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Gunwalker scandal: ATF director out of top job

ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson is being moved out of the top job at the Bureau, ATF Special Agents in Charge announced during a conference call with reporters today. He will transfer to the Justice Department and assume the position of senior advisor on forensic science, Office of Legal Programs.

The Department of Justice today announced Melson will be replaced by the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota Todd Jones.

“As a seasoned prosecutor and former military judge advocate, U.S. Attorney Jones is a demonstrated leader who brings a wealth of experience to this position,” said Attorney General Eric Holder.

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  • Supertad108

    Only in Government can you leave a job that apparently you sucked at and get another job still within the government. To me this is insane! If this guy knowingly participated in this fiasco how in the he&& can he still continue to work and collect monies from taxpayers? My god this is madness! “He will transfer to the Justice Department and assume the position of senior advisor on forensic science, Office of Legal Programs” There are so many jobs on jobs on jobs on jobs within our government that it is hard to imagine how we can continue to fund them. They simply create more and more every year. Someone PLEASE tell me where in the constitution it allows for ALL these ridiculous positions. Office of Legal Programs… seriously. Now I take all this back if this guy is advising for free.

    • Sleeper

      Right-on, right-on!!

    • Marie

      Don’t you realize by now that the Constitution means nothing to the Obama administration. They are above the law!
      And Holder lied to Congress when he said he only learned about Fast & Furious a few weeks ago.
      If this operation was not Fast & Furious – what was it?

      CUERNAVACA, Mexico, April 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/
      “Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs
      of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the
      Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project
      Gunrunner; DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile
      enforcement teams; and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing
      on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary
      Napolitano will detail.”
      “But as today’s conference has emphasized, the problem of arms trafficking will
      not be stopped at the border alone. Rather, as our experts emphasized, this is
      a problem that must be met as part of a comprehensive attack against the
      cartels — an attack in depth, on both sides of the border, that focuses on
      the leadership and assets of the cartel. This is the type of full-bore,
      prosecution-driven approach that the U.S. Department of Justice took to
      dismantle La Cosa Nostra — once the most powerful organized crime group
      operating in the United States. “

      • patriot2

        he forgot to finish,he should have added,”and if we get caught doing this illegal shit,we can always put the blame on legal & honest gun owners & dealers,so we can advance our gun ban efforts.”

    • Crashaxe

      This government no longer follows the Constitution and hasn’t for many years. Everyone always cry’s about the Constitution but how many of you all have actually read the document?

      • Gray Beard

        Herein lies the BIG PROBLEM. You are so right. How many Americans have actually read the Constitution and know what’s in it? This, My Fellow Americans, is the problem…the “Dumbing Down of America!” American Government and Civics are NO LONGER TAUGHT IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS! This Administration knows this and, the Progressives, Liberals and Socialists have been carrying this banner for years. History is being “Re-Written” before our very eyes. The Federal Government has, under our Constitution, nothing to do with Education. Education is a Local issue, not Federal. Get the Government out of our schools and teach our kids the Constitution again. Maybe things like this won’t happen if the people know their Rights under THEIR Constitution.

        The Obama Administration has “Shredded” the Constitution. It no longer means anything. Obummer & Company do whatever they want and, it seems, are getting away with it. It’s time to take back our Government, Americans!

        We need a new Political Party, “THE CONSTITUTION PARTY.” We also need “Run-Off” Elections so we can have more Candidates running for Federal Offices. We do it locally, why not on the Federal level. The top two vote getters have a “Run-Off” Election to determine the winner. In this manner, we can have more than two Political Parties, without fear that a Third Party Candidate is merely a plant, supported financially by a George Soros, just to steal votes from the opposition. It’s time to Wake-Up America, before it is too late.

        • patriot2

          could start by firing all the liberal teachers.

      • Jstarusa

        I admit I havent read it through and through, but for some reason I thought our leaders were suppose to read and enforce it to the best of their ability. Not to swear an oath to uphold it, then ignore it!

      • Brian

        I have.

    • EddieW

      Amazing…he gets the ax…YET – ALL the guys who took the guns over to the Mexican Drug a PROMOTION!!!
      How G…D…Corrupt can this country become??? It is now corrupt from top to bottom!!!
      But…the Bible says something that when the very top is corrupt, all the rest will follow!
      Obozo, our Liar in Chief is beyond corrupt!! He has commited numerious FELONIES while in office, including TREASON!! If you donate $50.00 to Hamas or other listed terrorist organization, it’s the slammer for a long duration for you, yet he gave Hamas 20.3 Million!! TREASON!!! They are listed in the US as a Terrorist Org!

      • patriot2

        not exactly the axe,more like”your getting a promotion,move to dc so we can keep you from testifying against us.”

    • http://CowboyByte Michael G.

      Well, he sucked at one; he’ll probably suck at another. If he was in the private sector he would have been fired out of hand–and should have been with what he was doing in the first place.

      • CCLE1

        If you had kept up with this issue you would know that Melson was only following mandated orders from Holder and obuma.
        Senator Issa and Cornyn are in the middle of and inquisition on this. Melson got a lawyer and came clean and provided the back up to prove it, but only after Holder threatened him and told him not to say anything to anyone about this. Melson knew they were going to make him the fall guy!
        Now I’m concerned with this transfer that Holder swayed him into a deal …but Cornyn on The Bill Bennett Show this morning said they will not let this rest. They are taking the bull by the horns and will not stop until this has all been proven, cleared or what ever their investigations and Senate hearings bring! I hope they prove at least that Holder was completely aware and gave instructions on this but I really hope they prove obuma was too! ARREST THEM ALL!

        • Roberta Irwin

          Just like everything else in this administration, there aren’t enough people to count the lies we are told. And as usual guns are at the top of the list. Our Constitution will prevail, because NO JUDGE will
          be able to usurp it, because it will MEAN THEIR JOBS IF THEY DO!
          “Annie Oakley”

    • jag57

      Whoever was responsible for the stupidity that put these firearms into criminal hands, should be held criminally and financially. Since this was all about trying to impose more gun control on law abiding citizens of America, they should be dealt with twice as hard.

      • CCLE1

        You know this was all in an attempt to “create a crisis” so they could take away or at least severly limit our 2nd amendment rights!

      • patriot2

        I don’t think it was stupidity,I think it was a plan to put more blame on legal firearms owners so that more gun control would be just blew up on them,but rest assured that the head asshole will keep up his socialist agenda.Hang obama for treason.

    • mikey

      You no longer get ahead in the Federal Goverment by Solving the problems your agency was created to solve but by creating new positions to be filled that would put you incharge. I suspect that “Melson” was only Vaguely aware of “Fast and Furious” and is a good organizer and didn’t rock the Boat. Someone below him is the “Go to ” person for political Agendas. K. Melson is just the Figure Head and is expendable just as I believe that our POTUS is also.

  • Erich

    Maybe he threatened to go public about Holder’s involement in “fast and furious” so they offered him this job to shut him up.

    • Marie

      Bingo, Holder could not afford to throw him under the bus or he might start blowing his whistle!

  • jim

    He will transfer to the Justice Department . Another position where he can work with Holder since he proved his Loyalty to the Progressive Socialist Party & obammmma . There’s one thing for certain this is like trying to get rid of yotes , get rid of one & it doesn’t take long for another to fill that empty territory.

  • J.M.R.

    erich i would sooner believe if he didn’t get taken care in this deal it would have gone to the chimp dick-tater as i will never believe that he didn’t know along what was going on. the blood of our agent is on his hands big time [chimp dick-tater]

  • John Goult

    Him, and ALL of the people in the DOJ, BATF, HHS, FBI, Etc that has a finger print on this should be Charged with Accessory to Murder! Found Guilty, and HUNG by there neck till DEAD!
    This POS and his henchmen need to be taken out with the Bathwater.

  • Dick

    another case of “you cover my ass and i will cover your’s”.

    • Southern Son

      I do believe you hit this one “on the head”. This was an attempt by obuma and hopeless(holder) to undermine the 2nd amendment by trying to “sell” another load of crap to the American people.
      Cover my ass and I will cover yours…

  • Sleeper

    And the “beat goes on & on & on”.

  • denny

    this guy was just doing what holder and odumbo told him to do. they all need locked up. they are running out of fall guys. it will get down to the right ones some day. 2012 can’t come soon enought. and hopefully them two idiots will be gone.

    • jag57

      This is a lot more serious than Watergate, as no deaths occurred from Watergate, so a full investigation should be done to find out all involved, same as Watergate. We all know responsibility for this started with Obama and holder, so they should be forced out, as well as others, same as Nixon and his henchmen.

  • Ski

    If the Gov’t removes you from a job for cause; one should be permanently removed from all Gov’t employment !

  • Marie

    Holder Lied – People Died!
    We learned that despite Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder repeatedly denying knowledge of Project Gunrunner over the years, Obama approved and signed the stimulus funding for its operations back in 2009.
    And during that same year, Obama’s AG Eric Holder bragged about Project Gunrunner at the arms trafficking conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico – as documented on the Department of Justice website.
    Side Note: Janet Napolitano’s name is beginning to surface, which would further explain her absurd attempts to forcefully ignore the US-Mexico border.

    How could $10 million of our tax dollars have been wasted on this botched operation and nobody knows who was responsible?

    With 43 automatic weapons with serial numbers traced back to the ATF operation seized during a single traffic stop in Phoenix, and others showing up in crimes throughout Arizona, the ATF director now claims that Holder’s department is obstructing the congressional investigation.
    Project Gunrunner funded by 2009 stimulus that Obama signed:
    Stimulus Funded ‘Project Gunrunner’ Verified On Website:
    DOJ Wiretap Authorization:
    Project Gunrunner Briefing Paper:
    As the cover-up and lies continue to unfold, the story is beginning to get the traction it deserves but those at the top remain in dangerous positions.

  • TNSue

    In his ‘New’ job,he gets to head up the investigation of the ‘Gunrunner’ scandal. Now, how far and deep do you think the on-going investigation will go now???

  • ABO

    Oh boy! Melson and Holder hand in hand at Justice. Incredible. Melson obviously proved his worth to our Tyrant in the white house by putting guns in the hands of Mexican drug dealers. Obama is proving himself to be more and more successful all the time. His purpose is to destroy this great country and every day he’s finding new ways of doing it.

    • Jstarusa

      Doesnt take much to do what he does, a little greed here, a little power there and bingo, the sound of flushing a great country down the tubes.

  • John D Hardman

    Is there any doubt in any functioning rational mind about the potential for a major leap forward in the impeachment of our Hope and Change vending fiat President?
    Thanx to the heavy handed Attourney General Eric Holder’s involvement in the “Arm the Banditos” farce; there is a distinct possibilty that lies by Holder or Obama will lead to the much anticipated change of White House Residents.
    When Nixon was impeached, it was not for his participation in the Watergate investigation; it was because he was caught in a lie in his testimony. The same result may usher our present usurper President out of his ill gained office.
    Holder proclaimed from his podium “The United States is a Nation of Cowards” as one of his first opinions after Obama election…….really? “You are known by the company you keep” is a old saw but pretty well sums up the present den of Chicago thugs that has overrun Washington DC and many in Congress and Senate as well.

  • John

    By Golly!
    Only in Gov’ment, can and do we find people we can class only as “Educated Idiots”!

    Who but they could dream up such a thing about weapons for Mexico’s Drug Cartels?
    What I question about this stupidity, is did they sell’em at a two for one”Blue-Light” special?

    If this doesn’t make heads roll, then we have a no-use, useless Congress, PERIOD!

    If this doesn’t remind you of Locking the fox inside the chicken coop, what will? Another term for the Obominator of our economy in 2012?
    A “NEW BROOM” sweeps clean, vote with intellect, not feelings.

  • JoyA Chessher

    ERIC HOLDER IS NOT INNOCENT ON THIS DEAL! I COULD TELL HE WAS AVOIDING THE QUESTIONS WHEN ASKED IF HE KNEW ABOUT FAST AND FURIOUS! his ASSISTANT KNEW AS I AM SURE HE REPORTED TO HIS BOSS! ALSO, JAY DOBYNS, the HERO AGENT THAT BLEW THE WHISTLE SAID PRESIDENT OBAMA, AND ERIC HOLDER KNEW ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE REPORTED IT TO THEM! JAY DOBYNS HAS RISKED HIS LIFE, AND HIS HOUSE WAS BURNED DOWN! HE ALSO SAID THAT THE PLAN OF ERIC HOLDER, and PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS TO BAN FIREARMS IN THE US! ALEX JONES SAID THAT 28,000 Mexican citizens have been murdered by the Mexican cartel, and the ATF IS SELLING THEM MORE GUNS?!!! ERIC HOLDER RECENTLY DISMISSED CHARGES ON 2 BLACK PANTHER MEMBERS that were charged with threatening citizens to vote for Obama. THEY DO THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW, and do not care about any Americans, and not any race… Certainly not their own race! They are on a plan to “change America to a Socialist/ dictatorship!! We, the American people every race must stand united to do what is the best for all Americans, and protect our FREEDOM!!!

  • JoyA Chessher

    PS THEY HAD TO MAKE SOMONE THE FALL GUY! they probably paid him off like the boss of Susan Lundreau CIA agent for Iraq… Her boss was paid $13 million for keeping quite about the fact that President Bush, and his adminstration KNEW ABOUT 9-11 months before it happened! She warned them and was trying to workit so we would not go to war in Iraq, and she warned everyone, and said that THE TRADE TOWERS WOULD BE HIT! to keep her quite they arrested her, incarcerated her for one year, threatened her with a ten year sentence, said that she was working as an agent for Iraq, told the judge she was unstable and need a concoction of 3 drugs that would have made her a Zombie!! It has been 10 years, and 5 year indictment she has now come forward to tell her story and what they did to her to keep her quite, and 9-11 gave them a reason to go to war! They knew did nothing to stop it, and 3,000 people were murdered! S

  • JoyA Chessher

    Read Susan Lundreau’s book EXTREME PREJUDICE! THIS IS TERRIBLE WHAT HAPPENED TO HER…all because of the Patriot Act!!! The Patriot Act also was an executive order of sneaky President Bush to take your rights. She said, abd I say it is against American citizens! It is wrong, and SHAME ON YOU MR BUSH!! SHAME ON YOU TOO FOR KNOWING ABOUT 9-11 and DOING NOTHING!!! there is so many lies, and crimes we don’t know about… But whistle blowers are now exposing TRUTH!!! GOD BLESS, AND PROTECT THEM! SAY NO TO ONE WORLD ORDER, and SAY YES TO DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND LIBERTY!!! STAND STEONG AMERICA!!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  • Eagle

    I’d like to know why some of these people are not in jail? The committee that is looking into this is not even allowed to see the documents they request from Holder. Whats going on in the DOJ?

    • Jstarusa

      Its called corruption!

  • Bob L.

    I hope the Congressional committee investigating this crime doesn’t stop now, this goes all the way to the top and a few sacrifical lambs should not spell the end of the inquiry even if it leads right up to and through the Oval Office door. Holder and Napolitano should go next and charges should be filed against all those implicated. Fast and Furious wasn’t the only arms exporting effort carried out by ATF and Homeland Security, there was one from the Tampa ATF office also where arms went to Honduras and MS13 gangs. Given Hillary’s efforts to reinstate the Leftist former president there a couple of years ago, after he was defeated in a re election bid and refused to step down and was removed from office and deported, she too may be involved in this illegal arms deal.

  • ChuckInTexas

    This can’t be the end of this BS. Everyone knows this gunrunning deal goes all the way back to ole blue gums. Every commie in the regime has their fingerprints all over it. I want to see obama and holder be indicted for murder. Or whatever it is when the top assholes are found to be the ones who ordered an action that took lives.

  • Yellow Horse

    Gosh he got his hand spanked…………….Wow……………They sure showed him!!!!!

  • floramae

    replaced by an attorney from minn.!! must be one of holder’s minions, or ellisons or that franken nitwit!!Lmao

  • AliveStillKickin

    Being appointed by Holder is…in this Patriot’s opinion…. proof that he is corrupt.
    Once again the administration is covering their asses.

    Who is B. Todd Jones?

    Jones has served as U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota under two presidential administrations. He first served from 1998 to 2001 and was nominated again in 2009 by President Obama.

    During his several years as a federal prosecutor, Jones conducted grand jury investigations and has been the lead trial lawyer in many federal prosecutions involving drug trafficking, firearms, financial fraud and violent crime.

    Following admission to the Minnesota bar, Jones went on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as both a trial defense counsel and prosecutor in a number of courts martial proceedings. Jones received his B.A. from Macalester College in 1979 and his J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1983.

    Read more: ATF Resignations, US Attorney for Minnesota Takes Over | B. Todd Jones

  • Moose

    They gave him another job, probably at an increase in salary, to keep him quite. Can you imagine what he would say against Holder and Obummer if he got fired.

  • Larry

    They did not wait long before they have chosen there scape goats to protect the head Jackal’s and SOB Barrack Obama and Eric Holder.

  • Donna

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for Congress to investigate holder and the current squatter in the White House. I love the color blue–but it really isn’t a good complexion color!

  • Dan,

    OK . . . The OBAMA “Shell Game” has been run again . . .

    The Department of Justice today announced Melson will be replaced by the U.S. Attorney for Minnesota Todd Jones.

    WHAT do we know about TODD JONES from MINNESOTA ???

    He is the NEW “PROBLEM” at the ATF . . . Keep you eyes on the PROBLEM folks and RESEARCH this guy !

  • F.L McElroy

    Holder is the A- Hole that needs a different job… like picking up trash on the roadsides wearing stripes chained to his line buddy OBOZO, The useful idiot Melson going to a different job is merely raw meat to the wolves, it will keep him out of the loop but Holder is the one that needs to be shut down, then Obozo!! I can still dream can’t I??? I will keep writing Issa and Grassely till this scumbag is in jail or voted out or thrown out , I am not choosy!!

  • John H Marsh

    This is without doubt, the crookedist administration that has ever been in office—–the whole bunch with a minor few in Washington are pure trash—when any of them walks by a painting of the first few Presidents and the “founding fathers”, they should hang their heads in shame!!!
    What do you expect of elected officials coming out of Chicago? Al Capone was more honest than this bunch!!!

  • Jaime Cancio

    Don’t buy into this, ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson is being moved to distance him from investigation in this scandal. He should be arrested for violating the laws pertaining to firearms and he should be held as an accomplice and complicit in the murders of 245 people. He is being moved to keep him quiet and to insure his job is under control of Obama’s White House. Melson is guilty of violating almost every firearms law and provision on the books, and yet, he remains free.

    Obama should be arrested as well in these crimes as now the White House’s idiot moron is giving refuge to a criminal.

  • Yellow Horse

    Out of a job????? Right………………. He already has another one with the ATF. walk out of one into another!!! Thats the government!!!!!!!!! Are they going to suffer any grief or jail time at all????? Now thats a stupid question!!!

  • Fedupwithmorons

    They kept Melson on so he wouldn’t spill all of the beans on corruption going on within DOJ.

  • AppraisHer

    Sacrificial lambs, smoke and mirrors to keep the spotlight off Holder and barry. These people didn’t make these decisions on their own. “Top down, bottom up, inside out”…Van Jones.

  • Richard Wohltmann

    It’s Holder that needs to go over this. And maybe Obama. The ATF chief was the fall guy.

  • http://Gore phil



  • Dark Knight

    Great…another suck _ _ _ “yes, puppet” for this stinking Administration to mold & behold! Wait, he is probably already molded just waiting to be bent over and beholded!