agreed, the price of grain has put small farmers in a bind and some out of the farming business all together. Since there are grasses that produce better volumns of fuel per acre and cost nothing to grow and since they are not a food source and since these grass’s can grow from Ok. to Minn…and help all farmers we should have gone that way. However, then the Iowa vote may have gone somewhere else..Political is not practical..

      • Jack

        Yes..AppyH…and one of the very best products to produce biofuels was outlawed in this country by some ignorant politician years ago…that of HEMP. Farmers should be allowed to grow HEMP again as it is an excellent, all around product that has many uses such as oils, nutritious edable seeds, fabric, etc. I’m surprized the states have not rebelled and starting growing again in spite of the USDA rules. It has a low water demand and is easy to grow. Many people are under the false impression that HEMP is marijuana. Hemp IS a member of the cannabis family but a different species. THAT is how the politicians SCARED the general public into accepting that HEMP should be outlawed. It is pure crap just like all the rest of the crap they try and throw at us. Git a rope!!!!

    • Cathy Stewart

      The problem with ethanol is that it makes your car guzzle more gas because it doesn’t get as good of gas mileage as it got before the ethanol. My car is getting three to four miles per gallon less since this ethanol deal. How does that help with the environment, our pockets or conservation of fuel? Maybe it helps the corn growers but I think that they weren’t doing too bad before this ridiculous idea of corn in the tank.

    • richbrat

      There is SO MUCH more to this issue than discussed in the media or blogs, people who never
      get beyond simplistic explanations and solutions; and while simple is good, so is truth. Let me
      address a few:

      First, I agree with other posters, that corn should be for the eating, not fueling one’s vehicles. It
      may peeve a few to say this, but it’s hard to get a person off of the government dole, once
      addicted; that goes for farmers, as well as welfare recipients, both are receiving “entitlements”
      (which I actually approve of, more than giving trillions of USD away to the Federal Reserve for
      cost of paper & ink, and then BORROWING IT BACK at face value, but that’s another subject…)

      Oil can be got from algae, a lot faster and less cost than corn. Imagine sea water canals/pipe-
      lines bringing water into arid regions where it’s evaporated under enclosed domes for its salt, the
      fresh water collected, used for algae growth. the glass should be cheap to produce in the desert,
      plenty of raw material (silica/sand) and sun power to be focused through big fresnel lenses (like
      in older big-screen TV’s) and solar concentrators (mirrors) to heat glass furnaces. Use solar where
      nature provides the sun, I could send you plans… But someone needs to invest, and there’s the
      rub, because rich-brats demonstrate not too much long-term vision or love of humanity. (My handle
      is to mock them.)

      There’s more oil under Gull Island, off coast of Alaska, than all of Saudi Arabia. A lot more
      discovered under the National Parks, even the Great Lakes (hopefully they will never drill for it
      there, where you’ll find 1/5th of the world’s fresh water.) America has enough oil, it’s simply
      government policy not to inform the American public and not to drill for it, we’re using up the
      rest of the world’s first. (There are theories it’s produced underground, a lot of oil is REALLY
      deep, much deeper than fossils, how to explain that? …but the pressures are so great, makes
      it very hazardous to drill and contain, the gulf spill was just an example, there are even higher
      pressures, the oil companies are aware.

      This pegging the dollar to oil was done by Kissinger, that traitor, who made US addicted to
      foreign oil, and the government addicted to the customs duties and excise taxes it collects
      from those imports, because without them, the government would be REALLY broke (even
      more so.)

      We used to make, and could do it again, oil & fuel, from hemp. It was America’s number one
      cash crop for over 100 years, millions of acres of wild “grass” covering America. Could current
      drug laws be a back-door protection for the petroleum industry? do the research, you’ll be

      There are alternative energy methods, far better than solar or wind, unlimited power on demand,
      enough to power star-ships, that have been suppressed over 100 years, by the fossil, nuclear
      power industries, and their holding company owners. And there has been collusion between the
      fuel makers and automobile industries, and their refusal to give US higher MPG vehicles is what
      shot themselves in the foot and cost them the market, but they foulnd a way to cut costs and
      maintain profits by moving to Mexico and communist Red China, “where the slaves are.”So when
      the CEO’s talk about free trade and such, realize they’re talking about their own freedom, NOT
      YOURS! So much of economics is about protectionist rackets, not free enterprise, and that’s
      the one fact they absolutely NEVER discuss on the nightly news, because it would mean that
      high-level thugs ran the world, and that was true even before Obama! Farmers don’t have much
      clout, but lobbying for one’s subsidy is not the answer, try growing something else. Last I
      checked, red ginseng and golden-seal herb were selling for over $100./lb., plenty of money in
      growing herbs. Yes, change is difficult, market forces (rich brats moving money, not just politicians,
      do force us out of our comfort zones); it’s easy to sink into what we know, and demand our right to
      stay there, but life is for learning, if nothing else.

    • richbrat

      There is SO MUCH more to this issue than discussed in the media or
      blogs, people who never get beyond simplistic explanations and solutions;
      and while simple is good, so is truth. Let me address a few:

      First, I agree with other posters, that corn should be for the eating, not
      fueling one’s vehicles. It may peeve a few to say this, but it’s hard to get a
      person off of the government dole, once addicted; that goes for farmers, as
      well as welfare recipients, both are receiving “entitlements” (which I actually
      approve of, more than giving trillions of USD away to the Federal Reserve for
      cost of paper & ink, and then BORROWING IT BACK at face value, but that’s
      another subject…)

      Oil can be got from algae, a lot faster and less cost than corn. Imagine sea
      water canals/pipe-lines bringing water into arid regions where it’s evaporated
      under enclosed domes for its salt, the fresh water collected, used for algae
      growth. the glass should be cheap to produce in the desert, plenty of raw
      material (silica/sand) and sun power to be focused through big fresnel lenses
      (like in older big-screen TV’s) and solar concentrators (mirrors) to heat glass
      furnaces. Use solar where nature provides the sun, the arabs should, I could
      send you plans… But someone needs to invest, and there’s the rub, because
      rich-brats demonstrate not too much long-term vision or love of humanity. (My
      handle is to mock them.)

      There’s more oil under Gull Island, off coast of Alaska, than all of Saudi Arabia.
      A lot more discovered under the National Parks, even the Great Lakes (hopefully
      they will never drill for it there, where you’ll find 1/5th of the world’s fresh water.
      People with limited knowledge and big egos do a LOT of damage, by not working
      WITH …nature.)

      No, I DON’T believe in human causes of global warming. Is global warming
      happening? Maybe. History shows it’s probably cyclical, before God or super-
      volcanoes bomb US back to the stone-age or another ice-age, but I digress…

      America has enough oil, it’s simply government policy not to inform the American
      public and not to drill for it, we’re using up the rest of the world’s first. (There are
      theories it’s produced underground, a lot of oil is REALLY deep, much deeper than
      fossils, how to explain that? …but the pressures are so great, makes it very
      hazardous to drill and contain, the gulf spill was just an example, there are even
      higher pressures, the oil companies are aware.

      This pegging the dollar to oil was done by Kissinger, that traitor, who made US
      addicted to foreign oil, and the government addicted to the customs duties and
      excise taxes it collects from those imports, because without them, the government
      would be REALLY broke (even more so) although we all need to realize the debt is
      merely an illusion, a bogus invoice, that a declared year of Jubilee, national or
      globally, would wipe it out. Can I get an Amen?

      We used to make, and could do it again, oil & fuel, from hemp. It was America’s
      number one cash crop for over 100 years, millions of acres of wild “grass” covering
      America. Could current drug laws be a back-door protection for the petroleum industry?
      Do the research, you’ll be surprised.

      There are alternative energy methods, far better than solar or wind, unlimited power
      on demand, enough to power star-ships, that have been suppressed over 100 years,
      by the fossil, nuclear power industries, and their holding company owners. And there
      has been collusion between the fuel makers and automobile industries, and their
      refusal to give US higher MPG vehicles is what shot themselves in the foot and
      cost them the market, but they still found ways to cut costs and maintain profits
      by moving to Mexico and communist Red China, “where the slaves are.”So when
      the CEO’s talk about free trade and such, realize they’re talking about their own
      freedom, NOT YOURS! So much of economics is about protectionist rackets, not
      free enterprise, and that’s the one fact they absolutely NEVER discuss on the
      nightly news, because it would mean that high-level thugs ran the world, and that
      was true even before Obama! Farmers don’t have much clout, but lobbying for one’s
      subsidy is not the answer, try growing something else. Last I checked, red ginseng
      and goldenseal herb were selling for over $100./lb., plenty of money in growing herbs.
      Yes, change is difficult, it’s easy to sink into what we know, and demand our right to
      stay there, but life is for learning, if nothing else.

    • Yogi

      So many of the posts here concerning ethanol are restatements of incorrect information gleaned from other internet sites: i.e., old wives tales.

      The way it really is:
      1. Humans eat sweet corn. Ethanol is made from field corn.
      2. We currently have a surplus of field corn in the U.S.
      3. Field corn is about 20% starch plus oil, protein, fiber, and minerals.
      4. Ethanol is produced by converting only the starch component to fermentable sugar that is turn converted to ethanol by fermentation.
      5. The remaining oil, protein, fiber and minerals (distillers grains) are fed to cattle.
      6. Carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is collected and used for growing lettuce, etc. (ADM) and producing carbonated drinks (soda pop).
      7. Water used in the production process (sweet water) is reused.
      8. Early claims that ethanol contains less energy than it takes to produce have been proven false by real scientists….not internet wantabees.
      9. Ethanol is not a dirty fuel. The reaction products are water vapor and carbon dioxide.
      10. The bulk of Ethanol production is used as a safe replacement for methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) in gasolene where an oxygenator additive is required by law.
      11. The Model T Ford was powered by ethanol as are today’s Indy Race Cars.
      12. E-10 (90%Gasoline will not damage small engines. Briggs & Stratton Co. and other small engine manufacturers have actually petitioned the government to ensure that E-10 will remain available. They would have to modify their engine design to use high levels of ethanol. Something they could do.

      I agree with the posts here that question the need for subsidies for corn or ethanol. But, please do not let the politics of subsidies cloud the benefits of ethanol.

    • Kay

      If the Monsanto Corporation and the government would get out of the way, these farmers could grow enough corn to feed the world and produce ethanol. However, it’s not cost-effective for these farmers to grow cost-effective produce since both the government and Monsanto won’t allow them to reseed. They are being forced to purchase genetically engineered seeds every year because the crops do not produce new seeds for the next crop. Creepy.

    • Mike S.

      Feed the world? Bullshit! How about feeding ourselves first! We have enough PARAMOUNT issues in THIS country and THEN some!

    • Roy Acryin

      I agree! Reducing our (the world’s) food supply to inefficiently burn up as fuel is insane! And now we learn it pollutes as bad as oil products, and ruins combustion engines. Ethanol subsides are just a political activity, now! Go after our own (and Canada’s) oil and natural gas, and we can tell OPEC to go to hell, and charge them a $1000 per bushel of corn!

    • Robert from Texas

      That’s fine if they would pay for it!!

    • Michael

      No matter what the farmers in Iowa say, ethanol is a total waste of good corn. It dilutes the gasoline, rots certain rubber connections in the fuel system and delivers less power and lower gas mileage. The only thing it is good for is so Congress can tell uninformed farmers what a wonderful thing they (the federal gov’t) are doing for them. Take all that corn and turn it into bourbon and enjoy.

      • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

        “Take all that corn and turn it into bourbon and enjoy.” I’ll drink to that!

      • Think

        Not true, you may want to be more informed before commenting.

    • Sharon

      I agree, especially with the economy as it is. The weather has been so bad all across the nation and we are going to see a shortage in the corn product. And everything has corn of some kind in it.

    • Think

      You have a common misconception I once had too. Ethanol is not made from consumable corn, so it does not drive up the price of corn on the cob. The biggest cost of corn is transporting it. So oil will have far greater affect on corn prices than ethanol for a very long time if not forever.

    • Jstarusa

      Agree! Corn is too valuable a food product to be wasted in fuel additive for meager results.

    • Bonnye Dean

      Right! Corn is our food, not to drive with. Stop this ridiculous practice of using food that we in the U.S. need to eat, besides some we send to other parts of the world to hungry people, instead of wasting it in the gasoline. We just need to do more drilling for oil.

    • http://ConservativeByte Rhoda141

      I feel the same way.

    • fothergillgirl

      You are so right! My sister, a chemical engineer, says that creating ethanol is incredibly cost prohibitive. Look at what will happen to the prices of any corn based product! It might work if the government would QUIT paying farmers NOT to farm! A couple in my home state of Texas get $500,000 a year NOT to farm their land. Is this anything but big government stupidity????

    • Jeff

      The fuel will not be as efficient is first problem. Second problem is as farming goes it is unpredictable. Many diseases drought flooded out crop froze. And how much corn do you think it will take to supply our needs. I do not begrudge farmers for wanting the corn mandate. But how many people do you think this will benefit. I think it will hit more in the pocket book for their food than now. How many things you eat have corn syrup or byproducts. Hydrogen is a much better option but I heard BMW had almost completed a car for production. Do you know what shut it down and why? The U.S. Government and why? Well they said to BMW that is was to explosive I guess because of the Hindenburg explosion. Guess they don’t know Gasoline is explosive as well. And there is hydrogen already under your hood it is expelled from the car battery. I wonder how much hydrogen is in an electric car. The reason BMW shut down the project is the U.S. is their largest market. Quite frankly since the volt is made by G.M ( Government Motors ) I wonder if that had anything to do with the United States decision to tell BMW they can not bring the Hydrogen car into the U.S. The engineers were here in California and A friend asked about this car. The engineers were very pissed at our government. Follow this link

      • Jack

        Jeff…there is a hydrogen technology that is safe and has been in existence in this country for about ten years. There are many vehicles including eighteen wheelers running around with hydrogen generators. They can be installed by the owner in about two hours and will extend your mileage anywhere from 25-50%. It also helps keep your engine clean and almost totally eliminates exhaust emissions. Search for Water4Gas and do your due diligence. It works and its too simple…THATS the reason you wont see it on the MSM or from the government. The right people have to be paid off for anything to happen.

    • Timothy L. Singleton

      I agree. Ethanol is a bad fuel. It is hard on a cars system and produces less heat and requires more fuel to go the same distance.

      Gasohol is a bad idea, always has been. Even synthetic crude made from coal is better.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      These selfish farmers are no better than the millions of generational welfare thieves! So much for the myth of the great independent patriotic farmer!

    • Fungusamoungus

      I had dealings with the ethonal industry for years. I can tell you one thing, it takes more energy and cost more to produce ethonal than its worth to the tax payers. Think about this, you get more miles per gallon of gasoline without it. We end up using more oil to produce the difference. On top of this, the farmers are subsidized for the corn and the ethonal plants are subsidized. It’s another ripoff of our elected politicians.

    • don

      I agree with your statement that corn should not be used for ethanol. It is driving up the costs of where the corn use to go (animal feed, etc.) It is another government subsidy, which means it is a bad idea to start with. Ethanol is a dirtier fuel than gas. But, your statement that “America should be a more sharing country, by feeding the world”, indicates your complete ignorance about the history of America assisting other countries. Are you also ignorant of the progressives and rinos who are determined to make this a third world country incapable of even helping ourselves? Are you someone who did not mind the democratic party forcing banks to allow people to buy houses they could not possibly pay for, causing the beginning of the economic collapse? In the middle of a depression-recession do you really want “a more sharing country”?

    • Mike

      It is a proven fact that ethanol gasoline ruins all lawn equipment, and old cars with carburators. It disolves the rubber parts, and gaskets. It is also a fact that ethanol get’s the average of about 7% less gas mileage in all automobile’s. It is a lose, lose propersition with less gas mileage, everything you bought to use in your yard needs constant repair, and the price of food goes up. The lobbyiest for the corn growers paid for ,and slipped this one right by us. I drive out of my way to purchase gas with no ethonal. There is a place in every county that sells gas without ethanol. You just have to find it. Screw the corn growers, and get rid of all government subsidies to these crooked tractor riders.

    • BUD


      • BUD


  • Larry Ogden

    To hell with those selfish rich Iowa dirt farmers !!!! Ethanol production has been proven to not be efficiant energy production !! The dirt farmers just want to get richer at the country’s expense !! Thats a fact !!

  • Vince

    Kenneth…could agree with you more…less power, not as good gas mileage…I always search for ethanol FREE stations especially for Harley & 370Z.

  • kathi

    Ethanol is now the bane of the environmentalist. Who claim it does more harm to the environment than regular fuel. Now the farmers have found themselves their alleged cash cow and don’t want to give it up. Selfish yes, but once again if the federal gov’t would have stayed out of all this with their stinking regulations we wouldn’t even be discussing this. And the new cars that are going to run on this are going to be the devil themselves in the very near future when the dumb as- liberals realize that it is doing more harm than good. As usual, no common sense, no thinking out of the consequences just lie and jump in head first. head first into the shallow end of the pool. Must be where they get all their brain damaged ideas.

    • Judith Gibbs

      Agree w/you Kathi, well put!
      FYI kenneth k.: I’m busy trying to feed people in this country by donating as much as I can to my area food banks that are low in food due to the economy & lack of jobs. So many of the usual donations have dwindled due to parent(s) loss of jobs then have to turn to the food banks for help in feeding their children, two fold problem. Even though on a fixed income, always donated to all third world countries charities, now need to help my own country’s citizens.

    • Jim Laubscher

      If the prices of grain were not controlled by by a small group of companies ( ADM, Cargill, etc.) the farmers could get a fair price. Commodities should fluctuate with the printing of money as do precious metals. I’m firmly convinced that the bozos running our country into the ground have known for years exactly what they are doing.

      • E.A. Mayberry III

        I certainly agree, with you. But we need to think about this: What if we knew the WHOLE truth? Wouldn’t that bring Carl Rowe back a few years in his decision making? It seems to always backfire, like the Bob Lazano and the area 51 story. I really think we have reached a point in history where we will have to think on our own and read our TRUE history and get ready for the judgement day.

      • Los

        That is not a free market to me — those few companies have what is called a monopoly or similar on the cost of grain. Start your own and by pass these greedy bastards — I know several warehousemen and traffic managers who can store and transport your grain cheaper and faster than these big shotS Screw them!! Get ready to beat the big companies price and we’re in?

    • gustyj

      that last one have them jump head first in the shallow end of the pool is the best I have heard yet.

    • Wayne

      Kathi, you know what I think of the environmentalist, the hell with them. They drive cars and use energy the same as we do and then complaint about what it is doing to the environment. They are a buch of hyprocrits along with their leader, Al Gore.


        To: Wayne

        Al Gore got the idea for “Global Warming” from a movie I had also seen in 1961 called; “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” The fiction theme of the story was exactly about ‘Global Warming,’ for which, Al Gore thought up the scheme of frightening young children and the ignorant as a sure way of making millions of dollars with the help of “tobby” Michael Moore.

        Al Gore wouldn’t know the difference between the atmosphere from a stratosphere. Need I say more?

        USAF (RET

        • AppyH


          The Gore’s of the World who are nut bags are listened to and common sense is out the door. The progressive mentality is indroctrinated daily everywhere you look or listen. Drones R Us what they desire to be. I wonder where all the styrofoam ice blocks used to create the image of melting iceburgs are stored ? Maybe they are stored at the Gore villia that burns more electric than a small town.

          The sky is falling chicken little Gore has made millions on his lie, why stop now? Now Chicken little wants us to stop eating meat…maybe I will when he stops spreading manure.

        • Barbc

          Sort of remember that movie. Later there was a TV show with the same name. One fantastic submarine. I was a kid in the 60’s. So the global warming went over my head. I do remember so really cold winters. It was fiction so maybe that is why it was so unbelieved and spoofy.

          • ProudTEAbagger

            In the 60’s and early 70’s it was global cooling. then things started warming up so they it changed to global warming. Now that we’ve had some of the coldest winters in a very long time they changed the term to climate change to cover both sides of the spectrum. Well guess what lefties that is what the climate does be it the four seasons or over 50 years 100 years or a millenium!

        • Wayne

          I agree, MSGT John. He had certain people believing that for a long time. I think people are starting to see through that air bag. I have never believed in it.

        • Jack

          Dont forget John,,, that we are dealing with a GENIUS here…dont you remember….he also invented the INTERNET!!!

    • Think

      Get the feds out, I couldn’t agree more! However, what’s wrong with Ethanol?

    • Jstarusa

      “Must be where they get all their brain damaged ideas.” I think you have a good point there!

  • Doug

    I will not vote for any candidate who supports ethanol in our fuel!

  • imak4050

    Farmers had better get used to a world without subsidies.

    • Giancarlo Angelini

      Amen Brother, along with the rest of us, God, Family and Country first!!! :-)

    • grease2

      Talk to an auto shop and they will tell you how bad the corn is for your car as well as all the rest of the crap the government requires in extras [higher price] for your car.

    • Robert Whitney III

      imak4050,Always run your mouth when it is full of food the farmers grow!?

      • S. Doyle Yoder Sr

        I agree w/ imak4050, and I grow most of our own food. I say, “Get the government out of the subsidies all together, and let the local people help each other. “The little ant can bring down the giant rubber plant”

      • Roy

        Doesn’t the cost of fuel figure in your farming?
        Does your tractor run on ethanol?

        How about just letting the oil companies drill? Ruining our cars with that junk doesn’t make much sense to me.

      • Bob

        Dairy farmers are farmers too, and they hate having to pay the much much higher price to feed their herds. The only farmers that like the higher prices are the ones that don’t sell it for food.

        • AppyH

          Dairy Farmers are the big losers because of grain prices mainly. Hog growers and all farms that raise meat are hurt as well.

        • Jstarusa

          yes! that is a very good point.

      • http://n/a tedsmith

        We spend twice on repairs to small engine repair w/ ethanol fuels as we do with non ethanol. I’m in the farming business & have cattle
        To hell with treehuggers & the ethanol bull****, also use an original cliche other than”talking with your mouthfull”

      • Whackajig

        That food the farmers grow costs more and more due to the stupid things like adding ethanol to our gasoline.

        ethanol is a chitty fuel, way fewer MPG than gas

        ethanol burns much dirtier than gas

        ethanol destroys many of the gas line components in older vehicles

        ethanol is pure hell on the small engines like weedeaters, chinsaws, lawnmowers etc.

        Antique vehicles do not tolerate ethanol very well

        ethanol takes away billions of bushels of corn from food production

        ethanol production makes far less corn available for cows and hogs

        ethanol removes millions of acres of land from the production of other crops and grains, more corn for ethanol = less acres for wheat etc.

        ethanol is a poor storage item. Even in new cars, the storage life of ethanol is terrible. Ethanol is like a magnet for water, virtually sucking it from the air. Within weeks, the gasoline, water and ethanol will separate into distinct layers in the gas tank. Your engine will sick up whatever happens to be on the bottom. If that happens to be the water, it ain’t good for the car.

        I love the farmers, I have a wife who owns hundreds of acres of corn and beans in Illinois, and I have a step son who helps manage a company which farms 35,000 acres in Illinois. That said, dumb is dumb and ethanol is a dumb idea If you drink it , it will kill you.

        • CharlieSeattle

          Best factual post here! Thank You!

        • Rick

          ethanol all has been around for many years and is cheaper and thats why farmers went to it and made it. It can also be made from many different things, even wheat. You need to check how the cost basis of crops is determined and maintained. The Federal gov dumps millions of bushels into the sea every year to help maintain cost and demand. I dont feel it should be added to gas but rather be a stand alone to compete with gas for newer cars. Competition oh but feds gave the grants to big oil…hmmmm fishy?

          • Amos Moses

            They wouldn’t have to dump it if the Government didn’t buy this surplus corn. STOP ALL SUBSIDIES!

          • Robert M.

            The people who produced it for years, produced it for human consumption durring prohibition, another government debacle. They used to chase them all over the hills and put them in jail. Now, for the time being, they subsidize them until a better scam comes along and then the jails will be full again.

          • Jack

            Rick…havent you gleaned ANYTHING from the knowledgeagle folks on this blog? The last guy just gave you a long list of WHY it is not a cost effective product that does more damage than it does good. It is a very bad idea that will have far reaching effects until it is once again voted down by some group. The idea of biofuels is a good idea but using corn as a source is not. Biofuels can be produced out of almost any kind of waste biomass and/or cash crops like Hemp which our glorious leaders voted against years ago. We should be smart enough as a nation not to do anything to endanger our future food supply, Mother Nature will take care of that by herself. With the advent of freaky weather all over the globe, many countries, including the US are suffering huge crop loses and we had better pay attention before we have a global crisis.

        • greg

          the other part of adding ethanol is the burn rate
          I mean as in burn time, a diesel engine vs a fegular gas engine vs a premium fuel gas engine
          the btu and burn rate of fuel is the engineers priority for fuel management, ethanol is similar to alchahol in that it burns cooler than gasoline, so when you combine them you strip the base fuel of it’s design burn rate, basically you have corrupted your fuel which translates to loss of power and mileage, a no win situation, if you realy want to use ethanol use it straight and you can actually get power and mileage, but the price you will pay is damage to your fuel system and your engine
          seriously folks we are being led around with nose rings, a reciprocating gasoline engine dates it’s roots to a design from the late 1800’s of Rudolf Diesel, the name should tell you what, by the way it ran on vegetable oil, WWII was fought with piston powered aircraft after the war the converted to turbine power, a turbine engine is cleaner and will burn almost anything, wake up and tll these people to quit wasting your money and our resources, you ned to WRITE to your representatives or at least to your local newspaper, it;s great to write here but get involved and win our country back

        • AppyH

          I read that America for the first time in our history is now importing wheat.

        • Mel

          It’s not just antique cars it’s bad for. My car is a 2004 and my check engine light comes on every time I run fuel with 10% ethanol.

        • Think

          The most made up “facts” I’ve seen in a long time. Make up your own mind, but listening to somebody who wants to drink ethanol is not my idea of wisdom.

        •, Linda Brady Traynham

          Whackajig (which I suppose is something you got from an Irish folk song?), thanks for the interesting comments, particularly the one about marine gas. I was wondering…smart people here…anybody got an idea for a semipermeable membrane or something that would absorb ethanol but not gasoline?

      • Wayne

        Robert, what did Imak say that was so bad?

      • Robert Young

        Yeah Robert, the same food that fills the mouths of the farmers who receive Government money not to plant crops.

      • Joe

        Robert, What is your point? Keep the DC clowns finger in every pie? Don’t let the market work?

    • Tommie E Evans

      farmers would love a world without subsidys if the Government did not control the price at which they sell thier products. Of course you might not when loaf of bread is $6.00 and a galloin of milk is 12.00. Think about it, with a free market to farmers they will just hold grain till the price is what they need to make a decent living. YOU will be the one that pays

      • Tommie E Evans

        In case you dont really understand subsidys or cant do the math every dollar paid in subsidys saves the consumer 4.50 at the retail level.
        Adds up for me

    • ralph


    • John H

      Our illustrious government once practiced protectionism and refused to allow farmers to market their grains overseas creating a gluttony of product here in America, so much so that they couldn’t sell their product. Instead of opening overseas markets to exporting the Democratic Party decided to subsidize the farmers and pay them to not plant and allow their lands to return to nature or become pasture. They now have global access and there’s no excuse for those kind of subsidies. Mom and Pop farms are going out of business because they can’t compete with commercial corporate farming which has the support of the Commodities Market financiers. The cost of today’s equipment and resources are pricing the mom & pop out of business while the commercial farms are eating them alive. It’s a movement towards centralization and control of one of the most important resources on earth, our food. Our first line of defense, to me, would be the preservation of the small, independent farmer. If there are going to be subsidies for anybody, this is where I would want them to be and not towards growing ethanol but for growing groceries and increasing productivity to the point that they are more than just breaking even. “Break even” doesn’t build capital.

      As for growing ethanol, let them make a profit legitimately, brew more Jack Daniels and White Lightning.

      • Eddie G.

        That’s a great point John. Booze is more profitable than gasoline. A gallon of booze is way more expensive than a gallon of gas. Nuff said.

    • Amos Moses

      Your are so right. Farmers don’t need sudsidies and should not get them. I’m tired of people taking advantage of our TAX MONIES. Stop This Ethanol all together. We just don’t need it! THe distillers get money from the Government too for this stupid idea to use corn in gasoline. Give the Government and inch and they will take a mile. Thank God we have the Tea Party to keep these loons in order in Washington. We are not terrorist, Maggots, or any of the names they call us. TEA= Taxed Enough Allready. Remember that when you go to the POLLS. Chris Mathews, did you get a tingle down yourleg? NOT!

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    Subject: Fw: Alaska Airlines Ass Chewing

    Defiantly worth the short time!! Jack

    Do you remember the scene? The Senate. Barbara Boxer hearing from a Brigadier General? Silly General! He addresses Barbara as “Ma’m”, and she CORRECTS him, telling him she’s “worked SO hard to earn the title, “Senator”, so please use that when speaking to her.

    Get a load of this letter!

    Read the letter sent to Sen. Barbara Boxer from an Alaskan Airlines pilot below. Many of us witnessed the arrogance of Barbara Boxer on June 18, 2009 as she admonished Brigadier General Michael Walsh because he addressed her as “ma’am” and not “Senator” before a Senate hearing.

    This letter is from a National Guard aviator and Captain for Alaska Airlines named Jim Hill. I wonder what he would have said if he were really angry. Long fly Alaska !!!!!

    You were so right on when you scolded the general on TV for using the term, “ma’am,” instead of “Senator”. After all, in the military, “ma’am” is a term of respect when addressing a female of superior rank or position. The general was totally wrong. You are not a person of superior rank or position. You are a member of one of the world’s most corrupt organizations, the U.S. Senate, equaled only by the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Congress is a cesspool of liars, thieves, inside traders, traitors, drunks (one who killed a staffer, yet is still revered), criminals, and other low level swine who, as individuals (not all, but many), will do anything to enhance their lives, fortunes and power, all at the expense of the People of the United States and its Constitution, in order to be continually re-elected. Many democrats even want American troops killed by releasing photographs. How many of you could honestly say, “We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”? None? One? Two?

    Your reaction to the general shows several things. First is your abysmal ignorance of all things military. Your treatment of the general shows you to be an elitist of the worst kind. When the general entered the military (as most of us who served) he wrote the government a blank check, offering his life to protect your derriere, now safely and comfortably ensconced in a 20 thousand dollar leather chair, paid for by the general’s taxes. You repaid him for this by humiliating him in front of millions.

    Second is your puerile character, lack of sophistication, and arrogance, which borders on the hubristic. This display of brattish behavior shows you to be a virago, termagant, harridan, nag, scold or shrew, unfit for your position, regardless of the support of the unwashed, uneducated masses who have made California into the laughing stock of the nation.

    What I am writing, are the same thoughts countless millions of Americans have toward Congress, but who lack the energy, ability or time to convey them. Regardless of their thoughts, most realize that politicians are pretty much the same, and will vote for the one who will bring home the most bacon, even if they do consider how corrupt that person is. Lord Acton (1834 – 1902) so aptly charged, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Unbeknownst to you and your colleagues, “Mr. Power” has had his way with all of you, and we are all the worse for it.

    Finally Senator, I, too, have a title. It is “Right Wing Extremist Potential Terrorist Threat.” It is not of my choosing, but was given to me by your Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. And you were offended by “ma’am”?

    Have a fine day. Cheers!
    Jim Hill
    16808 – 103rd Avenue Court East
    South Hill , WA 98374

    If you care about the way our Country is heading, Please circulate this to remind every voter that the “cesspools” MUST be pumped out when we go to the polls in November, 2010

    • Giancarlo Angelini

      Wooo-hooo, right on!!! I love it!!! :-)

    • Bill Hutcherson

      Amen and Amen !!!!



    • http://n/a tedsmith

      Jim Graham is eloquent, intelligent has candor, military background & basically says it the way it is
      I luv this guy, Maybe he’ll run for office!!!

    • Ray

      Damn well stated.

      Thank you for taking the time. I will pass it on, if I have to re-write every word.

    • StrokerMcgurk

      10-4 brother.

    • Wayne

      Yes, I heard that myself as the Democratic Socialist Idiot was doing the questioning. There is a youtube on this. She is one of the 70 who is a Democratic Socialist who are slowing but surely taking over the Federal Government. All I can say is, do not vote for any Democrat as this party are being taking over by the Socialist. These Socialist are a same as Communist. We don’t need this crap. It is bad.

      • Randall

        I have often thought about the day that Nikita Khrushchev pounded his shoe on the podium and screamed ” We will bury you”. As a young boy I had visions (as most) of nuculear bombs dropping on our cities. As I have now realized he meant they would concuer us not by arms, as by a slow erosion of our society from within. They already have a toe-hold; We are on a slippery slope!

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        Folks, babs is a POS, and so are both major political parties!
        DNC is owned and operated by the ACLU and it’s subsidary the GLT!
        While the GOP is only interested in preserving the wealth of the top tier!
        What balls to be waging war on multiply fronts and cut taxes for the rich and famous!? Then to call the cancillation of that Christmas present to the top tier “A TAX INCREASE” akin to pleading mercy because your an orphan after murdering your mother and father!

    • Pamela Harper

      I love this letter to Babs, uh….I mean HAG. This letter totally cursed her out w/out using one four letter word! This man should be the leader of our country because he isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DK

        Doesn’t she rank with Hanoi Jane( Jane Fonda) as she tries to aid in trying to bring down our great land?

      • AppyH

        I was hoping that witch would fly over my state on her broom during Duck season. We could have a “tag a Hag contest”…

    • JJ

      HTCM USN James Graham
      Are we Clear? …Crystal, sir. Well put and totally true. Thank you sir.

    • Robert Young

      Thank you for this letter Jim, it is right on target and shows the ignorance and arrogance of Barbara Boxer. She is a disgrace to the United States Senate. However many of the Senators, mostly Democrats, fall into the same category with Boxer. A few of the Republicans, McConnell for one, fit there as well. Time to take out the trash. Try to get all the trash running in 2012 and the rest on their next reelection bid.

    • Joe

      Stay with me here because I’m not trying to break the thread…

      The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

      We are all familiar with a Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens, a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese.

      However, less widely known is a Pride of lions, a Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), an Exaltation of doves and, presumably because they look so wise, a Parliament of owls.

      Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? Believe it or not …A Congress!

      I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington!

      • James Midkiff

        Amazing!…a CONGRESS of Baboons…how appropriate! I will use this fact often, when referring to our illustrious representatives on Capital Hill. Thanks for that information.

    • Julius Lohr

      BRAVO!!!!! Jim!

    • James Midkiff

      BRAVO! Boxer is an embarrassment to her state and the country…but anyone living in California who isn’t embarrassed by her is way too stupid to be allowed in a voting booth. Unfortunately, intelligence is not a requisite for being allowed to vote. If it was, Obama would have never been elected dog catcher…which is a notch above Senator from Illinois, the center of political corruption!


      To: HTCM USN James Graham

      Everything you stated leads to world history where great nations of the past have destroyed themselves as a result of greed, corruption, and the total decadence of morality. Once individuals loose their self esteem and moral values, they will have surrendered their honor.

      Furthermore, you spoke the truth about members of the Senate and the Congress; some have already sold their souls to the elite, because now they never honestly address their constituents with straight-forward answers other than a standard replied letter about hogwash.

      In veiw of a dictatorship that has taken hold of our sovereign nation; there is only one final course of action for me to take. I hope to seek the help of our moral and honorable Justices of the United States Supreme Court to supersede the Senate House in matters of Treason, Impeachment, and Deportation of the foreign-born Muslim Communist illegal U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II. And later, I will attempt to charge members of the House and Senate with “High Treason.” There was a time when all this was possible in a free nation.

      I will disseminate your posted message to the people in my town of Norwich, New York and South Plymouth. I’m certain your message will flow to other areas across the country. And I wish to thank you for the additional knowledge you have given me. It is always a pleasure to read articles posted by level-headed persons such as yourself. Thanks again.

      USAF (RET)

    • Amos Moses

      Barbara Boxer is a joke too, like Maxine Waters. If she was a Christian, she wouldn’t tell Tea Party members to go straight to H**L. I will be praying for you Maxine and Barbara.

    • william s benton

      The arrogance displayed by piece of shit Bitch Boxer is more of an indictment of her worth than anything else. I say piss on the bitch

    • Jack

      Jim…right on the money…you have been reading my mind again. Thank you for putting it so succinctly. I would like a copy of this to post on the Congressional website.
      Do me a favor and send me a copy to Happy trails.

  • rowley

    Spain fell on it’s own petard of going Green. Subsidizing a commodity to unreal pricing will be like the Housing bubble it will go into a spin and fall deflated.

    • Dowgyco

      There are too many that have their fimgers in “GREEN” like pelosi !! Solar co.

  • FlaJim

    As one who benefits from this ethanol idiocy — my wife has a share in a trust that runs a corn farm in IL — it’s embarrassing that our share of profits have more than tripled over the past 4 years or so. Corn is food, not only for us but for livestock, and it’s putting some livestock farmers out of business.

    We’ve got proven reserves of fossil fuel in the ground that exceed those in the Middle East and the idiots won’t let us drill for them.

    • gorrie

      Won’t let us drill for them, I ask who is the idiots? We are the idiots. for not drilling. I ask who runs this country? The people or the idiots. The Governors under the 10th amendment must issue drilling permits in their states, and then each state will be free of the Federal government. Build refineries in their state. end of energy problem.

      • Reelwarrior

        You answered your own question, the “IDIOTS” are in charge. Just think what drilling and refining would do. It would create millions of jobs, keep trillions of dollars out of the hands of people that want to kill us while keeping it in our economy. It would stabilize our economy because every time some raghead idiot starts a war or does something to destabilize our oil supply our prises would not be effected. It would lower energy cost and dramatically increase the security of the country. The last question we all need to ask ourselves is whether our leaders are really idiots or do they have an agenda??

      • Wayne

        Gorrie, the only thing we need to do is to try and educate the populace so they will vote against these Democratic Socialist idiots in Congress (Obama’s Zombies) and the fool in the White House. George Bush was a Saint compared to the piece of crap we have in the White House now.

        • Jack

          I partially agree with you Wayne; HOWEVER, Dubyah had his share of screwups. The biggest one was one of the most blatant scams every perpretrated on the American people..that of helping his daddy and his merry band to mastermind 911, which, in turn, gave him permission from the American people to invade two countries that had absolutely NOTHING to do with our national safety. One was to establish ourselves in Iraq, whose oil reserves are only about 30% developed. The second one was to help his Dad line his pockets. Do some due diligence on the Carlyse Group in which Daddy Bush was heavily invested along with segments of the binLaden family. Do some digging and discover what their motives were for wanting to build an oil pipeline across Afganistan in order to tranport oil from the newly discovered vast oilfields in the landlocked southern Russian provinces to the ocean. In invading they deposed the Shah, who was vehemently opposed to the pipeline and put in the current puppet. NOW they have a pipeline….Gee what a surprize!!! And here we are, the American SHEEPLE, ten years later, STILL IN IRAQ AND AFGANISTAN and bitching because we are broke. (Lets 40 million per day how fast does that add up?) DUH!!!! Wake up people and stop watching CNN and MSNBC and drinking the KoolAid.

    • drw

      If ethanol is a superior fuel why haven’t farmers run out and purchased equipment to run on E85 or even gas powered equipment. Why haven’t manufactures started building ethanol powered equipment on a grand scale. Because it is simply less efficient.
      Jim, most of the livestock farmers have quit around here, as much because they do not want to be tied to the animals all year long.
      Many are planting corn 2 or more years in a row. This is going to wear the ground down, you can not replace all the nutrients needed with chemicals. And many pests like root worms are now resistant to some pesticides.

    • Daniel T. Osborn

      FlaJim, I agree with you and applaud you for your honesty. You can see where the ethanol subsidies from Uncle Sam are leading us. As you noted, some livestock farmers are suffering because of your ‘good fortune’. In fact, it is worse than that. Ethanol production, especially from corn, is an inefficient method of producing fuel, costing more to produce than it could be sold for on the open market, which is why it has to be subsidized in order to make it sell-able at all! Ethanol production is costing the taxpayers and we are wasting precious resources of petroleum and other fuels that could solve our energy problem for the long term. I am not a farmer, but I live in Nebraska, where many farmers I know grow corn for ethanol and are now attached to the government’s ‘teat’ because of it. It indeed is ‘embarrassing’ that such is the case, but we normally fiscally conservative Midwestern people had better get out of this feeding trough and vote in someone with enough guts to cut that supply off, as well as most of the other subsidies the federal government hands out. None of us can afford this gravy train any longer. Farmers cannot expect to be exempt from cuts in the federal funding they now receive, if there is to be a real conservative elected to POTUS and a conservative majority elected in Congress, and they act in time to bring us from the brink of economic disaster. The alternative is…. well let’s just say farmers and the rest of us will regret what a longer term under a socialist regime will yield.

    • Wayne

      FlaJim, for those who has not checked out this website they should. We ave billions of barrels of oil in the Bakken area in Montana North Dakota area known as the williston Basin. I have heard that this area contains more oil that all OPEC has. It seems like now the environmentalist are going around these rich oil areas to find any type of species, insects flowers etc to ty to put these things on the endangered list to keep us from drilling. These environmentalist should be run out of the country. Obama’s Zombie Idiot, the one in charge of granting permits to drill for oil, will not grant the permits for drilling to start. This administration is against drilling for oil, against nuclear energy and coal. Your energy bills be rising shortly as Obama’s EPA thugs are going to start closing down some of the coal fired power plants. I just heard that 46 percent of our energy comes from coal.

    • Wally

      Well, I think it was Sarah Palin who first introduced the comment, “Drill Baby Drill”! Never more true than today. What are we waiting for? For Hell to freeze over? Perhaps it will if we fail to “Wise Up”!

  • Geo Plant

    How about we use corn to heat our houses instead of oil. I currently use a corn pellet stove and heated my house last year for a pittance of what it would have cost me if I used my oil boiler. And, I believe that it would be a lot less work then making ethanol. The downside (maybe) is that corn, in order to burn in a corn pellet stove has to have only 15% moisture content. That means that the corn has to be dried somewhat before it can be used.

  • Renny

    Perry is right and even “greens” now agree. Ethanol is another Congressional boondoggle, giving away tax payers’ monies on a whim of “environmental” correctness that actually costs the world in grocery prices, water resources, and energy. Ethanol tax credits and subsidies have become so generous to farmers that many no longer qualify for “regular” FDR farm subsidies because they receive many times more for ethanol. Even Al Gore, green whacko extraordinaire, has admitted that the US commitment to ethanol production in the 90s was a bad decision. And now, we do not have the money to keep supporting bad decisions and poor energy investment choices. Farmers in Iowa and elsewhere should support and vote for Perry because we MUST change the regime in DC, regardless of individual cares and choices.

    • Wayne

      Renny, I agree.

    • Robert Young

      Perry is a RINO and a one world government supporter. There are true Conservative Constitution supporting Candidates that will make Government Subsidies an issue.

    • Jack

      Good idea….WRONG candidate….I’m from Texas…Perry is not what he appears to be…the swashbuckling gun toting cowboy who takes on all comers….Perry is a Bilderberger NeoCon who will sell us out to the highest bidder. If you are truely the patriot you write about, help work for and support the ONLY GOP candidate that has the intelligence, the right ideas and experience to lead get us out of this mess we’re in…..RON PAUL. Read his books. Listen to his ideas. The Tea Party exists because it had its beginnings in the Ron Paul Grassroots movement. Noone can deny that. Dont make the same stupid mistakes you made last election and marginalize this great patriot. He deserves a chance to be heard and has the right answers to save this sinking boat. So what if his ideas arent MAINSTREAM. Who really gives a rats ass what the MAINSTREAM thinks anyway. They havent done anything but create more problems over the years and help get us into the almost impossible situtation we find ourselves in. We are painted into a corner, folks, and we need someone with a different viewpoint to guide us out of it. Vote RON PAUL…2012.

  • http://MSN Hty

    If you look around the corn is already a gov subsidized crop
    with millions amd millions of dollars going to them that most don’t
    need why would you pay millions of dollars to people to buy bigger and bigger equipment so they can farm more land and work less time each year the farm program was a good idea if they make it stick to the basics not subsidize millionares this creates all kinds of fraud I know of several farmers here in Ark that would be in jail today if they were investigated today from drawing unemployment , crop insursance , fradulent gov payment in some one else name
    cut the payment back to 50000 do not pay over a 1000 acres small towns would come back and more people would be interested in farming competion would come back crime would probably go down and I bet you would have more food and for the world and better quality

  • PolecatMtn

    Perry and a few others are right about ethanol. I have two friends, one in the cattle feed business and the other in wholesale foods. When they discuss ethanol they go ballistic. It is driving up food prices, destroying small engines, costing billions, and is one of the biggest scams in American history. Ethanol subsidies must end!

  • willie st.pierre

    tell the farmers in Iowa and elsewhere to get over it, the free ride is over. the ethanol subsidy is over, once again the liberals in an effort to gain votes came up with a scheme and it has caused an unneeded increase in food prices by forcing us to burn corn in our gas tanks. Since the ethanol mandate fuel prices are up, food prices are up, we are making vehicle to have to be redesigned to burn ethanol at an increase in costs. Corn is for eating not burning, who not earning votes the right way, stay out of the way and let the free market determine what corn is used for.

  • Tom

    If those farmers are so gung-ho about ethanol, they should get together and pool their own money and start the company on their own to process corn into ethanol and reject the idea that the general public, i.e. taxpayers, should subsidize it. When they find out how much it costs, and can bring down the costs to make it profitable, then they can complain. Until then, they should stop standing around with their hands out whining about someone with intelligence who says that the government (taxpayers) should not be financing every losing proposition that comes along.

  • DON

    Hats off to Jim Hill.. Boxer is nothing but a bag dodo anyway. She is the prime example of what a Person becomes when they have no morals ethics.
    Theirs a new song coming out By By Boxer. New Tea Party Slogan.

  • Johnny

    Mr. Perry should have had the gumption to tell the truth, that if elected he would be forced by the people who elected him to do away with ethanol mandates and get the country to real energy production. At least I hope that is the response that anyone elected as our next potus would make. All of the “green” energy mandates are more harmful than good and need to be done away with. If those so called green energy plans were so great then private enterprise would take them up for profit, since they all suck so bad the fed has to subsidize them all. STOP IT!

  • ed

    Ethanol starves the world, causes increased torrism , started the egyptian revolt and distroys cars.

  • Anne

    Who ever thought it was a good idea to use an edible product (corn or anything else) as an energy source?

  • Reelwarrior

    Ethanol in gas makes no sense. It lowers mileage by 20%, tax payers pay billions in subsidies and if the truth were known when you take into consideration the deisel fuel and gas that is used to raise the corn and the other energy used to refine it it probably cost more than gas to produce. The Iowa farmers are in the same category as the millions of people on welfare and food stamps that shouldn’t be. It is simply another government handout program that we can’t afford. It’s about as “green” as Obama.

  • Tassie

    THINK RIGHT! VOTE RIGHT! 2012 We have had enough of the left thinking and left doing in our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Libtards are just that! No future is in their thinking, only the immediate. No household could survive for a month without thinking ahead and planning ahead for the future. The government is owned by the AMERICAN FAMILY! It is not owned by the libtards who have sucked our country’s life blood. WE need a tranfusion of good ole AMERICAN COMMON SENSE, fueled by PATRIOTISM.

  • Kathryn

    Ethanol reduces fuel economy and destroys engine components, but using it in our fuel makes good sense? I guess it must, since Government Motors wants to sell us more cars that spend more time in the shop than they do on the road.

  • Neil

    The use of ethanol is driving the price of food up around the world. What to you think is used to fatten up Thanksgiving turkeys or the cattle that provide beef or the chickens that provide both meat and eggs? The answer is corn. And then there is the government largess. One thing that people never realize is that since the government cannot give anything away without taking it from someone. All of these subsidies – for ethanol and everything else – is a tax on everyone (that is until you realize that approximately 50% of the populace do not pay any taxes). Another thing that people never realize is that corporations do not pay taxes either – taxes are another expense that is built into their pricing structure so the price that you pay for everything includes all of the taxes that are paid by the corporations and suppliers. When totaled and then averaged, approximately 21% of the price of everything that you buy is taxes – and then state and local sales taxes are added to that.

  • slimpickens

    Stick your ethanol where the sun don’t shine.

  • Pat O

    My understanding of corn for ethanol is #! not good for the enviroment #2 not good for the car engine #Poor gas mileage.

    • The End is Far

      Hey, its great for the Gas Additive market. Ethanol attracts water and fouls up plugs and carburetors on gas powered boats. If you don’t regularly use additives to keep your boats running, then you get to add to the economy by having you motors repaired. Who cares if you’re spending your money on additives, repairs, or you kids as long as the money is being spent? The Gov’t is letting you keep that money, don’t be stingy with it!

      Macro Economics (aka Socialism, Central Planning, or Keynesian Economics) is just awesome. It helps the economy by stacking up unintended consequences which invites more central planning which invites more unintended consequences.

      Those at the top get to profit greatly from the newest centrally planned solution (aka Cluster F*&^) while they’re busy designing the next solution/CF.

      It’s really great, how can anyone be against it? It is for the children after all, the children who will inherit all that money and power.

  • John B. Williams

    I thought Obama was all about “GREEN” doesn’t he know that Ethanol only creates air pollution? Besides it stinks. Why doesn’t he just re-activate our own refineries and pump all the Texas and Oklahoma liquid oil out of the ground and process OUR OWN OIL? Or is he too tied to the Arabs?

  • http://aol MC Hammer

    Ethanol makes about as much sense as Al Gore….next question !

  • Bill Holtzclaw

    We were told 10 years ago that if we added just 10% of ethanol to our gasoline we could end our dependency on foreign oil. Paul Harvey (may he rest in peace) used to preach it on every broadcast. So far, it’s not working very well. You can’t believe ANYTHING the Gov’t tells us in order to pass a program!

  • Chuck

    Can I sue the corn farmers for the damages ethanol fuels cause to my vehicles and lawn equipment?
    Why do these farmers have to depend on government force to sell their products or make a living? This is very disheartening and goes against my view of farmers as independent, hard working, industrious, self reliant people. Guess I have been deceived.

  • Stephen

    Ethanol is a bad idea and costs the taxpayers a lot of money. If I was getting a hand out from the Government I would be upset if it stopped too.

  • Vote Loud

    Let the market decide if ethanol makes sense, not a dictatorial government bureaucracy!

    I WAS a home builder, but I DO NOT want the government involved in my business!

    I thought IOWA farmers had better spirit!

  • Pat

    by using our food for fuel, we are only going to become more dependent on other countries & they care not what they feed us, look at how they tried to kill our animals with the bad pet foods. God help America & what is it going to take before people revolt & say enough is enough.

    • Wayne

      Pat, I sure hope that the voting people remembers what this Muslim Communist President and his Democratic Socialist Zombies has done to this country in the last 2 1/2 years. An unemployment rate of 9.1 percent, gasoline prices has doubled, food prices as risen sharply due to obummer’s ideology in his anti drilling stance. He promotes drilling in other parts of the world but will not allow it in our country. Maybe he is trying to help out his Muslim Buddies in OPEC. (Oil Producing Exporting Countries) I despise what this man, and his Democratic Socialist Zombies in Conress has done to this country. We cannot afford another 4 year of this corruption our government. Let’s clean house this year by voting out all the Democrat Socialist and the Communist President.

      • James Midkiff

        Unemployment is 9.1% after the administration cooks the books…the labor force is shrinking, due to more baby boomers retiring than young workers entering the workforce….and people who have given up on finding a job in the “improving” Obama economy are not counted as unemployed. Fortunately, according to another idiot from California…Pelosi…unemployment checks stimulate the economy! If that were true the economy should be on fire…maybe we should all go on public assistance to help the economy…that would be the “Patriotic” thing to do.

  • Bruce Turner

    Ethanol cuts fuel milage by 10%. Harms small lawn mowers,. Holds moisture in marine gas. Use corn for food to export. Drill in the states for oil. It’s a win, win. Keep the bucks here, export corn…….omg

    • Insurgent

      Exactly what is the harm it does to a mower engine?

      • wild bill

        The harm that it does to engines is called corrosion you asshole. Do you understand that you moron insurgent

      • R. Cook

        not sure about mowers but I recently had to have the whole fuel system in a 1984 Nissal pickup flushed and all the fuel lines replaced with a new type. The alcohol in the fuel I was forced to buy caused the rubber fuel lines to melt, gumming up the carburator, cloging the fuel filter and depositing gooey rubber in the fuel tank. Cost was over $300 for the repairs.

        • Rich

          I recommend that if you want to see the residue left by the ethanol-fortified gas, place about 1-2 0z in a clear glass container and let it set on your workbench, away from sparks of any kind, of course. Let it evaporate. After it evaporates, consider the residue. You will be amazed. If you are running E-85 type of fuel, look out! It eats aluminum, and will destroy the rubber fuel lines, even if they are rated for it. Hence”flex-fuel” types of cars and trucks. They have to use more stainless steel and other processes (special coatings) on the aluminum parts. More $$ out of your pocket to buy and maintain this type of vehicle. Not required for butanol, BTW. (See earlier reply) Thanks, Rich

  • Bill

    Maybe it’s time for farmers to go back to growing food not growing fuel (which is a hoax re it’s “carbon footprint).

  • Wayne

    Do not use corn for fuel. Use it for food on the table instead to help lower our food cost. Hasn’t anyone been paying any attention on how corn based food is rising in cost. Use corn for food instead of for fuel and get back to drilling for oil. Getting more oil will also help lower the cost of food as this will cause a decrease in the cost of fuel and trucking food all over the country will become cheaper. As the cost of fuel goes up the trucking industry raise the cost for their transportation cost and up goes the price of everything we consume. We can put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of our Muslim Communist President since he is antil oil.

    • Randall

      All the uneducated on this board need to REALLY do some homework and research on this subject. Check out for the ‘skinny’ on this subject. BIG OIL and OPEC are behind all the negative press on this subject…after all, who will lose if we go to alcohol based fuels?? Brazil went to the ethanol/methanol fuels ten years ago and their country is now OIL IMPORT FREE….and get this….the great majority of their vehicles are made by U.S. auto makers!! If they can do it, why can’t we? I’ll tell you why, because we have become TOO DAMN LAZY and complacent!!! America needs to wake up…the time is NOW!!! SUPPORT THE OPEN FUEL STANDARD ACT!!!!!! Make America OIL IMPORT FREE!!!!

      • Robert Young

        Randall, this can be done by abloishing the EPA, and Dept. of Energy. Open the United States for drilling by U.S. based oil companies only, hiring U.S. citizens and build new refineries hiring more U.S. citizens. This would provide needed jobs, both in the oil and construction industries, grow the economy, lower fuel costs, and stop the U.S. from being dependent on foreign oil.

      • Your Neighbor

        Oh, the wonders of Ethanol. No place compares to Ethanol use like in Brazil where it’s 20% blend, and it’s only $7.35 a gallon. CNN reports it is $3.12/gal but they are mistaken because that is 3.12 R$ (Reals) a liter in Sao Paulo. (i know, i just came from there) That equates to $1.941 dollars per liter multiplied by 3.7854 liters to a gallon (USD$7.35/gal). They also sell non-ethanol gas and a lot of taxi’s use natural gas. Forget Ethanol.

      • Joe

        Randall, you are a pot calling the kettle black! Educate yourself on the issues at the root of the discussion. You are talking about derivatives of the problem. You are missing the real problem, which is the unnecessary regulations that bring about the situation you are talking about. This is the United States of America–it was conceived as a nation unique in all the history of the world, a nation founded on the principle that individual freedom is a God-given right that should not be abridged in order to assuage the sensibilities of a few misguided zealots. There is no other place in the entire world that has embraced those principles, and most of our families were established here because our forefathers sought the opportunities inherent in such a system.

        Just because you (and most Americans, unfortunately) cannot see how far we have strayed from that ideal in the past 150 years or so, does not make it any less desirable.

        People who want to turn the US into Europe, or Japan, or China, or Canada, or whatever are who want to do away with the sole place on Earth where we can enjoy true freedom. They refuse to move to a country that does things the way they espouse; instead, they want to ruin it for those of us who have no other place to go.

      • wild bill

        lets start with you

      • Charie

        You’re right!

        Drill, baby!!! Drill!!!!

  • http://yahoo Bob H

    Like most farmers in the midwest I to have seen corn feed almost double in price, and people are asking why is beef prices so high, when you burn up corn for fuel and not for feed and corn to eat for the good folks at home, and add the drought in the southwest part of are country, if you would have told this to farmers in the midwest twenty years ago they say your crazy, today we have country’s who can’t even feed their people and we are burning up corn for fuel, this will come back on us all someday soon, and when it does people will be screaming at their congressmen and senator’s not only for the high cost but for the sort fall of corn on their table.

  • Jim McClarin

    Awful hard to get a hog to vote against slop. When you’ve got your snout in the trough you’ll fight like the devil to keep it there.

  • G Schmidt

    Did Iowa farmers expected a Texan to agree with adding ethanol to gasoline? Oil is in their blood and brain.
    Increase oil prices (and Federal spending) are the only reason why Texas have lower unemployment than the rest of the US.
    But I would agree, corn to ethanol is not efficient, specially if we consider the additional costs this add to other products we buy and need, like food.
    You want to save our country from needing excessive oil from countries that do not really like us?…Be a real patriot , try conservation.
    Use public transportation or a bicycle if possible.
    Use an smaller economical car. Do you really need a 4000 pound SUV to carry your 150 lbs to the store to buy milk?
    Turn off unnecessary lights and equipment when not in use.
    Recycle. We Americans are the most wasteful people that have ever walked this planet. Learn from your ancestors.
    Stop buying unnecessary chinese plastic junk (plastic most of the time is made from oil)
    Allow more drilling in the Artic and in the Gulf (but better be regulated and inspected otherwise another disaster will occur, courtesy of the greedy bastards that run the oil companies)

    • Whackajig

      You are correct, I do not HAVE to have a large vehicle to carry my ass to the store. And you do not have to have a computer to tell us how bad we are and how much smarter you are than us. Why aren’t you using smoke signals for communication? Are you not a patriot? Are you buying those keyboards made in china?

      Get off your flipping high horse and go drill an oil well.

      • G Schmidt

        Whackajig… seem to have a serious anger problem. Maybe if you go and Whack a Jig you will feel better.
        I am angry as well, but my anger is focused on all the idiots that are complaining about the problems in this country, know no better than to blame Obama and do nothing better than spew their bile in conservative posts and Rush Limbaugh like radio programs. The best control you have is how you vote with your wallet, do it or not is your choice, but do not blame the messanger.
        By the way I have worked in the oil industry and worked as a crew in a commercial fisherman operation as well, my keyboard is made in the GOOD China (Taiwan) and if you are NOT willing to consider other ideas besides what you have already believe are “facts” , them…I will always be smarter than you

        • wild bill

          to whack a jig is a hate crime

  • Dan Shirley

    The government should stop subsidizing ethanol immediately. It takes so much corn to produce ethanol, it creates a shortage of corn for traditional uses. (corn starch, corn syrup, etc)…When there becomes a shortage due to using it for E85, the price of nearly everything we eat will rise…dramatically. BTW, with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, petroleum is NOT the only commodity tied to the dollar. Everything we import is bought in US dollars. The rest of the world must first convert their currency to US dollars before they can buy/import anything. Stop subsidizing ethanol, and pour that money into drilling/fracking/refining operations right here. Then, pass legislation that the oil produced here must be used first to bring down the price of gas in America, before the oil companies are allowed to export a drop.

  • McGuinness McGee

    The conservative side of politics tends to have to wear cranks round its neck like long-dead albatrosses. When will these peop[le understand there is a law of spply and demand and we do not have the authority to repeal it? IF and WHEN there is a demand for economically-produced ethanol, farmers will, and should, grow crops for it. To artificially subsidise it when there is no economic demand for it will simply weaken the economy further at a time when it cannot afford further weakening.

  • Pat

    i guess we did not learn a lesson when we stopped all drilling for oil here & depend on other countries because of the stupid environmental wackos, now we are doing the same thing to ourselves with our food, how stupid are we Americans to allow our government to do this to us. wake up America before it is too late & we are very very close to that day

  • jim shipley

    Corn in gas is as phony as the politicians who force it on us. We must get rid of both!

  • Mike

    Wow not one of you have a friggin clue what your talking about. Thank the media and big government and big oil for that. I have been using alky as a fuel for racing for years. Do some home work before you become talking heads parroting what they btainwashed you with.

    1. All the top engineering schools in the country have for over a decade proven you can get better mileage with more horsepower out of the same size engine on alky than gasoline. The engine must be built to run alky and not gas (two very different engines). Google their research for God’s sake. The university of Florida developed an extremely fast growing grass that produces more alky per acre than any grain. What happened to that?

    2. If you run alky in an engine designed for gas the fuel mileage is horrible with a los off power.

    3. Alky is pollution free. No hydrocarbons so your oil never gets dirty and needs to be changed anywhere near as often, hence far less oil wasted in oil changes. You don’t have all those power robbing emission controls.

    4. You can make your own alky in your garage for $1.25 gallon waht do you think they can mass produce it for? It does not need to be subsidized just let them loose. They invested all their own money on thay gamble and we hosed them.

    5. I think it was Roosevelt who dismantled the rail system long ago to make the truckers unions happy and you cannot put enough trucks on the road to move all the grain we produce. It rots in piles all over the midwest in billions of tons of wasted grain. Get it to market and the price falls. Just take a drive through the midwestern small towns after harvest and see piles of grain bigger than stadiums going nowhere.

    6. The data the media uses to say it takes 300% more energy to produce a gallon of alky that it delivers is lying and using figures from some 1970’s study. Look at the data from the engineering schools and you will see it takes 30% the energy of every gallon of alky to produce a gallon of alky.

    Do your home work. Do you really believe any poilitician or media outlet is going to tell the truth. Grow up, get off the couch and take this country back from them parasites. There is plenty of grain to feed the world and produce renewable energy, we just can’t get it out of the fields.


  • Mr. Beal

    Ethenol costs as much in petroleum to produce, as the alchohol that is produced. Its a wash volume wise. Producing it takes crop land out of production for other uses, it has less heat value that gasoline. Use a different technology to power vehicles.

  • Anne

    Unfortunately, the FEDS have once again created a nightmare. I HATE subsidies on anything. If a product can not stand on it’s own, then let it die! For years the farmer lived w/o any ethanol subsidy, and they managed to make a living. Now they are crying that ethanol is their life blood, and w/o it, they’ll wither and die. I doubt it. Yes, many will have to make adjustments as to what they’re growing, but the farmer will find a way to populate the fields with revenue producing crops. I own farm land in S.Dakota and Iowa. I lease it out to farmers, and I know a bit about what I speak. If ethanol subsidies are removed, my guess is it’s use as a fuel additive will diminish and eventually wither away. In the meantime, the farmer will either continue to grow corn for human and animal consumption, or he/she will plant other crops in place of the corn. The world will not die nor will the farmer. It’s time to do the right thing for America…..not for a select group of individuals!! Government needs to stay out of private business so that problems such as this don’t continue to occur.

  • Mr. Beal

    Ethenol costs as much in petroleum to produce, as the alchohol that is produced. Its a wash volume wise. Producing it takes crop land out of production for other uses, it has less heat value that gasoline. Use a different technology to power vehicles. ?

  • Mr. Beal

    Ethenol costs as much in petroleum to produce, as the alchohol that is produced. Its a wash volume wise. Producing it takes crop land out of production for other uses, it has less heat value that gasoline. Use a different technology to power vehicles. ? Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *They’re there.

  • John Q.

    Ethanol subsidies are nothing more than vote buying for special interests anymore, in this case the agriculture industry. Besides adding to the countries debt problems, it does more damage to the environment in other ways than any gains in air-quality or reduced oil usage. Taxpayers have to pay to grow it, then have pay more at the pump to boot; a double whammy. Not to mention as people go hungry, and food prices continue to rise because of it, we turn food into fuel for nothing more than Washington political influence; it’s obscene. Why would a company make corn-flakes people can eat, when they can make a fortune in gas instead, and get paid to do it too; greed, corruption, and profit rule this issue, think about it. Let the ethanol industry stand on its own two feet without taxpayer subsidies, it doesn’t need them for one, enough misguided laws mandating its use already exist, and monetary incentives are no longer needed for its production. Enough is enough… don’t be fooled with propaganda to elicit an “emotional buy-in” of going green for support of further subsidies for this, the only green in it is money!

  • Carson Lauffer

    Perry is correct on this one. We have untapped oil in many areas of our country. Ethanol is costly not only to the environment but is just costly to produce and is damaging to internal combustion engines. I agree with those who say, “Let’s feed the world with our corn. Let’s not waste it on bad fuel.”

  • StrokerMcgurk

    Sprint cars are a form of race car. They run on alcohol. Ethanol is a type of alcohol. Sprint cars have to run special, expensive fuel systems due to the corrosive qualities of alcohol. Even at 10% there will be long term damage and tuning problems to get the passenger car to run properly. Remember most of the users will be used vehicles that were built to run on 100% gasoline fuel.

    • Insurgent

      Exactly what components in the engine are damaged by ethanol?

      • apf2

        If you had actually read his post you would find your answer. All of the components which handle the fuel fro the tank to the cylinder have to use special materials because alcohol is corrosive to many metals. That means tubes, pumps, seals, etc.

      • Wayne

        Ethonal is very corrosive to metal. Pistons, rigns, etc.

        • Rich

          Sprint cars usually run on Methanol. Wood alcohol is what it used to be called. Please reference my prior posts on Butanol and the corrosion that etahnol causes to mostly aluminum parts that do not have protective coatings. Thanks, Rich

  • Sandy Foster

    Let’s regain our common sense, it went missing a long time ago. The farming subsidies, all of them, should be stopped. Let them grow what they can and distribute it to the poor instead of Food Stamps. The food stamp program is abused and it entices people to stay on it. If they had to choose only the excess food grown in this country for their diet, they’d get a job so they could buy what they want to eat. The cost of our food has skyrocketed since we started trying to substitute corn for oil. Drill and refine our own oil from ANRW and the BAKKEN Reserve (eliminating the risk of off shore drilling containment) and it would make our economy boom and strangle our enemies across the globe (getting 2 for 1)…they live off our oil purchases and fund acts against us with our own money. WAKE UP AMERICA or we are doomed.

  • Bruce

    The corn farmers that are making huge profits because of the effect that the ethanol mandate has had on commodities prices are selfish pigs that are profiting on the backs of their fellow countrymen and the poor people in Africa . Americas food prices have more than doubled because of the corn farmers greed. Starving people in poor countries no longer recieve corn as a form of aid because the mandate for ethanol has made the demand for corn too high. You corn farmers should enjoy your obscene profits now because you should surely rot in Hell for your self serving greed.

  • Clay Ramsay

    Those farmers want a license from the Federal government to STEAL from the rest of us in America. Ethanol is a total ripoff. It is harmful to the environment, decreases gas mileage, is harmful to engines, especially small engines, and it raises the price of food and livestock feed. The ethanol subsidy is my litmus test. No candidate who supports it will get my vote, because it indicates a willingness to sell out Americans to lobbyists. I will vote first for a 3rd party candidate, even if he or she will not get 100 votes outside of friends and family.

  • Lockman1

    First “why” is ethanol placed in fuel? Because the GOVERNMENT demanded that. Can we now simply remove that? Unless you want NO gasoline in many areas the answer is NO. Why?? EPA mandates. Think California and Chicago, etc areas. So first DEMAND the EPA allow the same fuel across the USA.
    Farming is a business. First the government wants X then Y and THEY control (not the farmer) prices. So the farmer is squeezed on both ends,,and if some have their way there will soon be NO family farms due to the insane DEATH tax. They cannot pass the farm to the children due to TAX and SPEND.
    I’d like to see the subsidy cut as well if you take care of the WHOLE mess which is a monstrous FEDERAL government. Eliminate the EPA first, then the DEPT of Agriculture (along with welfare and food stamps ) would be a good start.

  • pikemaster

    As I last remembered this was still America ??? I’m I wronge ? Who is it that say we “can’t “drill our own oil ? I still say Drill at Will ! We the people need to do as we see fit and to hell with the over paid over powered fools in Washington. Just who do they think they are to tell us wheather or not we can drill oil ? They have forgotten who they work for and come Nov.2012 we NEED to stop the foolishness and clean house. God has put everything on this Earth for mans use ,including oil,and NOBODY should try to control the use of it ! DRILL,DRILL,DRILL !!! And God help us .

    • Wayne

      Pikemaster, you can put the blame on one person, Muslim Communist Obummer, controls the EPA and the EPA controlling the permits on drlling.

    • Whackajig

      God has put everything on this Earth for mans use ,including oil,and NOBODY should try to control the use of it ! So says Pike.

      Pike, will your wife be busy next Monday evening?

      • Robert Young

        Whackajig, I find your reply both offensive and unnecessary.

      • David in MA

        gonna have her do your laundry? ;>)

  • David in MA

    I don’t know what parts of the corn is used,
    if it is only the stocks and the corn itself can
    be harvested then it would seem ok, however,
    if the entire stock & corn grain (cob) is used, bad idea. But,
    using the entire stock & cob would create be a big problem
    with not enough sileage to “corn feed” livestock, & not
    enough corn grain to feed people, which would raise prices, AND,
    would also feed into al “the bore” gores “green” policy
    (green in that it lines his pockets with green) and this
    would create a need of fewer beef cattle..(remember soilient greens?)
    PLUS, it has already been reported that ethonol is costly to
    produce and ineffecient……..SO, what’s the solution?
    SOLOR PANELS IN THE MIDWEST to ease the use of fossel fuels.
    Install solor panels in the “sun states” (high enough off of the ground
    so that crops can be grown under them), solor power is produced
    for use in those areas and electric auto use would increase, which would
    ease the need for petrol…..
    Which probably would not be accepted because it would cut into big oil
    and cause a ripple effect all the way to the bank….and, folks, isn’t this the crust
    of the whole thing? MONEY?
    Government subsidies, higher prices, waste……..and the taxpayer/consumer
    pay’s for it all…….once again govt. & industry says “GOTCHA!”
    Maybe the Amish (for individual famlies) have the right idea after all.

    • Lockman1

      Well it’s the grain..much like making moonshine but on a giant scale..however place solar panels high enough to grow under them? Well that would be fine if the farmer could hire someone to hand till the crops as big tractors take a LOT of space. I remember farming 10 and 15 acre fields..VERY inefficient (and wasteful of fuel). An Amish family “might” farm 75-100 acres at best with horses and a huge family, not viable today.
      Also at 3AM where’s the sun. Far better to build nuclear power plants and slowly work on the solar power area.

  • Randall

    All the uneducated on this board need to REALLY do some homework and research on this subject. Check out for the ‘skinny’ on this subject. BIG OIL and OPEC are behind all the negative press on this subject…after all, who will lose if we go to alcohol based fuels?? Brazil went to the ethanol/methanol fuels ten years ago and their country is now OIL IMPORT FREE….and get this….the great majority of their vehicles are made by U.S. auto makers!! If they can do it, why can’t we? I’ll tell you why, because we have become TOO DAMN LAZY and complacent!!! America needs to wake up…the time is NOW!!! SUPPORT THE OPEN FUEL STANDARD ACT!!!!!! Make America OIL IMPORT FREE!!!!

    • Wayne

      If you are right on Brazil, then why did Communist Obama give them a loan last year of around 5.5 billion dollars to drill off their coast and then promise them we would become their best customer. I saw this on television. I also have a website with this information. Randall, do you suppose you could be reading the wrong information.

      • David in MA

        Loan was a return of funds to: (drum roll) ~~~~~~~~ GEORGE SOROS!
        At the U.S. taxpayers expense………..2012 oust obozo and his conspiricy bunch!

    • Wayne
      • Whackajig

        Go post on the huffpuss sites where they think as you do.

    • David in MA

      If you look up Brazil @~~
      You will be suprised at the political make-up…… can you say “SOCIALIST”?

    • Steven

      Randall, you drank the kool-aid. NO ONE opposes having alternate fuels available. It is REQUIRING that we use more EXPENSIVE and less EFFICIENT fuels that we oppose. I found more OUTRIGHT LIES scanning he headlines in your link than listening to OPEC.

      • Wayne

        This is basically the same crap that we are going to have to buy our mercury laden light bulbs from China beginning in 2014. Passed by a Democratic Congress in 2007. I feel that Jeffery Immelt is the one responsible on this one. He is the annointed one’s jobs czar who is moving a lot of GE’s work to China when he is being paid by the taxpayer to create jobs in this country. This is another important website that everyone should listen to. It is Congressman Poe’s of Texas speech on the floor about the mercury light bulbs made in China. Please listen to the youtube video.

    • Your Neighbor

      No place compares to Ethanol use like in Brazil where it’s 20% blend, and it’s only $7.35 a gallon. CNN reports it is $3.12/gal but they are mistaken because that is 3.12 R$ (Reals) a liter in Sao Paulo. (i know, i just came from there) That equates to $1.941 dollars per liter multiplied by 3.7854 liters to a gallon (USD$7.35/gal). They also sell non-ethanol gas and a lot of taxi’s use natural gas. Forget Ethanol.

    • Your Neighbor

      Ethanol. No place compares to Ethanol use like in Brazil where it’s 20% blend, and it’s only $7.35 a gallon. CNN reports it is $3.12/gal but they are mistaken because that is 3.12 R$ (Reals) a liter in Sao Paulo. (i know, i just came from there) That equates to $1.941 dollars per liter multiplied by 3.7854 liters to a gallon (USD$7.35/gal). They also sell non-ethanol gas and a lot of taxi’s use natural gas. Forget Ethanol.

    • R. Cook

      I have only seen one study to show this can be done economically on a large scale. That is alcohol from sugar cane in Brazil and even then they mix the alcohol with gasoline. Even with their expertise they could never meet the energy demands of any significant portion of the world. If they even attempted to do so it would involve the destruction of millions upon millions of acres of tropical rain forest. The EROEI for Ethanol is 1.2:1. In other words for each unit of energy input you would get two tenths of a unit more in return when used. Transportation costs to move ethanol any distance would erode the small energy gain.

      Brazil uses sugar cane that has a barely acceptable ratio of energy input to output. This is due to the fact that sugar cane contains a lot of sugar. Sugar requires a lot less energy to be converted into alcohol than traditional grain crops. They also burn the byproduct, “bagasse” consisting of the left behind pulp, to generate electricity.
      The type of corn used in the U.S. for ethanol has some sugar but starch, the major component, must first be converted to sugar and then to alcohol increasing the required energy input. Another factor is that Brazil has millions of acres of cheap tropical land on which to grow their cane without decreasing land used for food or animal fodder production. Brazil perfected this infrastructure into one of the most efficient processes in the world. Sugar cane in the U.S. would only do reasonably well in our extreme southern states and it would require the reduction of some other crop presently being produced.
      One more factor that needs to be considered is any agricultural crop used to produce fuel can have severe fluctuations due to weather. Crop failures would lead to destabilization of this source of energy and could have serious economic effects if we become dependent on them for a major source of energy.

      • Jack

        Sugar cane requires a LOT of water. That, in iteself, should be a negative, since the only parts of the US that can grow cane is in the Southwest, which is often plagued with droughts. A very good alternative would be HEMP, which requires a lot less water and it very easy to grow. Thanks to our glorious leaders HEMP has been ILLEGAL due to a lot of ill informed hyteria about MARIJUANA, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with HEMP since it is a different species.

  • charleydan

    The World Council on Oil says that Americas have twice the oil the Middle East has. Then look at Texas, North Dakota, Alaska, Okalahoma a few oil states booming with employment.

    Now the corn if not subsidized by government would drop in price by half if not far more. That would force farmers to plan more soybeans and wheat. The two main exports this country has agriculturally been at around 50% for soybeans and wheat and corn is around 15%.

    This is purely government intervention to raise prices. Not so much here but to other abroad. Just like their continual wars of intervention. It has not a thing to do with lowering oil prices as they just have to open our shale and remove the 50% taxation on oil. (when considering the charge from royalities to the pump in taxation.).

    Time to mind our own affairs children and quit pestering others. It makes the house hold a riot.

    • Wayne

      You are right, CharlieDan. I have read and have heard the same thing you mentioned here. Common sense tells me we should quit relying on our enemies and become more independent for our own oil. I agress with Donald Trump it this President wanted to he could bring down a gallon of gasoline to $1.50 a gallon. Look how gasoline, and other things have soared since the Muslim Communist has become president. Even the unemployment rate soared. Let’s fire this Idiot Obummer. He is trying his best to turn this country into a Communist Country. You can check out the USGS website to see how much oil the Wiliston Basin has:

      • David in MA

        I hate to say this because we need reserve oil for military purposes, BUT,
        if we drill and the mideast price comes down we then buy mideast oil at
        the lower cost and put it back into the empty wells here in America…..
        as a reserve, reserve. AND, in the process bankrupt the mideast
        muslim islamic S.O.B.’s!

      • apf2

        I actually agree with the drill here, drill now point of view. But maybe there is something to using up the enemy’s supplies first…

  • James

    Tell me why I should be “happy” about the use of corn ethanol in our fuel! Every single piece of yard or construction equipment with a “small engine” I own is in constant mechanical trouble because of the ethanol in our fuels. If left with fuel in the tank and not used constantly (everyday), it will not start, and when taken to the shop for repairs I am told that the fuel system is fouled by the “bad fuel”, the only fuel that is available. I am caused to dump the fuel tanks, and all fuels over the winter or summer (hot weather), or if more than 30 days old, all the while the cost of these fuels are going up, and I am being forced to “dump” old paid for fuels!!!! I must now buy “expensive fuel additives” or face constant expensive repairs caused by this bad fuel. I’m sorry that our farmers have become accustomed to federal subsidies to live at the “level” that these subsidies provide, but if given a choice I would rather keep more of my hard earned money, and expect more use from my “tools”. Get over It!!!! Oh yeah, about the high prices of food………………….

    • Whackajig

      In Naples Florida there is a Marthon gas station which sells non ethanol fuel called “RV fuel” intended for marine motors, ATVs etc. Slightly higher than other gas but worth it. I use it in antique tractors, several collector cars, wife’s gold cart, my Kubota RTV etc. I also feed it to every small engine like mowers, generators, pumps etc.

      If you have a motorcycle, you’d be well advised to use ethanol free gas.

      • Steven

        Can you legally use this in a regular car?

  • Yellow Horse

    Obummer has done this by not letting us drill!!!!! And of course he is trying to help with the jobs as well by not letting us drill!!! We don’t need to starve the world just to make a completely useless gasoline called ethanol………. Where are these peoples minds at?????????
    Is this what we can expect until the muslim is voted out??? And all of the old lifetime liberals in congress as well. We also need to vote out the RINO”S!!!!!!!!

    • Wayne

      Folks, all we can do is to vote this Muslim Communist President and his Democratic Socialist Congress Members out of office.

    • Wayne

      The United States is a very young country. These counties we’re helping are thousands of years old. Why shouldn’t they be helping us? I’ll tell you exactly why we are a more advanced country. We have a Republic where people worked hard and created things. Take the Wright Brothers, from my state, Ohio who invented the airplane. Look at Henry Ford, a great industrialist who mass produced the automobile. These inventions do not happen in Communist Countries as there is not any incentatives to do these things since everyone has to share. I liken this to a kid who made all A’s in high school. He is asked by his teacher if he would drop his grade to a B to help another goof off kid who had an F because he would not study. Of course the kid with the A said “why would I do that”? I have studied hard while the kid with F goofed off and would not study. I’ll bet that not any you would either. This country have spent billion upon billions of dollar helping these poor cuntries and they are still poor because of their own negligence and laziness. God helps those who help themselves.


        To: Wayne

        Thank you Wayne! What you have stated is very close to what I disseminate to the people in my township. If I remember correctly; didn’t President John F. Kennedy start a program that sent American volunteers to other countries to show them “how to?” Why on earth haven’t these countries learned to adapt to a better way of life as we have? How long must we support these occupants from foreign countries? Thank you again for your posted article Wayne; well done!

        I’m always eager to learn from others.

        USAF (RET)

  • Bill AstroTurf

    HELLO! It cost more to produce Ethanol (Roughly $2.60 per gallon) it burns energy to manufacture, it creates volitle waste, AND it F’s up everything it runs through,it creates only 80-85% power to your engines performance VS gasoline!Lets eat Corn Flakes, Corn Bread,etc.
    PERRY IS RIGHT, so don’t condemn him, condemn the Lobbyist, condemn the Subsidies, the GOV-ment beurocracy, and the defacing of our Dollar by Bernanke, Geithner, and Co. Your Dollar can’t buy much when it’s value is only worth 30-40 cents, thats what the problem is, besides B-HO,Soros and the Socialist in CON-gress!

    • Wayne

      Bill, producing enthenol takes energy. This energy is being produced by coal and oil fired power plants so what are we gaining? I think the Obummer administration and his Socialist Zombies has hoodwinked the majority of folks in this country. I can clearly see right through this Muslim Communist. Look at how Hitler took over Germany and the folks just laid down and let it happen. I feel this is what is happening to us and the majority of folks are too stupid to see it.

    • Whackajig

      I will give you right now, 30 or 40 cents for every dollar you have.

  • George Machock

    Wonder why your food bills have gone up
    exponentially this year. We’re taking the chief
    foodstock of all farm animals and using it
    for fuel. Prices will continue to rise as long
    as we use corn as a fuel. Sorry farmers in Iowa
    but, prices on corn are high enough now to not
    use it as a fuel stock. It’s costing Americans
    at the food table. 10 pieces of chicken all white
    at a Churches was $30. That’s ludicrous.

  • apf2

    I understand this is a cowboy/agricultural site. But the boys that are bitchin’ are sounding an awful lot like the socialist brats in London. Gimme, gimme, gimme.
    How about we cut all this socialist central government crap, get Washinton DC back out of our lives and stop looking for a gravy train. That ain’t the cowboy way anyhow.

  • Al from Fl

    Yes, it is a money generator for the farmers but using food (corn) for fuel is foolish not to mention that it does no good for the environment to burn ethanol nor is it as efficient as standard fuels.

  • ardis

    Ethanol won’t be front & center in election 2012. Ditto Perry pandering mantras to bait the right wing of the Republican Party i.e., creationism, secession rights, absenience, sonograms before abortions, guns, Global Warming (save Huntsman, all GOP candidates oppose Cap & Trade), etc. What conservatives SHOULD be focusing on is the big ticket issues for 2012 i.e., Rhino Trojan Horse Perry’s history of uncontrolled levels of spending in Texas, his “Destroying Our Grandkid’s Futures” Stimulus/bailouts hypocrisy, his Sanctuary State “Dream Act”/amnesty agenda since 2001 that has overlapped throughout America, his Globalyst Trans-Texas Corridor to erase U.S. borders,–& his leadship failure to push any signature conservative agenda through the Texas legislature save his Rhino in-state-tuition for illegals & his disastrous 2006 Business Margin Tax hike that has cost Texas taxpayer’s jobs, 8.8 billion in 2008-09, and has created a permanent budget deficit.
    Fact: Texas under Perry has the highest rate of uninsured citizens, a 29%-33% student drop out rate–and the highest poverty levels of any industrialized state, 6th highest in the nation.

  • SKY

    Iowa farmers should be aware that Perry sided with their dangerous and wealthy enemy The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) when he signed the Texas “Pet Elimination Bill” HB1451. HSUS is “PeTA in a Suit” and they have a stated goal of eliminating all domestic animals and the removal of all meat, fish, poultry and dairy from menus. Contrary to what HSUS implies in their “sad puppy & kitten ads” HSUS does not operate any animal shelters but continues to fill HSUS employees’ pockets with huge salaries and to enlarge a multi million dollar pension fund as their lobbyists fill pockets of sorry politicians such as Perry nationwide.

  • Pineapple

    The federal government is considering mandating the use of E85 fuel, which contains 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol.
    The object is to reduce the U.S. dependence on foreign oil and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It will do just the opposite.

    It has been demonstrated that E85 fuel can reduce miles per gallon by 29% (highway) and by 22% (city). (Google E85 mileage)

    Assume that John Doe drives 20 miles to work and 20 miles back home each day, and that his car gets 20 miles per gallon using pure gasoline. He, thus, must buy 2 gallons of gas to get to and from work each day.

    Now assume John must use E85 fuel, which reduces his mileage by 29% from 20 to 14.2 miles per gallon. He will now have to buy 2.82 gallons of E85 fuel to get back and forth to work each day. This 2.82 gallons of E85 fuel contains 85%, or 2.4 gallons of pure gasoline. This is 0.4 more gallons of pure gasoline than John used before the E85 mandate.

    This means that more oil will have to be imported to supply this additional gasoline for John and all the other motorists in the U.S. who use E85 fuel.

    Since John’s fuel usage has increased from 2.0 to 2.82 gallons per day, his car is producing more carbon dioxide than before the E85 mandate.

    Other disadvantages of E85 fuel are:

    1. Taxpayers, must pay a 45 cent per gallon subsidy for each gallon of E85 fuel produced.
    2. Ethanol/gasoline fuels damage small engines, such as lawn mower engines, out-board motor engines, chain saw engines, etc.
    3. E85 fuels damage engines in cars made before 2001. These older cars are owned primarily by those who can not afford newer cars.
    4. Diverting corn from the food chain to the fuel chain caused worldwide food costs to increase, resulting in food riots in countries such as Egypt, where the masses spend about 70% of their income on food. (Even Al Gore admitted that diverting corn from the food chain to the fuel chain was a mistake.)
    5. Converting croplands from other crops to corn has increased fertilizer run-off which flows down the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. The phosphates in this fertilizer run-off has created a huge algae bloom and a dead zone of about 8,500 square miles in the Gulf of Mexico. This dead zone is depleted of oxygen and can not support marine life.
    6. Corn growers and producers of ethanol/gasoline are being enriched by ethanol/gasoline fuel mandates as consumers and taxpayers are being impoverished by these mandates

    This madness will continue unless taxpayers and consumers demand that Congress stop the ethanol/gasoline fuel subsidy and reverse ethanol/gasoline fuel mandates.

    • Steven

      You have your terms wrong. E85 is 85% ethanol and I am not sure the remain 15% is actually gasoline. Current vehicles not specifically designed for ‘flexible fuels’ can’t run on more that 10% ethanol.

      Aside for using the wrong terms, you basic argument is correct.

      • ggswede Ca.

        I’ve got an older and at one time good running lawn mower sitting in the garage .I made the mistake of using ethanol rich fuel in it, now I’ve got a hunk of junk .Also, have a 2006 model auto,of which I’ve had to replace the injectors , do to ethanol gumming them up .And I might point out,that ethanol puts out more polution than straight mineral base fuels.Don’t believe me ? Check it out yourself.

  • Supertad108

    A couple issues that are troubling for me…

    “If it comes down to him and Obama, I’m going to swallow hard. And I’m a staunch conservative. That’s how important it is”

    Exactly the problem that this nation will have to overcome in 2012. These welfare minded folks are in great numbers and this gentleman stated it well. They will vote for who’s giving the handouts.

    “I’m not defending his answer, but he didn’t say yes or no,” said the association’s lobbyist, Mindy Larsen Poldberg said.

    My second is with Perry.. When are we going to get someone that will say what they mean and mean what they say. This guy is nothing but a politician NOT a statesman! He needs to grow some of those Texas balls or get out of the race.

    • Whackajig

      If Perry gets the nomination, and you do not vote for him, guess who the supreme idiot will be who helped ovomit gain re-election?

      • Robert Young

        Whackajig, if as it seems, Perry is controlled by the same One World Government masters that control Obama, a vote for either is a vote for more of the same type government we are seeing now.

    • Wayne

      Believe me, Supertad, anything would be better that Muslim Communist Obama. This is undoubtedly one of the most corrupt man we’ve ever had as a president. I would vote for old Shep if this dog was running. I have followed this man before he made president and I can tell you he is not for the good of his country. I have a youtube of Obummer saying that he has visited 57 states and he had one more to go. Don’t you agree that if he grew up in this country he would know how many states we had?

  • Bill AstroTurf

    EVERY home And Commercial building in the sun belt (ALL OF THE STATES FROM FLORIDA TO CALIFORNIA) should have SOLAR Electric,Solar Hot Water! That alone would save BILLIONS in Fossil Fuels @ power plants! MOST Coal fired power plants now have in place systems to collect pollutants before going into the atmospher, WE need to get GOV-ment OUT of our Business, their like CANCER!

    • Whackajig

      Yeah, we do not need the government mandating what energy we will use, because we have Bill atroturf mandating what energy we will use.

    • Supertad108

      Good point Bill, however because of strict government regulations individual solar sources are practically impossibly to construct and afford. If the government would simply get out of the way the free market would develop inexpensive panels and such that the average american could and likely would equip there homes and places of employment. But why not? Follow the money. Big energy lobby will not allow there profits to be taken away. So they pay off our corrupt politicians to pass these restrictive and damaging regulations.

  • Ben Gardner

    People had better start intelligently thinking alternatives. They are out there, better for you and the economy.

    I have a son who lives in a Northeast State (I won’t say which one because the feds and state tax agencies will go looking for him). He drives a VW Jetta Diesel. He also works at a restaurant. Every night after his shift he tops his tank off with waste vegetable oil (used deep-fry grease). For the past 15 years he has paid ZERO for fuel and ZERO in fuel taxes. Rudolph Diesel designed his engine to run on vegetable oil, NOT petroleum.

  • Insurgent

    We do not need anothey lying politician in the Oval office. We need a good businessman that understands, “We the people, for the people, by the people, —————————–.”

    • Jack

      The ONLY candidate that knows what he’s doing and knows how to get us out of this mess is RON PAUL. All of the others are just puppets moving their mouths. Ron predicted the mess we’re in years ago and its all coming true. Noone else is talking about stoppping the wars, or getting rid of the our main economic problem, the FEd, or talking about stopping sending money out of the country OR downsizing government and getting back to the Constitution. He has the intelligence, the integrity and the proven voting record to back up what he says.

  • Liz

    Hey Bob
    Corn is not the only poduct that is used to make ETHANOL.. you say your a farmer????
    .MR GORE!!!! allot of B S
    Ranall is right!!!

  • Bill AstroTurf

    DAVID in MA is right on: we have 70 CON-gressman who are (Socialist Progressive Caucus) meaning they are BAD FOR AMERICA! We have 3 in office in Florida,Alcee Hastings,Corrine Brown,Robert Wexler, AND Big Mouth Alan Grayson (who is running for Senate)FIRE ALL OF THEM 2012! Ethanol is Cancer to America and your car! If they mandate 15% in your fuel, you will not have a car,Well, you will, it just won’t run!

  • Gary from Texas

    If ethanol is so great let it stand on its own, stop goverenment from paying for it, it would wither on the vine !!!

    • Wayne


  • Wayne

    YouTube where Democratic Socialist, Maxine Walter, threatened one of the oil company executive that the governement would take control of the oil companies. What a horrible thought since this country is $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt, social security and medicare going bankrupt. This government has failed us. We, the people, need to clean it out and start all over again. If we could educate enough people what is actually going on we could do this.

    • Wayne

      Oops, I forgot to list youtube in the ab0ve post. It is in ref, Maxine Waters threatening the oil companies. Here it is:

    • David in MA

      Government has not failed,
      those who are the custodians of the government
      have been the failure.
      2012 is the oppertunity to flush these turds down the chitter.
      And, with 40+% of the YOUNG LAZY population on some form
      of government (democrat) handouts it may not be easy,
      what America needs is for Americans to get off the couch and go vote.
      The elderly will be a deciding vote, SO, all you old timer
      constitutional believing folks, VOTE!
      WHY? Because YOUR SS, MediCare & subsidized housing depends on you~~~
      YOU! YOU! YOU! ;>)

  • ardis

    Ethanol won’t be front & center in election 2012. Ditto Rick Perry’s mantras to bait the right wing of the Republican Party i.e., creationism, secession rights, abstinence, sonograms before abortions, guns, Global Warming (save Huntsman, all GOP candidates oppose Cap & Trade). What conservatives SHOULD be focusing on are the big ticket issues for 2012 i.e., Rhino Trojan Horse Perry’s history of uncontrolled levels of spending in Texas, his “Destroying Our Grandkid’s Futures” Stimulus/bailouts hypocrisy, his Sanctuary State “Dream Act”/amnesty agenda since 2001 that has overlapped throughout America, his Globalyst Trans-Texas Corridor to erase U.S. borders,–and his leadership failure to push any signature conservative agenda through the Texas legislature save his Rhino in-state-tuition for illegals & his disastrous 2006 Business Margin Tax hike that has cost Texas taxpayer’s jobs, 8.8 billion in 2008-09, and has created a permanent budget deficit. Fact: Texas under Perry has the highest rate of uninsured, a 29%-33% student drop out rate, and the highest poverty levels of any industrialized state–6th highest in the nation.

  • Joe

    I hope all you good people are members of a TEA PARTY. If not, go join one and get in their socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist faces.

    Wake up America! Stay pissed through November 2012 and on; Because if we don’t, we will wake up one day right back where we are now!

  • Adrian Vance

    Ethanol production uses about three times as much energy as you get out of the stuff when you burn it. It has to be distilled three times to get the water down to the two or three percent water your engine can abide. If it is in your gas tank more than a week it will grab more water from the air as it is hygroscopic and be unusable soon. Any car in shipping or storage must be drained of it.

    If we use our entire corn crop we can make about 1/3 as much ethanol as we need for cars alone. We would destroy our major export, starve millions of people and start wars for food around the world with millions dying in conflicts and starvation. The people that voted for this should be thrown from office and into, or under, a jail.

    For sharp analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Now on Kindle.

  • Steven

    If they want the government to mandate the use of their product, do they also support the individual mandate in Obamacare? If they don’t, they are acting in a hypocritical manner. If the government can require fuel producers to buy ethanol, and specifically ethanol made from corn, why can’t the government require health insurance? Corn is FOOD, not fuel for vehicles.

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    Quite simply, if only ethanol is used to produce ethanol, it takes three gallons to make one gallon – not terribly cost effective …… is it?

    Better use for the corn?
    Moon Shine!

    If you put 10% ethanol in gasoline, your mileage drops by 10%, what have you accomplished …… nothing but having to fill your tank more often, and rebuilt your engine more often.
    You are a lot better off eating the corn, drinking the ethanol, after all the only thing that will blunt the trauma induced by Obama is sitting around fat and happy.

  • Fred Mateski

    I’m glad Gov. Perry did avoid answering these farmers. We don’t need subsidy’s Let the free market have it’s way. If people want it they’ll have it. Don’t cram something down our throats like health care that we don’t want. Ethanol damages your engine in about 30,000 miles. Several cities tried it in their buses & it did more damage than good.
    The private sector will develop fuels that will work if they see they can make a profit. That is why America is so great. We have the freedom to develop & that makes us the leader in the world. Don’t take that away. The obamanation in office has done just that. He is trying to bring us down to the rest of the world. He MUST go & be prosecuted for the damage he has done so far.
    If farmers can’t make a profit then they will raise their prices till they can or leave the industry. If food shortages begin to occur prices will go up to the point that it will be profitable to be a farmer. Leave the market alone & let it do it’s job. Quit trying to be a democrat (socialist, communist). That’s what screwed things up in the first place. Have you noticed no capital letter in democrat or obamanation? Good, they don’t deserve one.

  • Sirwizard

    Governor Rick Perry’s stance on ethanol subsidies is right on. If you bothered to read all of the above posts, the majot points have been well-remarked. A subsidy on Ethanol is nothing more than a subsidy on Al Gore. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just go right to paying a subsidy on hot air? Come on, folks, this is our tax dollars that our proven-to-be-inept government is spending for no other purpose than to be able to say, “Look at us, we’re GREEN”. Al Gore is as GREEN as my dog is PURPLE. He is nothing more than a political idiot. I think American farmers are better than that. Leave the socialism (subsidies) to the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez. If anyone really likes that kind of life, Cuba is only 90 miles south of Florida. You can even get there on a fishing boat. Just go. The Lefties are planning a nationwide protest this September 17th. They plan violence and hope to bring the US down. Save their lives and take them with you.

    I’ll stay here and cling to my guns and religion. While I’m at it, I’ll cling to my American Capitalist principles.

    • JoJo


  • Bryan K Donnelly


    Three cheers for Rick Perry, the only “first tier” candidate to stand up to the agribusiness-ethanol lobby! The ethanol program is yet another “environmentalist” boondoggle that actually turned out to USE MORE ENERGY than it saves while LOWERING our car’s gas mileage and screwing up our engines. Time for it to go. Sorry Iowa, time to get off addiction to government!

  • Gary Maske

    Instead of posting here some of you ought to post on the Des Moines Register website where the story originated, like I did. For all its liberal bias, the Register is a big proponent of the status quo agricultural paradigm in Iowa (where I live.) By the way, corn is not needed to raise cattle. Cows are ruminant animals that should graze on grass. Corn-fed beef is high in omega-6 fat which will kill you (we need some omega-6, but not the amount we get from corn-fed beef). Grass-fed beef is high in omega-3 which is very, very good fat. Corn-fed beef might taste better but it will kill you. Fat is not the enemy, corn-fed beef fat is the enemy. Here’s a list of the uses for which American farmers have grown “king corn:” 1) whiskey, 2) corn sweeteners, 3) to fatten beef the wrong way, (I admit it has its place in feeding non-ruminant livestock), and 4) ethanol. But according to the Register Perry gave the “incorrect” answer. Iowa is not a good place to pick presidential candidates because it is dominated by a special interest group–Iowa corn growers.

  • Reelwarrior

    Many of us have done our homework. If one reads the act “objectively” there is no way that the “open fuel standards act” is “open”. The purpose of the act is to put petroleum based energy sources at a disadvantage by keeping it in short supply and subsidizing less effecient energy sources. If the bill included provisions that allowed drilling and refining in the US, mining clean coal, building nuclear power plants, and NO SUBSIDIES FOR ANYONE, INCLUDING OIL, then it would be “open”. There is nothing wrong with alternative energy sources just as long as we don’t fool with the forces of “supply and demand”. Saying that we must get off of oil because there isn’t enough when we are sitting on more oil than in all of the Middle East that we won’t mine is simply “intellectually dishonest”. In actuality this bill as written will not provide the public with the best choice.

  • John

    We seem to know the scam ethanol is, farmers like the price of corn to stay high but that is not the issue,nuts are ruining this country with goverment programs like wind power.The answer is to send the crooks in congress that support these strange people HOME. Remember this when it’s time to vote and send them back to where they came from ,let them look for a job like everyone else.

  • wayne

    I grew up on a small family farm and I’ve known a hundred farmers. The only farmer I know who ever received a govt’ subsidy was a wealthy CEO of a corporate farm. The govt’ only makes it harder for the small family farmer to compete with the corporate biggies. It’s the biggies who get big money for growing, or not growing, crops. The small family farmer always gets squat. I hope Perry sticks to his guns on this issue.

  • zammer

    I am an Iowa farm land owner and livestock owner, lifelong. Ethanol does NOTHING for Iowans unless you happen to be a corn farmer, which is NOT the majority of us. Most of the small farmers have been put out of business by big corporate farmers who plant corn on hundreds of thousands of acres. Taking every other crop out of production (or reduced) to focus on their greed for corn dollars has driven up the price of hay and other crops, and created shortages that hurts the livestock industries as well as the horse owners.

    It is NOT cleaner to burn as it takes a lot of fossil fuel to produce. It is subsidized, meaning WE pay the tax dollar that makes its cost competitive with regular gas to to encourage people to buy it. People buy it because it’s 10-15 cents per gallon cheaper at the pump. STUPID people do this. Any mechanic will tell you that ethanol is tough on car parts. Try it yourself, you get better mileage with straight gas. So there goes your ‘savings’ if you use ethanol…you are going to put more in your car to get where you are going.

    The whole thing is a scam and our state senators are either brain-damaged to think this helps Iowans in general, or they have their hands in the ethanol producers pockets. Seeing as one of the big producers was recently named to a state position by the govnernor….you do the math. Corrupt politics as usual. And what do Iowans get? Higher prices at the grocery store (so many products contain corn) no local discount for ethanol that does not have to be shipped (we pay as high as any other state for it) and higher prices for everything affected by the shortages of other crops caused by ethanol acres.

    So a few Iowans get rich. And even those corn farmers….many are out of state corporate farmers. Iowa gets screwed the worst….and a few corn farmers and politicians cash in. It’s like our own little Iowa ‘OPEC’ only we are getting screwed by our own instead of the ragheads.


    I hope he is not in favor of ethanol, it is expensive to produce using corn and it makes the cost of related product uses more costly.

    The other thing I would like to see is for Perry to allow questions on his Pres. website, I am getting a bit fed up with no contact or a contact that will not connect.

  • David in MA

    And, who owns or has an interest in the profits from this ethanol?
    BIG farm operators?

  • Charley

    Not sure just what the drinking of ethenol has to do with anything: Drinking petroleum isn’t particularly healthy, either!
    But when government passes laws that take jobs away from people who produce a valuable asset, (gasoline) and then subsidize the destroying a healthy food, by making it into a poor substitute for gasoline, then politicians have gone too far! Their actions have created 1, unemployment, 2, dependency on the Mid-East, 3- devaluing of the dollar, and God knows what other weaknesses for the American public. All in the name of “saving the backward, God fearing, Gun-toting, idiots that created this great nation!

    • zammer

      Charley – I resent your comment that refers to Iowans as “backward, God fearing, Gun-toting, idiots that created this great nation” It’s painfully obvious, however, you have no idea what the Iowa people are about.

      This is a state that ranks top of the nation in intelligence, consistently. Our universities are leaders in medicine, law, aerospace, and other disciplines. Our entire state was fiber connected long before Silicon Valley was even close. We have many industries that are global giants. The personal computer was designed here. The first electron collider that precedes the worlds largest one was designed by Einsten on ISU’s campus. You are just wrong. And sad, and hateful. And very ignorant.

  • R. Cook

    The use of tax dollars to artificially make so called renewable energy economically viable is devoid of any common sense. Think of it this way. The government will make you use alcohol or electricity to power your car but the only way it will work is if they get a lot of other taxpayers to help push the car to go the same distance it would on gas or diesel. That is exactly what is happening when tax dollars are used for alcohol subsidies.
    If you started asking your neighbors to actually help push your car a few blocks every afternoon, how long do you think that would last?

  • JoJo

    Maybe people need to start coming down on the greedy farmers and even dumber politicians. Ethanol is the WORST thing for any type of machine. It causes the engine to wear down faster, fuel miles per gallon goes DOWN, it takes more energy to create ethanol which also can’t be piped, it must be trucked. I now seek out the few gas stations in my area to buy REAL GASOLINE without the ethanol additives, and we need congress and the new president to pull their heads out of their collective butts.

    • Fungusamoungus

      It is a federal mandate that all gas stations must include 10% ethonal . In other words, it’s included with their deliveries of gasoline.

  • Randy Huffey

    I’m not in favor of ethanol subsidies, but those that want to trash and abandon ethanol sound like you’ve been drinking it! Hundreds of Billions of dollars of PRIVATE (farmers) money are now invested in ethanol Co-ops. This has taken up the “slack” in our fuel supply as no new refineries have been built for 20 years! If you abandon ethanol, repeat these Exxon/British Petroleum lies about its safety, quality, YOU WILL PAY MUCH MORE AND BE EVEN MORE DEPENDANT ON FOREIGN OIL! There will also be fuel shortages, as ethanol can’t be replaced at this point as there is not enough refinery capacity to totally replace all the ethanol being used across America.
    Total abandonment of ethanol as a fuel enhancer or extender will bankrupt the farmers you rely on for your food. DON’T GO THERE! Let ethanol stand on its own or fail, no more govt. subsidies. Let the free market dictate whether our energy future incorporates ethanol as a fuel, but please quit spreading the oil company lies about the quality, safety and other positive factors associated with ethanol and it’s production and usage.

    • Joe

      Sure, I agree completely that we need to “let it stand on it’s own or fail.”

      However, in line with that, we need to remove the ridiculous restrictions that keep us from producing our own domestic petroleum products. The enviro-terrorists are destroying our country, under the guise of “saving it.”

      (I blame the educators who have indoctrinated our gullible children, educators who for the past 40 years or so have over-emphasized so-called “environmental awareness” and created a vast army of zealots who put “environment” above people and have lost all sense of balance with Nature.)

  • BigIron

    I don’t care for Rick Perry’s Bilderberger connection; to even get the invitation to their meeting means he has already been “tapped”. He doesn’t do what he says he will do (true of most politicians). Now, he’s attempting to co-opt Ron Paul’s stand on the Federal Reserve and “lawful”/constitutional money. He’ll never get my vote nor will any other of the current list of candidates other than Ron Paul who has been a real servant of the people and a steadfast, unwavering supporter of our Constitution and “sound money” for more than thirty years.
    That being said, I DO agree with Perry’s support for the REMOVAL of the SUBSIDY for corn to be used in ethanol production for fuel; it should never have been put in place at all. Government interference in the free-market is the cause of a great many of our problems today. With regard to corn … I’ve eaten it most of my life but have found out that it is NOT very good for people when there are other choices though I WILL continue to consume it in reduced quantity. Corn is actually not very good for cattle either. The cattle have trouble digesting it and it produces an unhealthy (for consumption) type of fat in the cattle that grass feed does not; it will produce more pounds of cattle at the market ($$$) which is the reason that it is used.
    The original formula CocaCola used “cain” sugar but when the Cuban supply was no longer available due to the embargo, corn sugar was substituted giving rise to complaints from consumers about the taste but corn syrup was also cheaper ($$$). CocaCola made with cain sugar can still be found in specialty sections of some food stores; it is my belief that if it says sugar rather than corn syrup you have it.
    Might there be some continued NEED for government SUBSIDIES … perhaps … but ALL subsidies should be on the “chopping block” and only the ones that are absolutely necessary to the safety of our country should remain. We NEED a manufacturing base if we are to remain and independent nation; we must now work hard to regain that base for our OWN security. Our politicians have maneuvered subsidies to their OWN benefit, NOT the peoples.

    • Randy Huffey

      Big Iron,
      Corn is an essential in cattle (meat) production and in dairy production. Your idea that “The cattle have trouble digesting it and it produces an unhealthy (for consumption) type of fat in the cattle that grass feed does not;” is totally wrong. Corn (or at least some other type of starchy grain, like wheat) are essential in the production of “Choice” or better grades of beef. Without corn in the diet of dairy animals, milk production would be cut in half! Grass fed beef is a “Greenie” idea, is not cost effective, does not produce the quality of beef America is accustomed to and would cause shoratages of beef and much higher prices for it at the store. Without corn in the diet of dairy animals, the energy of their diets will not permit the production levels that we currently enjoy. I say enjoy, because you would need more than doubble the number of cows to produce the same amount of milk if corn were not incorporated into their diets. This would more than double (probably close to triple) the price of any dairy product. I speak from experience as a livestock nutritionist. It would be helpful to only blog about what you have some knowledge of, or else ask a question, or better yet, do some research!

    • aitcherman

      To ‘BigIron”

      I’m afraid your post demonstrates your fundamental lack 0f knowledge about the use of hay and corn in the feeding of cattle. I doubt that you
      would care much for the taste of beef from cattle fed only hay or “grass”
      Grain fed cattle produce a superior grade of beef; i.e. marbled with fat which gives your steak its special flavor and tenderness, whereas catlle subsisting on mainly timothy whether dry in the form of hay, or even while still green, are often allowed to run free in the fields and the exercise also tends to produce lean stringy beef.

      Incidentally, I can’t argue about your statement that, at some point, Coca Cola was using “Cain” and switched to corn syrup as a sweetener because I don’t know. But I am reasonably sure that your “cain” came from sugar cane. Unless it’s related to the old wives tale about cocaine, which I doubt.
      Where did you find information that corn is not good for humans or cattle? I’m afraid that is also incorrect. I have never read nor heard any thing of the kind and I am an omniverous reader about human health and nutrition.

      Both my sets of grandparents were small farmers ( about several hundred acres each in a large scattered community of small farms in Pennsylvania) and I grew up on a poultry farm in the thirties. I have never heard of subsidies, or payments for not growing certain foodstuffs, given to anyone other than large corporate farms. Like everything else big government does, these goodies are handed out to cronies, valued supporters etc. not to an ordinary farmer

  • R. Cook

    One of the major problems associated with using any agricultural crop for fuel is reliability. What happens if we as a nation become dependent on certain government instituted levels of use of ethanol for fuel and there are massive crop failures?

    • Randy Huffey

      Massive crop failure? Fuel shortages will be the last of your concerns if that happens. America has gone to virtually NO reserves of grain. We are totally dependent on the “new crop” each and every year. If we have even a minor shortfall (say 25%) decrease in corn yields, it would cause food shortages here almost immediately. Let’s go further; A 50% reduction in corn yield would cause nothing short of famine in this country. Our politicians have left the grain bin empty at the end of every year for over a decade now. Fortunately the productivity or the American farmer and technology in the area of drought resistant corn varieties have kept yields high and going up. We have not had a serious drought for over a decade now, and the average is one about every 7 years, so we are overdue. It is inevitable that we will have another major drought in the Midwest, and this will cause catastrophic food shortages. Here are some figures for you to digest! In 1988 we experienced our last severe drought. Total corn production fell to about 4.4 billon bu. In 2011 we will use 10.2 billion bu. domestically! That is what we use! Even if we export nothing, we are going to have famine in this country within a year. It is criminal for the government to have let us have no reserves, let our grain bin go empty every year. Even the Pharos of Egypt knew to keep some grain in the bin! We experienced some very high corn prices in ’88-89, but we had over 8 billion bu. of corn stored at that time, so no “famine”! The USDA projects our 2011 corn “carryover” at around 700 million bu. or .7 billion bu. Do your own research on this and it will scare the HELL out of you. Maybe then you will become one of us “hoarders” keeping some emergency food on hand for yourself. Your (our)government has left us all vulnerable. They can print money, but they can’t make corn! Forget about what a gallon of ethanol blended fuel costs, what will you pay for a hamburger when you’re starving?

  • Bill Hines

    I agree with a lot of the comments on the page, but we can’t change a government, that don’t want to change things, you all need to get the word out to the whole nation in order to influence a few, because there are so many who think everything is fine and the sinking ship will right itself, but the fact as most of you know is that the ship is almost underwater. The hard fact is if the E.P.A. was disbanded, there would be a lot of jobs freed up, yes we need to drill, pump and refine our own fuel and we need to tell wall street to stop making those oil companies rich at our expense, it is sad when the oil company CEO makes millions of dollars in bonuses a year, that my friends is greed. If you really want to know what is happening to our country get your hands on a copy of the DVD the Agenda . The communists no what they are doing and they have been doing it to us for a long time, it is time for Americans to wake up.



  • Greg

    The leaders of several of the farm groups are very vocal advocates of corn ethanol. When prices were lower there was support from farmers for this, but now it is primarily ethanol production corporations. There are other things that are better to make ethanol from and most Iowa farmers know it.

  • Bret

    Quote: “I love what he says (on other topics), but I just could not support him,” said Tim Burrack, a Fayette County corn and soybean grower who asked Perry the first ethanol question.

    “If it comes down to him and Obama, I’m going to swallow hard. And I’m a staunch conservative. That’s how important it is.” End Quote.

    Bravo Mr. Burrack! although you agree that most of Perry’s ideas are good for the country, you would vote Obama back into office over purely self serving reasons.
    You sir have just summed up exactly what’s wrong with this country. You would allow the country to continue to circle the drain as long as your mandates and subsidies are protected. Hear that Mr. Burrack? that’s the sound of your mountain of hypocrisy starting to crumble.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    I don’t blame farmers for not wanting to continue subsidies to grow corn for ethanol production. It is human nature to look after one’s own interests as priority number one, all others are secondary. Nevertheless, it was government folly to take corn out of food production and use it for fuel. One didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that less corn for food and feed would result in higher food costs for beef, pork, poultry and foods using corn based sweeteners. Ethanol in fuel results in overall lower fuel economy and by most accounts takes more energy per gallon to produce than gasoline. The only parties benefitting are farmers and ethanol producers. When farmers grew corn to the point that there were surplusses, the government would buy it to prop up prices and give it away as part of our foreign policy. The result was downward pressure on corn prices worldwide and continued government expense. I think we should kill subsidies for growing corn for ethanol and if corn is grown to the point of surplus, use corn exports as a bargaining chip in our foreign policy. If oil producing foreign entities want to buy our corn and food products using corn based sweeteners, then maybe they should give us consideration on oil prices. OPEC has been giving us a royal screwing on oil for years, it’s time to turn the tables.

  • Warren

    We have massive amounts of energy here in the form of oil , gas,& coal that is not being utilized . We are paying a bunch of camel jockeys billions of dollars that could be kept at home . While they use our money to fund terrorism .
    We subsidize our farmers to grow corn for ethanol which consumes 1.5 gallons of energy to produce 1 gallon of ethanol . Doesn’t compute ! Just Dems buying more votes !
    We are having worldwide food shortages yet the govt. Wants to pay our farmers to to produce a product that is not efficient !
    Also the ethanol is not a good product for your car engines .
    We need to run this country like a business and keep the govt. out of controlling commerce . The govt. Already is paying farmers to put their acreage into soil banks or just paying them not to farm millions of acres .
    These farmers are like being on welfare ! They don’t want their candy taken away !
    At the end of the day let our energy companies develop our resources and keep our money at home and have the farmers grow something to eat !
    When in doubt use common sense !!!!! But that is in short supply in DC . Especially at the top !

  • SeaDragon

    I was born & raised in Iowa, then lived there for about 10 yrs later in life. I still have relatives there who farm for a living. Farming is tough, but… to artificially shore up the price by government mandate is absolutely wrong. Let them grow what they want -> and can sell profitably <- not what the government thinks they need to grow.

  • Tricia

    Come on people. They have to find something to do with the genically modified corn. It’s not fit to eat by man or cattle. Any body got REAL corn seed in their freezer to plant. Then people won’t get sick and cattle won’t be forced to eat this crap corn. It’s only good for fuel.

  • Richard Wohltmann

    This ethanol mandate sums up so much that is wrong with the government today. It forces people to buy something that is proven to be inferior. It panders to the enviro-whackos while increasing food costs around the world. If this was a good idea, it certainly would not need a mandate, let alone a huge subsidy for every gallon of the stuff. To top it off, the government has to put a tariff on ethanol imports. This is pathetic. It will be very telling to see if Perry stands firm by what is common sense or panders to the corn growers and ethanol producers.

  • Terry

    If you want to do your small part, as I do, to show your opposition to ethanol until the government gets its head out of its rear, don’t use it, if possible. Real gas (ethanol-free) is available in most areas, but not advertised. Google it to find sites which list stations in your area and throughout the country. Only one station in my small town carries it, and only in the premium grade. It costs less than 10% more than regular, BUT I get a minimum of 10% better gas mileage, so at the end of the month, it’s actually cheaper to use than regular…. and my car loves me. How great is that?

  • Your Neighbor

    Oh, the wonders of Ethanol. No place compares to Ethanol use like in Brazil where it’s 20% blend, and it’s only $7.35 a gallon. CNN reports it is $3.12/gal but they are mistaken because that is 3.12 R$ (Reals) a liter in Sao Paulo. (i know, i just came from there) That equates to $1.941 dollars per liter multiplied by 3.7854 liters to a gallon (USD$7.35/gal). They also sell non-ethanol gas and a lot of taxi’s use natural gas. Forget Ethanol.

  • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS

    This is a Blog Entry from my website http://www.USAonly.US posted on June 26. The pictures is posted on the site. It’s “E-85 Cornflakes” The original Blog has Highlighted reference articles.

    Another Government Fuel-Proof Idea. A Lesson of Corn and Flake.

    NEWS FLASH: We’re Getting Hosed at the Pump. Although you can’t actually find this box of cereal on your grocer’s shelf, you can find it’s concept. E-85 Ethanol is a bad idea on all levels. Lets start with a June 2010 article from The Farm and Dairy e-Newsletter;

    “The U.S. has been a net importer of ethanol for the last decade, but the nation is quickly evolving into a net exporter. While this is welcomed news to an industry looking for new markets, it serves to undermine the fundamental value of America’s ethanol industry as a domestic replacement for imported oil.”

    So even the folks growing the stuff get it’s original intent. This Government Cornucopia is a MAZE of dead-ends and circles that is really hard to follow when you try to attach logic.

    Corn is the number one crop in America and we produce 40% of the world’s total output. With a record 13.1 Billion Bushels produced in the U.S. in 2010, 40% of that is sent to the giant Ethanol Juicer. Another 40% of that goes directly back to farmers who raise cattle, poultry, and pigs. That leaves 20% or 2.62 Billion Bushels left for the breakfast table. Now you know why the price didn’t change on your box of Corn Flakes, but the contents and box dimensions are down as much as that magic 40% number.

    Along with the record crop yield, we also have a record Ethanol Subsidy to offset the cost of producing Ethanol. This helps make it more affordable so people will use it in their “Flex-Fuel” cars. In 2009 , I did see the price difference as much as $1.00 per gallon. I also witnessed testimony from my sister-in-law in Aurora, Colorado that her Chevy Tahoe had a significant loss of power. Gas mileage suffered due to Ethanol’s inability to burn as hot as gasoline , not producing the horsepower to power the vehicle especially in the higher altitude climates. Even though my brother wanted to save the $1 per gallon, she said it wasn’t worth it and has continued with regular gasoline. Ethanol creates a continuous vortex of waste, by using more fuel, it requires more corn, which increases tax payer burden ($6.27 Billion*), because you and I are paying the Subsidies, resulting in higher food costs.

    *An estimated 13.95 Billion Gallons will be produced in the US with a $.45 gallon subsidy

    With the government making sure the Ethanol producers can make a profit, they legislated a sliding scale of government mandated “blending” percentages that increase each year. Add to that the almost 400 million gallons of Ethanol that were exported in 2010 with a 25% increase, or a record 500 Million Gallons estimated to be pumped overseas in 2011, it’s just one more giant Welfare Program for Ethanol Producers. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how many in Congress have some of these companies in their Stock Portfolio?

    You know a program is not working when even Al Gore believes this is running on empty. I end on this note. Congress just voted to eliminate the subsidy and the the Congressman behind the amendments to the bill……..from Baking-Management.(article reference)

    “The U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment by Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) that would prohibit the USDA from allocating funds for ethanol infrastructure, including blender pumps and storage facilities. Rep. Flake’s amendment was passed by a majority of 283 to 128, demonstrating growing support for ending subsidies for corn-based ethanol. The Flake amendment received 22 more votes than it did when it originally passed the House in February.”

    How can you make up the fact that the Corn bill was promoted by a Flake?


    the Iowa farmers are no better then some welfare slob in a Ghetto milking the taxpayers everyone is scamming the tax payer THE PARTYS OVER. all these subsidies have to stop PERIOD. why in the hell should I pay outrageous gasoline prices and then get what amounts to 10% corn juice to make my car run like crap. If Perry keeps this up hes got my vote in 2012.

  • jb80538

    IIf the govt didn’t subsidize the corn/ethonol business, how much would we actually pay for that 10% ethonol added? I’m sure it would ad at least $1.00/gallon. How much better fuel mileage would you get by not adding the ethonol? Probably about 10% or even more. It also wouldn’t have a negative impact on the environment.

    Let’s get the corn out of our gas tanks and back on the table where it belongs.

  • http://Yahoo Stephen A

    Want to bring fuel prices down? just sell all food grains by the barrel the same as oil, not by weight but by what the barrel will hold and for the same price as oil to all COUNTRYS, and watch what happens to oil prices, the same can be said about other products, produce, meat, matierals, steel, copper, brass, tin, and stop sending monies to all forign countrys. and watch our coffers bulge. OH I FORGOT GET RID OF ALL TREASONOUS TRAITERS IN WASHINGTON.

  • n2trophies

    I’m told it takes a gal. of fuil to make a gal. of ethanol. If this is true what is the advantage? The people who make white lightlin wiskey have been at it for many years and haven’t found a better way then distallition. I don’t see an improvement. The corn does make gas useless in about 2 months. The fuel gells.

    • Randy Huffey

      What you hear is propoganda. Do your own research and don’t rely on the “flakes” on this website to give you the straight story. I’ve read most of the postings here and they are riddled with half truths and outright lies about ethanol.
      For ALL your information ethanol is made from what is known as #2 yellow corn. This corn is NOT TYPICALLY used for human consumption. It is used for ethanol and livestock feed. Corn is not destroyed to produce ethanol, rather processed into it’s component parts (starch, fiber, protein). The starch is used to produce ethanol, the remaining product is used as a high quality livestock feed.
      I am in favor of ending subsidies for ethanol. Let the FREE MARKET decide if we will continue to use it (ethanol) as fuel.

      • zammer

        Randy Huffy…

        you are failing to include one detail with your #2 grade corn comment. No matter what grade fo corn is used for ethanol, every acre that is raised takes an acre of edible corn or another crop out of production. The same shortages result and the same reduction in actual food produced still result.

  • paulb

    Corn alcohol has little energy. When mixed with gas your MPG will decrease, add the cost to add it to your gas and it ethanol is no bargin. North America has more energy preserves than all of the middle East we are foolish not to harvest it.

  • dwaters

    We the people do have the power, we can vote out these so called leaders. vote in new congressperson’s and senators every other cycle if necessary. Being a congressperson is not rocket science. It requires commitment and common sense with the understanding a congressperson is the people’s lobbyist. Consider joining the Pickens plan… compressed natural gas It is outside of my understanding why our congress has not moved on this much faster. We the people Must make the difference!

  • shawn corrigan

    i want to purpose a radical crazy solution. this was thought up before all you amazingly smart idiots like lincoln, fdr,johnson,carter ,bozo and all you other communists. its called the CONSTITUTION. this will render all those arguments, as either for or against the document everyone in this country is suppose to love and respect.THE CONSTITUTION !!

    we have no grounds for interfering in the private sector period. unless someone is damaged or they are threatening the safety of the citizens. ANY other interference is unconstitutional. this is why we are fighting with each other, every time we deviate from from the founding document it is unfair to some group, and usually has MANY unintended consequenses. look at ethanol, not only is it stupid, (it separates and varnishes the carburaters ruining millions of 2 cycle motors as they set in our garages) but it destroys the delicate balance of trillions of dollars in industries. turning food into fuel ripples into the whole world, hundreds of millions of people are on the brink of starving, when we take a percentage of food ,force it into fuel it raises the price of food, sparking riots.

    the free market is the fairest way to determine any market price. if you want it ,buy it. if you like ethanol, someone will sell it to you. at the fair market price, communists HATE the free market. they want to control your life.! this is EVIL we need to restore the constitution to bring back freedom ,liberty thereby preventing the unfair strife that brings riots ,war and death.

    • KAJ

      You are so right. Do some research on Agenda 21 and you will discover what is being implemented in this country. Our sovereignty is being stripped away with treaties that take away our constitutional rights.
      America needs to wake up before it is too late.

    • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS

      I have come up with a simple statement: CAPITALISM-will make you a Tent Maker, or a Tent Dweller. One sees Opportunity, One see Oppression.

  • Jon Flechter

    While I am fully sympathetic to the plight of our farming community, I would think that they can find other – equally profitable outlets for their corn production. Our “gubmint” is already too deep into our pants, and our lives – trying to cram health care (and its associated waste) into our lives, trying to tell us what kinds of cars to drive, what kind of light bulbs to use, what kind of food to eat, and whether we can have firearms or not……and now they want to push this crappy ethanol into our gas tanks. Farmers mostly run diesel, so they don’t have to worry as much as the average consumer about small engine problems that the rest of us consumers have to contend with. My vehicles get 3-4 MPG LESS than if I use non-ethanol gas. My small engine repair bill last year (outboard motor, tractor, chain saw, weedwacker) was over $900, and in most cases, it was too costly to repair the device, so I ended up throwing it away and buying another. Did you ever pull a small engine carburator apart and see that white snot clogging it up? …. Check it our next time your small engine starts acting up. Don’t tell me that this WASTE doesn’t have a yet bigger impact on our environment AND pocketbook! Give consumers a choice, and make mine NON-ETHANOL!

    And by the way, I don’t know if I’m for or against Rick Perrry, but if your mentality is so micro-focussed on this one tiny aspect of his platform, as opposed to the much bigger picture of how to get this country out of this circus mess we’re in today – which was based on “Hope/Change” crap, then you deserve another 4 more.

  • Carl

    None of commenters knows that China are drilling oil wells in our yards. It does not says front, sides, nor back.

  • Robert Young

    Time to end the ethanol subsidies and many other Govt. subsidies as well.

  • K Matthew Victor

    NO subsidies for ANYONE. Especially for the stupidity of biofuels! We are either a Free people or we are some shade of Socialist. Period! All governments are at their base mutual protection societies. Our task is to decide which services we the people are absolutely unwilling to live without and totally remove from our government everything else. Yes, “We The People” must learn to live with our means and be proud and honored to do so. That should be our sole example to the World.

  • john

    Ethanol is a waste of food, energy, and taxes. Do away with the ‘subsidy’ and let the market determine the right fuel and use of corn (food). Ethanol takes more energy to produce and transport than it produces, the level of energy produced is poor, it ruins your engine, and is less efficient than gasoline.

    Typical tax eaters – cut all benefits BUT NOT MINE!!!!
    Do away with this ridiculous tax giveaway

  • mag

    Farmers in Iowa are self serving just to sell corn, that is what is wrong with Washington now. Ethonol is not a good fuel, less milels per gallon, attracts water in your engine, corrosin of parts etc. Wht is need is Buitnol, it is very close to gasoline, can be pumped through the same lines as gas, where ethonol can not.
    Buitonol can be processed from any plant product. Why not use Cudzoo, grows wild in the carolinas and easy to grow.
    Wkke up Americans before we lose this great country to the self serving.

  • Airangel

    I am totally leary of Perry and his Big Ag, Monsanto and Big Pharma special interest…I like a lot of things he says but I think he’s on the Big Bully team. Big Ag and Monsanto are cutting out the small farmers, the sustainable farmers and promoting chemical growing, soil depletion, bee colony die off with the terminator seeds that you can not recollect and regrow the next year…corn ethanol has been proven to deplete the soil, make it worthless to grow crops and feed people and it takes up more natural resources…we have the technology to burn coal cleaner, to safely drill on land or in shallow water to avoid castrophes in deep water..this corn ethanol and genetic cotton and soybeans is destroying the DNA and balance of all things living. It’s irresponsible and negligent!!!

  • http://PatriatNews Ken

    One other thought if we really want to make major petro savings than why does America not look at new diesel technoligy.Seven years ago VW diesel showed a car for two that gave just under 250/mpUS gal or 282 Impg.It runs along at highway speed all day long.I believe VW has now broke 300/mpg! Why are the industries pissing around with electric gas when a VW jetta can carry 5 and has more power and almost matches Toyota and the electrics are a joke!

  • Barbara Kuzminsky

    Hey farmer’s! How about growing corn for food?? It’s been proven that ehtanol really ISN’T a good efficient fuel source AND due to it being used for fuel, the cost of many, many types of food products is substantially higher. REALLY??? You could and would REALLY vote for Obama the socialist who is turning this country into a THIRD WORLD country faster than you can plow a field!! What a sad state of affairs. No wonder this country is falling apart! Let the market determine what sells…Obamster said that fuel prices “would necessarily increase” I see that you guys are part of HIS system. How far has our great country has decliined. Oh and DON”T complain about oil subsidies then, either…you are just as bad….

  • Joe

    Yeah, People always say, “give me freedom, and get the Government out of my life,” until it is their handout that gets threatened.

    Listen up, Farmers: It is NOT the job of the Government to see that your farm is successful. That is completely on YOU.

    You rise or fall, succeed or fail, on your own skills and hard work, and the help and good will of your family, friends, neighbors.

    If you will stop screaming for handouts, and the unions, poor, disenfranchised, various industries, etc., etc. will stop screaming for handouts and subsidies, our federal taxes could be reduced to almost nothing. If everyone keeps yelling “Cut the Federal Budget, but don’t touch my gravy train,” there will never be a solution.

    Let US decide how badly we need your product. Let the “Law of Supply and Demand” determine your prices. Then, if the product cannot be produced economically, it is not needed.

  • david

    You have to be careful when you convert food to energy because it will cause food prices to skyrocket . We got ourselves in this pickle when we let the us become so dependant on foreign oil. We must find the way out and that is thru drilling here and technology , such as electric cars.

  • JEC

    The whole ethanol program is a scam. I purchased 2010 Ford pickup that burns E85 fuel. That was the biggest mistake ever. Before I purchased this vehicle I checked with the IRS to see if it qualified as an alternative fuel credit,(it did at the time I checked), but when it came time to file my income taxes, the alternative fuel tax credit had been removed for my vehicle. As many of the post have stated here, burning the E85 fuel is not worth the savings versus fuel usage. I found that it cost me more money using E85 than regular unleaded gasoline. I feel for the farmers plight, but they need to find another market for their crops, without government involvement.

    • Joe

      And that highlights another failing of our government: using the taxing system to try to manipulate people’s behavior. That is not Freedom, folks; it is a form of slavery. It is not a case of “you will be rewarded if you comply”; it is a case of “you will be punished if you do not comply.”

  • Donald Dunnam

    The welfare system of paying for a particular crop is wrong. Further the use of food for fuel is a sure way of causing shortages.
    Technology from the 1920’s shows that coal can be gassified and turned into gasoline, diesel and even jet fuel.
    Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil based carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. This is achieved by reacting the material at high temperatures (>700°C), without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam. The resulting gas mixture is called syngas (from synthesis gas or synthetic gas) or producer gas and is itself a fuel. The power derived from gasification of biomass and combustion of the resultant gas is considered to be a source of renewable energy;
    The process of producing energy using the gasification method has been in use for more than 180 years. During that time coal and peat were used to power these plants. Initially developed to produce town gas for lighting & cooking in 1800s, this was replaced by electricity and natural gas, it was also used in blast furnaces but the bigger role was played in the production of synthetic chemicals where it has been in use since the 1920s.

    During both world wars especially the Second World War the need of gasification produced fuel reemerged due to the shortage of petroleum.[5] Wood gas generators, called Gasogene or Gazogène, were used to power motor vehicles in Europe. By 1945 there were trucks, buses and agricultural machines that were powered by gasification. It is estimated that there were close to 9,000,000 vehicles running on producer gas all over the world.
    Technology development

    Shell started gasification research in the 1950s. We further developed the technology in the 1970s and added coal to the range of raw materials. Today we can adapt our technology to coal of different qualities.

    The first commercial-scale plant using our coal gasification technology started up in 1993 at the integrated gasification combined cycle power plant in Buggenum, the Netherlands. To date, we have sold 27 licences around the world, including in China, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

    China has the world’s second largest reserves of coal and they provide 70% of the country’s energy. Twelve power plants here use our gasification technology.

    We have also developed technology for oil/residue gasification and for gas gasification, which we are using in the Pearl Gas to liquids project in Qatar.
    ( Good enough for the rest of the world but not here?)

  • KAJ

    Rick Perry is a globalist and attended the Bilderberg conference in 2007 ( not sure if it was 06, o7, or 08) He is for the New World Order and the super highway that was going to be built thru Texas. Beware

  • Tinytim


  • Bill Lee

    I live in Thailand, had my little 4 banger converted to LPG. I pay the equivilent of $1.50 a gallon. Now why can’t the US do the same thing? I paid off the conversion in 6 months and have had no issues with the performance. The tank takes up 1/3 of the trunk. Keep your corn on the cob. Stop looking for ways for the government to hand out entitlements. And keep Monsanto out of your business unless you want to loose it.

  • Chris Myers

    Using corn in our fuel is supposed to produce a cleaner burning fuel. Not so. If you calculate the reduction in fuel mileage (around 20-25%) and use 85/15 gas/ethanol mix you actually create more pollution because you use more gasoline (due to the aforementioned mileage penalty). This only benefits farmers. I’m all for farming and farmers but most farming is on a corporate scale and these mega farms also are the beneficiaries of 85% of all farm subsidies. I’m sure that as the worlds population continues to rise farmers will be able to sell product.

  • Jim Welch

    Re: “Iowa farmers blast Rick Perry’s answer to their questions about ethanol mandate”

    All calf’s cry a little when they are taked off the tit. Trouble is too many people sucking on the government’s tit. If ethanol is so good then let it compete without the subsidy.

  • Jim Welch

    All calf’s cry a little when they are taken off the tit. Trouble is too many people are sucking on the government’s tit. If ethanol is so good then let it compete without the subsidy.

  • Michael

    Monsanto GMO corn needs to be outlawed, stiff criminal penalties for any who grow it!

    Put that land back into food production. GMOs are not food, they are poisonous to life. I like my corn on the cob, too; but it ain’t gonna happen with nothing but GMO corn in all the supermarkets.

    Homemade Hydrogen/Oxygen electrolytic generators for application to motor vehicles are already in operation, and examples are all over youtube. Boost your fuel mileage 15 to 33%.

    Bring the troops home from our occupation of military bases in 162 nations, and we will not need to import nearly as much oil.

    • Randy Huffey

      Michael, You are so uniformed! There is no GMO corn for sale at your supermarket! GMO corn is strictly regulated and separate from “food grade” corn. The ONLY usage for GMO corn is ethanol or livestock feed. Please educate yourself and quit spreading propoganda.

      • Airangel

        Livestock feed becomes human feed…genetically modified seeds, corn, soy, cotton, beets, etc. is simply not healthy and as usual, the health complications show up 10 years too late…Monsanto and their round-up ready products are evil and a death sentence to Mother Nature and humanity!

  • NancyK

    DAVID IN MA…….you are brilliant! You should probably run for office to help make things right. Have all of you watched these 2 videos:

    I would love to hear your comments about them.

  • Doc Holliday

    Next to that baboon in the white house, the energy commission is the biggest joke around. The job they were assigned to was to reduce our need for foreign oil. What exactly do they do for the umpteen billions they receive ?

    • Kobra

      Doc… don’t you know the difference between a Baboon and a Chimpanzee? geez

  • Rickey O’Shields

    Ethanol in the gasoline is a total waste of processing, money and corn.
    Charge the oil supplying nations the same price for a bushel of corn as they charge us for a barrel of oil. If they don’t like it they can starve.
    Get someone in Washington that has some intelligence, not a bleeding heart socialist muslim damnocrap coward.

  • Fred Mitchell

    Thats right, corn on the cob, is all it should be use for. This Gov don’t care what ethanol is doing to this country, it destorys ground water from the flums. And for adding to gas, it burns hot, takes away mileage . I’m sure the farmers like the big money it gets from selling it.It is worthless to add to fuel.

  • http://Comcast R Woodworth

    America…….. ethanol in gasoline is ripping you off. As an engineer in the Detroit auto industry for 40 years, your pluses are few. In Winter the alcolol will keep your line from freezing and it cleans your injectors. The Minus……………… The gallon cost less but the effiency or gas mileage has not been increased. In fact you will get less miles per gallon, if the percentage of ethanol in your tank is too high, the ethanol will corrode your gas line from the inside, and some of your gaskets will degradate. Iowa farmers are on your case because they will lose the government subsidizing they receive from your tax dollars, and using grain for this silly political stunt causes our other food product costs to rise over grain shortages, and causes the rest of the World to loose the grain that was so abundant before making farm owners millionaires at our expense. Send grain back to a food supply and cut real costs!

  • Al Bivings

    Eliminate the forum for environmental nuts like Gore, start producing oil–God gave us these resources to use–drill-drill-drill. Quit making the fat muslims richer!

    Al Bivings

  • Amos Moses

    Stop all pay offs to Farmers for growing and not growing corn. ETHANOL is bad for engines. The Government wants to move E10 to E15. When that happens your cars will be on the side of the interstates waiting on AAA to tow you in. E-mail and Fax the EPA to stop this insane idea.

  • Infidel

    Farmers grow food,not subsidized Bullshit!!!

  • Billpits

    Ethanol as fuel is another “false flag” of sorts. It makes the unknowledgable, green tinted, sheep feel that something “good” is going down, while it establishes another beachhead in the invasion against fossile fuel usage. Makes a great money trail for the big factory farming companies, too.
    Truth of it is that it costs more energy to produce than the fuel it provides gives back. And then there’s this – it takes much good farm land away from food production, thus raising prices for the available food.
    So, there are two, yes two, money trails to follow. Where do they lead?
    As Yogi once said: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!”

  • John

    Written on August 16, 2011 by da Tagliare
    Rick Perry Has Some Explaining to Do

    Filed under
    Culture, Islam, Politics, Religion

    Comments (284)

    I’ve often been told that you can accurately judge a person by the friends that they keep. Using this premise, let’s take a look at some of the friends Presidential GOP candidate Gov. Rick Perry has kept and still keeps.
    In 1988, President Ronald Reagan had already served his two terms as President and was ineligible to run again. The Republican Party ran then Vice-president George H.W. Bush after a hard fought primary campaign against Senator Bob Dole. The top Democratic candidates included Gov. Michael Dukakis, Sen. Al Gore and Rep. Dick Gephardt among others. At the time of the 1988 campaign, then Democratic Rep from Texas Rick Perry served as the Texas campaign head for Al Gore. After Bush handily defeated Dukakis for the White House, Perry switched parties and became a Republican in 1989, but still kept ties with Democrat Al Gore – inventor of the internet and crusader for a one-world economy and government.
    In 1999, Perry became Lieutenant Governor of Texas and Governor in 2000. As Texas’s governor, Perry has openly courted relations with a number of Islamic leaders.
    One of Perry’s friends with Aga Khan, the multimillionaire head of the Shi’ite sect of Islam known as the Ismailis. As governor, Perry has used his association with Khan and other Ismailis leaders to establish cooperative programs with them and the state of Texas, including an education program to help teach children that Ismailis Muslims are peace loving people.
    Perry has also been known to be friends with Grover Norquist. Norquist is married to a Palestinian wife who is the director of communications for Norquist’s Islamic Free Market Institute. He has been on the Islamic payroll before and after 9/11. Just fifteen days after the 9/11 attack on the US, Norquist arranged for President Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic leaders who were supposedly rejecting violence and terrorism. However, a number of those Islamic leaders have been supportive of Hamas, Hezb’allah and the Palestinian cause to eliminate Israel from existing as a nation and who have called for the destruction of all those nations who support Israel, including the US.
    Gov. Perry claims to be a conservative Christian, just like Obama claimed before he was elected President and we have seen Obama’s track record of supporting Islamic peoples and nations while distancing the country from our Israeli allies. One can’t help but wonder if Perry is following a similar pattern
    Let’s face facts. Islam considers Christians to be infidels and peace loving or not (heavy on the not) does teach that infidels should be exterminated. Many Islamic leaders have taught the same and have vowed a Jihad – Holy War – against the US for being a nation of infidels.
    So why would a professing Bible believing Christian be friends with people who have openly supported the destruction of Christianity, Judaism and the United States? I know Scripture says to love your enemies, but it does not say to make them your friends and to court their ways.
    The Republican Party needs to pin Perry down and find out exactly where his allegiance is and whose side he’s on before any more voters head to a primary, unaware of his background.
    I am happy for the farmers waking up to slick rick. The flip flop man from Texas!
    I heard this rumor that perry strongly supports Shariah law! That speaks for it self. Who side is this chamelon liberal that pretends to talk conservative ? See more on OBama, rino perry, rest of Congress.
    WE are tired of Obama thug! Do not replace him with a another slick rick thug?
    Do a very heavy background check on perry. With the insurance fraud robbing the seniors of money and divide money among insurance buddies UBS.Look at Rick perry handle a speeding ticket on you tube.I am above the law! Perry supports more on illegals`rights over Americans loyal to America!This is a very bad choice for the GOP. A conservative talking liberal chameleon thug! Slick rick from Texas.

  • Dano in Texas

    I agree with most of y’all’s comments. Of course, we all know that 15% ethanol in your fuel turns to water in your gas and diesel fuel if you store it for awhile. Then you get to pay extra for fuel additives to dry it back out so you can run your engines on it.
    On the political side, the real problem is that 50% of our population is on food stamps and they don’t own a computer to hear what we are saying! They are like Jay Leno’s Sidewalk All-stars, they are completely clueless blithering idiots!

    • Randy Huffey

      Interesting concept! Ethanol turns to water? How can people be so uninformed, uneducated? I guess it’s the propaganda from big oil. Ethanol does increase the volatility of gasoline, but it will never turn into water and it won’t cause fuel to “gel”! It will absorb any water (moisture) in your gas tank preventing gas line freeze up. Increased volatility just means you will lose (slightly) more fuel to evaporation in high ambient temperatures. Ethanol blends are better suited to the cold. Winter starts are enhanced and made much easier with ethanol. I just get so sick of reading all the mis-information on this website. How can people believe such crap?
      I’m not in favor of subsidizing ethanol, LET THE FREE MARKET DECIDE IF WE BURN ETHANOL!

  • John

    Watch slick rick lie after lie. When , you push him on a issue his whole body lies!
    He must have copy Obama! Use the ways to you are dumb crowd and I am superior over you dumb farmers. His body ,ego, and how he express himself. Beware he has a temper and has a grudge if does not get his way.

  • Barbara

    I agree with Joe above. Also, there IS a market for corn…the world is not producing enough food. Also, let’s get old whizbang Gore off the stage for now telling us that we should eat less meat! I will eat what I want. No where in history has it been decided what people should eat un;ess one lived/lives in a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST country where the market is controlled (as the USA is becoming). I am not sure I trust Perry enough to vote for him–come on Michele Bachmann, get tougher and “scrub the kitchen floor” with these other “candidates.” Ron Paul has some beliefs I just can’t go along with , ie. his stance on drugs etc. I digress…let’s go USA Farmers, let’s turn it around…get rid of ethanol AND Monsanto seeds!

  • charlie

    Of course the Iowa farmers are for ethanol. They grow corn. Last i heard ethanol requires that for every gallon of ethanol energy produced to the consumer it requires about 3 gallons of energy to produce it. I am trying to express that it is a low efficiency process (25%) to produce this. there needs to be a process of celluostic ethanol that will be 100% efficient.
    An engine can be designed to run on this even if drastic changes (such as turbine engines) need to be done. basically ethanol is not good for the short term or political mandates.

    We do have oil capability here in the US, it is just that the oil companies find it easier to import due to environmental regulations. I suspect Sarah Palin is not running for president but would really like to see her nominated as Secretary of the interior and do to the oil companies what she did in Alaska. drill here, drill now or lose your drilling right to someone who will.

  • Moose

    Ethanol uses more energy to produce then it returns, it reduces the mpg of your car and make food prices higher from bread to beef. Ethanol is a big boondoggle for farmers that hurts all consumers. Instead of ethanol subsidies maybe we should change the laws to allow farmers to pass their farms on to their heirs when they die instead of the government taking 50% of it.

  • Wally

    Much of this talk reminds me of the old SAW “Just because you think you are not paranoid, it doesn’t mean “They’re not out to get you!”.

  • Hank

    What do you think global warming is all about. 30% more agricultural land in the northern hemiphere to grow energy. The cap and trade carbon tax is a ransom to be payed to the poor nations that will be even more devasted. It’s a crock of #$%@.

  • Darkrider

    The Iowa farmers don’t give a flying flip about how bad they screw “we the people”. They care only about lining their own pockets with our tax dollars through ethonal subsidies. In my opinion they are no different from Obama.

  • Robert

    Your absolutly right R woodworth. Ask any marine craft machanic, ethanol is by far the single worst used product to come down the pike ever” It causes nightmares for any two stroke or four stroke marine engines, further, on all two and four stroke small engines like a weed wacker, lawn mowers, edgers, leaf blower, small generators this stuff is so bad that some times you have to have the same thing repaired twice in the same season, it eats the inside of any hose’s/ gaskets to transfer the gas from the tank to the engine. Go to any place that sells plastic gas tanks or to replace fuel lines some of them have a disclaimer that says ethanol may cause damage and let me tell you it absolutly does. they even sell products now that you should put in the tanks of all the products mentioned, it’s an additive to your gas to help cut down the problems creatsed by this crap, and I’m not talking about STA-BIL that’s another issue.
    So basically here’s what you need to keep things running as best you can. First any product like STA-BIL there are a few on the market, but this product is a gas treatment that helps keep the crappy gas they sell us today simply put maintanes it’s octane for long periods until your ready to use it again but even that doesn’t always work, that’s because all gas regardless of it’s octane is simply put tuns to crap after a real short period and in some cases if the gas is exposed to air for a month, like the cap on loose it turns to what I refer to is crap, you can actually throw a little on the grown throw a match on it and it won’t lite. Now that covers that problem and by the way that has been going on for years, but now the ethanol problem this stuff is so bad it’s incredible to me that congrees was sold on this corn crap, all I can say is the farmers paid a lot of money through there lobbyist to get this stuff added to what is already crap, it’s no wonder the manufactures have been having such trouble for all these years trying to get good gas milage out of this crap and ethanol has not added not one mile per better on any engine. So now you need another product called there are a few of them out there now understand this is for your marine/ any small two or four cycle engine, those products are
    STAR-TRON or VALV-TECT this helps keep ethanol from, turning back into water
    I don’t have enough space here to explain how they both work but you get the picture here. This has all been created by our great leaders congress/senate. Now you shouldn’t wonder why anymore because you lawn mower weed wacker edger leaf blower generator chain saw, out board motor you IO won’t start or you have to have it serviced every year the marine machanics small engine shops are not going to tell you this, it’s called job security


    EPA-where else can you be appointed to be director of 17,000+ employees with a budget of $10,400 billion/year and only be 6 years out of college?? What a country and very generous of US.
    Here’s an idea…Let’s stop funding the EPA with US tax dollars for a minimum 5 years and see if US can resolve the issues without all the EPA paperwork and interference!

  • Bob

    Ethanol has caused the rise in food prices, almost everything you eat or drink other than vegetables has some corn or grain products in it. There is no shortage of domestic oil only government regulations that keep oil companies from drilling in the U.S. The worst enemy we have is not the terrorist but, the U.S. government.

  • Reelwarrior

    I just don’t understand why so many people don’t realize how important it is that we drill for our own oil and build refineries. It is the most important thing that we should do.

  • Raphael

    “america should be a more sharing country, by feeding the world not by driving on what we grow”

    Wow … the ignorance on this site is epic! I find it amazing that people can talk so strongly about things they know nothing about. You soulnd like a liberal.

  • randydutton

    Ethanol is a tax on the poor. Progressives force the corrosive solvent ethanol into the fuel system to destroy your older cars (half the cars tested by the auto industry were damaged by E15), then they jack up the cost of cars by mandating a bevy of changes, then they use ‘cash for clunkers’ to remove inexpensive used cars off the market. This leaves the poor little choice but to borrow to the hilt to buy a new car. Then they struggle to make ends meet. Then bankruptcies increase, then taxpayers have to bail out the banks with bad loans.

    Meanwhile China benefits because the new cars require China’s 97% monopolized rare earth elements (REE) needed for the new cars. More parts and cars made in China. BUT, China has a very corrosive atmosphere in which they manufacture (up to 1500ppb H2S in Shanghai, 7ppb is the norm in North America) so that electronics and other metallic components have a very short life span.
    By the way. Because it burns hotter, ethanol (E15) burns up catalytic converters, the very device meant to reduce pollution. The EPA was FORCED by the Obama Administration to approve E15 even though they knew of the pending problems. WHY? Because the auto unions want to make more cars! Destroy your old cars, and the demand increases.

    • Randy Huffey

      Ethanol (E-10 or E15) burns cooler than gas. Get your facts straight at least!

      • Terry

        Correct. Randy had me rooting for him until he said that.

  • Scotty

    Wow! After reading all the anti ethanol comments, I am sorry to see so many un educated people on the true story about corn ethanol. Most of the corn in the US is used to feed animals not humans. The truth is that corn is a low yeald per acer crop for ethanol, as compared to sugar cane or switch grass. The reason they use it is the by product called DDG (dried distiler grains). DDG is a better animal feed than pure corn. After the sugars are extracted in the fermenting process, the left over mash is dried and fed to the animals we eat. So the “Big lie” that we are putting our food in our gas tank is the story from “Big Oil” and “Big Food” producers to justfie high food prices. Oh by the way, the second largest company that ownes ethanol plants in the US is “VELERO OIL” out of Houston Texas, one of Rick’s home boys.

  • John

    That is the real slick rick! That flip flop man from Texas!A conservative talking liberal chameleon! Carefull , I have heard rumors here in Texas if you oppose thin skin perry . He will send a head of texas dept of criminal justice at your place and talk to you.telling you to stop talking or sending letter oppose perry way on foreign control highways,schools,illegals, anything perry is for.Perry want to use scare ways to make you shut up.Back to the oil- No more free protection for nation out of America. They must pay; in oil,gold,silver, mineral rights,food land,never use corn for a gas car and never forgive counties debt to us.It will ruin the seals and damage the motor over time.Place a tariff on all things from: mexico,china,and korea 35% and 98% tax on every dollar send to mexico.Do the math since 1965 to now. Billions and billions of dollars turn mexico to a from a country poor to rich only. We can track every wire exchange and collect before transfer. And now a poor,middleclass,and rich,and super rich.Here the middle and rich are going to be soak with taxes. The super rich less than 18% or no taxes.Stop the broad band net taxes for the middle class. No vat tax! Kill net control .Kill the patriot act and pending net control bill to raise broadband taxes on the middle class. Obama answer Tax to death the middle class and use the VAT tax by: Obama sign on auto sign.

  • Viet Vet

    The real goal of ethanol is to destroy the internal combustion engines. Additionally farmers are getting a premium price for growing corn. However, the consumer is being assaulted with higher food cost as a result of corn going to ethanol production as opposed to food production. With the revelation of more available petroleum the pursuit of ethanol production needs to stop , except of course ‘white lightening’ production should continue for medicinal purposes.

  • Ballistic45

    The dumbest Idea out of the Eco-Freaks minds.. Put your food off your table in the gas tank raising the price of both.. Isn’t California still paying for MTBE in their gas even after it was discovered it is poison to ground water use for drinking? Not one word of apology from those Eco-Freaks for their blunder that has cost California Billions… Now we have this Government sponsored artificial Market for “Corn/Gas” no body wants.. Alcohol is a solvent and does attack seals and gaskets through out the fuel system.. This is an Artificial Fuel Crisis brought on by Eco-Freaks to force us into accepting Environmental Expansion of Government Regulations, laws and control over every aspect of our lives. North America has the largest deposits of Oil and gas in the world. Yet to create this crisis, Eco-Freaks over the years have shut down whole areas to oil drilling, stopped all construction of refineries for 25 years, forced additives to be put in fuel, forced the Automotive Industry to build more and more costly vehicles to meet an ever increasing MPG demand. We have light Sweet crude oil right under our own noses that would cost only $17 a barrel to pump creating jobs right here. But Eco-Freaks have forced us to buy from countries that hate us and have been found to support those attacking us. We send our youth to protect their back yards so that we can have a supply of oil from them at about $100 per barrel providing them with jobs.. I ask you, is there something WRONG with this Picture?

  • David

    Small family farms are not in the ethanol business….this is agri-business and the farm lobby that are supported by them trying to line their pockets at the behest of the American taxpayer.
    Producing ethanol from corn is ludicrous, it takes more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol than we get out of it and it costs us at present 41 cents per gallon as taxpayers to produce. It is not an energy dense fueld so guess what you lose gas mileage when you burn it which further increases the emissions produced by this “wonder fuel”. If we are serious about producing ethanol it needs to be made from sugar can, sugar beets, or grasses so that you don’t have to convert the starch in the plant to sugar first….propping up another whole industry that makes microbes to do this part of the process. If you have straight sugar/juice it is a simple matter of warming and adding yeast to induce fermentation and produce the ethanol. The waste material can then be fed to cattle and hogs as it is in sugar production from cane and sugar beets when the dried beet pulp is added to feeds.
    If we truly want a clean fuel in this country we would immediately mandate that all big rigs convert to clean burning and readily available in this country natural gas. This fuel is energy dense, burns super clean, and makes engines last longer because it doesn’t have hydrocarbons in it that attack the engine oil and cause breakdown.
    This would immediately lower use in this country and allow time for other suplies that have not yet been developed to come online.

    The second thing that should happen immediately is to remove the tree huggers from the EPA and allow it to function as it was designed with members from all groups that are affected by the decisions such as oil companies, auto manufacturers, ranchers, conservationists and so on. This department is out of control and needs to either be reigned in or abolished for the good of the country. It is time to put humans ahead of newts, frogs and whatever else would stand in the way of our progress.

  • Brad Jones

    Check out the web site listed, we dont need corn in our gas, it cost more greenhouse gasses to produce it then it saves in using as a fuel USA has more recoverable fossle fuel then 1.324 trillion barrels according to USGA check out the video i just posted more oil then any county on earth as well as 28% of the coal then canada,Iran,russia saudi arabia

  • K

    Ethanol is crap! It is a political boondoggle, raises the price of corn for those who need it for food, and reduces the performance of the cars. Those Iowa hog farmers (and I mean farmers who are hogs) need to quit feeding at the public trough of subsidies.


    Suckers! I’ve been telling people that Rick Perry “is not” who he says he is. Hell….he agrees with Obama to give the “illegals” back door amnesty! Perry had a chance to stand for Texans and all Americans, but chose to cave to Obama and administration. Think not! It’s all out there! Can anyone say TSA and no fly zone over Texas! They say Perry “used” to be a Democrat! Huh! Think maybe he might still be?

  • mj

    Go, Rick Perry. I have to drive a bit to even find gas that doesn’t have ethanol in it. I heard it is bad on your engine. I even pay a little more, but I think it is worth it in the long life of my car. It seems like everyone is out only for themselves, even though I understand that a person’s livelihood is important, too. Let’s get to drilling more.



  • Airangel

    Yep, if Palin doesn’t get in the race vote Ron Paul…best choice for what’s out there…If Marco Rubio ran, I would vote for him…Perry is a Rhino…whenever the leftstream Media gives someone lots of coverage, I’m suspicious because they always buck-up the left and their party! Their game is to play to the masses (the 50% not working or paying Federal taxes yet using all the programs for free while the tax payers use them but pay for them) that vote solely on TV popularity rather than educate themselves on how they can be empowered and be more productive citizens.

  • Billy Cooper

    Folks its not just our gasoline that they put ethanol in, The rest of the food products that are made with corn or by-products of corn cost more every time we go to buy groceries. The farmer is getting a fair price for his corn, and the tax-payers are subsidizing the farmer also. He has got a windfall profit and is laughing all the way to the bank. Americans should refuse to use any gasoline with that crap ethanol added to it. Really its not goood for your car engine. It sure as H@!! dont increase my gas mileage. Who are the dummies here????????

  • Linda Hudak

    Gary is right on the money! Wake up America!

  • Mark G.

    My two cents here…any business that requires my tax dollars to make it profitable needs to be head-shot. Ethanol is crap, pure and simple. Let those “welfare-queen” farmers, who think they are entitled to the fruits of MY labor, run their own equipment on it, if they can.

  • Billy Cooper

    The reason we are not drilling for our own oil, Obummer and his Communist friends want it that way. And besides its a very quick way to help and tear down America. America cannot survive without Oil. Either ours or that which we import from the middle east. Its all a part of Obummer’s plan to destroy America. Withhold Oil Drilling, (it creates jobs to drfill) Keep the price at or near $100.00 , Businesses will not hire, So we have high unemployment, People getting government handouts, People depending on the government. Just what Dr. Obummer ordered. Pretty soon we are all Communist. See how easy it is folks.

  • Morning Glory

    I wish they’d just grow corn to FEED people and animals. The price of corn is so high that the feed bill for my farm is outrageous. Ethynol is a rip off and will never, NEVER allow us to be independent of the middle east’s oil. We have more than enough reserves in our own country to supply us for years and years and years. We don’t need foreign oil………just a president who cares about us enough to allow us to become independent…….and while I’m on my soap box…. Leave corn for eating…………… get away from the GMOs. No one knows exactly how GMOs affect humans…………or other animals for that matter. Raise food from heirloom seeds. Won’t make as much money, but it will surely be much better for all involved.

  • Dee

    The government gave $5 million for this ethonol crap. I’ve heard that it lowers the gas mileage and polutes more than regular gas.
    The government is stupid

  • Morning Glory

    BTW……………….if you are dissatisified with the field of candidates who have thrown their hat into the political ring to run for pres……….if you are wondering who you can trust to represent and to support you, check out Herman Cain. I really like everything about this man’s message and his solution to get America back on her feet. He’s not as well known and popular as Perry or Romney. He’s not a politician (THANK GOD!!). He’s not your conventional candidate as he actually HAS A PLAN. He IS a successful, self-made businessman. He is inspirational and brings a message of REAL hope back to our country. Check him out. I know you’re going to like what you hear.

  • Veridicus

    Does anyone agree that Perry should have used the ethanol issue as an opportunity to show his willingness to make difficult choices by telling the truth about Ethanol? It’s another expensive federal handout in support of an inefficient fuel that has no possible method of distribution to the pumps? We don’t need corn based ethanol. Period! Why is it that Perry dodges questions like this? Pandering for support by special interest groups like this is an embarrassment to Texans and the country in general.

  • Veridicus

    Don’t get me wrong…. I want to oust the Manchurian Candidate, but I’m not seeing Perry as a presidential material if he doesn’t have the grit to take a stand for America. We need a serious contender to enable overwhelming support by the voters and not “another wanna-be”. Perry should step up to the plate and bat a homerun or simply withdraw from the race.

  • Mike Dodson

    Google this info yourself, even if you don’t doubt it.

    At the end of 2007, corn was selling at $3.00 per bushel; at the end of 2008, at $3.88 per bushel; as of Friday (8/26/11) is is $8.315 per bushel. Food prices have already started going up. The farmer is making almost three times bushel than he was making in 2007 AND is continuing to whine about getting his subsidy from the federal teat. As far as that goes, most of the folks whining about it are not Joe and Myrtle Smith, but Cargill, Archer Deniels, Purina, General Foods, etc. They raise most of the corn (and wheat and soy and …) anyway. If you take them off of the federal teat, their dividends would drop like flies in the winter.

    • Randy Huffey

      Corn IS higher now than it has ever been. People need to understand one very important dynamic of the corn price: It is a COMODITY! IT IS PRICED IN DOLLARS ON THE WORLD MARKET. A huge percentage of the increase in corn price is directly related to the collapse of our currency, but nobody can see the forest for the trees! Yes, I can agree that ethanol has contributed to the increase in corn prices, but not as much as the collapse of the dollar. Look at a couple of other commodity indicators; Gold, silver and yes crude oil. The dollar will continue to deteriorate against all commodities as long as we have Obummer and his partners in crime, Ben Bernyankme (FEDeral Reserve Chairman) and Timmy “tax cheat” Geithner as US Treasury Secretary. As long as they keep “buying our debt” we will continue to see higher corn, wheat, fuel prices, but you won’t be able to call it INFLATION because when our lying government reports the inflation rate, they conveniently leave out the “Volatile food and energy sector” prices in the inflation figure. I guess inflation is low if you don’t have to eat, heat (or cool) your home or put gas in the car.
      I hope you are all having fun “piling on the farmers” for high grain prices. Maybe you all think we oughta have state run farms. I think Russia tried that; How did that work out for them? That would create a lot of jobs though. Everybody could grab a shovel and a hoe and grow their own food (If you were in the right zoning area). That way you could see that evil farmer go broke and get rid of his nice combine, tractors and tillage equipment. He probably doesn’t “deserve” them anyway. I guess the govt. subsidies bought it for him, so it’s really yours too right? Sounds a little “socialist” to me.
      I never saw such a bunch of uninformed, misinformed whiners on the subjects of ethanol, food, animal feed, and money (US dollars) and how they all relate. Please quit writing this nonsense and start educating yourselves! If you don’t understand the very basics of these topics, google instead of writing all this nonsense!

      • zammer

        Use Bing..,Google tells you what IT wants YOU to see, not what you are looking for! CENSORSHIP in the digital age

  • Bulldog

    Who to vote for?,there is a lot of them, a few of them I would have considered a short time ago. Then it occurred to me that not a one of them has attempted to bring legal charges against B. Obama, alias Barry Soetord. If their not up to standing up for our country now, then I have a hard time believing they will have the guts to fight for this country in the future. We are in very bad shape and need help now, an in my mind that means a “LEADER” who will do something now. If any one of those running would step up and do so now, I think even they would be surprised at how many would come to help and back them up.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    ALL subsidies should be phased out. For every person who gets a subsidy, there’s a taxpayer out there who’s currency has been debased by the fact that he’s not getting the subsidy – he’s paying for someone else’s. Doom was predicted when credit card interest was phased out as a deduction; somehow we’re still here. Have a 3-year phase out. If you’re a corn farmer and you don’t like the financials of the business you’re in without the subsidy, then start growing something else / get out of the business. NO ONE should be subsidized by the government; that is, by other taxpayers who aren’t getting the subsidy. Where does it end ? That’s the basic problem with government since FDR – Gee, the taxpayers won’t notice this; it’s only 1%…well, that 1% has morphed into 30% – too many straws on the back of the taxpaying public’s camel. Obama is just the latest in a VERY long line of pols, from both sides, who want to buy votes with taxpayer dollars. You think he’s a new low ? He’s really an old one ;-}

  • we’re not stupid

    Keep the ethanol out of the gas – it ruins your car, your lawn mower, your weed eater and anything else you put it in. Get real. Corn belongs on the table!!!!!!

  • Veridicus

    Bulldog, I’m delighted to see that another American realizes the golden opportunity that now exists for a candidate willing to take a stand. I’m not talking about making soundbites for the cameras and MSM…I’m agreeing with you that pushing for Articles of Impeachment would be a good litmus test. This is just one of a dozen topics that weak politicians seek to avoid; yet a true LEADER would seize the day and reverse the trend towards destruction of America. So far, we hear only silence when we call for the roar of a lion.

  • Marc Jeric

    Ethanol from corn burns more petroleum in its production than it is worth. A typical invention of science-deprived congressmen trolling for votes and money.

  • Elaine Bouranis

    Corn is food–our excess should be used to feed the peoples of the world that are starving, and not put into gas tanks!!

  • Nater

    Alright, Real American’s should be mad as h3ll by now, maybe even mad enough over higher prices, higher food costs, higher gasoline and diesel fuel costs, and higher unemployment numbers (which when adjusted to reflect all under-employed and unemployed workers) total 19.1%, (are you getting it?) perhaps even mad enough to do something about it.

    Well, here it is, DRILL ALASKAN OIL RESERVES, DRILL THE GULF OIL RESERVES, DRILL THE BAKKEN OIL RESERVES (Did you know that the Bakken Oil Fields itself has enough sweet crude to last America for 2041 years without having to buy a drop of oil from those middle eastern thieves), that will create more American jobs, which in turn will lower prices on all goods (’cause we’ll be producing crude oil for about $16 a barrell not $85-to $106) and make us an independant nation once again! It’s predicted to drop gasoline to about $2 a gallon at the gas pumps … SO, … What’s the matter with our flippin’ corrupt congressmen/women and president that they can’t figure it out … unless they just want to redistribute America’s wealth so d@mned badly that they blindly drive our country to doomsday then invite the United Nations come in and ruin what’s left of our freedoms!!!!

    THIS IS IMPORTANT … Firstly, come our next national election, let’s replace the sitting socialist president and his roughly 80 Socialist Party members active today in congress (ya, google it up, it’s true) not saying that they are traitors or terrorists, but not saying they aren’t either.
    And where are all of those high powered national and international lawyers, how about mandating them to bring class action lawsuits against the thieves, both foreign and domestic, to recover the trillions and trillions of dollars they have stolen from Americans over the past decade or so! That alone would create enough stimulous monies in America that we would get back out S&P AAA rating and make America whole again … BIG TIME!!!

    Well, don’t get me started ’cause I’m just enough old school to push us into “Git ‘er Done” mode to rebuild America for the sake of our kids and grandkids. Any problems with that … then you should move to another country that will put up with you … but get out of America, now so we can save her!

  • Larry E

    Converting food into fuel only makes sense if everyone is well fed, everyone is not well fed. Aside from that it requires as much or more energy to convert corn to ethanol than is obtained from the ethanol, not to mention fewer miles per gallon using it. The corn farmers in Iowa need to grow up and get a brain.

    • Randy Huffey

      Real good plan Larry, pick a fight with the people that feed you and your family. Most farmers are willing to let the FREE MARKET dictate whether we use ethanol or not.

      • G

        The Real Corn Farmers in Iowa, are Not The Problem, It’s The Financial Welfare line Wealth Redistribution Crowd, i.e. 70 Congressional Socialists, Ben Bernanke and his Federal reserve crowd, Remember It Was Richard Nixon’s Regime That Invented The EPA by an executive order in 1970, Instead Of Watergate , It Should now Be renamed and called Ethanol Gate And New World Order Crowd, Return America To Conservative Constitutionalists A God Fearing Christian Nation. “God Bless America, Semper Fi, And In God We Trust. Those Are My Creeds. Any Comments?.

  • Da_vid

    Ethanol is a disaster on cars and all gasoline engines, gas mileage on my 2000 Cad Devile was 28 mpg on the interstate @72/73 MPH. Now with the ethanol additive I get 24.5 mpg at the same cruising speed. It also destroyes cauberators on small engines, Chain saws, weed eaters, generators & tillers. You have to use an additive for ethanol after you rebuild the carburators on small engines

  • ken j

    Why have we all forgotten that those bureaucrats that WORK in the EPA can be fired by the majority of us. The entire group should be put out of work. The EPA building in DC is one of the biggest there and you have to wonder WHY. I have met a number of them doing things like mapping our beaches. I don’t know how you feel but I have never had to use a map to find the water. A true bunch of idiots.

  • Sonja

    It was on the news the other day that George Soros has been buying up “farm land” here in America. THAT IS SCARY, that man is a real SICK’O, we have to get him out of here along with the MUSLIM OBAMA & his MEDUSA RACIST flag burning wife.

  • Sonja

    Bottom line, if Obama wins in 2012, due to fraud & corruption, then our Country needs a Navy Seal Sniper.

  • Jimmy W

    Ethanol is a forced product to make corn farmers happy. What if in cotton producing states (like Texas) someone figures out how to add cotton or a cotton byproduct to gas instead of corn. Then the Texas legislature could mandate that cotton product in gasoline. That could make cotton farmers happy. Then the Texas Congressional delegation could push and get it made Federal law.
    Dumb idea too. Why are we continuing to put money into gasahol development & production when they want to force electric cars on us.
    I guess when it is boiled down, I am just sick and tired of the Government dictating to us. Let the market take care of the market. If people really want ethanol they will pay more it. I use ethanol now myself merely because that with the government money it is the cheapest gas for me to buy. I would not buy it if I had to pay the true retail price.

  • Marie

    Dam, just got back from the grocery store and they want 50 cents for one ear of corn! I bought spinach – to hell with the corn!

  • Veridicus

    Randy Huffey, I was wondering when we would hear from the special interest group of corn growers. I’m all FOR free market determination of the ethanol issue. Most farmers are in favor of this, unless THEY happen to be among the chosen few that receive unearned, free money at taxpayer expense. As you should know, government subsidies CORRUPT and DESTROY the free market’s ability to balance cost vs. benefit. Of course, you know that already, so run to the bank and cash your subsidy check before the voice of the people are heard. This ethanol issue is nonsense and unsupported by science!

  • Mort

    Sorry farmers but we will need the food and the fuel does not work as well as gas and it takes 1.5 gallons of fuel to make 1 gallon of ethenol, so how is that a good deal. Food prices going through the roof because of feed costs and corn costs, so not a good idea, if it was the government would not be doing it.

  • Jim Ward

    One segment that is being killed by ethanol in the gas is the boaters of this country. Modern automobiles have a closed loop fuel system that prevents moisture from contacting the fuel. Boats are mandated to have vented fuel systems, which means that the fuel system is open to the outside air. Ethanol is hydrospoic, meaning it attracts moisture. After a relatively short period of time the ethanol draws in enough water to the fuel that the engine will not run. There are other problems such as fuel pickups, hoses and gaskets being destroyed, which happen in automobiles also. It just shows the short sightedness of the EPA “scientists” in not foreseeing the problem for vented fuel systems — especially considering boats are normally in the general proximity of water. ;>(

    This is a widespread problem and is causing millions of dollars of damage to marine engines. I have to buy an additive that attempts to conteract the ethanol just to keep my boat running.

  • W WA

    Ethanol is a cruel boondoggle. It doesn’t reduce fuel usage It doesn’t reduce hydro carbon polution. It forces up the cost of animal feed, food and fuel. If Perry supports the ethanol mandate that’s it for him in ’12 as far as I’m concerned.
    Competent Iowa farmers were getting along just fine before the ethanol mandate reared its ugly head and they’ll do fine once it’s abolished.
    Want to see gas and diesel prices take a dive? Look into what Brazil has done. For little extra cost, cars are equipped to run on several different available fuels. Whatever is cheapest is what you can burn. Voila! Reasonable fuel prices.
    As for oil prices, undo all the idiotic laws and regulations the Dems have perpetrated upon business, abolish the current tax system including corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritence taxes, ad infinitum and go to a flat income tax or national sales tax. Cut the spending!!! Reform welfare. Get serious about stopping illegal immigration and forget about amnesty for illegals.
    Oil prices will drop, the dollar will gain, the economy will soar, businesses that have fled offshore will return along with foriegn businesses, people will be able to find good jobs… and we will have to find other things to compain about.

  • jane

    Owners of an IA ethanol plant have told me 1)the byproduct of ethanol is food grade and higher in protein content than corn in its natural state
    2)the byproduct is picked up at their plant and shipped overseas (in order not to have a surplus of feed in US?)
    Farmers in IA have complained to me that when the price of corn skyrocketed, so did the price of fertilizer and chemicals and that if the price of corn goes down or they lose subsidies, the price of chemicals (without which they are now incapable of farming) is apt to stay high and they will go broke!
    To which I say :tough!

    I dont believe subsidies or mandates are ever the answers, particularly for an inferior form of fuel. Farmers are just as likely as the rest of us to lose their competence and integrity sucking
    on the government teat.

  • Bowser

    I spent most of my Sunday afternoon reading all the comments,and I can only hope the people involved read them as well . Mostly we are preaching to the choir, I’m afraid —My problem is : how can congress so completely ignore the will of the majority ??????????????? Do they not have families and friends who are affected by their decisions as well ???? Sure don’t understand how they get away with ignoring the constitution so blatantly

  • Eugene the gun slinging machine.

    Gary, is absolutely right, drill baby drill and get 20 million people back to work and the hell with OPEC and to hell with earmarks and to hell will Obama and other crooked politicians.

    We need a Good strong Christians back in office like we had 100 plus years ago before we had all of the corruption we have not. Get rid of the union and the illegals of all nationalities. Ship them all out and get rid of all special interest groups.

    Get rid of the IRS and go to a fair tax, balance trade, 95% of our problems solved.

    Question is do we have anyone with big enough balls to get the job done? Do we have anyone who is honest enough to get the job done. Do we have anyone with a back bone???

  • James

    To understand why Amerika does not drill for oil or close our borders,take alook at “agenda 21″

  • nhchavasse

    ethanol from waste products makes sense, but making it from corn is a sure boondoggle and makes no sense at all. you can not pump it in existing pipe lines, it is hard to store. it reduces your gas mileage and it has driven up the price of food.

    • Brian

      I think every falsehood was successfully repeated on all these comments.

      It should be apparent that the varnish in the oil company pipelines (which would be dissolved with ethanol running through it) is the same ethanol which cleans our engines of the varnish left there by the gasoline;

      I have several liters of ethanol in the liquor cabinet right behind me; no problem to store at all. In fact, because it has a lower vapor pressure, it doesn’t whiff off into the air as readily as gasoline. (Which is why our cars now need ‘tight fitting’ caps to prevent vapor escape, and further, it is why you can hold a vodka martini and a 1200ºF lit cigarette in the same hand. Try that with gasoline. :-( ) Speaking of martinis, ask BP what happens when a bunch of oil spills in water. Now imagine an equal volume of ethanol. Viola! Giant martini.

      Apples and oranges. What matters is cost per mile. Most American car engines are designed around the explosive characteristics of gasoline, so yeah, putting a different fuel in it won’t take full advantage of the design. The Dept of Energy built one around the characteristics of ethanol, and it had substantially higher miles per gallon than even the diesel engine it was based on. (Personally, I splashblend ethanol into my vehicles and they purr on it at about E-50. It seems the computer can’t quite make the stochiometric leap to full E-85. The cost per mile is the same as with regular gasoline and my local e-85 pumps are owned by the refinery. More money stays local.

      The food v. fuel propaganda lie was from the late 70’s. Repeating it more doesn’t make it true. A box of corn flakes has, what, 8 cents worth of corn in it? If the corn cost goes to 11 cents, does that explain the $3.30 box of cereal? Should we blame the wet streets for making all the rain (or does something else always cause the erosion of our dollar (like the private Federal Reserve ….)

      All energy subsidies should be eliminated, and that includes the subsidies and liability subsidies for oil. Let the consumers and producers decide what works according to preferences and capabilities. Myself, I’d rather get around on clean liquid solar energy.

  • bluqe

    Ethanol ? Should we or shold we not? Farmers don’t like Rick Perry’s answers on this subject.
    Well lets start with any subsidy based on the product. I don’t give a hoot if it’s waste product or food based, yoyu gey no federal money. You want investment you geyt it the old way, make a good product at a price people can afford in quantity and they will come. Both users and investors. Not one single dollar of tax payer monies should go to the farmer. I she going to share his profit with the rest of us. This is more big government and big union thinking. We have all had enough of that. No government subsidies, perry is right.


    This is not stupidity or mere incompetence. EVERYTHING the Dems and Obama have done is part of their deliberate destruction of “exceptional” America. The larger target is Western Civilization. Time to wake up to the truth, folks!

  • Texas Tilly

    Who wants to deplete our food supply and drive up prices? Raise your hand! Ethanol is NOT good for America! I know you Iowa farmers aren’t used to listening to the TRUTH, but there it is!

  • Pat Sinclair

    Obama is shutting off you farmers and all you can do is go after Perry. You had better listen to what Obama said about farmers and all the new regulations that are being imposed upon you. We need someone that is going to make jobs and not create new regulations that shut down the jobs. You had better get your bodys on the right side of the fence. Obama has shut down so many jobs and he is after the farmers just like he is shutting down the coal mining business. Just wait until this winder when you are going to need heat and there is no coal. It will also raise the price of electricity a whole lot. You had better be listening to what is going on and quit going after the good guys. Sign the impeach Obama today.

  • John A

    When they added ethanol to the gas, my gas mileage went down. Was I supposed to ignore this and just go along with welfare for corn farmers. Perry better come out now against that ill conceived mandate, or he will be replaced by someone who will in the coming running. He would not get my vote. I have had enough of RINO’s.

  • Eddie

    Although ethanol has been used as a fuel supplement, it has cost those who have used it on average 10% mpg whenever it is used. I have repeatedly ran mpg tests on my 2 different vehicles and whenever gas with ethanol was used, my mileage dropped considerably. In one car I can travel approximately 350 miles on 15 gallons of non-ethanol versus 310 miles on the same 15 gallons with ethanol. Gas is high enough priced without giving up the distance you can travel on a gallon of this liquid gold. I make it a point to seek out where I can buy ethanol free gas. What I also find upsetting is the major hype given when ethanol first started out to bring down the price of gas…..hmmm. It costs just the same for “90%” gas as it does 100%, you only go farther on 100%. So if you are not hurting in the wallet and can afford to pay the same for ethanol gas as compared to regular knowing that your throwing away money, please feel free, but for me, I want more bang for my buck at the pump.

  • Eddie

    P.S. Tell the farmers who are on welfare, (subsidies, PIK, and all the other damn “get paid to do nothing” programs), to get off their sorry butts and get back into the fields, quit hiring slave labor illegals, pay an AMERICAN a decent wage, and return to the backbone of what makes this country the greatest producer of the world. Everybody needs to pull their weight in getting this mess we call America back on the right road to prominence in the eyes of the rest of the world and show those who would like to see us fail, kick some ass in cleaning out the losers who think that they are owed something for nothing as well as those who would like to literally take over our country both physically and governmentally. And when some one calls a Patriot a rebel rouser, trouble maker, or any other derogatory name, consider yourself in a league the best as those were the names that the King called the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. We need to stand up for what is right, do the respectable thing, to take back what so many fought, bled and died for, and thats to be free from bondage to a “I want all your money” government. To sin by silence is just as wrong as to sin at the top of your voice. Stand up America. Stand up and be heard.

  • Jeff

    Check out this and ask why our Government told BMW they would not let them enter the U.S. and the money we spent on G.M. ( Government Motors ). Could have been used to set up loans for the private fuel stations. the money would be paid back and benefited the whole country.
    Check out the u tube link. these cars were being engendered back before 2006.

    • Jeff

      I think the Volt is reason these cars are not here. and how much toxic waste and energy does it take to dispose of a Volt.

  • Johnny U

    Ever wonder why we can’t drill our own resources but the Obummer administration is allowing the likes of Russia, Venezula, China, and other to go on our off shores and conduct oil operations. Obummer is a Socialist for sure and if Americans drill the profits would be made by private enterprises. The other countries are state run and the profits will go to the state and not private citizens or companies. This country needs conservative leadership more now than anytime in our history. Just ponder for a moment what Americans drilling for oil by Americans for Americans would do for this country in jobs, debt payment, and getting the country moving to a place O’bozo hates. Freedom and prosperity for all.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Corn should be used for human food consumption….period. To hell with the eco freaks who function on unproven beliefs of “saving the environment.” If they knew anything about the environment, they wouldn’t have forced that MTBE poison on us. They would also know that methanol does nothing for computer controlled engines, but of course, the intent means more than the result. When will the politicians have the balls to stand up to groups such as the eco-freaks, and the ACLU? I’m disgusted with all of them!

  • Stephen

    Ethanol (E-85) is a joke. It is a waste of tax payer’s money!

  • Public Citizen

    Every single one of these “farmers” that is saying that they can’t survive without a government subsidy isn’t a real farmer, they are just another form of welfare recipient.
    The economic data is fairly clear on what has happened to worldwide grain prices, particularly corn, since this insanity of using food for fuel feed-stocks was implemented.
    Long term statistics will demonstrate the mental bankruptcy of the entire program when such additional costs are factored in as the costs to repair and replace small engines ruined by the introduction of fuel system corrosives such as alcohol.
    I am fully aware of the benefits of introducing an oxygenating agent into certain fuels for the easier control of certain defined smog producing exhaust components. The use of food to do this can not be justified when there are so many living at a bare subsistence level who are having their diet even further marginalized by this wasteful policy.
    It is time, and past time, for the ethanol industry – from grower to blender – to stand on its own economic legs without the prop of government subsidy or fall into the footnote column of poor economic planning

  • Janice Fortin



    When Tobacco was put to rest in NC the farmers here found other ways to make money. They found new crops to grow and new livestock to grow and sell. Let’s do the same with the Ethanol. It saves no one money!! Less Gas Mileage, Corosion to small engines including Boat Motors, (Priced one of these lately/). Time to put a stop to this and drill our own oil. Let the EPA go. The newest Joke on the Planet is the 54mpg mandate on vehicles. Has anyone in Washington looked around and seen why SUV’s, Trucks and Crossovers are the big sellers. They are big enough for the Average American to comfortably get into and drive. We don’t fit in the matchboxes and the electric car is just a complete disaster. The only one out worth a damn is the Nissan Leaf becaause it is truley all electric and can be recharged at your home or any Campground. But it still only goes 40 miles. That won’t get it.

  • Wray

    Good stuff here friends, except for Ken, bigiron, and of course Randy. Especially like VietVet(6:34). Disappointed by G Schmidt(12:07)—retort to him by whackajig was very good. Other than Larry McDonald and Jesse Helms the last really good guy in congress (until he messed up hid personal life) was JOHN G SCHMITZ Bless God America


    To: Linda Brady Traynham

    Linda, I truly appreciate your comments in regard to my posted messages. But I do want you to know that being a “Master Sergeant” doesn’t make me any smarter than anyone else. It just so happened that I became one of those unfortunate individual whose identity had been stolen that led me to fight for my life. And so, after I regained my good credit standing, I informed all major credit bureaus that, hense forth, and in accordance with USAF Regulations, I shall be identified as MSGT JOHN CORREA.

    Most statements made by me are retreived from current events, research, and history. For example; I learned from past history how our country will be conquered “from within” as stated by the late Norman Mattoon Thomas during the 1920s and 30s when he said:

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidencial Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

    Linda, I was present in 1947 when the American Communist Party leader announced how they were going to “infiltrate” the major political party, labor unions, news Medias, Women’s Liberation Movement, and all educational institutions with the intent to “indoctrinate” the young rather than educate them. The “infiltration” was to be extended to any organization they would use to the Communist Party’s advantage.

    Linda, it’s all through “research” where knowledge is obtained, and this certainly does not make me any smarter than you or anyone else. I do hope this message reaches you.

    With warm regards,

    USAF (RET)

  • Mike

    I get a laugh at our stupidbama how he condems people driving big trucks and than he saids we complain about the gas prices. I bought a 2011 ford pickup and I consider myself helping the econemy by buying american. Than I see this dumb a– riding around campaining in his huge bus that gets about 4 miles to the gallon, and his big airforce one that he flies around in at our taxpayers expense. What a dip.

  • Mike Rooker

    This whole renewable energy program is one big scam. We should not be subsidizing it at all. Let them run it like every other business and sink or swim based on their business acumen. The only thing this program has done is drive up corn prices on all the corn based products we consume. It has also been harmful to run ethanol based gasoline in cars and trucks. It is harmful to injectors and leads to repairs and we also get less mileage per gallon. The answer is to produce real gasoline and drill for our resources since this country has more proven reserves than the entire Middle East.

  • John

    Well I see nothing has changed from the old saying: “Don’t tax me or thee, but tax the fellow hiding behind that Tree!”
    We get lazy & dependent upon Government’s handouts do we not?
    Most of us have two legs, we must re-learn to stand on them!

  • John

    IF and that’s a big IF, D.C. wanted to jump=start this economy all they’d have to do is rescind the Obomination’s ban on oil, on coal, on natural gas, as between these three sources of energy we lead the world, in supply!
    But of course that toooooo simple, as it would put millions back to work, and we become tooooo independent from Government!
    Governments that are big enough to give you every thing, are also big enough to take every thing from you!

  • Don Rushing

    Any nation that uses corn or other grains for ethanol puropses instead of producing it for human consumption is going down the path of extinction. We have the resources available…
    oil, natural gas, rivers and the use of nuclear energy are to be used wisely and not left in the
    ground forever. We had better use it wisely or forever lose it. Drill now and drill in and off the
    coasts of this country.

  • Johnny B

    Ethanol ?
    If there was a real need for it, tax payers would not be footing the bill to build and maintain these huge money pits, the business would pay for itself.
    If farmers can’t make enough money off of corn then grow something else, the US has been importing soy beans and other farm products for years, if you can’t make it then get out of the business, and take some of your illigals with you !!!
    And while we are on the subject of farmers, it’s way past time to stop paying farmers, for not planting some of their fields. Dick Luger from Indiana, wake the F___ – UP.

  • rick

    Ethanol is an energy negative fuel. (It takes more energy to create than it produces.) By using gasoline powered tractors to grow, and diesel powered trucks to haul, it essential drives the price of everything up, (corn, gas, etc) while net output of useful energy goes down. Terrible idea and another reason why government subsidies are a terrible idea. Sorry farmers. Please grow something people actually want.

  • David Garstin

    We have recently learned that President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 39%. I am shocked that there is 39% of the American people still thinks this guy is doing a good job for America.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    The only real solution is to take our Country back the 1776 way, march on Washington and remove all of them and Hang anyone who backed Obamanation including him.

  • Mike

    The trouble with alky as a fuel is most of you people. You know nothing about it except what the talking heads, the government and big oil tells you. They are all lying and you are believing them.

    Alky as a fuel is great. If you did your homework and researched the websites for MIT, RIT, Cornell and a few others you would see alky is superior to gas and non polluting. You can’t mix them as fuels and you can’t run alky in a gas engine or gas in an alky engine.

    The engineering schools have proven you get 30% better mileage on alky and you make a gallon of it for 30% of the energy you receive from it. You can produce it for $1.25/gallon in your gargage so what do you think we can mass produce it for. Finally the University of Florida produced a grass that makes more alky per gallon that any grain. So what happened to it? Big government get it.

    We need to put the rail system back because you don’t have enough trucks to move all the grain we produce. It rots in the field and at the depots because we can’t get it to market driving up the price. Just tour the midwest after harvest.

    Wake up!!!!!!!!!!


  • Roland Hays

    I say, defund the EPA and drill in the Gulf, Drill in The Everglades, drill in North Dakota, Drill in Colorado, Drill in West Texas, Drill in Anwar and everywhere else in the US that has oil. We can wean ourselves from foreign oil and lower the price of gas at the same time. NO agency has been more destructive to job creation than the EPA. Lets get rid of it. It is like a cancer.
    R Hays

  • Farmer

    As an owner of Iowa farm land I benefit from the higher corn prices ethanol produces. Nevertheless, I agree with Gov. Perry: This government-run ethanol program must come to an end.
    First, it is unconstitutional. Nothing in the Constitution authorizes the federal government to redistribute income in order to subsidize one industry over others.
    Second, it is wasteful. For every gallon of ethanol produced, it takes far more than a gallon of fuel to plow, plant, fertilize, spray, cultivate, and harvest the corn, then refine it to make ethanol.
    Except for the few who directly and unjustly benefit, the program just doesn’t make sense, and in the long run farmers will not benefit from a system that flies in the face of the law of supply and demand. Ultimately we must learn to make our enterprise profitable under the free enterprise system. We can do that; the product we are producing — food — will always be a necessity, and as the population grows the demand for it can only increase.

  • Doc Freeman

    Well I know the farmers do not want their to lose their free money from the government, but it is a proven fact that ethanol is not that good for gasoline engines, plus it add to the cost of the fuel, and it is driving food prices up. Sorry guys I vote to repeal the free money on ethanol now.

  • Howard R. Lowe

    Ethanol – costs as much energy to produce than it offers as energy. But then what the hell would scientist and engineers know abou this. Unfortunately, the political scientists know best. Besides the only biofuel that seems to have a chance is algae produced fuel, which end up more or less like petroleum. Not to worry, they are probably only 30 or 40 years away from being commercial. Even then, will they be capable of supplementing large parts of our fossil fuel demand? We will be using fossil fuel for decades to come as a primary fuel source.

    Last question – if ehtanol is so perfect, why do the Brazilian keep drilling horrendously deep expensive offshore oil wells in 7-8,000 feet of warter, plus another 15,00 feet or more beneath the seafloor? Sugarcane is better than corn, but it is also a loser.

    An Earth Scientist – only 60 years at the profession. The Sky Will Not Fall

  • http://cowbyte Sheila

    Ethanol puts out more emission than regular gas does. It will not save the planet but pollute it more. The only ones who are benefiting are the farmers. I was in Virginia a couple years ago and a man was trying to run his boat with gas powered boat with ethanol in and he could not keep going. Virginia and the east coast think they know what is best for every one else.

  • http://cowbyte Sheila

    Ethanol puts out more emmission than regular gas does. It will not save the planet but pollute it more. The only ones who are benefiting are the farmer with higher corn cost.

  • http://TinleyPark,Illinois Lee Potter

    What a waste of corn, turning it into a low-mileage fuel. The stuff is causing LARGE increases in food and food products. Wait ’til you can’t afford to buy beef or pork to eat. What do you think cattle and hogs eat? Raisers of these two meats will NOT be able to feed the animals. We will find less affordable food products. Much of what we eat is growing in price. I say “Way to go! ” to any smart thinking politician who is NOT in favor of using corn in this manner. Do not be misled by those thinking only of the bottom line, we all have to eat to survive. Can we find a non-edible product to use instead? Would be willing to donate crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds as available, it’s been a banner year for them, hasn’t it?

  • Montie R

    IF the American people had the BALLS to remove these admitted socialists from office we might have a chance to rebuild America. Until we stand for America and not for money we have very little chance to survive.

  • Ron

    Alcohol was a good source of fuel in the thirties and many farmers distilled their own to use in their equipment. According to Elliot Ness’s nephew, prohibition wasn’t about drunks but more about preventing farmers from making their own fuel during hard times but Rocky wanted to sell oil so go figure.
    I am against government subsidies in general because they destroy incentives.
    I think the real push behind the corndoggle is corn syrup which makes people eat more and is habit forming as well. I notice it is in every thing we eat now and real sugar is going up probably to make CS seem like a good idea. I wonder if all the really obese fat kids that drink gallons of soda pop and food laced with CS will live long enough to pay into social security or even collect on it. Just curious. ron

  • Joseph

    How dumb can you be, speculaters bid on stock, such as petroleum, they decide how much or little to pay for the petroleum, not the white house, or either house, but your right about those people in washington, there all bought and paid for buy, petroleum, pharmacutical, insurance, defense contracts, and big business in general. an when AMERICANS GET A BELLY FULL THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  • kenward42

    From the way that I understyand it, more energy is used to manufacture each gallon of ethanol, than the gallon produced will generate. From what i understand, ethanol can be produced by other tpes of things, like grass, weeds, etc. If that is so, how aboiut trying things like seaweed, eurasian milfoil that clogs many inland lakes in states like Minnesota, where much ethanol is produced.

  • Helen Delarue

    Native Texan here…Rick Perry has never gotten my vote and never will…among many other reasons, see his 2001 border summit speech advocating binational health insurance and telemedicine for residents on the MEXICAN side of the border and his version of the Dream Act…he panders to anyone who will vote for him…only reason he has been governor so long is because people let the media elect him…he’s good on mandates and trying to fast track processes with executive orders.

    I will vote for Ron Paul in the primary, if he doesn’t get on the ticket, I will write his name in…if he doesn’t make it to the WH, oh well, no harm done, all the others will be the same as Obama….any candidat who DECLINES to participate in the lucrative congressional pension congress voted for themselves and is consistently voted the most fiscally conservative by the Tazpayer’s union when it comes to spending the people’s money is the candidate I want…as an older American, I have been watching this mess unfold since the Vietnam era….people are letting the media elect our leaders, failing to realize the msm is in the pockets of their advertisers and do what they are told which is to promote the candidate who will go along with the agenda we have now.