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Follow the “M” word: More on the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order

Not “martial law,” folks. Not that “M” word. The other one: “money.”

Ed did an excellent job breaking down the few actual differences between Obama’s new defense-resources EO and the previous version from 1994. Here are the two main differences:

1. The Obama EO elaborates vague-sounding functions for federal agencies in maintaining defense-resources preparedness (Section 103). Ed summarizes them as follows:

2. The Obama EO delegates authorities under Section 308 to agency heads. The Section 308 authorities include putting additional equipment in public and private defense industrial facilities, and modifying or expanding private facilities, including modifying or “improving” industrial processes.

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  • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

    All of our politicians need to be held accountable including candidates. We can start by holding Congress responsible for not standing up for american citizens that they are suppose to serve.
    What we need is

    • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

      We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term.
      Uphold Our Constitution.

      • RHSchumann

        Get off it already. Is that all you have to say? Stay on subject for a change.

        • HJ

          He has as much a right to his opinion as you do, so get off his case. Besides, Congress investigated McCain’s eligibility, so why not Obama? Afraid of what they’ll find?

          • Die Free

            I agree no one should be told what is ok to post or that they have posted their information to many times. Their may be someone new to the site that may not have seen it yet.

        • http://cowboybyte Perfectlyaged

          Get off of it already! I did not enjoy your comments… and they are deleting so many articles…we have to post our comments where ever we can.

          • Tom

            Just a brief comment and I apologize for being off subject, but this is something I have noticed a number of people dancing around and no one hitting it right on the head. This observation is as follows:

            Several of you have commented on or expressed frustration about posts being deleted or not showing up. I can understand some of this happening. Between crackpots who mouth off widely about unrelated subjects and nutbags who only write to disrupt or express foul views to draw attention or criminal ideas in order to try to misguide someone into doing something stupid, moderatiion and even sometimes deletion or omition are warranted. However, I strongly suspect there are a lot of people like myself who have been trying to post politically relevent things relating to the subjects of the posts, actual suggestions and calming remarks to either offer beneficial ideas, suggest actual remedies or to calm down the extremists who might be bordering upon the criminal and in the process try to counter government operatives and plants who often try to push extremist or radical ideas in order to radicalize the blogs and term all who post as criminals. The posts I am mentioning here as those similar to what I post, I have noticed often are erased upon submission and are never shown, are posted and then quickly deleted, or they are stopped for review before being posted and then they never show up. Several publications censro these posts in this manner. Frequent offenders have included AmeriPac, Political Insider, Patriot Pac, Patriot Insider, and Vision to America, just to name a few. I have considered these results and noting the frequent items that have continually appeared in these publications that are more leaning to the left, I have concluded a very likely conection might exist to some of the fake conservative organizations obama and his cronies set up around the time of obamacare to misdirect, mislead, coopt and confuse those of us who might stand against his fascist and unlawful agendas and probably use posts such as these to communicate, especially near elections and possibly thwart his and his co-conspirators and criminal chums before they get everything they really want. Some of these sites, I am sure, also serve to monitor and record posts for the obama enemies lists. So please do not be surprised when you post something and it fails to show or if it shows, it doesn’t stay for very long. I have even had my words fail to reach Rush and Hannity and when I have tried to mention it to them, I have been told they were unaware of such a problem. I can only expect, knowing how the government works in such matters due to my having once been connected to these kinds of practices, that the information is likely being intercepted prior to reaching its destination. Again, there is a lot going on here that most people would be shocked and even unaware of. Sorry for being a bit longwinded. I only wish to leave this comment for those who have been remarking about this phenomenon in an effort to illuminate and inform regarding this subject. It is a shame there is not a place where people can share information about such matters, perhaps if there were, we could come together and find a reasonable way to counter these efforts effectively. As for myself, I will continue to post and to communicate where ever and whenever I can until the scum trying to take over, subvert and destroy our republic are finally completely defeated or I am dead. Thank you for your patience and I sincerely hope, as corny as this may sound to some, that God watches over us and truly blesses this republic and all her many people in this time of darkness that with the aid of obama and people such as Soros, the Clintons, Reid, Pelosi, and many many more, we are all certain to face. May our true republic and our friends such as Israel and our allies survive their combined evil. Amen.

        • http://complete Frank J.

          hey RHS get off this web site .

        • mick

          Shoeman; you get off it–stop telling other people what to say–stop violating others free speach rights !

        • Kenai

          No we won’t get off it already! If obama isn’t eligible to be president, then he’s not eligible! Especially after all the damage he’s doing.

          • JRRS

            He can be Impeached, or you can VOTE him out of office. Unless you twist the facts, or make up some reason, like they did with abortion, he was clearly not eligible to run for the Presidency. However, he did and he won. Now, he is in the office and provided unique protection by the Constitution. He can be Impeached by the House of Representatives and he can be tried by the Senate. If found guilty, he can be removed from office by a 2/3 rds majority vote of the Senators. Impeachment and removal from office do not seem to be very likely, so the only course left is to VOTE against him.

        • PatinGA

          RHShuman- The Obama-worshippers ridicule of the message is wearing thin and no amount of bashing and ridicule will change the facts. Obama will have to answer the question eventually and PROVE who/what he is! If not, we will prove it for him.

        • oldmsrebel

          ALL of us have to have I D on us at all times , except illegals !!

          ALL of us have to have a certified (not made on photo shop) copy of B C , Why not he illegal one ? Do YOU have I D on you ?

        • frank1737


          I totally believe that you real need an attitude adjustment (A through ASS Kick) for yopur stupid, Inept remarks. I actually learned how to cure individuials like yourself in Vietnam!!

        • Lisa S

          If bo is not a “natural born” citizen and therefore can not legally be the prez then all the other subjects about what he has done would be “null and void”

      • danimal


        • John Williams

          danimal ! A word of advice from an elderly sage ; profanity is often a sign of ignorance ! You will find more people willing to take you seriously if you choose your words more carefully ! Think on these things . Notice that the language of adolescents is laced with profanity . Get my point ?

      • Mike Tanco

        That may be the only way to get this jerk out of the White House. He is a Muslim from head to toe and will always be a Muslim. Lying to the American people has become the norm and it will continue until the stupid people that helped put him into office wake up. Those on welfare think he’s God’s gift, and he thinks he’s Allah’s gift. The guy is a criminal and has committed crimes against the United States. A forged birth certificate and a phony SS# are just two of the crimes he is guilty of and there are othes. Mike Tanco

        • mick

          Impeach the muslim devil and send him to gitmo !

        • mswiz

          Mike you hit that right on the head. Too bad so many people are blind to obama’s lies. Rather they prefer to be deceived.

        • Eddie

          Mike, unfortunately you can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out. I think you will find that the dumb asses that voted him in are of the give me-give me-give me mindset. They’re bascially lazy, drunks or crackheads. Now to enlighten folks on the black/white ratio that elected this sorry SOB. 12% of the population is black…53% of the voting public voted for this tick turd, since 98% of the blacks voted for this muslime we will subtract the 12% from the 53% and that will give us the non black voters…….41% non black voted for ODUMBASS in 2008. Now that means that 53% of the voting population voted for OSHITHEAD and that means that when you walk down the street every other person you see voted for the tick turd, speaking from a statistics point of view of course. And how many of them will admit to selling America out to a communist muslime ? Anybody with 2 neurons to rub together should have seen this fraud from the git go..I know I was on to his shenanigans back in 2007. I knew he was a snake even then. Obviously people don’t pay me any attention.

          • Kenai

            I was onto him too but nobody paid any attention to me either! Now look at the deep s***t we’re in!

          • daves

            Sorry but most of us do not fall for the lies about the President.

            The brain dead are the ones who think that any of these Republican candidates could be a better President.

          • TheEngineer

            Many of us saw the liberal lies he was telling and were put off by them. The trouble seems to have been as you put it, a “Give me” attitude on the part of a whole generation of liberal idea educated people. That coupled with the unholy alliance of Obama with the labor unions of the United States, and supported by George Soros and his minions. Many union workers were intimidated into voting for him in 2008. I think a lot of those union workers will now have a different attitude

          • Randy G

            Are you sure? I thought it was the Electoral College that voted him in. The popular Vote doesn’t mean as much as it used to.

        • http://gmail Shirley

          Not only what you say Mike, but if anyone of us had done a portion of what Obummer has done we would be in prison for life. Now tell me that’s fair. I agree with you whole heartedly. Lets get this Anti Christ out of office by arresting him and putting him on trial. I don’t want him impeached as I don’t want him to receive anymore tax dollars from the American people. He is Satan himself.

        • SweetChariot

          Well, lets look at this thing from a different perspective. Suppose Obama can’t help who he is or what he is. Suppose, for arguments sake, the following is true. 1948: two KGB-trained agents with an infant girl from a Soviet orphanage entered Canada with forged US documents. They follow a series of “handlers” across to the U.S. and settle on the west coast, perhaps Seattle. They’re gathering shipping info to be sent via diplomatic pouch from the Soviet Embassy to Moscow. They then are relocated to Hawaii to do the same work. Communist cell activity alerts H.U.A.C. investigators. They find only a social group engaged in lectures and poetry readings. The young girl grows up and meets a Kenyan and has his child. It doesn’t matter where. The only thing that matters is, did his Mother become an American citizen? Her parents weren’t. That creates a hellova situation, if the scenario is true, doesn’t it?

      • Al Chamberlain


        • John Williams

          Look Al , in all charity , if you are going to engage in an intelligent debate , I would urge you to first learn grammar ; such as when to use an apostrophe ; that THERE and THEIR are not used interchangeably ! Trust me , Al , it does make a difference how others respond to your postings ! Have a pleasant day :)

          • Peaver Bogart

            Uh-oh, The grammer police are here.

    • Me in Canada Eh

      The politicians are no longer responsible to the people because they no longer respond to the people. The criminal-in-chief now has legislation in place making it legal for him to have the govt EXPROPRIATE your home, evict you and make you pay rent if you want to stay. Think congress will lift a finger if this is done?

      • Petechris

        Seems to me that I read something of that sort happening in Russia under Lenin and Stalin. Alot of Finnish American Farmers were promised farms if they came to Russia. Many did and were not heard from again. Wake up America!

        • Chuck

          Are You Finnish???

        • D Fowler

          You only need to look as far as Venezuela and Hugo Chavez to find Obama”s model for the USA…and they are good buddies.

      • Ed Orr

        For three years I have been warning people that b.o. will do something like this. What is not said regarding public housing is that the homes of private citizens which the new socialist government deems too large for a single family will be forced to share that house with multiple families. I was branded an alarmist and someone suffering from acute paranoia here. B.o passes executive orders which are intentionally so ambiguous that he can play the game of how another lawful document ,like the constitution is interpreted to his advantage. B.o is taking a que from the Chinese. He keeps the people’s bellies full and makes them dependent on the state all the while interpreting any law to the advantage of the state. He is destroying us from within, something which Nikita Krushev threatened. B.o is great at dividing the people of this once great nation which also allows him more power to break constitutional law late on Friday evenings. Soon the word citizen will be replaced with comrade citizen and we will all have to learn to speak Chinese. All the 530 something gutless politicians in D.C should be able to recognize what is taking place then do their duty to impeach this bastard but until we take them by their asses and lead them into the real world outside their comfort zone they will never do that sworn duty. If I have to explain what removal should actually entail I am posting on the wrong site.

        • marcel duranleau


        • http://msn Ross Schmitt

          You nailed it exactly! What does it take to WAKE up America?

        • rjgarfunkel

          In fact, the Obama Administration will be consulting with Nancy Reagan’s astrologist and Harry Houdini’s widow to work on an ultra secret scientific plan to bring back Uncle Joe to resurrect the Supreme Soviet in the Supreme Court. Note the similarity of names. These old Reds will secretly slip into the Court’s robing room and replace the current four Conservative Justices. To fool the public they will all don white wigs as a throw back to the English Court system and even Justice Thomas, who will be replaced by the Reverend Wright, will not be recognized. Thankfully this whole sinister plot was uncovered by Secret Agent, Spy of All Spies, Sidney Reilly, aka Ed Orrless. There is nothing like a “Patriot” in the waiting, ready to spring into action to expose another “liberal” takeover of our government.

          • Woody

            Funny……real funny !
            Your liberal ass will be in the front line when the SHTF. ( I hope ). Then again you may be in hiding behind your kids or maybe your Mother.

          • Gary

            Per usual rigarfuckel, you are showing your blatant ignorance!!

          • Ed Orr

            Sorry Rj but I will not go out with you. STOP sending me flowers and love letters you little prick. I want a real man in my life and he is with me all the time and his name is Ed Orr. The next time you send me another love letter I will tell your wife and then your mommy. Now go back to your girlieman magazines with the stuck together pages into your closet or cell. How many times a week are you actually let out and allowed access to a computer? I thought that you preferred the attention of b.o over me but then again maybe not. Have you been doing much ball handling lately in your handball game locker room. How is that mythical townhouse doing? eaten many cheap steaks lately? Been called an IDIOT many times this week? OK I will do it for you IDIOT! satisfied? By the way did you get a reach around in the locker room?

          • Chuck

            RJ, are You Finnish?? If so, then STFU

          • rjgarfunkel

            Woody the Pecker, My mother lived to 99 and quite well. My parents were Yellow Dog Democrats, and lived in the 5th richest county in the country, ran a business in NYC for decades, were descended from capitalists, and first voted for Smith and then FDR for 4 times. As for my children, they are Ivy League educated, gainfully employed, capitalists and have their 401Ks fully funded. They, like my wife and I, are card-carrying Democrats, long-time contributors to the Democratic Party and President Obama. Though retired, I spent 45 years in the private sector running a business. Thankfully, I am clipping coupons, playing 4-wall racquet ball thrice per week and tennis on the weekends. Too bad that so many racists and bigots lurk on this site. No I never hear issues or political dialogue. All I hear is name calling, racial insults, specious drivel about socialism, Muslim take over, “birther” nonsense, and insults. Is this the level of the conservative discourse or is it really the marginalized “lunatic fringe” that exists in the deep shadows of out of the way crevices? I am off to Florida and the beaches for weeks, so I’ll catch up with you kooks when I return.

          • lad


          • mesaman

            Rigor “mortis” tell the truth. You are really Al Franken (the unfunny comic) and this is your pen name, right?

          • Windrinker

            Funker won’t ever have kids, unless he adopts a couple puppies! His feminine side shows too often on here, and he gets his lace panties in a wad!

        • ConcernedCitizen

          I agree ED. And I was called names also when I was trying to get people to open their eyes and not vote for the resident alien. Some Ostupidbama followers have blocked me or refuse to talk to me. I still keep sending them stuff. I sent my piece about the birth cert not being good to one of my states senators He wrote back and said the illegal cert of live birth was the real deal. Told him I expected him to say that since he sold his vote to line his pockets saying it was for our state. We need to impeach BO and get rid of Reid and Pelosi, making her pay back all the $1000’s she used on her flts back and forth because the gov plane was not good enough for her until she took several people with her overseas and we had to pay hotel and food for them. Billionaire B is a thief. Get rid of all of that kind, clean house starting with the pres and maybe that smirk on his face signing a bill after hours will go away. WE HAVE TO GET OUT AND VOTE AND TAKE OUR NEIGHBORS WITH US. UNITED WE STAND.

          • Hilly

            You don’t think the election is already rigged? Open your eyes. The bastard in chief will steal the election.

          • rjgarfunkel

            No impeachment, moron! Even the GOP isn’t that stupid. But keep it folks! Keep up the pressure on Bonehead and you’ll insure a terrific landslide for the Democrats. I can’t wait ’til that leadership is toast.

          • rjgarfunkel

            Lad(dy) Boy you must speak in tongues. Are you from one of those crazy churches in Tennessee that deals with snakes? It seems you missed the Jim Jones bus a few years ago to KoolAidville. I’ll be down in Delray playing tennis, going to the beach, eating in South Beach at the Copacabana, strolling along AIA with my lovely wife of 43 years and enjoying the vistas.

            Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few weeks to monitor these “lunatic fringe” sites. I’ll only be looking here for “sport” but, I know the Feds will also be checking IPOs and going after revolutionists, loonies and social misfits. No, the South will not rise again. Even with the help of the schizoids who lurk here, like Robert E. Lee, the late General, whose been resurrected here, St. Ed, Squeak the Fromm, the Old Geyser, Who Can’t Get it Up, and others, your cause is dead. not unlike your brain.

        • lad

          You are not the only paranoid person in america old friend. Never in my entire
          long life have I every seen the extreme high level of mistrust, uncertainty, that
          exist among the american people today. 90% of this a direct results of the current

          • Old Faithful Geyser

            TO: Old Dad Lad,

            I agree with you about Obama getting beat this next election, It will be a tough fight but we will prevail. Anybody that can not see what this POS is doing to this country is either a Communist or Too Stupid to live. Either way, this administration is going to get beat and replaced with a Republican Senate and Presidency and we will retain the House.
            I have live a long life also, so I am at the point in life that I will not tolerate a whole lot of changes being forced upon me, so they better be ready to suffer the consquences of their actions, when they come to get me for not obeying their silly changes in their rules and laws.
            This present administration is TOTALLY out of Control with the POWER SYNDROME approch to Government. They are Doomed to Failure, and they will FAIL.

      • slickzip

        When king ODUMBA takes the crown of power ,, congress will be thrown into the dungeon they will no longer be needed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Debra

      The congress is filled with chicken shits and fags so they’ll do nothing

  • Mr.Lincoln

    This is disturbing to say the least!

    Obama’s Executive Order Authorizes Peacetime Martial Law WRITTEN BY JOE WOLVERTON, II   SUNDAY, 18 MARCH 2012

    Please see this Executive Order at the White House website:

  • CaptTurbo

    Let’s be sure to send that dirt bag packing in November!

    • Kansas Kahuna

      Capt Turbo…I would be nice if we can oust the imposter at the ballot box, but if the following link is just the tip of the iceberg, we have little chance unless each state requires a photo I.D.!

      Listen for the clerk to say “Heres 15, will that be enough?”

      NOTE: In Ohio we had over 20,000 more voters in 2008 than we had registered voters. In Alabama the number was more than 32,000. And this was the trend across the whole country, but I believe it could be far worse this time because we were so easily fooled the first time, and there’s still no voter I.D. Requirements in most states – that’s the key to stemming voter fraud. —-Known writer —-

      • Kansas Kahuna

        First line should read “Capt Turbo…It would be nice….” NOT I would be nice…KK

        • Bob S.

          For crying out loud get over yourself. Unless you view this forum as an opportunity to showcase your self professed superiority in the field of English composition , I would suggest you be a little less critical and judgmental of something as innocuous as a typographical error. Who died and made you progenitor of the worth of someone’s post anyway. Seems to me it is the intent and the content that should be the subject for your review or commentary.

          • Bob S.

            Ooops, guess I was sticking up for you when it was you who were simply correcting your own “mistake”. Don’t be so self critical, none of us are perfect, and sometimes the “spell checker” overlooks such mistakes. As I mentioned, I’m much more interested in content than minor errors in composition or spelling.

          • Tom SC

            Amen !!!

          • jrsbob

            Amen Bob

          • rjgarfunkel

            Thank the heavens for Bob S and his courageous campaign against the “The Literacy Police” who patrol this site with brutal efficiency. Spelling is important, but not the real essence of what this site is about. The true Americans who keep this site running with its great vigor aren’t really concerned with the legacy of ee cummings, or Noah Webster or the Elements of Style by Strunk and White. These folks were obvious communists and conformists. Bob S knows the communist style education system; uniforms, similar haircuts, robotic teaching, non-innovation, and the party line. So keep it up you grammar illiterates. It’s in the style of the “rugged” individual, and don’t let any liberal pinko tell you how to spell.

        • Dor

          Are you looking forward to the new biological weapons lab coming to Kansas? Oops, now how did that virus escape?

      • Dingbat36

        Oh boy Kahuna……….doesn’t that just sound like the comment James Daley made to the Chicago Democrats when the (very) tight counting in the JFK election was going on. He actually did ask “D” party leaders “How many more votes do you need?” and we can only assume that he meant to assure Kennedy’s Illinois victory. Kennedy was a saint and a choirboy compared to the pileocrap sitting in the White House now!!

      • soldiermom11

        The problem must be with corrupt poles. Yea, I know that’s the obvious. But I live in Small Town, Ohio and have always had to preregister, show picture ID, and be on their preprinted list of confirmed residents before they would even give me a ballot. So we already have the right laws. What we don’t have is across the board enforcement. But gee, according to the this administration that might be politically incorrect. We don’t want to offend anyone stuffing the ballot box or here illegally. ABO in 2012!

    • CAllenDoudna

      Might want to drop a line to him and some of his buddies that the Republican Base demands an investigation into them, all their assets siezed to pay the National Debt and the provision in the XIII Ammendment allowing slavery as punishment for crime be invoked so that they be sentenced to a life of hard labor till the National Debt is paid in full. Suggest to them it might be a good idea they get out of the country while they still can and their grunts on the ground who aren’t so lucky need to be given new identities and moved to where they’re not known and lay low so as to not attract attention to themselves.

  • Jacqueline L

    “Vague sounding” terms are a politicians favorite. They are left to wide open interpretations, few in the best iterests of the general tax paying public! Congress needs to stay in their seats until they pass a bill placing strict restrictions on when, wy and how Executive Orders may be issued. This pres has been uing them to give himself almost dictatorial powers! He has stated outright that if Congress does not do what he wants he will do it himself! Sounds more like a TYRANT FOR LIFE THAN AN ELECTED PRESIDENT.
    Vote for anyone but Obama before we can no longer vote at all!

    • Bimbam

      It’s just paper and ink signed by a skinny unfit illegal negro – JUST IGNORE IT!

      Carry on your life and if this stinker and Congress gets in the way again………

      • rjgarfunkel

        Yes, the President is unfit. He’s so unlike the rest of true Americans of the Bible Belt. We know he’s not one of us. First of all he’s not obese, not uneducated, not married to his first cousin, not named Bill Joe Bob, not drinking 151 rum or moonshine, and not driving a souped up NASCAR reject. He doesn’t believe that the world was created in six days and for sure he doubts that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. In other words, he’s so different, it hurts.

        • Ed Orr

          You are simply jealous that b.o and Eric Holder will not allow you into their little “gatherings”
          They are happy simply being a couple and are not interested in a threesome especially with someone who is short and has a short man syndrome. I use the word man rather loosely and my friends here will tell me about that so I will apologize in advance.

          • rjgarfunkel

            Yes, I am short- 6’2″ played varsity basketball 50 years ago and high jumped 6′- not bad for the early 1960’s. The problem St. Ed Oarless faces is the Viagra type of shortness. I know the soothsaying St Ed knows all, sees all, and can predict the future. I can just see him gazing over his crystal ball, and as he rubs it (he used to that) it becomes clearer. The message is the same that old Abe heard, “Go to the theater!” St. Ed has seen the future, it is of FEMA camps, Acorn Goon Squads, small soviets popping up all over his prairie town, Mexicans shootings his dogs, and President Obama suspending elections. It looks like the end is near and we should get ready for the Apocalypse. Run for the hills, the only thing worse than the Democratic take over of the House and the re-election of the Prez is a meteor striking Ron Paul’s district.

        • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

          rigar, No, Obama does more then drinking rum or drive a race car….he does his drugs, smokes, drinks wine, beer, etc & for driving he takes advantage of his position, flies all over the world along with his ugly wife , family, friends { on worthless duties, vacations, campaigning, etc } & has limos, buses, drive he & his ugly wife all over on our dime !! Now , know it all isn’t that true ??? You may fool some people but the majority know MORE then you do, DUMB ASS !! You are one sick man !!

          • rjgarfunkel

            You are so correct, I am really “sick,” sick over the cretins that preach racism, bigotry, stupidity and flat-earth thinking. But of course, the Gospel according to Saint Ed and Squeaky the Fromm is that every one who disagrees with their tripe is sick. So it seems that the millions of Democrats, who won WWII, contained Communism in Korea and Vietnam, authored the GI Bill, brought us Social Security, Workman’s Compensation, Wages and Hours, Medicare, Medicaid and all of the safety nets of our society are sick and commie rats. That’s a hoot.

            Of course, now that President Obama has all this Martial Law power, one could easily assume that the real leader of the opposition to his existence, Big Ed Oarless, the King of Livitra will be the first to be vacuumed into a FEMA Camp by the Acorn Police. Oarless, will be tough to take. His compound is surrounded by barbed wire, he’s got his guns and his Militia friends from Ruby Ridge and he has told me secretly, “I won’t be taken alive.” Ironically it is hard to believe that one could tell the difference. Most people measure clinical life by brain waves, and Oarless has been flat-lining here so often, we aren’t sure whether he hasn’t joined Breitbart in purgatory.

          • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

            rigar, forgot to add…you are also a lying braggart… we will match you any day { if that is really true about your wealth }, I am from Missouri !! Your Mother must have dropped you on your head or you are just mentally ill ! Get a real life instead of a phony, wishful one !!!

          • Dor

            rjgarfunkel: Contained communism in Vietnam???????? We pulled out of a war that was based on a LIE, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident (a false flag), now de-classified. As for Social Security, they robbed the honey pot, just as they will take charge of everyone’s 401k’s.

        • Dor

          Firstly, I am not from the “Bible Belt”, am not obese, am educated, not a fan of Nascar racing, however, I’m quite sure that someone like Dale Earnhardt Jr. could buy and sell you. You ASSume that anyone whose opinion differs from yours is automatically a bible thumping, uneducated person who must be married to a relative. It must be very crowded in that narrow little mind of yours.

          • rjgarfunkel

            Dumb Dor(a)- It was Nixon who prolonged the war after he promised to end it with a “secret plan.” It was under Nixon we had more casualties. It was Nixon and his GOP buddies who cried, “who lost China,” it was Nixon who moved illegally into Cambodia and Laos. So the war was lost? I supported it, I was wrong, but for sure, clown, the Democrats were just as patriotic as the GOP and the phoney dopes like yourself. As to WWII, Korea and all the wars since, the no one asks who is a Democrat or a Republican when they want their back watched. Historical illiterates like yourself have a tendency to soil themselves every time they open their mouths and spout drivel.

          • Windrinker

            Dor…it is really funny because a few weeks ago Funker was bragging about playing racquetball three times a week at his local YMCA! He thought that was “living high.” I see that he has embellished his “lifestyle” a bit! This libturd doesn’t have anything else to do but talk trash.

    • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

      I’m thinking that Obama will attempt to call off the November elections under the guise of a “national emergency”, award himself the expanded powers of his recently signed EO, and attempt to arrest his most vocal critics as the right to habeus corpus will be suspended. Why else would we be building all of the new FEMA Camps complete with security fencing and armed guards. I’m thinking detention or concentration camps to be a more apt description. Should we actually get to vote in November, in order to avoid an Obama led socialist-fascist state, vote for the Republican candidate even if you have to hold your nose. The alternative is further loss of our freedom.

      • Me in Canada Eh

        Since the killing of al-awlaki, it has been stated that if the govt believes a person to be a terrorist, they have the right to use lethal force. The public will just have to take their word that the person was a terrorist. “How do we know the dead guy was a terrorist? Well, the govt shot and killed him, so it must have been true. He must have been into something.” Sure, never mind that Obama might have had a political enemy targeted. No, that would never happen. By the way, what do they need 800 FEMA camps for anyway, with barbed wire on the fences that face INWARDS? Remember the item in the news about ten years ago about the Dept of Homeland Security, labeling conservatives, Christians and pro-life people as ‘terrorists’?

        • Petechris

          Would our military actually stand with Obama? Have we gone past the point where we throw out the Constitution? Are the American people actually more dedicated to party affiliation and not to what our fellow patroits fought and died for, the Constitution which gave us out liberties?

          • cmbhi

            In answer to your questions:
            1) Might be split with more against than for
            2) No
            3) Sadly, yes. Romney IS Obama in white face. Santorum wants America to be a theocracy. Newt doesn’t believe our Constitution works and wants to totally change it.
            Ron Paul is the only candidate who calls our form of government a Republic and correctly states that our government’s purpose is to protect our God-given rights, maintain the national defense (not offense), secure sound money, and be an example of Liberty.

          • Dor

            As for your question, Will the military stand with us, more than 70% of the military donated to Ron Paul’s campaign. Also, recently the Marines were not allowed to be armed when Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, was standing before them. Why would he insist that the Marines be unarmed in his presence?

          • Windrinker

            Obamacare funds the illegal alien’s “civilian army!” (What has that got to do with “healthcare?”)

            From what I am reading there is some speculation that the illegal will suspend the election, declare himself dictator, and put all his enemies like Christians in FEMA Camps. If this comes to pass, the illegal bas-turd will make plans to decimate our army, as they are not his friends. They will be scattered around the world fighting undeclared wars, and left to survive on their own…or, some other similar devious plan…..leaving our homeland to the civilian army and foreign troops that are already in country and training for “crowd-control.”

        • lad


          • rjgarfunkel

            Laddy Boy- I don’t hate Obama and I am in the vast majority. He won by 10 million votes in 2008 and should exceed that number in 2012. You can always take a boat to nowhere and get the hell out if you don’t like the results. One alternative is to join the Idaho Militia and hang out with the other rejectionists at Ruby Ridge. Keep some bottled water, spam, MREs and your musket. I hear muskrat is tasty up in those hills. It will be tough not eating your Whoppers with cheese and bacon, but your enlarged heart and veins will feel better.

      • sgtusmc

        Whatever happened to the “OLD USA “

        • Bigfoot

          The old USA went bye-bye back in 1913….

        • lad


      • cmbhi

        Well, if the GOP in St Charles MO can shut down a caucus because it doesn’t look like Santorum will win, why wouldn’t we expect BO to shut down the elections in November? There isn’t any difference between the twp parties anymore, anyway. They both commit election fraud and they both don’t know how to run a government. Touted as the most ‘free’ state, Texas is using drones to police Houston and may even arm the drones with rubber bullets and tasers. The world has gones crazy and the only presidential candidate who has and would uphold the Constitution is blacked out and demonized because he wants friendly relations with all and won’t start pre-emptive wars we can’t afford.
        RomneySantyNewt would all keep the NDAA just as is. They’ve said it. But Americans seem to prefer life lived in a FEMA camp rather than a life lived in FREEDOM.

      • rjgarfunkel

        Yes, the plans are already set. As soon as the President knows who the Republican candidate will be, he will go to court, claim that the whole nominating process that allowed Romney to be selected was flawed. The beauty of the plan is that like the film “Ground Hog Day,” the whole process will have to repeated until they get it right. We’ll start with the Iowa Caucuses, shift to New Hampshire, raise more money through the Super Pacs, call Herman Cain, wake up Rick Perry, locate Michelle Bachman and get Sarah Palin into the race. it will be wonderful theater and know one will remember that there is really an election in November.

        This “bread and circus” will go on and on, and Obama will quietly serve out his 2nd term while no one is looking. Its insidious, but it could work.

        • Ed Orr

          Every time you post here we have theater. Your admirer list must be huge as you are a real star at showing your ass. How many mirrors do you have in that multimillion dollar town house anyway.

          • rjgarfunkel

            Oarless, did you strain your small gray matter to think up that one? Get your fortress prepared, January 20th isn’t that far away.

          • Ed Orr

            RJ, strain? hell I did not even blink.

          • Ed Orr

            Is that a threat ASSHOLE? Be careful, be very careful before threatening ME. Remember your other threat to the guy who posted something you did not like and you threatened to report him to homeland security? If you do not I retained a copy so this guy could sue your ass off if he chooses to and again I know of a attorney who would love to set you stupid ass on fire in court. Joking around and having a little fun is one thing but I take a threat, any threat very seriously. By the way I have NEVER lost a case in court so be warned. I know much more about you than you realize so the service of papers will not be an issue. The ball really is now in your court (for the time being).

        • Old Faithful Geyser

          You really are a Sick, Twisted, Jew Prick.
          Are you really one of George Soros’ Sons? You sound an awful lot like that Sick, Twisted, Jew Prick, that sold out his own people because he has no MORALS.

          • rjgarfunkel

            The Old Geyser finally got it up. He’s now after the Jews. He hates everyone else, and I am sure the Jewish people feel insulted that they weren’t first on his list. So the Geyser is now spewing more tripe. It must feel good to get your rocks off. Too bad Viagra failed with everything but your forked tongue.

        • lad


          • Ed Orr

            Lad my friend ,farkengoogle does not know what he is taking about and confuses even himself into thinking he has value. But then on the other hand the little man actually despises himself.
            This poor misguided soul is a diagnosed sociopath and narcissist just as his almighty god b.o has been diagnosed by professionals. Usually I do not even take the time to respond but today I am in a good mood and chose to have a little fun at his expense. If you take all of his posts and read them like you would a report you will see very quickly that he really is seriously mentally ill.
            I think there must have been some sort of inbreeding in the equation here with poor RJ or one of his parents took way too many mind altering drugs. You know , took many trips without even leaving the pig farm where he was born.

      • rjgarfunkel

        Call off the election. How will that be accomplished? Will he call St. Ed Oarlee for permission?

        • Ed Orr

          You have my permission to go jump of the nearest bridge and do yourself a favor which is to end your miserable existence. So now that you have My permission make it so.

    • C. Heston

      Get ready for President For Life Idi Obama Dada! Yet Another Black Communist Dictator born in Africa. The ones there have done SUCH a stellar job running their countries (into the ground).

      • Ed Orr

        Heston, be prepared to be called a racist as soon as the bleeding hearts awake and sit at their computers provide by government money. You cannot call a black a black but then you and I have already and obviously we are both still sucking wind….GOOD SHOW! It is ok to call a white a white but OH HELL NO in this PC world a black is referred to as brotha or Mutha f… but not if you are white.

        • lad

          Morning old friend, glad those black helicopters didnt get you.
          What i find interresting is please dont hold this against me, but
          i have had and now have a few black friends. they think and feel
          pretty much as i do, they simple are trying to suvive and take care of
          their families. What always amuses me is when they look me square
          in the face and say (YOU CAN NOT TRUST THAT SORRY NO GOOD

          • lad


          • Ed Orr

            I hold nothing like that against you and have many friends of color as well who believe just as we do that a few blacks are doing way too much to drag so many down.

      • rjgarfunkel

        Actually Charlton H, it is even worse than what you predict. As you know it, especially with your experience with the chariot race from Ben Hur, the real threat will be when Obama brings in James Earl Jones to replace Hillary as his Secretary of State. Jones, won’t be playing the genial American bureaucrat of his later roles. No, he’ll be playing Jack Johnson and all the hate and bile will come forth against whitey. But, thankfully, alert super patriots like yourself have sufficiently exposed the President for what he really is. Maybe with your cogent views we’ll get to the bottom of this Manchurian Candidate subterfuge. Hail Andrew Breitbart, and let his memory linger on like the late Horst Wessel.

        • Ed Orr

          It will not work little man! Pandering will not be tolerated here but will be graded and you have already failed. Idiots will always be idiots. Some have no control as it was an accident at birth. You, however are a self made little person.

        • Old Faithful Geyser

          Die Fahnne Hoch, die reihen fest geschlossen,
          S.A. marschiert mit
          ruhig festern schritt

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    you shove your head up where the sun don’t shine or you can see the hand writing on the wall; this is one dangerous bastard.

    • Bimbam

      It’s just paper and ink signed by an illegal negro usurper – JUST IGNORE IT!

      • Bob S.

        I’d suggest that you cheapen and trivialize your message, and subsequently come across as a racist with such remarks. If you have a point to make about this “President’s” incompetence, his inept leadership abilities, or his Machiavellian agenda, don’t let yourself get side-tracked by your dislike for his ethnicity. Most rational people can see what this “Oligarch” is attempting to do, we just need to stop him in Nov. , but you won’t accomplish that goal by disgorging racial epithets. To the contrary you’ll merely succeed in contributing to his division of this country along racial and “class” lines.

        • Ed Orr

          Dissect this comment re yours………bullshit!

        • Bigfoot

          Go pack sand Bob S……’s freedom of speech….not freedom of speech till you upset somebody. So sick of the PC police….

        • Bimbam

          I also called the unfit negro a WIGGER since he claims to be half-white. I guess because of this it negates the other racist side you claim I have.

          BTW, only racist see racism. SO you be the raciiissttt….

    • rjgarfunkel

      General Lee, I noticed that at your old Homestead there are actually soldiers from the Union Army buried near your old mansion. I can’t wait for the old South to rise again and you will be recognized finally as the real Father of the New America. What a wondrous day that will be when the Lincoln Memorial is torn down, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments are repealed, the Articles of Confederation become, once again, the law of the land and Dixie replaces the Star Spangled Banner.

      • Ed Orr

        What you really like from a good old boy from the south is when they get a rise for you .Go back to your unplugged microphone and broadcast or better yet pretend it is another “tool”
        little handyman.

      • lad


  • dianna

    Our government and Obummer IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL! Can NO ONE STOP HIM? Enough is enough and yet NO ONE DOES ANYTHING! Is this really what they want? They want communism, big brother watching our every move? I fear there will be NO ELECTION IN NOVEMBER – as a man, woman and child exactly what will Americans do? I am really confused! This executive order also allows Obama to start up the Draft again! Who’s going to be drafted? Your husband, father or son? GOD HELP US ALL!

    • Petechris

      I hope it won’t come to that! There will have to be a concerted effort by the administration to conficate all the firearms from the people because if there is no November election, there will certaintly be a revolution. The Constitution calls for we the people to defend it against ALL enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!

    • rjgarfunkel

      Yes, things are really out of control. There are riots in the streets, the stock market is crashing, there are long gasoline lines, schools have been closed down, the bomb scares are out of hand, the strikers are shutting down industry, the army is in revolt, the commie congressmen and women are setting up Soviets, the guns have been confiscated and President Obama has accepted the Crown at the Feat of Lupercal. Woe is all of us!

      • Ed Orr

        YOU are out of control and that is why you are only allowed out of your cell and straight jacket occasionally…..IDIOT.

    • lad

      Dont worry Dianna there
      will be an election and B.H.O.
      EVERY DAY. there i said it again dont
      like it (bite me) i could care less.

  • Bimbam

    I thought the M word was going to be MONSTER!

    This is what this negro is turning out to be a – useful idiot afterall.

    • C. Heston

      You mean our House Negro? I guess he’s more properly, the WHITE House Negro. It’s time to Denigrate our government, AND the White House. BAD government. BAD White House. There I just denigrated them.

      • Ed Orr

        Isn’t this fun! I wrote to another PC fool yesterday who attempted to chide me on my “racial” comments that he had been hugging way too many trees and has a permanent bark imprint on his forehead. These fools simply do not get it that America has finally awakened and have had it with this crap where one race is favored over another to the degree that the scales have tipped in their direction based on Political Correctness. I mean isn’t b.o a BLACK and a dumb ass black at that? To me it is the same thing as stating that Jimmy Carter was a dumb ass WHITE. It is ok for a black to call a black BLACK but not for a WHITE to call a black a BLACK. Now I am laughing at my own stuff but then all this PC bullshit really is ridiculous.

      • Compte de Grasse

        Great Post….however to be most correct, you would have to say “half-White House”, recalling what little we do know of the Poser’s origins.

      • rjgarfunkel

        Thank the G-ds that Ben Hur had “white” horses in the old chariot race. They did the trick. Obviously that has worked in March Madness also. Look how badly Norfolk State did. If only we can get CH to part the Red Sea, that would keep the public entertained while the KKK and the White Citizens Council retake Washington.

        • Ed Orr

          Ok I get it now, you have replaced men with horses! Does that mean no more love letters for me? Geez I wonder why! I think a jack ass would be better for you and would appreciate you more as they are of the same mentality as you are.

  • Burrhead65

    This falls into place right before summer. That is when the OWS’s will be out in full force. The White House will be directing them to go onto terrorist mode. When that happens ,the Dictator in Chief will declare Martial Law using the vague EO he has set up for himself. By the time the polititions figure out what happened they will all be out of a job accept for a very select few. It’s all coming down and there is damn little any of us can do now accept pray for a military takeover to get this maggot out of office.

    • Stephen

      I would agree, but disagree on the timing. You see, Obama is expecting to lose the election. What you say will all go down between November and January. It will be proven that groups like ACORN, posing as Republicans, will have committed election fraud. OWS and the rest of the Communists will then revolt, Marshal law will be declared, and then the real fun will begin. Nationalization and control of everything will give the newly reinstated Obama Administration the power they have only dreamed of to this point.

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    “Follow the “M” word: More on the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order”
    Is anyone surprised or shocked?
    Mr.Obama is very selective, on which “part” of the law or directive he selects to follow; and if it does not suit him; we will get another; “in terms of”!
    Mr. Obama has been accused of being a Muslim; and now he is trying to defend himself!
    Listen to his speeches! From his “beginning”.
    Meanwhile; press “1” for English.

  • Ranchman

    Even though there may have been some initial overreacting to this EO, it just goes to show the level of mistrust the people have of Obama. The truth is, he can’t be trusted, not at all. I became politically aware during the administration of Jimmy Carter and all I can say is, Obama is the most dangerous president to serve in that position since then. I feel he is hell-bent on bringing this country to its knees.

    • NJNurse

      I agree Ranchman. We pray we make it to November and get rid of this person. Our country depends on it.

    • rjgarfunkel

      He is really dangerous. In fact, when he stares at people like Medusa, they turn to stone. The Democrats are obviously planning to have Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly deported to Tasmania. I know its true because, I read it here. Its going to be very tough on the real Americans when president Obama wins the next election and amends the Bill of Rights to remove “Freedom of Speech.”

      • Ed Orr

        Hey folks ! lets stare at RJ’s comments and maybe he too will turn into stone. We can then place him in a southern Civil War Battlefield cemetery where he will finally be appreciated.

      • Dave

        This is Dave, without the s or bs. Rigar, it must have been a difficult life for you to have gone this far in life and be the only intelligent/sane person, at least in your own confused mind. Glad that your parents were Dems, mine were also, but after FDR, they saw the handwriting on the wall (Christian term) and quickly decided that to live free they needed to make politicians accountable to those they serve, the citizens who cast the votes. The superior University/College education you cite as obtaining, does not make one brilliant, only one who feels superior to others around him with less formal education. Harvard does not make one a genius, we have that example currently residing in the WH, ideology sounds good but doesn’t work in the real world as some in a free society have to function, independently. Nor does education grant common sense, that is evident from most college/university professors I’ve met along with the current occupier of DC,
        Accomplishments of this administration are zero. When he has nothing to cite for his reelection, just as you have pronounced that the contributors to this site are vicious, you need to look at the divisive strategy of this administration, it is certainly transparently visious, he said he would be transparent, he is, he forgot to add vicious.
        Formally educated people cast one vote and it counts the same as one who never attends college, a person whose education comes in the real world makes one better suited to elect politicians better suited to serve most American citizens. Americans do make mistakes fortunately elections can reverse those mistakes.

        • rjgarfunkel

          Dave here’s what he promised, what he has done and what he wishes to accomplish!

          Extend child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes
          Create an Advanced Manufacturing Fund to invest in peer-reviewed manufacturing processes
          Increase minority access to capital
          Require economic justification for tax changes
          Implement “Women Owned Business” contracting program
          Change standards for determining broadband access
          Create a consumer-friendly credit card rating system
          Establish a credit card bill of rights
          Expand loan programs for small businesses
          Extend the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes
          Extend and index the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch
          Close the “doughnut hole” in Medicare prescription drug plan
          Expand the Senior Corps volunteer program
          Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions
          Give tax credits to those who need help to pay health premiums
          Require large employers to contribute to a national health plan
          Require children to have health insurance coverage
          Expand eligibility for Medicaid
          Expand eligibility for State Children’s Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)
          Require health plans to disclose how much of the premium goes to patient care
          Establish an independent health institute to provide accurate and objective information
          In non-competitive markets, force insurers to pay out a reasonable share of their premiums for patient care
          Eliminate the higher subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans
          Expand funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners
          Increase funding to expand community based prevention programs
          Reinstate executive order to hire an additional 100,000 federal employees with disabilities within five years.
          Create a best practices list for private businesses in accommodating workers with disabilities
          Launch educational initiative for employers on tax benefits of hiring employees with disabilities
          Increase the Veterans Administration budget to recruit and retain more mental health professionals
          Fully fund the Veterans Administration
          Assure that the Veterans Administration budget is prepared as ‘must-pass’ legislation
          Expand the Veterans Administration’s number of “centers of excellence” in specialty care
          Expand housing vouchers program for homeless veterans
          Appoint a special adviser to the president on violence against women
          Fully fund the Violence Against Women Act
          Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq
          Begin removing combat brigades from Iraq
          No permanent bases in Iraq
          Send two additional brigades to Afghanistan
          Increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps
          Increase special operations forces and civil affairs
          Create a military families advisory board
          End the “Stop-loss” program of forcing troops to stay in service beyond their expected commitments
          Strengthen and expand military exchange programs with other countries
          Make greater investment in advanced military air technology
          End the abuse of supplemental budgets for war
          Make U.S. military aid to Pakistan conditional on anti-terror efforts
          Open “America Houses” in Islamic cities around the globe
          Give a speech at a major Islamic forum in the first 100 days of his administration
          End the use of torture
          Allocate Homeland Security funding according to risk
          Create a real National Infrastructure Protection Plan
          Increase funding for local emergency planning
          Seek verifiable reductions in nuclear stockpiles
          Extend monitoring and verification provisions of the START I Treaty
          Stand down nuclear forces to be reduced under the Moscow Treaty
          Organize successful Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in 2010
          Appoint a White House Coordinator for Nuclear Security
          Expand federal bioforensics program for tracking biological weapons
          Initiate a grant and training program for law enforcement to deter cyber crime
          Improve relations with Turkey, and its relations with Iraqi Kurds
          Launch an international Add Value to Agriculture Initiative (AVTA)
          Create a rapid response fund for emerging democracies
          Grant Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba
          Restore funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program
          Establish an Energy Partnership for the Americas
          Expand the Nurse-Family Partnership to all low-income, first-time mothers
          Release presidential records
          Require new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or contributions.
          Provide affordable, high-quality child care
          Reform No Child Left Behind
          Recruit math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession
          Reduce subsidies to private student lenders and protect student borrower
          Encourage water-conservation efforts in the West
          Increase funding for national parks and forests
          Increase funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund
          Encourage farmers to use more renewable energy and be more energy efficient
          Expand Pell grants for low-income students
          Create a community college partnership program
          Pursue a wildfire management plan
          Remove more brush, small trees and vegetation that fuel wildfires
          More controlled burns to reduce wildfires
          Expand access to places to hunt and fish
          Push for enactment of Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include sexual orientation and other factors
          Repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy
          Restore funding to the EEOC and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
          Reform mandatory minimum sentences
          Create a White House Office on Urban Policy
          Fully fund the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
          Establish program to convert manufacturing centers into clean technology leaders
          Establish ‘Promise Neighborhoods’ for areas of concentrated poverty
          Create an artist corps for schools
          Champion the importance of arts education
          Support increased funding for the NEA
          Promote cultural diplomacy
          Add another Space Shuttle flight
          Use the private sector to improve spaceflight
          Work with international allies on space station
          Partner to enhance the potential of the International Space Station
          Use the International Space Station for fundamental biological and physical research
          Explore whether International Space Station can operate after 2016
          Conduct robust research and development on future space missions
          Increase spending to prepare for longer space missions
          Work toward deploying a global climate change research and monitoring system
          Enhance earth mapping
          Appoint an assistant to the president for science and technology policy
          Support commercial access to space
          Establish school programs to highlight space and science achievements
          Strengthen the levees in New Orleans
          Establish special crime programs for the New Orleans area
          Rebuild schools in New Orleans
          Fund a major expansion of AmeriCorps
          Create a Social Investment Fund NetworkBolster the military’s ability to speak different languages
          Appoint the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer
          Provide grants to early-career researchers
          Protect American intellectual property abroad
          Reform the patent system
          Increase efforts to reduce unintended pregnancy
          Work to overturn Ledbetter vs. Goodyear
          Stop the development of new nuclear weapons
          Create a national declassification center
          Appoint an American Indian policy adviser
          Create new financial regulations
          Increase funding for land-grant colleges
          Ban lobbyist gifts to executive employees
          Sign a “universal” health care bill
          Create new criminal penalties for mortgage fraud
          Require 10 percent renewable energy by 2012
          Release oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve
          Raise fuel economy standards
          Invest in all types of alternative energy
          Enact tax credit for consumers for plug-in hybrid cars
          Ask people and businesses to conserve electricity
          Require more energy-efficient appliances
          Create a ‘Green Vet Initiative’ to promote environmental jobs for veterans
          Create job training programs for clean technologies
          Require states to provide incentives for utilities to reduce energy consumption
          Support high-speed rail
          Support airline service in small towns
          Invest in public transportation
          Equalize tax breaks for driving and public transit
          Consider “smart growth” in transportation funding
          Will seek more accommodations of bicycles and pedestrians
          Help states and localities address sprawl
          Share environmental technology with other countries
          Double federal spending for research on clean fuels
          Provide grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes
          Increase funding for the Environmental Protection Agency
          Appoint at least one Republican to the cabinet
          Fully fund federal contribution to the preservation of the Everglades
          Raise the small business investment expensing limit to $250,000 through the end of 2009
          Extend unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspend taxes on these benefits
          Support network neutrality on the Internet
          Reverse restrictions on stem cell research
          Reproductive health care will be “at the heart” of health care reform.
          We will kill bin Laden

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    dianna;; get yourself some weapons or get a man with some weapons;; it will be a fight for your nation and your children’s freedom.

    • Bimbam

      What spooked you man? You scared of a lil wigger?

      • Ed Orr

        This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting , this is for fun. Full metal Jacket movie and a popular Marine cadence call which sends a clear message.

        • lad


        • rjgarfunkel

          So Saint Oarless, Prince of Peckerwood, you’ve given up your skin flute for your musket? How awesome. Its tough to be old, stupid and alone. But you’ve made your bed, now sleep in it

          • Ed Orr

            Trust me little man I will go to sleep but it will not be with you. You have once again become so boring and unchallenging that I must ignore you once again after today. Please do not cry or hurt yourself little boy as that would break my heart. Time for you do go to the hand ball court and locker room to get your sniffing fix.

  • kategray

    When he has drained the American people of their hard working money, and our religious freedoms and all the other things that the CONSTITUTION gave the American people he will then make us a third world nation and we will be like the middle east and other countries that have dictators. The things that made America a great nation are now being stripped away at an alarming rate. The polls are rigged to make the PRETENDER the top dog. He has given away the farm and those who benefited by that will go to the polls because they want more and cannot see that they are helping this one to corrupt this nation and we will have no freedoms left.


      KATEGRAY……..every thing you have posted is right on…..every thing is happening so fast……each time something comes up in the news to distract the people he is busy passing another law against us …..and usually at night……..some one mentioned about he will double us up in our homes …if we have a bigger house…….this all came out during the last census that was taken….. suddenly shut up…!!!!!! ..i am now thinking that this election will be a bloody one……many people are either becoming more enlightened ..and many are still in the throws of having been brain washed……..THIS WILL BE THE BATTLE TO FIGHT ….he is pitting citizen against citizen and with all of the THE ONES THAT HAVE SOLD THEIR SOUL TO FOLLOW HIM…..they will be dangerous…….AMERICA IS IN HER DEATH PANGS…….WAKE UP FOLKS……we have been turned over to the U.N. as even they will take power from our military……this coming up is not going to be for the weak hearted……this will be real……gird your self with the strenght of GOD……… HE HAS TO MAKE HIS LAST POWER STAND …BEFORE THIS ELECTION……!!!!!! does any one doubt what the fema camps are for?????

      • Old Faithful Geyser

        Actually a revolution may not be all that bad a thing to happen. Just think of all those bastards waring their baggy pants down below their asses and hats turned side ways and two sizes too big, wouldn’t they make nice targets?
        It is time that we weed out the degenerates, Homo’s, Lesbians, and select members of Congress for the purification of our Once Great Nation.
        It is time that all understand that this country is here for the freedom of everyone willing to work to defend and protect our Constituion, that no one race or Religion is promoted above another and that our laws are few and supreme above all other foreign countries and that we take care of our own FIRST, before all others.
        The Muslim Religion will not be tolerated or recognized as a religion in this Nation, as it is offensive to all other religions, and all forms of affirmative action will no longer be accepted whether in the areas of employment, schooling, housing, or any other areas.
        Our Military we be the best trained, best equipped, Largest military in the world for our own Protection and the protection of our FAITHFUL friends.

    • rjgarfunkel

      Yes, you are so right. The 100% tax on all income to all Americans, which went into affect last year, will be keenly felt when you file you taxes on April 15th. You’ll even have to sell your chickens and pigs. The Supreme Soviet, aka the US Senate finally got their way. Now all we have to do is suspend elections and anoint President Obama as King Barack I. It sort of sounds lyrical. Of course, you may doubt what I say, but I read it all here, in the Gospel according to Saint Ed Orrless.

      • Ed Orr

        Oh come on rigurfunkel, is that really the best you can come up with today? how lame! Go back to your horses and jackasses.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    CITIZENS AGAINST OBAMA;; AND HIS suppression. Today is a good day to die for our freedom; it will not be a bloodless coup.

    • Bimbam

      C’mon man… he’s just a skinny wigger. Pretending to be president. Just ignore the ****ER and Congress. Carry on with your life and just ignore the stinkers and they will have no power over you.

      And if the stinkers in Congress and the wigger get in the way, 300,000,000 of us should be able to kick’em where it hurts.

      • Me in Canada Eh

        They will have no power over you until they take possession of your home and make you pay rent to the federal govt to live in it. Under communism, my friend, there is no such thing as private property. Everything is owned by the state. Check out this video on how communists take over a country:


        BIMBAM…… are the one ””’WITH THAT KIND OF THINKING “””that will help obama take down this country…….you have not seen or understood what is taking place……PLEASE….PLEASE …..DO NOT BE COMPLACANT!!!! LOOK AT THE SITUATION HEAD ON…… your mind to assess some of the things happening…….BIMBAM …. YOU WILL NOT BE FAVORED WHEN THE TIME COMES.!!!!!!

      • lad

        I dont thinks the millions of amerians that have lost everything
        because of a corrupt gov , the thiefs on wall street, and a struggling ecomomy take things as
        casually as you do.

    • lad

      Amen brother they just declared war on
      AMERICA and its FREEDOM loving

    • Padremike

      I, for one, will not lay down, cringe in the corner and whimper when the time comes. I was born prior to WWII and this is the first time in my lifetime that I have heard many Americans talking about the legitimacy contained within the Constitution to recapture their government.

    • BGinTN

      The action in question is essentially an update of a similar order put into place by President Dwight D. Eisenhower (EO 10789) in 1958, which was amended in 1994 by President Bill Clinton (EO 12919) in 1994 and later by George W. Bush (EO 13286) in 2003.

      1.) “Identify” requirements for emergencies,
      2.) “Assess” the capability of the country’s industrial and technological base,
      3.) “Be prepared” to ensure the availability of critical resources in time of national threat,
      4.) “Improve the efficiency” of the industrial base to support national defense,
      5.) “Foster cooperation” between commercial and defense sectors.

      BUT, This not 1958 or 1994 or 2003!

      In history justification for the Federal government to carry out any of the above-mentioned tasks would have been reserved to extreme scenarios, such as military attack on the country or the complete collapse of financial markets.

      When the dollar crashes, the country will go on lock-down and the gov’t will put a freeze on prices and take over resources to feed us which will only hold back the inevitable revolt temporarily.

      Compare the dollar value relative to other world fiat currencies, the dollar appears to be vibrant, as long as you compare it to similarly worthless paper currencies that are being degraded in tandem with the greenback. Once you begin to compare the dollar to commodities, however, it soon shows its inherent weakness. The price of oil for example.

      It’s just a matter of time. The writing’s on the wall.

      THIS EO. signed with what is below, TYRANNY!!!!!!!!!!

      Recent laws and rhetoric from the Federal government that make it possible for the bureaucracy to claim nearly any scenario an emergency and nearly any person an enemy of the State.

      The National Defense Authorization Act, and the continued push to make Americans believe the enemies are domestic.

      Do they know what a Constitutionally declared war is and whether the President answers to Congress or to international powers such as the United Nations and NATO.

      The passage of H.R. 347, the Trespass Bill.

  • Larry

    If this SOB Barrack Obama is allowed to get away with it he will began his Dictatorship sooner than anyone had thought because he is going to loose his bid for reelection and he will use this reason for holding on to power. He will have his personal Army the Black panthers enforce his laws and keep him in power.

    • Lawrence

      I can say with out a doubt. The invisible empire, is a hell of a lot bigger than the faggot black panthers. It`s just been laying low. Like rush says.. Don`t doubt me. We wait…

    • DefendConstitutiom

      I hope it doesn’t but if the SHTF this fall, there are a very large number of citizens who may disagree with the way events turned. They already are locked and you know what comes next.

      • C. Heston

        As I recall, right after “lock” comes “load”, and then “BANG!”

        • Ed Orr

          Yes and this time do not yell fire in the hole before tossing a flaming cocktail.

  • singer23

    How much longer are we going to talk about this, “Miscreant” and do something about him? What’s taking Americans so long to, “Send, Him And His Accomplices, Packing?” I, for one, am sick of him, destroying America, one piece at a time! Every day, he and his administration are picking away at our Constitution, one freedom at a time! Look at all the damage he’s done, in three years! He must be stopped and all the, “Treason” reversed! We have only one chance left and that’s November, 2012!

  • http://America. American Citizen

    We need to hold all of these people accountable.

    • rjgarfunkel

      One way to do this would to bring in all the top accounting firms like:

      PwC (officially PricewaterhouseCoopers) ,Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, KPMG . These folks could figure everything out. They’ll tell you where the bodies are buried. They’ll tell you that your tax dollars are all going to Egypt and the Muslim brotherhood. Great idea, I am sure they’ll work pro bono for such a patriotic effort.

      • Ed Orr

        Your tenure on Wall Street is showing through idiot.

        • rjgarfunkel

          King Ed strikes again. His wit is priceless, it can’t be bought. His venom is deadly, no snake is worse, his claws are sharp as razors and his eye is as a keen as a Bald Eagle. He can spot a prairie dog from 500 feet and swoop down and gobble it up. There is no man like Super Ed, the reservoir of all knowledge, the well-spring of all intelligence, the repository of all heroism, and the modern day Oracle of Delphi. Let’s strike it up for the The Viagra King. Ed can get it up when provoked, but unfortunately there are no sheep around his neighborhood. By the way, a warning for his neighbors, “lock up your strays at night!”

          • Ed Orr

            You are the stray, you have strayed too far from your fort Wall Street to converse with us po folks. That makes you a traitor to all your moneyed friends. Why associate yourself with all this trailer trash? Do you get a thrill up your little leg every time you see my name here…you damn right you do. You simply cannot handle it when I call you on your bullshit each and every time just as others of your ilk do. You know , those who THINK they are all knowing and have never done anything for this country except to pollute it with your propaganda. You covet what I have which is GUTS idiot. Why is it that short shits like you have such attitude problems and obvious
            personality disorders? You are as much a narcissist as your butt buddy b.o ever was and again are jealous that you cannot become the third member of the duo of b.o and Holder boy and make it a threesome. You simply cannot win with me IDIOT I am way too fast and experienced for simpletons like you. Go back to posting as sonofamillionaire or other false name but your rhetoric is redundant and easily demonstrates your thought patterns. Why have you not taken me up on my offer of free professional mental health ? You are so far gone and inconsequential even to yourself that you actually hate yourself for being the midget that you are both in stature and mentally. We are not going to go steady so get that out of your sawdust filled head.

  • jim

    This sounds like he’s keeping His promise to build his own private army & places to keep people who oppose him for a better America ! I don’t trust him at all !

  • Bob S.

    This President (ideological neophyte) has the leadership qualities of a mole. He “rules” by Executive Order and Fiat, rather than by convention and the rule of law. He enforces portions of our constitution only if they are consistent with his agenda, and goals, otherwise he disregards it’s tenets with impunity. The constitution to him has become a roadblock, rather than a road map, as he attempts to lead our nation. He has no original thoughts or ideas, he is simply a sounding board for the socialist/Marxist ideology in which he and his little cadre of czars decide what’s “BEST” for the American people (It’s called statism in most circles of enlightenment). As strange as it may be in his “highly ideological and unenlightened little world”, if he doesn’t like the current restraints of our constitution there actually are provisions in that document for changing or amending it’s content. However to do so one must follow specific procedures delineated within it’s writings which specify how such changes are to be accomplished. These changes should not be of one single man, mindset, or party, but of 2/3’s of the states, and therefore the will of the governed of this great nation. This is accomplished by ratification of such changes at the State level, rather than by a mandate or an over-reach at the federal level. This President’s hubristic belief in his own self perceived omniscience, has not served our nation well at all, but rather has overlooked and misunderstood the admirable original and admirable qualities of our original Republican form of government. If and when we ever again have a “representative government” may it be modeled after a Republican style form of government, not a democracy, for our founders knew all too well the pitfalls and shortcomings that a democracy inherently would subject our citizens to! Hence our government was created as a Republic, and for that specific reason. The authors of this country’s constitution knew that in a democracy a majority could and would walk “rough shod” all over the rights of the minority. Ben Franklin put it best when he stated, [Sic] “Democracy… Is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty… Is a well-armed lamb contesting that vote.” Guess we need to decide sooner rather than later which scenario we wish to follow, and then act upon in whatever manner is necessary to ensure the end result. We need to decide if we want the Big government knows best approach, or instead the concept of liberty and independence which that inimitable American Spirit incorporates. I’m speaking of the same American Spirit which in my mind is currently being repressed and replaced, in a most Machiavellian manner by a purely radical and secular progressive approach to governance.

  • http://facebook charles jones

    Robert E Lee is correct,there will be a lot of us die before our country men realize this is not just rhetoric,And the only politician calling for change and our liberties back is being rail roaded by his own complicit party,

  • David Stovall

    The Preparedness Order is nothing new, other presidents have signed it. The difference this time is that it is in the hands of a president that is a Rev. Wright “God Dam* America”, socialist president that hates our country and calls the Bill of Rights a negative document because it limits government. And we don’t want the Preparedness Order or the White House in the hands of a”God Dam* America” president that wants no limits on government.

    • rjgarfunkel

      “God Dam” does that really mean “good dam” or a very well built edifice to hold back water? Learn to spell it helps. But, of course, literacy, education and brains never interferes with the logic that pervades on this site. Of course, the King of All Right-Wing Sites, is Sir Ed Orr, the the paddle that makes the shadow Trireme of State cut through the liberal waters eroding the American way. Thanks to Orrless and his minions, truth, justice and the American Way will always be protected from Uncle Joe and the neo-Soviets who are always lurking and ready to snatch your goodies.

      • Ed Orr

        YOU are the one who likes to snatch mens goodies. Watch out though as some southern red neck might bitch slap your little ass.

      • David Stovall

        Dam*, to get past the censors. It also got past your powers of observation. But it gave you a chance to be cute , if only in your own mind.

  • JVB

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve had all the RESTORING TRANSPARENCY campaign promises I can handle.

  • oldgringo

    Huff Post censors all my comments…..Hear Obama own words what he has in store for American citizens under NDAA:

  • Delores Smith

    Do not fall for the scare tactics of Obama and George Soros. Do not react, and do not even consider a Revolution. This is what they want, and they will not get it. Remember this: Martial Law can only be created by a legal Leader of the United States, not by someone who is causing the chaos to achieve evil means. Trust me, there are MANY who are aware of what is going on. Turn the other cheek and smile. This is all being handled for us. Take care.
    Delores Smith

  • Garry

    His evil reign & lying are about to come to an end.He is slowly tightening his own noose around his illegal muslim loving neck!!!!!!!!

  • VirgoVince

    WHY is this ugly ni(666)er still breathing in OUR white mosk, wasting OUR money, OUR time and destroying OUR country??
    Isn’t 3 yrs enough time to STOP him??

  • Texas Patriot

    Obama and his administration=Destroyer of America!!! If we allow it!!!

  • Tom SC

    Delores Smith, This sounds like the encouragement comming from the left or the way a lot of people handle their problems. The Ostrich theory, stick your head in the sand and it will all go away!!!

  • martni


  • lad

    This executive order is not new it was created by presidents in our past. What is
    alarming is the the current COMMUNISTS REGEIM has changed the wording
    to expand the governments power which basically gives them complete power
    over all of us.The current COMMUNISTS regeim will place the most
    radical departmet heads in charge and they will control FOOD ,SCHOOLS,HOUSEING,
    MILITARY well you get the picture im sure. This can not stand these people under
    obonzos leaderhip have basically declared themselves our masters. Americas government
    is our enemy. In the future I will treat them accordingly. I hope you get this message B.H.O

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      YES, EVEN IN PEACE TIMES, way more control of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BGinTN

      Hey Old Timer, you are correct!

      The action in question is essentially an update of a similar order put into place by President Dwight D. Eisenhower (EO 10789) in 1958, which was amended in 1994 by President Bill Clinton (EO 12919) in 1994 and later by George W. Bush (EO 13286) in 2003.

      1.) “Identify” requirements for emergencies,
      2.) “Assess” the capability of the country’s industrial and technological base,
      3.) “Be prepared” to ensure the availability of critical resources in time of national threat,
      4.) “Improve the efficiency” of the industrial base to support national defense,
      5.) “Foster cooperation” between commercial and defense sectors.

      BUT, This is NOT 1958 or 1994 or 2003!

      In history justification for the Federal government to carry out any of the above-mentioned tasks would have been reserved to extreme scenarios, such as military attack on the country or the complete collapse of financial markets.

      When the dollar crashes, the country will go on lockdown and the gov’t will put a freeze on prices and take over resources to feed us which will only hold back the inevitable revolt temporarily.

      Compare the dollar value relative to other world fiat currencies, the dollar appears to be vibrant, as long as you compare it to similarly worthless paper currencies that are being degraded in tandem with the greenback. Once you begin to compare the dollar to commodities, however, it soon shows its inherent weakness. The price of oil for example.

      It’s just a matter of time. The writing’s on the wall.

      THIS EO. signed with what is below, TRANNY!

      Recent laws and rhetoric from the Federal government that make it possible for the bureaucracy to claim nearly ANY scenario an emergency and nearly ANY person an enemy of the State.

      The National Defense Authorization Act, and the continued push to make Americans believe the enemies are domestic.

      Do they know what a Constitutionally declared war is, and whether the President answers to Congress or to international powers such as the United Nations and NATO.

      The passage of H.R. 347, the Trespass Bill.

  • Radison

    It all comes down to how to stop this massive assult on our Constitutional protections. DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!!!!!!!! What can be clearer? And while we are at it, don’t vote for these career RINOS or any Congressman that has supported this President in any way. We’ve got to have a fresh start in November, or it is all over, and I mean ALL OVER!


    This douch bag needs to keep his hands off of everything. Everything he touches turns to sh1t!!!!!!!!!!! I pray every day for God to do something with the Muslim.

  • Insurgent

    Nothing this monkey has signed is a law.

    Illegal is ILLEGAL !!!!!


      Well stated and 100% Correct Insurgent………………Thumbs up!


    Freedom friends,There isn’t enough Money to run the Goverment(s) and Taxes MUST be Raised.So Why Keep making Goverment BIGGER?????????????…………Time to SRINK Goverment back into a small Size…………………………………………….Charles

  • John Beach

    As the U.S. demographic becomes more and more diverse and less and less representable, although still representative, finding consensus, as we have seen from many years of gridlocks, will be more difficult and less likely. Our defense department and cooperating agencies will represent this concept from a standpoint of being our own worst enemy. The Obama administration represents this and has very wisely figured out a way to deal with it. If you consider the logic of it, it actually makes sense….to all but those of us who experienced the greatest days of America when commonality of understanding of our heritage and the cost of its preservation were appreciated, which means more than 50 years ago. No one is more aware of the animosities and longstanding, ethnicity-based prejudices than those who have lived in ethnic ghettos which bordered on other ethnic ghettos in the inner-cities of America and remembers the gang wars that terrorized them decades ago. So there is little other than “survival” which unites us and no other agency or department represents that concept as does the Department of Defense. So a fitting strategy to deal with it is very logical. If we can’t beat ourselves, we ought to join ourselves in self-defeating policies that represent the divisiveness of diversity and the impossibility of representing it. Don’t laugh! It is more of a reality than you think. Just watch as the war on terror winds down and you see the strategic effectiveness of the policies that have been utilized over the course of the last 11 years. We were literally a blip on the radar screen in the history of the countries we have attempted to change. But the policy was representative of divisiveness and diversity. If it is all a waste, will anybody really care?

  • Stephen

    Obama will lose the election in November, but it will be conveniently proved that some Republicans rigged the election (even though it did not happen). OWS and union organized thugs will riot in the streets until Obama declares marshal law and an investigation of election fraud will commence. The evidence will (somehow probably by false identification cards) be proven that the election was rigged by the Republicans and deemed null and void. Obama will stay in office indefinitely whilst an investigation, lasting indefinitely, will proceed.

    Meanwhile, a nationalization process under marshal law will dissolve our Constitution and a complete set of “new rules for America” will be written into law. The new Marxist-based government, which will include Russia, China, and various middle eastern countries, will dictate to the people of the world. The United States of America will be fundamentally changed. The American Dream becomes a nightmare as the ruling classes rounds up and incarcerates all dissidents. The New World Order will be complete.

    Watch closely….It all starts this year: year one, PE (Progressio Erus)

    • pilot

      You know Stephen! You must have been around a long time, — at least you have the concept of incidious creeping of government! It seems as all to many of our people in USA- are
      “Frogs”! You know,- “the ones that sit in the pot of water on the stove, and as it is heated up in 1 degree incriments, they will stay there till they are cooked”! This “wonderful Liberal’ stuff started right after WW2! “Well wishing people” slowly eroded away everything of value, they took over the education, and gave us “liberal values”, they they took over the universitys and Colleges, and turned out liberal professors, and teachers! All to many of these became liberal lawyers (and Judges)…. So guess what – the liberal lawyers that weren’t good enough lawyers became liberal Congressmen (and presidents)! Now we are turning out young folks that are dumbed down to the place where they think bad is “right”, and good should be illegal! It appears that America,- “doesn’t have the chance of a snowball in hell” – of surving this “change” that has been made! The only chance we have is either a really hard depression (worse than the previous “great depression”), – or “all out riots” and chaos,- (and revolution)! Neither is going to be much fun for anybody involved, — however those to stupid to independently care for themselvs, and too dumb to align with somebody with the “brights” to understand that “life as we know it in America” will end! The “Comrade-Commisars” people have to win quickly, or they will starve to death – or be run over by the tanks and trucks moving the “Commisars army” around……. They are too dumb to move out of the streets, – as they wave their little flags with the “red stars”, “scikles (I spelled it this way on purpose) , and hammers– and of course posters with “Commisars Pictures on it! Socilist govenments have no care whatsoever for their “public masses”! Just thinik about it a little, these people are commiting suicide!! Not only are they to dumb to understand what they want,—- They are not going to live well — and of course confrontation now is “instant death”,— Liberalism is a very chancy frame of mind! Sort of like alcohol, you can get drunk on it (and have a good time ??), but more likely that an overdose will kill you !! Oh yeh!,- Liberals (true liberals) do not want to have weapons off any kind in trheir posession, because they are going to “love their opponents into submission”,— but then again they are mixed up on what love is too!! It is not “slaughtering anybody the does not agree with you” !! — The homosexual pose,- Hate America,- and “everything for free” doctorines are not really Love, and You will not find them described as such in “Websters Standard”!!

  • guest

    The man is not a leader but a controller and one where the end justifies the means. Win at all costs. This election will be the most corrupt in our life time. Be prepared for the occupied loony crowd to surface for you are witnessing the resume of a “community organizer” using class warfare as his platform. He has written off the tax payer, one who accepts responsibility for their actions good or bad, the Church goer, the patriots who loves this country, and the seniors. His platform is the entitlement crowd looking for the Gov to care for them from cradle to grave being convinced by this admin that it is not your fault and we should level the playing field by punishing those who have achieved success and to redistribute that success. Just remember to vote for your caretaker. Obama never uses words that inspire greatness about the American people only apologies for our greatness.
    The election and direction of this country will be determined by the number of bottom feeders vs. the number of givers called the tax payer.
    Educate and communicate. This is not a time for the American people to be complacent

  • U. S. Marine Patriot

    I am telling you people check out George Sorrors. He is the billionaire pupit master. He put George H.W. Bush in office. He put Obama in office. He said, ” He will be happy for Obama or Romney to get president. They both will be great dictators.” He sucked Russia dry and now is after our U.S.A. He comes to kill, steal and destroy just like his father the devil.

  • June9245

    Obama admits not being born in Hawaii ..

    Can one doubt his own admission? Where is Sixty Minutes?
    Who would believe Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen. Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a “natural born” citizen. OOOPS!
    His first speach is apparently just after his election to the US senate.

    Will some one tell me why this guy is not being impeached??
    If you just watch the first 30 seconds your mouth will drop open.
    Obama admits he is not a citizen


    • Stephen

      You do not impeach an imposter, you arrest him.

  • Lou

    Time for The I word Impeachment

  • Bigfoot

    Sounds like to me he is gearing up for a big war.

  • Spoony

    The Second Amendment is looking better every day as the only legal, lawful way to remove the cancer in our government. Voting them out has almost become a non-intended joke since ACORN has resurfaced under a different name and the unions are using intimidation principals towards the voter. I never knew you could vote 72 times or dead people could come out of the grave and put their two cents worth in the pot! Add all the illegals, who are not qualified, promise them free money and gifts denied our own citizens and there you have it. Congress stands around with their heads in the sand not wishing to face the challenge; they took an oath to protect and serve. Fat chance huh?

    • Reece

      is NRA the answer

  • Reece

    I wonder if any of our Congressmen or Senators ever read any of these threads. Of course they would not respond.

  • Fedup

    All of this cannot be accomplished with the support of ALL the branches of the Government.
    The only way out is through the ballot box at this time. If they were elected more than once put someone new in there and delete all the retirement benefits to serve in Congress. RETRO active.

  • John

    O’Bama sure knows his ABC’S, and every day he starts with A, and follows through as to what bills he can secretly push through by executive order today. I’ve lost count as to how many he has been allowed to push through, and with no interferance from Congress????

  • Know it all

    M is for MORON

  • bevad

    Friends – Cowboy has only provided you with a snippet of the actual article by Dryer. Here is a link to the full article which is lengthy and detailed but very informative. If you choose to read it you will see that this type of executive order has been around since 1944 but each President since has added his own personal change to it. Read it and you will see the subtle changes Obama has made and why they will probably not lead to any good thing for this country. It appears to be a more convenient way for the socialist to give away more of our tax dollars to his cronies.

  • del

    Let see what the idiots voting for the a$$hole in the white house will get with 4 more years of the same jerk in charge: much higher gas prices leading to huge jumps in food prices, much higher heating and ac costs, rotten health care rationed by a bunch of idiots in government who know chit about health care, a broke economy minus social security, freedom of speech, guns, etc. all gone and the worst of all the a$$hole still dreaming up more ways to ruin our once great country. You pool of fools go for it!!!! YOU GOT LOTS TO LOSE BY KEEPING THIS LOSER IN PLACE!!!

  • James R. Maxwell

    If the worse happens and obama declars martial law because his “occupy” thugs get stupid
    and cause riots this could cause a more serious problem with the citizens. For any reason the
    elections are delayed or put on hold then you might see a uprising of disgruntled citizens who
    are tire of the corruption and abuse of power by the wannabe dictator in the white house.
    The U.S. Congress has avoided doing its job and reining in the excessive abuse and power
    grab by obama and his czars across all aspects of our lives. They are setting the stage for a
    overthrow of our Democratic process and and establishment of a Socialist regimn. I may be
    wrong but history seems to be repeating itself as happened before WW II in Europe with Hitler, Missouline and even Stalin as they overthrew the people to established their dictatorships. It took a World War and many years before those were defeated and order was
    established in their respective coutnries.


    obama is ruining this country and instead of a free country it seems we now have a dictator.

  • charles

    i have predicted for sometime that the illeagel alien muslum will declare marshall law and void the nov. election if he cant get enough of his illeagel allien mexicans and dead peoples votes to make him dicator. why in hell cant folks wake up its been proved he is a damn foreign born muslum . how can a person call the muslum president when he isnt. he isnt nothing but a dicator the whole bunch on captiol hill should be tried and convicted of treason and sent to prison for life at hard labor. but all they think about is stealing more millions of dollars to bolster their bank acct.

  • kaizen66

    My question is, does this order give that dicktator (mispelled on purpose) any chance of postponing or cancelling an election if he declares martial law? My understanding is that it says he can declare martial law in times of war AND in times of peace…

  • Adrian

    Watching Obama at a desk signing things he more than likely does not even know, or understand what it is, makes me mad as hell. Everything he has done so far has been a disaster for Americans.

  • mrsgunnut10

    Some of you Commenter’s seem to be on the Left quite a bit, in other words “slightly” Liberal. From what I’ve read on this subject, from different Web Pages, but basically the same subject, is this. Obamass did extend the same information to more current Office’s with one exception. Instead of putting the Supervisor’s of those Office’s in charge, Obamass is “giving” his CZAR’s
    total control of our Resources which is not a good thing. Maybe I’m wrong but this is my opinion. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Wayne937

    Have any of you folks seen this one yet? If not, I suggest you look at it. It will really open your eyes. After reading this one I don’t have any doubt in my mind that Obama is not an American Citizen and he is illegal in serving at president. I don’t even know how the left could avoid this one, but they will.

  • Linda

    I see this as Obama’s way of staying in the WH and becoming the Dictator in Chief if he should be defeated in the November election. Under Martial Law the presidency would not change hands.

  • Doc Holliday

    Subject: Fw: Is this what you look for in a leader?

    Coil of Rage

    After you’ve read to the end, come back and read this first paragraph again.
    The character of any man is defined by how he treats his mother as the years pass… need I say more about this person below other than there is no character, no integrity but there is a ton of attitude and arrogance that defines his shallow past and hollow future ….

    I bought and read Obama’s book, Audacity of Hope. It was difficult to read considering his attitude toward us and everything American. Let me add a phrase he uses to describe his attitude toward whites. He harbors a “COIL OF RAGE”. His words not mine.

    Is anyone out there awake?

    Everyone of voting age should read these two books by him: Don’t buy them, just get them from the library.

    From Dreams From My Father:
    “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

    From Dreams From My Father :
    “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”

    From Dreams From My Father:
    “There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe and white.”

    From Dreams From My Father:
    “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”

    From Dreams From My Father:
    “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa , that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.”

    And FINALLY… and most scary:
    From Audacity of Hope:
    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    If you have never forwarded an e-mail, now is the time to do so!!! We have someone with this mentality running our GREAT nation!
    Keep your eye on him and don’t blink.

    Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal – be aware of the attitude and character of this sitting President.

    The leopard Doesn’t Change His Spots


  • barbpatton

    I have been in this country for 13 years and have seen this calamity happening from way back when. May I say that the majority of Americans do not want to get involved with anything. They prefer to keep their heads in the sand and just hope (because they no longer pray) that it will “all” go away. It is my contention that you reap what you sow. WE THE PEOPLE (both Black, white, green and yellow — did I leave any colour out of the mix?) have been too lazy and too complacent and have readily and willingly handed the reins over to various crooks to “handle” the business to hand. You now reap what you sow people… You wanted CHANGE and now you have it.Having come from a communistic “democratic” country I saw the writing on the wall and saw that this lovely country was going down the drain – as has all other countries. ayatollah barack obama is really not to blame for everything that he is so busily signing (e.g. Executive Orders et al) – the poor bloody puppet signs any and everything that his masters put in front of him, and he does not quibble with the status quo. There willl be a military takeover and ayatollah barrack hussien obama will be made the “leader” (until the NWO has got everything in order) and then he too will be made redudant and retire in Hawaii. He has served his purpose and he knows that he will have to “retire” until further notice.

  • norma everitt

    I wanted him to be impeached before he was our president, my brother was mad at me because
    i wouldn’t vote for him. So glad I didn’t He has done everything wrong and took everyones money hope the voting will be soon or he will ruin every thing he hasn’t done yet.
    NO MORE obama. and his wife is the same.We need someone that loves our country and he doesn’t. Everyone vote against him and get a good president is all I can say……..

  • Pat

    It is amazing how many stupid people in America actually voted for Obama. I mean, that bum is a false prophet and was NEVER qualified to hold elected office. In any other sector of society, Obama would have been FIRED a long time ago for being such an inept idiot. Everything from not securing the border region, not enforcing Federal laws, pandering to radical Leftist groups to push their agendas, putting America last, cowering towards the enemy in the war on terror, bowing to foreign leaders, the list just goes on and this jackass is still in office as the American President ??? I would FIRE this bum today if I could but I’m just a US Citizen and a veteran. IMPEACH OBAMA somebody please !

  • Dan

    Obama needs to be checked put all the way from Birth..If he was borned..He has dif SS # and dif names..Just who is this guy??? Really !!!! We really don’t know 100%..Everybody was left in the left field as Obama is ..

    • http://e-mail ZIPPEDYDODA


  • http://e-mail zippidedoda



  • Dowgyco

    The next thing obama will do is suspend the election so he can be the GESTOPO like hitler was!!!

  • Bob Marshall

    Does it matter to anyone that 27 members of Obama’s cabinet and administration came from Wall St.? Some of the once most powerful men on Wall St. now holding important positions in the federal government.

  • oath keeper

    Those of you that want to know who Obama really is need to watch the movie. The obama deception has more than 10 million views on you tube alone.
    This guy is working for a global government and the BS international banking cartel is his true master.

  • http://e-mail zippededooda


  • oath keeper

    Bob that’s correct
    Few people make the connection between Obama and the international banking scum that have imploded the world economy by design. Obama has filled his cabinet with the bankers to help implode our economy and bring about a dictatorship.

  • Hank


    I pay that GOD will lead us out of this mess and give those who follow his line of thinking the rash that will never heal so that we will be able to see EVIL and fight it.

  • http://Yahoo Val

    M. is for MADMAN…He must be stopped.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    See if this sounds familiar today. Elke’s warning, She was born under Hitler, raised under the USSR’s sovereignty in East Germany, and came to America as a young adult. LISTEN to her.

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Andrew Napolitano – From Stamp Act To ObamaCare!

  • noelle

    BULL! YES it is martial law!

  • Wayne

    I predict his first order of business during his second and “final” term as President will be a “behind closed doors” EO doing away with term limits for President….issued of course during the honeymoon period where he gets what he wants without question.

  • John Williams

    This post is intended specifically for rigarfunkel , so rigarfunkel if you are still luring out there , please note : I tried to ignore you until you condemned Conservatives of engaging in ” racial insults , name calling , and specious drivel about Socialism ” ; I’ll stop there for now ! In Pscycholgy , rigarfunkel , this is called ” projection ” . No need to explain because you are clearly an intelligent man ; although I used to think that ” intelligent Democrat ” was an oxymoron , then I read some of your ” drivel ” and realized that you truly ARE intelligent ! What the heck happened to you and your whole family . I too ran my own business ; I too voted for FDR . But that way before Democrats turned into something that I don’t even recognize today . You ran your own business , so you know what it’s like to have payroll staring you in the face with not enough in your account to meet it ! You know what it’s like to cope with the ever-increasing burden of complying with Government regulations ! You are bright enough to see that this Country is in serious trouble , economically , with the crushing debt burden we are facing ! You know , intuitively , that if the government were to tax ” the rich ” at 100% , it still would not make a dent in our debt ! You’re surely insightful enough to ” cringe ” when our President goes on foreign soil and disparaged the ” greatest Country on the face of the earth “-his words ! You are clever enough to understand that we are decades away from gaining energy independence by way of ” green energy ” ! You surely can understand the concern that many of us have that Obama’s agenda appears to favor a Western European style of Quasi-socialism . I did not say he is a Socialist , mind you , what I believe I an accurate definition of his governing philosophy , is Statism ! You know the difference , I’m sure ! My beef with this President is , that I truly believe is a radical leftist ! He has transformed the Democrat Party that your ancestors would not recognize today if they were resucitated ! I admired JFK ; I respected Clinton’s pragmatism ; I even admired Carter’s integrity ! I can find nothing truly admirable about our current President !
    When I read your posts , it is difficult to tell if you are just playing with the minds of the
    ” mindless ” , and just entertaining yourself in your idle time ; or whether you sincerely believe that Obama is GOOD for our Country ! You loose me , when you engage in the same kind of inanity that you accuse others of ! ” kooks ” , etc ; your sarcastic comments about ” Viagra ” because you are belittling some guy’s comment ! Those comments suggest immaturity , no intelligence ! I would just ask you and , and your family , to set aside your Democrat ” hat ” and seriously reflect on what Obama promised the Country , in 2008 , and what he has actually DONE as President , then ask yourself if he has the best interest of ALL AMERICANS at heart !
    Think about it on vacation ! If you are an HONEST man , I know what your answer will be !

    • Windrinker

      Well John, thanks for the condescending comments about your fellow posters. And, for what it is worth, you must believe all the dribble and snot running down the chin of Funker! You are communicating with a fraud that is nothing more than a radical libturd with nothing else to do, someone that like all libturds has honed his ability to spew lies.

      Complimenting him, even ass-backward comments, only encourages this troll that hates everything that made this country great. He and his ilk call themselves “progressives” when everything they believe would destroy the quality of life we have in America….and the country itself. They would take us back to the days of “serfdom” where everything was owned by the King. But, in their collective stupidity they don’t understand that they are “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs” and pays for everything this country does for them… Their “free-ride” will end abruptly! In some ways it is almost worth having these arrogant bas-turds meet reality and see them suffer consequences when they finally get what they want!

  • Mr.Lincoln

    Allow me to share a miracle with you today, and let it keep your eye our goal of freedom! If you have a few minutes, I think you’ll be inspired by the story of one of those people that the post-birth abortionists would do away with.

    “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

  • Victor Barney


  • Scott

    The largest standing army in the world is the private citizens of the United States, many are armed and ready considering there are 7 handguns for every man woman and child out there. And with 400,000 deer taken per state each year and 10 hunters not getting their deer for every hunter getting one that’s another 5 – 1- million 3006 rifles per state.

    All are at the ready to support a deserving President in times of war.

    • Scott

      5 – 10 million 30-06 rifles per state, sorry.

  • quipster

    Demorats and Repubniks what a waist of time, they both suck and are socialist. As a conservative I will not vote for that socialist Mitt Romney. Mr. obama care himself! The repubnik party is made up of three differant partys in one. However if I was all of you I would hang onto my guns1

  • Publius98

    I was talking to an acquaintance  of mine this morning whom I haven’t seen for 12 years or more. His wife works for some doctors in our town and her co-workers continually amaze her with how oblivious they are to the political shenanigans going on daily that represent serious threats to their individual liberties and freedom. It’s like asking the old question, “What’s more dangerous to the continued existence of your freedoms and the United States of America:  (1) Ignorance or (2) Apathy?” ost frequent answer? :  “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

    • Disappointed

       Sad.  Most peoples’ worries stop at the end of their noses.  Even their remotes can’t breach that “I don’t care about anyone else but me and mine” sanctity.  It’s amazing the responses I get from people, the same as you.  Some people are amazed that these things are happening, but don’t search any further into what I tell them.

      • lad


        • Samethedog

           there will be no elections He is setting things up now.His new marshal law is now in place.

          • Ed Orr

            out of the mouths of babes…….

          • ANTICRIME

            DECLARING Martial Law is one thing…getting states to ENFORCE it is quite another!!!

          • lad

            Their will be an  election unless God intervens other wise B.H.O.
            IS FINISHED. He has become a threat to national security not
            the american people.

  • Deprogramming Services

    M words for people who were duped into voting for Obama:

    Money Money Money!!!  Much Much More Money!  Obama Money!!!

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      Where was the CHOICE?  A broad with legs. (looks viable today for the TOP SLOT!)

      McSame who’s Admiral grampa had to get a few other dumbies graduated behind SONNY BOY 
      so he wouldn’t be dead last in his Annapolis Graduating class! Then the ahole “WON” a slot in 
      Navy Air . . . SOB should have been billed for the planes he wrecked!

      NAVY AIR is ‘awarded’ to graduates with TOP GPA! Enough said, and  after returning he 
      trashed his faithful wife for a younger wealthier woman! 
      A lot like the LOYALTY BO has for his aunt and uncle in Massachusetts!

  • Deprogramming Services

        Long ago cells and general directives were dispatched to assist the Party in achieving utopia.  Even among those given here some are more heavily cloaked than others, but all work together toward the same end.  Among the most useful are these: Committee for a Bolshevik System (CBS), Alliance to Betray the Country (ABC), Nefarious Bringers of Corruption (NBC), and Media System for Nitwits to Bastardize the Constitution (MSNBC).  
        These work together with cells in all media.  A long-serving underground print medium that is representative of its type goes by the name Tactical Indoctrination by Magazine Editors (TIME).     
        These are all coordinated by two super cells that always work together: Reporters Influencing Politics (RIP) and the Office of Funny Facts (OFF).  With RIP/OFF at the helm, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and TIME have made great strides.  To the extent they are successful, America will become a communist utopia.  

    • lad


      • Samethedog

        Old retired disabled vets. Cant do anything physical only dream that they can.But we can help by encouraging and educating younger ones who have never experienced freedom as we have.Have never been taught that gov. is not the friend, but we must be on guard at all times.

        • Deprogramming Services

           And there is a lot more you can teach those who are willing to learn.

        • Ed Orr

          Hey dog, too bad you are not my neighbor as we could take a walk in the mountains here and let’s see if you can keep up with this old disabled Vietnam vet. The good doctors tell me that I have the heart of a 40 year old man….get the picture?

        • lad

          Not completely true i can still site in and squeeze a trigger and rest
          assured i will if im forced to.

        • Ed Orr

          looks like you ass ume a lot

        • Dago dave

          One old fart to another-get out of my way old timer or you will fel my botsas  I go by- 71 and still full of piss and vinager-when I’m dead you can count me out but be warned I will bite your ankles on the way out!— LOCK AND LOAD  M.Fs

  • Horsun4tjs

    The One Thing We Have Learned In The Last Three Years Is That “Imposter Muslim Pres Obamacare-Less Is That He Runs “Everything” From Far  Back And Only When Forced By All His “Yes Men” Says OK However “Fast And Furious” Our “Cub Scout Reject” Pres Obama And The Second Worst Liar Eric “Memory Loss” Holder Both Caught “Red Handed” In The Middle Of This Illegal Act “Fast And Furious” Both Should Loose There Jobs!!! However All They Say Now Is “Racist” And Change The Gun Running Story.  The Only One On There Side Is A Slim-Pinkie George Soros Commie Media Empire, So What Is Next Obamacare-Less?? Lets Start With Opening That Lock-Box And Tell All Concerned That Your A “Foreign Exchange Student” On The Dole And Not Even Close To Be The Pres Of The USA. Sorry Buckwheat But The “Jig” Is Up.  God Bless America And Shedriff Joe Arpaio A Real Proud American Veteran.

    • N6346

      they should “loose” their job? Really?


      Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be our next U.S. Attorney General  ~ at least HE will be a GENUINE U.S. Top Cop!

      • Ed Orr

        Sheriff Joe is another Vietnam veteran and his balls are as large as a pumpkin whereas b.o’s are the size of an acorn.

        • James

          Wrong,acorn is to big. More like a BB

      • JMJ

        Obumer is a DICTATOR!!  Wake up America!!  If you haven’t figured that out yet, you need a rude awakening.  Don’t believe everything you hear in the lying, lamestream media.  Executive orders are unconstitutional/illegal.  But, what do we expect from a ‘criminal’ in our White House.  The puppets in our U.S. Congress, in our city, county and state governments are allowing this because they’re wimps and they bow down to the Obamanation.  They don’t serve the people anymore.  They don’t listen to we, the people anymore, either.  Their day of reckoning will come sooner, I hope, than later.  See website:    
        If anyone wants to help stop “THE CORRUPT OBAMA MACHINE FROM STEALING THE 2012 ELECTOINS” contact:  Thomas Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, 425 Third Street SW, Suite 800, Washington, DC  20024; Tel: (202) 646-5172; FAX: (202) 646-5199; email:   

    • apache6

       I AGREE !!

    • anitamanninen1

      Have you ever heard of punctuation? You run all your sentences together and what you’re saying makes little sense.  You may make valid points against the usurper, however, when you run your sentences together, it make it incoherent to read.

  • Doc – Semper Fi

    Wake up America.  You think it’s political conflict that has inhibited a legitimate budget for the past three years?  No budget but billions of hidden money expended for Obama’s agenda.  Think what this country will be like after eight years without a budget.  Think what this country will look like after the second Revolutionary war.  People aren’t buying guns and ammo by the truckload for self defense; unless you consider stopping Obama an act of self defense.

    • lad


      • C_Ann_C

        I sure hope so, Lad, I sure hope so!  But we just can’t stand idly by with “hope” on our hearts either.  We all have to PARTICIPATE in every venue to get this cancer out of our White House and we have to do that by telling every voter you know to vote against him, to vote against their Congressmen – even if its a Republican who may be a RINO (Republican In Name Only – and those are the worst opposite of Democrats).  And not JUST the President either….we MUST oust out the Democrats in the Senate and overtake the Senate with CONSERVATIVE VALUE candidates for Senate in order to get our Republic back to where we were safe.  We CANNOT allow for another Congress overtaking Republicans — now, this is CRUCIAL people!  There are only 2 parties in Congress — Republicans and Democrats….not Independents, not the Green Party, not the Moose party or some other 3rd party…just Republicans and Democrats…that is where we have to take over the Senate seats of Republicans who are conservative minded, family oriented, Christian values…ones we can trust to be our VOICE for America and you have to elect them in.  We have in our state people who are running for those seats in the Senate and the House and we are watching them and seeing how they campaign and their values and I know of at least 2 I can trust to vote in.  So, you do the same thing….Look at who’s on your ballots for November, other than the President, look at the Senate ballot, and the House ballot if there is one.  But we must DEFEAT the Democrats in the SENATE as well as DEFEAT OBAMA!  That is how to WIN THIS NATION back!

        • lad

           Believe me he has 0% credibility with the mjority of the american
          citizens. They simply do not trust him or his administration. He is finished.
          pay no attention to what the democrate propaganda machine is saying
          its simple a pack of lies. Herman Cain said it best Americans are not stupid.

  • lad

    appears my cowboy website has been tampered with !

  • Rondor

    Another sign that obama will not give up the whitehouse!!!

    • lad

      King Herod was so scared of Jesus  that he had all the male children murdered,
      just how low would B>H>O. stoop to stay on his thrown we shall see in the
      near future he knows his days are numbered, he is finished.

  • John Williams

    Consider this a P S to my earlier post , directed at rigarfunkel ! Look , rigor , I figure you will be popping up again soon . So , if and when you read my comments , please know that I have already discovered a few typos and grammatical errors that I committed , in my hast to get to my daily workout session at the gym ( I’m 80 , so I don’t move as fast as I once did -10.2 , 100 yd.) ! I have already pegged you as a perfectionist ; so I know you will subject my post to a rigorous critique , and will detect all grammatical and punctuation errors . Just be advised that I have already have detected them , so please spare me the criticism ! I am normally more careful with my grammar , but honestly , I was a bit riled after reading your post ! I know you will be pleased to know that , since I sense that is your goal ! Thanks ! Enjoy your vacation !

  • Vvspyder

    This is a test to see if this site works once agin

  • Ed Orr

    Ok looks like it works, sort of. This is Ed Orr speaking so when you see the spyder you will know.

    • lad

      10-4 old friendI thought the communist had wiped out our web site
      I  have been looking for those black helecopters all day . I really enjoy
      sharing my thaughts with my fellow disabled veteran friends and
      would be very dissapointed to see it end. Seems im not able to do much else
      these days. Well lets get back to work your S.T.O.P. PROGRAM must
      continue  we will remove the communist from the white house in 2013.

  • Agent76

    This is disturbing to say the least!

    Obama’s Executive Order Authorizes Peacetime Martial Law WRITTEN BY JOE WOLVERTON, II   SUNDAY, 18 MARCH 2012

    Please see this Executive Order at the White House website:

  • bmiller147

    Alot is done in the gize of being in the interest of the Nation. We must remember that when you interfere with a process that is already set up we take the risk of causing more damage than we would have had we asked for help and alloowed them to get things ready. We can’t willy nilly chose to be an orchestrator in things we have no knowledge of. This President is going to use his failed efforts and tell you how if he had been allowed to freely manage things thry would have turned out differently, bullchips; how does anybody on this earth have more control to make things right than the President of the United States of America, there is no one else that even comes close. Marxism isn’t working for the Cubans, Russia, N. Korea or Libya. This President has blame everyone but himself for his failures. Look to the future, when he’s gone things can only look up.

  • N6346


    • Ed Orr

      Roger it is me. Maybe I should use my call sign which was “plastic Charlie” in Vietnam. Maybe this new format will be better….who knows.

    • Ed Orr

      watch out as veterans who post here are being monitored and then monitored again.

      • lad


      • lad

        imagine that after all the shit weve been through we now have to protect
        ourself from the same gov we risk our lives for.

  • Ralph Rastopsoff

    “Oh” the exterminator is on the loose the one who thinks he’s “GOD” he is far from it,not even close to it,
    let’s get rid of him and reject his executive order 13575 that he snuck into our lives while being distracted by the weiner story,remember him? Let’s put him in his place in the unemployment line
    without his retirement which he will have to use paying off his deficit he left for USAmericans and fire
    Eric Holder for “Aiding & Abetting known drug dealers in Mexico providing firearms to them which
    makes him a felon,because one of those weapons was used to kill an American Federal Agent while on the job ( Border Guard) protecting us,because obummer won’t do his job and he claims the border is
    more secure more now than before,he is a lying heathen muslim. 
       Eric Holder the weapons dealer must be arrested as a “FELON”. Stand up Americans this is our time
    to vote in a true USAmerican none other than Mr. Ron Paul !!! 

  • James Graham

    Wow! On Thursday, Glenn Beck was hopping mad and went on a non stop, commercial free, one hour rant against Obama and his regime for what they are doing to America. He came right out and said it – Obama is trying to destroy this country. It started with the appointment of communist applauded, Hilda Solis, to Secretary of Labor, and all of the new regulations on farms she is proposing which will eliminate minors from working on farms and put family farms out of business to favor big farming co-ops. (in my view, they want “big farming” to take over all farming and then the government takes over “big farming” to control the food. Control the food and you control the people. That is where this is headed.) Glenn grew up on farms so this was personal for him. See clips of Glenn’s farming rant HERE.
    It ended with Glenn telling Obama what war is all about and if he can’t do it right then pull our troops the hell out of Afghanistan. Actually, there wasn’t any “if” about it. He was flatly saying that Obama hasn’t a clue about war so pull the troops out now before any more of them get killed!!! We don’t even know what we are doing there anymore anyway. We’re not fighting a war. Or troops are no longer being allowed to fight the bad guys and are doing little more than being targets for angry Afghans.
     Troops being forced to disarm before attending a visit by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta? The excuse for it: to “make them look more like Afghan troops.” Why does this administration want our troops to look more like Afghan troops? Is Panetta so afraid of our own troops that they have to be disarmed before he exposes himself to them? Would Donald Rumsfeld ever have had this kind of mistrust and fear of our own troops? That is the mindset of the Obama administration. Are they beginning to fear a military revolt against the regime? That may not be too far off. Most of them are sick and tired of appeasement and apologies to the enemy.
     Then Glenn went on to the sending of troops to Uganda to capture a bad guy who hasn’t been seen or heard from in 6 years, and the threat no longer exists. What’s that all about? George Soros and his land grab to own farming land in central Africa and all around the globe – that’s what it’s about – so you can see where this is going. Again, government control of all of the food and consequently, the people.
    These people (NWO) are worse than the Nazis in that they are after total control of the world’s nations and are doing it without a war because the people don’t see it yet. Many won’t see it until it’s too late and they wake up one morning and ask “When did we all become slaves?” The Arab Spring, the Occupy protests, conservatives being characterized as extremists and domestic terrorists, it’s all a part of the plan for a communist takeover of the western world and encouraged and supported by the United Nations where the New World Order will operate from.
    How many people in this country even realize that the U.N. is not a world government? It is nothing more than an international negotiating body that we created as a place for nations to sit down and talk. It has absolutely no authority of its own, but Obama and his regime intend to change that.
     At one point Glenn quoted from the Declaration of Independence where it says “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” That nearly brought him to tears – the thought that we may have to overthrow our own government. But it’s true, this government is no longer “of the people, by the people, and for the people” as the Founders intended. It is of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites, and everyone else are just subjects, not citizens. This is where we are at today. Where will we be by tomorrow?
     Glenn didn’t hold back a thing or a word, and breathed fire and brimstone onto the regime and all of the communists that inhabit it. I have never seen Glenn so angry, so assertive, so worked up, so determined to be heard. He was like the Peter Finch character, Howard Beal, in the movie Network saying “I am a man and I demand to be treated as a man. I make my own choices and I live with the consequences of those choices. I do not answer to you federal government. That’s not how it works… You work for us, we do not work for you.” he said. He also added “I am mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore, and you shouldn’t either!” 
     When government is butting into our daily lives, using the commerce clause to control everything that is created, manufactured and traded, telling us what to do and what to think, to Obama and his tyrannical government, Glenn says, “I will not comply with your laws.”. He stopped just short of calling for a revolution against Obama’s government. It was riveting, it was exciting, and it was frightening all at the same time. This, he could never have done on Fox News. They would have shut him down half way through his rant, if not before. Read and see more clips HERE  at
     Glenn is a champion for the cause of freedom and liberty in America, and restoring this nation to what it was intended to be. I hope he was heard by tens of millions. He said things that needed to be said which no one else is saying. I do hope his shouting woke some people up. People in this country need to learn what it means to be a free people with all of the God given rights and liberties guaranteed in the Constitution, and live life without the tyranny, regulations, and oppression that is this government. Freedom means personal responsibility for taking care of yourself, not depending on government to support you from cradle to grave and in doing so, making you one of their slaves and unable to exercise your own free will.
     Glenn laid down the gauntlet and said a lot of things that he has been holding back on saying before. He can probably expect a visit from the FBI, the IRS, the Chicago mob, and the Obama Gestapo before the weekend is over. After Thursday’s program, I think he has good reason to fear for his life at the hands of the Obama regime which has already decided that it is okay to assassinate American citizens without arrest or trial. May God watch over and protect Glenn Beck from the evil that resides in our White House.
    I am not one of those who insult you by insisting that you pass this on to everyone in your address book, or you are part of the problem. That option is completely up to you. I will only say that you are welcome to pass this on if you wish. It’s your choice, and our destiny that is at stake.
    JR Dieckmann

    • Asteroid

      “It also gives us
      a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of
      what is really happening to them.” – Adolf Hitler

      • PatrioTEA

        Among the people with whom I work, none of those who voted for him have changed their opinion of Obama.   We’re doomed!

  • Maxine

    I think he will be gone in 2012 and I hope who ever is preident will throw out every one of the laws he has put on us and I dont no about you but we need to go after this creep and put him on trial for treason and all the rino and Demacraps that new he was not legal to be in are white house Old hag piglosi new he wasnt and lied for him her and diggy harry we need to go after all them and soro needs to be tried for trying to bring are cuntry down after we get done with him if he is still liveing kick him out of are country and never let him back in and put the rest of them in there own prison they have fixed for us

  • Vvspyder

    This new format is weird and why do I get the feeling that big brother is watching us even more. No warning, no nothing, all the other comments were wiped out etc. Hey big brotha hope you have a nice trip back to kenya. That should tell us if he is has invaded us on one more level.

    • lad

      Yes I have the same feeling just like when I walked through the jungles of viet nam
      anticipating a bullet passing right through my head, step on boobie traps, biten by poisonous
      snake, walking straight into ambush ,all kinds nightmarish things. Imagine that after
      all the shit weve been through we now have to keep our eyes on the same government 
      we risk our lives for.

  • Wayne

    Has anyone checked this out yet? Another good reason we need to get rid of the Communist Imposter Muslum Obama.

  • Wayne
  • Wayne
  • Wayne
  • apache6

    That’s “LIBERAL SPEAK” for “MARTIAL LAW,”NATIONALIZING” private businesses,AND suspend the “ELECTIONS” !!

  • Sandy

    Wayne, you’re stuttering.

  • apeman2502

       A simple EEG would find the custom work done on the Obummer and thus judge him UNFIT for the office of the presidency. Then we could get down to repairing the damage and raising taxes on those judging themselves ‘above’ caring about what happens to their constitutional government. That part will be a God blessed joy.
        Not very Machiavellian, raising taxes or instituting new ones. It could be called the ‘While you were sleeping in front of the CFRtv set, your government blew a lot of money and murdered a huge number of people ‘ Tax. We could put Raum Emmanuel’s portrait at the corner of the legislation. Do a Spielberg digital production of Raum sticking out his tongue at America while boasting of the glory of Israel.

  • apeman2502

    Kick the central bank clear back to the rock they crawled out from under. They are the real enemy.

  • Pears1497

    How can the Defense Production Act be modified by an Excutive Order ? Acts are enacted by Congress !

    ‘This seems to be another “En d Run” !!! (Therefore it’s enforceability is questionable/illegal )


    If martal law or the election is stoped, this should be our green light, lock and load and remove anyone in the way, take over Washington and get our country back. And put it back in our controle the way it is intended to be. KVUF OHB  I think, I think I am, there or I am I think.  Shouldnt think out loud? but that is what I do best.

  • PatrioTEA

    Some time after Obama takes complete control in November, they will begin to eliminate 14/15th of us and the rest of the world, just like the stones in GA say.  It is nice to know that I have some company.  It’s a little like the early Christians facing the lions.  It doesn’t look like we can say that we went down fighting though.

    • lad

      what in the world are you drinking or smoking?

  • SeaShel

    What is Congress doing???  Send them home as they are doing NOTHING!  This man has taken all the authority from the Congress, the Courts and rules with a POWERFUL presidential pen! 

  • Trish

    The Constitution does not authorize the Executive Branch to legislate.  Therefore, an Executive Order is not a law.  If an Executive Order makes murder legal, is it legal?  Of course not!  I wish our Supreme Court would educate Obama on the separation of powers.