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Obama’s Energy Stance Taxes the Brain

President Barack Obama said in a campaign speech Thursday that the reason you are paying a lot more at the gas pump is due not to supply or demand issues, or geopolitics, but because of tax breaks.

“Oil companies are making more money right now than they’ve ever made,” the President said. “On top of the money they’re getting from you at the gas station, they want some of your tax dollars as well. That doesn’t make any sense. Does it make sense? It’s inexcusable. It’s time for this oil industry giveaway to end.”

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  • MadinIllinois

    This “idiot in office” REALLY does think that the American people are stupid! If only people would wake up and realize they’re being “played” – they would understand what his game plan truly is – KING!

    • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

      All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve.
      What we need is

    • Joe

      Yes, voters are stupid! They know more about contestants on “American Idol” than they do about political candidates and the issues.

    • MTN

      The people are really that stupid or BO would never have gotten elected nor would 40 plus % of those polled think he is doing a good job.

    • Mr Jack

      This fool is a pathological lier. He really thinks we are stupid.

  • Robalou01

    This dimbulb OBUMBO is worse than Hugo Chavez who nationalized oil companies….Let me see, according to dimbulb gas prices are higher because we give oil companies a tax break…..So if we take away these so called tax breaks, gas prices do what????? The major component of gas prices are the federal and state income taxes imposed per gallon….Take those away and we really will have a drop in gas prices!!!!! Bumbo, you are always setting up straw men to knock down….Now its those evil greedy oil companies, AGAIN!!! It’s not Obumbo’s ruinous energy policies, oh NO! It’s the evil ones, the corporations, looking to steal from the poor and give to the rich…. Always the same clap-trap from you Bumbo. Bumbo the more you talk about energy, the scarier you become….Hope the men in the white coats find you real soon!!!!! Look Ma, there coming to take Bumbo away again, to the funny farm where life is beautiful every day in his make believe world of OZ!

    • ProudPilgrim

      Obama is not dumb. He lies purposely or misuses facts to deceive. His proclamation about production at all time high for gas and oil is true; but, on federal land oil prod is down ~10% since he took office and gas ~14%. Also, he will say it takes about ten years for new production from drilling in one speech and then he takes credit in another. One should ask, Mr president, ” then how can you claim any credit for production?

      The man is the biggest liar I have ever seen in the white-house. He is a radical, anti industrialist like his daddy from Kenya. He has the US on a clear path to communism folks. The 44% who say he is doing a good job are on the breast of government (no taxes and plenty of handouts). We need to wean them and boot him.

  • Politicalpony

    This man over the past few days has flat out lied to the people about the numbers concerning how many barrels we have already drilled and what we have in reserves through exploration. He is lying about the amount of oil being drilled and leaves the impression that he’s the reason that we are drilling more now than we have in the past 9 years. He fails to make mention that most of the drilling is now taking place on privately owned land, permits that were allocated during the Bush administration, and that he has closed down “still” off shore drilling and continues to gobble up more land therefore stopping access to public land drilling. As for the Oil industry subsidize, perhaps when the government does give oil companies the ability to drill on public lands, they would give them the ability to drill where there is actually oil or where it’s tectonically possible too get to it. Or worse, a scenario such as a large oil drilling project off the shore of Alaska, where the oil company spent Billions to set up and drill off an oil platform and once ready to begin the drilling, the government stopped them from doing so! Billions of dollars spent and waisted. No wonder they look for subsidize. No wonder gas prices are so high. Not to leave out the other reasons mentioned by others who have posted in here before me.

  • Mutantone

    It has more to do with the weak value of the dollar coming off his never ending printing presses the last I saw the dollar was worth about $0.30 actual value all the money in his stimulus and aid to Muslim Countries to rebuild their Mosque has weakened the dollar

  • Smoke101

    The major oil companys have been left out of the normal depreciation laws since 1975! The tax “breaks” only go to the small oil companies(independants} who do most of our drilling and production. These “breaks” apply to every business under Federal tax law-take them away from one industry and you have just violated the Constitution! Can anyone say Equal Protection Clause??? This is more about divide and conquer or class warfare!

  • Steve

    jeez I’m tired of having to click on a link to read the real parts of the article somewhere else. If they’re going to give the headline- why don’t they just synopsize the article?? I think I’m going to unsubscribe to this and find where the real articles are printed, and subscribe there.

    • ProudPilgrim


      If you are paying attention. The point is still true and barry is still false. This is the worst president in my ~60 years. I’d take nixon over BHO.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 full time American jobs Published: 12:04 AM 07/12/2011| Updated: 2:34 AM 07/12/2011

    Blowing Away the Windmill Lies Windfall exposes a huckster’s cure.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Is anyone watching this debt clock anymore ? It’s still ticking at an increasing rate.