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Oops! Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly thanks ‘Dr. Pepper’

Joe Biden may be the most original Vice President ever.

The gaffe-prone politician and Obama administration’s second-in-command committed another verbal faux pas Wednesday when he thanked “Dr. Pepper” instead of a Dr. Paper during a speech in Davenport, Ia.

The apparent soda slip-up was the latest for the former Delaware senator, who in nearly 40 years of federal service has earned a reputation for rhetorical blunders.

In January, Biden told a roomful of 49ers fans “the Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl” during a political fund-raising stop in San Francisco.

In March 2010, he dropped the F-bomb at a White House signing ceremony for the healthcare bill. A week earlier, Biden blessed the Irish prime minister’s deceased mother during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration before realizing she was very much alive.

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