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Investigators Probe White House Role in Massive Energy Loan

House investigators said they have uncovered evidence that White House officials became personally involved in an Energy Department review of a hot-button $535 million loan guarantee to the now-failed California solar company Solyndra.

The allegation surfaced in a letter House Energy Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) sent to the White House Thursday night, saying he planned to accelerate efforts to understand an investment deal that may have left taxpayers out half a billion dollars.

“We have learned from our investigation that White House officials monitored Solyndra’s application and communicated with [Department of Energy] and Office of Management and Budget officials during the course of their review,” the letter says.

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  • jim

    Find out who the executives are related to and that will show just a pinch of some more good ole boy politics.

    • Todd

      The founder of the company made contributions to the “Friends of Barbara Boxer political campaign.

      • icetrout

        Like how the company exported so-called green-jobs to Red China. Get a pay-day to send jobs to the Chi-Coms. Way to go ,that was very Stimulating. Red China has taken control of the Federal Government without firing a shot :(

        • RtirdTXCavTnkr

          Why the hell does the federal government take taxpayer dollars and give it to companies like this? The economy needs stimulating or someone’s pockets? If these companies take American dollars as a stimulus, the jobs should be required to stay in the US. Then again, the EPA or some other agency would probably shut them down for endangering a dung beetle or not using union labor.

          Hey, O. It’s about jobs, Stupid.

          • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS

            Here’s another one to look at. It was announced a few months ago that there will be a Giant Solar Farm located in Laughlin , Nevada. The solar panels will be made in plant at the same location. Harry Reid and the local Clark County Commissioners are very proud of the is one. It will be owned and OPERATED by a Chinese company. We are being sabotaged form the inside-out.

          • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS

            Looks likes I needed to do some editing. Hey it’s early,but you get the drift. Sorry

          • Rick

            It’s called campaign contributions, A legal bribe. If you look up at the sky and say the color is blue, the government will argue that the color is red. and of course it doesn’t matter if your right, the government will only change the rules in there favor and tell you it’s fair. Sorta like a Fox telling you he will guard the hen house.

          • http://GODBLESSTHEUSA bulldustin

            NOW we see how Oblabla and his well dressed wife can take Vac.s and spend big dollars, have umpteen people with them on our buck. Shame on us come 2012 if this thug gets back into office

          • Edward Leith

            Shame on them now. I didn’t have any part in it.

          • Bud Parker

            Don’t forget that if a Politician(s) give monetary favors to corporations a percentage comes back to them. Often untraceable. Swiss bank accounts… Payola, graft, politics as usual. Call it what you will.

          • ColB

            Simple: It’s the Criminal Tyranny of good old Chicago politics.

          • Joe Blunt

            I got kicked off HUFFPOST after i called the moderator a FLAGGOT because they flagged and deleted my posts

          • BeccaRose

            They use our taxpayer dollars for bribery, paybacks, payoffs, fraudulent activities, and vigorish because it isn’t their money, they are operating like organized crime, stealing what they can and spending it the way they want. They have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around. That is why the Constitution, in their opinion, is outdated, because it is to limit their power and the size of government.

            Obama must be removed from office, not by impeachment, but by invalidating the election, period. Pelosi and the DNC did not properly vet Obama before certifying him. If you impeach him, then Biden becomes President, if he is proven to be an invalid president, the election, all legislation, executive orders, secretary orders, everything he has done becomes invalid. Also, if he is impeached, the precedence has been set to allow any non-natural-born citizen to hold the seat of President. If Chavez came to the U.S. to run for President, we could not deny him that, because we have already allowed a non-natural born citizen to hold the office. Push your Congress members to take action to invalid Obama. (They are afraid of a black backlash if they remove him from office, if we don’t, then say goodbye to freedom forever).

          • Steven G

            Why haven’t any criminal charges been brought against this corrupt organization?? Because there are soo many of OOOHHBAMA’S organized crime members put in position by OOHHBAMA. Americans have lost their way.It is our fault, we have been lazy,we all say!!There is nothing we can do,they will do what they want anyway!!And then we go on with what we were doing= nothing…

          • Juris Doctor

            I wrote Senator Brown of Ohio (my State) and was informed that there is NOOOO business grant money. So how the hell did this company get $500 Million? I could not get $500 Thousand for a business that most likely would not have failed and greated at least 100 to 200 jobs in about three years. The Obama Administration need to brought to crimial court ASAP.

        • OttoV

          Very true. “Our” government has used our children and grandchildren as collateral for the loan from China.

      • jimmy harris

        how about giving money to his campain

        • willie

          The only real thing about his campaign is the “pain” that has followed it. And there aint No remedy for that pain but to cut it off at the source !!

        • don

          jimmy are you sick in the head//

        • Bert



      • AppyH

        Where did the money go? You can bet that someone got rich over this deal. This administration makes Capone look like a saint. An administration full of blood sucking leachs, bottom feeders and Marxists.

        • Bea

          This is the way this administration buys votes and support; rather than having to kill people who won’t support him.

          • charles

            He will start killing people to get his way and the rest will support him after he starts .

        • Mike Tanco

          Obama says the buck stops with him and he’s getting a lot of our bucks and in some cases redistributing it to his fellow Communist or Muslims. It’s time to get his ass out of the White House.
          Mike Tanco

          • pj


        • E E Robertson

          AMEN to these comments! Obama, Reid, B.Boxer and the entire current administration are a bunch of lying, despicable theives! Unable to fathom how ANY intelligent person could have voted for Obama. His major goal is the destruction of this great country!

      • Barbara

        Who is Barbara Boxer?

        • Robert Pegram

          Barbara Boxer is an ultra-liberal Senator who just got re-elected from California in 2010.

        • pj

          Another scum bag democrap destroyer of America — and in this case California! The problem with CA, and I live here, is that it’s full of leftie liberal PCs and they have destroyed California. And these moron liberals keep electing more liberals. I’d say CA deserves what it has sewn, but sadly I didn’t add to the stitching! LOL I am just a victim of the ripped out hem! LOL

        • Dave C.

          You can not be serious

        • Melbourne Draper

          Barbra Boxer was a left wing, California congresswomen that plunged Ca. deep in dept while paying herself and her cronies Kings wages to keep her in office, She may have been one of Ca,s bigget socialists in recent decades. Looj it up folks. thanks for your support of the USA.

        • http://A.I.I.NOSMOG ROBERT



      • http://A.I.I.NOSMOG ROBERT




    • Dolly

      Why are we not impeaching OBUMMA, we impeached Clinton for a sex act that no one cared about. This Presidents Chicago tactic’s to rule have gone far enough.

      • Pat

        we have to pc & surely we cannot impeach a BLACK man

        • Dick

          First, he is only half black, which he brags about when it will get him votes,,,,,”I feel your pain”. So we can only half throw him half out,,,,,but which half????

        • Whackajig

          ovomit is not merely a black man, he is a LFN who should not be in the black house.

          • Bill

            We all know that! What is your solution??

        • Eddie G.

          Pat,Oboy can’t be impeached because of his skin color,he can’t because he is not a U.S. born POTUS. He is a Kenyan fraud and has to be removed by authorities,put in an orange jumpsuit,and arraigned for all committed felonies of the past three years,including treason,fraud,and unauthorized use of government money including personal flights on Air Force One,green fees,vacation rentals,meals,parties,booze,you name it,unprecedented in history. A lot of his predecessors probably committed the same sins but not to the magnitude and purpose that Blackbarry has.

          • Bud Parker

            I have written several times on this issue but have received no response. As with the main stream media, you don’t seem to want to confront this issue head on.
            The issue surrounding Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States will not go away. In fact, recent polls suggest that even greater numbers of Americans are aware of the controversy and are concerned over Obama’s continuing efforts to obstruct actions that would compel him to produce his long-form birth certificate.

            More and more people are asking; what is Barack Obama attempting to hide?
            Obama told Brian Williams with NBC, “I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.” However, the truth of the matter is that Obama has NEVER produced his actual long-form birth certificate and the “short-form” Certification of Live Birth that Obama has produced is not sufficient when it comes to proving that Obama is qualified, under Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States, to serve as President of the United States.

            The ultimate irony is that the very man who has been plunging our great country into the abyss of SOCIALISM is not even eligible to serve in the office that he presently holds. Everyone must stop sweeping this issue under the rug. Use your legal clout to compel Barack Hussein Obama to produce his actual long-form birth certificate… if it even exists.

            Article II of the Constitution requires that the President of the United States be a “natural born Citizen.” There is no doubt of the definition of a “natural born Citizen” in the Law. A “natural born Citizen” must be born to two U.S. Citizen parents. Both mother and father must be U.S. Citizens at the time of birth. There have never been any changes in Law, Treaty or legal actions that have ever changed this requirement or definition. That is the definition as recognized by numerous U.S. Supreme Court and lower court decisions (see references below).
            Barack Obama’s father was never a U.S. Citizen nor did he ever attempt to become a U.S. Citizen. This fact alone clearly proves that Barack Obama cannot be a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II of the Constitution to hold the Office of President of the United States.

            The U.S. Constitution is the most sacred Law of Our Republic and Country. It is the requirement that every employee of the Federal Government take an Oath of Office to Uphold and Protect the Constitution.

            Barack Obama has committed Fraud in presenting himself as eligible to run for the Office of President and violated the Law of the Constitution. Barack Obama has committed Treason in wrongfully and fraudulently accepting and acting as President of the United States. Barack Obama has committed Voter Fraud in his actions to be placed illegally on the ballot and running for the office of President of the United States.

            As Chair, Democratic National Convention, Nancy Pelosi and as Secretary, Democratic National Convention, Alice Travis Germond on the Official Certification of Nomination of the Democratic National Committee, signed and submitted to Hawaii certification that Barack Obama was legally qualified to serve as President of the United States under the provisions of the United States Constitution, and have knowingly committed Fraud and Voter Fraud by submitting a false statement resulting in Barack Obama being placed illegally on the ballot for President of the United States.

            Recently Lt. Col Terry Lakin was convicted in a courts martial of missing movement overseas because he had the courage to question whether his orders originated with proper authority. He was not allowed to present a defense because as the judge said disclosure might embarrass the president.

            Supreme Court Cases:

            1. The Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814)
            2. Shanks v. Dupont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 242 (1830)
            3. Minor v. Happersett , 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
            4. United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

            “At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children, born in a country of parents who were its citizens, became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”

          • CP1

            I agree with you Bud. Makes me wonder how many others are actually not eligible for the positions they hold/held. Is pelosi a legal citizen? If so, has she always been? What about others? And how many besides BO has family in the US here illegally and living off the system? Also, if BO is brought down then almost every other politician would surely be brought down too. We should get that lesson from the experience with Blogo. Remember him? And remember what happened to the others Blogo turned in? Nothing.

          • The Quadfather

            It wouldn’t be treason, since he is not a citizen of this country. Try espianage.

        • JPJones23

          But, impeaching a mulatto ought not to be politically incorrect. No one complains about or goes out of their way to become enraged at the word “mulatto.” ‘Course “niggardly” is a no-no even though it’s a very acceptable word meaning “stingy.” Political Correctness is nothing more than optical rectosis practiced by those whose minds are too porous to any convictions.

        • Lewis/Virginia

          Then let’s impeach the White half!

          • Henry Brady

            You can say ot better then that. LETS IMPEACH THE WHITE HALF after all it hate them. He kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson born Black died White.

          • jimbo999

            What a country.
            Michael Jackson: Where else can a young black boy grow up to be an old white woman?

        • Michael

          They just want to impeach the white side of his blackness.

        • LLoyd

          How about impeaching te part thats white ?

        • jim

          The real truth,why,we can’t impeach Odumbo is. He gets impeached and there will be so many riots in this country,by the black people, no one will be able to stop them.

        • lee cox

          We would not be impeaching a black man, just a half-white one!!

      • A_Nobody

        Actually, while it would be a party day for me, it won’t happen because the trial would be in the Senate, and since HArry Reid and the rest of the trash still have control, it wouldn’t go anywhere. Our best bet is to take control of both houoses and have Obozo and his crew tried for the crines, they’ve committed.

        • guy

          Its not Impeachment that’s needed but arrested for forgery lying under oath running for president without being eligible and treason at time of war and take down every body in the democrat party that was involved in certified to run for president

          • ChuckL

            Guy, Why did you leave out the traitors in the Republican Party, or the Independent traitors. There were some of those also.

          • rippin

            The crime is knocking the greatest country on earth down a few notches. But the charge of impersonating someone who has any brains should be immediately proscecuted with the sentence of swinging by a rope around his neck from the nearest oak tree.
            YEAH!!! That would work for me.

        • Whackajig

          obozo must always be spelled with small case letters. Unless, of course, your intention is to show ovomit the respect and honor which is denoted by the use of caps.

          obozo using a capital o sends a mixed message.

          You may be gramatically correct, or you can diss ovomit. I chose to diss him for what he has done to America.

          • FormerE5USMC

            Since he went to Ireland looking for his “roots”, I
            prefer “O’N—-r”

          • Eddie G.

            Whackajig: I still like Blackbarry as appropriate for the bastard.

        • avenham

          I completely agree. Well said. For decisions there are consequences. This bonehead is trying his best to wreck this country and congress doesn’t seem to raise any alarm. I can’t even watch him on TV anymore!!!! When he says he’s going to one thing, he really means the opposite!!

        • Lewis/Virginia

          You are right,The HOUSE can impeach him but then it goes to the SENATE for Trial and We the PEOPLE know its not going nowhere there. But WE the PEOPLE can always hope in 2013 that this MARXIST TRAITOR and HIS GANG of THUGS will get their day in court and shorty after a moment at the WALL of FINAL JUSTICE!

          • Greg G.

            That is why we need to elect Rick Perry for our next US President. He has stated that the States should appoint their Senators as per the founding fathers intent in the US Constitution. Think about it….there are more Red states than blue so our Senate would take on a totally new look and function and deal with this very kind of mess we now have to deal with. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the current resident in the White house would have never been allowed to run for office as he would have been properly vetted. It matters not where the guy was even born, the fact still remains that his father was a British Citizen and therefore the son would not qualify to be president under the laws of OUR Country……everyone in the House, Senate, Judiciary, etc..etc.. and most importantly, We The People know these facts and yet he is our President!?!?!?! We The People need to make some real changes in 2012 …and get OUR Country back. God Bless America and get her past this dark time in our history.

          • http://all frances maddox

            Is it any wonder we are trillions in debt! I cannot count how many handouts have resulted in the recipients going belly up and going their jolly old way with the money, where is the plan to recover????? Wouldn’t this be a responsibility of the justice dept? I have many questions that should be answered…I hope and pray our presidential candidates will have this issue in their debates about how this recovery monies would help to pay the national debt…I don’t wan t to hear “it;s only a drop in the bucket” …with a total of these handouts recovered , there would be a sizeable “dent” . By the way what happened to money paid back by some companies who did pay back a portion? It seems to me that several states refused any stimulus money …where is that credited to the debt?…Figures do not lie unless a liar is doing the figuring!

          • Maggie

            We should NOT impeach him. Impeachment proves our acceptance of his eligibility to be President. Let him be proven guilty of fraud, put him in jail, and nullify all bills he has signed.

          • sc

            When are you people going to finally learn that barry cannot be impeached, that can only be done to a person that is legally qualified to hold the office in the first place, but he could be removed as he was never eligible to hold that office and if that were to happen all the crap that he has done would be null and void, so that is the problem there are too many of the senate and house that want to destroy the constutition, it is a know fact that there are over 70 active communist and at least two muslums not counting barry, and then you have all the so called progressives/socialist, ie polosi, boxer, jackson lee, frank, dodd, and a whole list of others, so now maybe you can see that nothing is going to be done to correct the problem, and the next election will go just like the last, and there will be only one choice if we want this country back as the founding fathers intended.

          • BeckyTXmom

            Yes to all the above, but we need to make sure the proper replacement for that current potus does NOT pardon the current one, as some past prezs have done. He needs to swing for all the offenses along with those who knew the truth from all sides.

        • Busy Bee

          I did NOT vote for “O”, didn’t know but a tiny few people that did, and do not understand how he made it to the White House to begin with. That being said, one doesn’t have to be a “birther” to see the total disrespect and disdain this President has for America, it’s citizens and ideals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him put his hand over his heart or salute the Flag of our country, he’s only done a crotch grab. That should be indication enough about his origins outside this country…..WHAT are we thinking and why are we so scared? So we would be embarrassed if he was JAILED for his crimes and our stupidity/naivete…….That is better than going down the drain as a nation, and believe me the plug has already been pulled.

        • Bill

          The Constitution specifically lays out how an Impeachment can be carried out and that any trial of the Impeachment will be held in the Senate. Any vote for removal would also be held in the Senate. That’s all that can be done while a president is in office. We need a majority in BOTH houses to Impeach, Try and remove Obama from office. There is no alternate method. He can resign or he maybe VOTED out of office in the next election.

      • harry gray

        study the facts hearings started 3 months before lewinsky over illegal foreign contributions and giving top secret military information to is another charge that was added and the dems and liberal media did good job of making it look like only issue

      • Gee Bee

        How many of you folks have called or faxed your congressman? They won’t move unless they get lots of mail.

      • willie

        Yes Mam ! It makes me wonder , “how much longer do we have to put up with it?”

        • sc

          barry has already told you how lone 5 1/2 more years, weren’t you listening?

          • Flavius

            Obahmah will go down in 2012 as the biggest defeat EVER for an incumnent president.

      • Joy

        Dolly, you cannot impeach someone who gained Office illegally. He can be charged with Treason which would ultimately lead to his removal, Howevr, not one person in the House has the balls to do whats right for America. Nothing will help until Everyone in the House is removed and replaced by people that believe in AMERICA and are not in Congress just to fill their pockets with our hard earned money. We will not change anything until term limits are enacted to stop lifetime politicians. No one in America can get a job without revealing their background and yet America puts a USURPER in office who refused to release his credentials and has them sealed to this day. Every piece of information he has released has been proven to be fraudgelent by experts and yet Congress refuses to investigate. To HELL with Political Correctness, Investigate and Charge this Imposter and REMOVE him from Office and start rebuilding America!!!

      • WL.

        Dolly, I agree with you completely !

      • dragonfFIRE01

        dolly i agree with you that he should be impeached. he’s done far worse things than a sex act. unfortunately the race card would be played AND PLAYED BIG TIME. ALSO congress must be afraid of him. Anyway any bill that he has signed would become permanent. HE SHOULD BE REOMVED FOR TREASON AND SHOT

        • Barbara

          dragonf, I agree he should be REMOVED FOR TREASON. He should be put in prison and allowed ONE hr rec time per month and that is only to be used trying to explain to the real Patriots there, why he hates America so much and why he has done so much to ruin our Beautiful Nation. Pretty sure there are some vets there that would love to ‘talk’ to him one on one…..

          Of course, if by some miracle, H. manages to get in the Oval Office, she could just Pardon him……………guess one can still dream

      • haroldson

        because no one in Washington has the balls to go up against. No guts no blue chips

      • Adolf

        Obama is not eligible to be a President:
        1) Obama’s father was a British subject when Obama was born; thus Obama cannot be a natural born citizen;
        2) The second, long form BC that Obama personally endorsed as authentic is a forgery just like the first one (it was left on Photoshop layers; has instances of kerning, which could not have been produced by a typewriter in 1961) – falsifying official documents is a crime;
        3) There is no long form BC in Hawaii; governor Abercrombie made a fool of himself.
        4) Obama is using a Connecticut SS#, even though neither he nor his parents ever lived there. It is a different number than he must have had when working at Baskin-Robbins in Hawaii and when applying for admission to the Occidental College. Using more than one SS# is a felony.
        I don’t understand why everybody wants to impeach him. Ineligible president cannot be impeached. Or if he is, that would validate his unlawful election and render the Constitution moot.

      • Maverick777

        Because CONGRESS won’t lesson to the Taxpayers voice and their afraid there might be a race riot if the blacks lose their Mesa so they are letting him stay…. Most all have a deaf ear to us the taxpayer with knowledge of this information….. as their probably getting some sort of kick back as well….


        This Gamgster makes Clinton look like a Sunday School Teacher

      • jerry

        Please ask your representative in Washington that question. I have sent mine, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, several emails along those lines. and I’ll keep sending them UNTIL I get a satisfactory answer as to why she thinks Obama is above the law and shouldn’t be prosecuted for his numerous CRIMINAL offenses. You all should be doing the same.

      • Barbara

        Dolly, please tell me more about th is. I have boon off line for awhile… Thanks…

      • Sonja

        Impeachment charges were brought upon Clinton for “LYING”.

      • EL ZORRO

        Because, by threatening race riots obama(lower case because he does not deserve any respect)has intimidated the entired US Government from questioning his constitutional eligibility for Presidency and investigating his forged birth certificate and Selective Service Registration and his STOLEN Social Security number.
        EL ZORRO

      • http://A.I.I.NOSMOG ROBERT



      • http://A.I.I.NOSMOG ROBERT


    • JB

      If there is a crime…………..then prosecute……..that simple ! Unless like the Black Panthers guilty of felony voter interference, the Black POA, and Black Attorney General decide otherwise… Time to stop this BS. Now.

    • G

      Now’s The Time To Find Out Which Politicians Were Involved, Who Sponsored The So-called Company, who proposed this shady deal, who approved the loans, who, who, who,who— I think this one could sink OLE-BAMA and his minions if the Repuiblicans Just Stick To The Facts. and not make political speeches. I Believe Real Americans Have Just About had enough of Ole-Bamanomics. and Bush-Did-It,s
      Oh! Well, It’ll Probably just go the way of all the other investigations, just re-assignments at a higher paygrade. ANY DOUBTERS?

      • Betty Salsbury

        Since the Republicans have only had control of the house since November, (before that the Dems controled everything and every investigation) I think they are doing a good job. Think God we finally have someone watching our backs. We have only the house and not the Senate, (if we had taken the Senate in November we would be seeing a great deal more of this kind of investigating) but these boys seem to be making a bit of noise.

        • marg1

          It really isn’t the “Republicans” who are doing a good job; it’s the Tea Party backed members of the party who are pushing economic sanity and protection of individual liberty. Unless the GOP sends someone vastly different than the RINOs they have been shoving down our throats they are no different than Dems.

          How is Romney’s version of obamacare and Perry’s failed attempt at injecting all 12-year old girls indicative of respect for individual liberty? They both scare me.

        • G

          Yea! but Not Enough, Expose these frauds on the american people, is ole-bama legit, why have we turned to socialism, what about crony-capitilism, just a few to mention, why haven’t we made Eric Crook Holder Stand Up and nswer His Lack of enforcing the laws of this land. etc, oh! well, Drill, Drill, Drill, Drill, Etc.

          • Henry Brady

            Maybe be this is what Palin ment when she said DRILL BABY DRILL and not that we drill for Oil.

        • Joy

          Betty, you are living in a dream world. There were enough elected to the House to start an investigation and yet they are doing nothing!!! Until america rises up and lets the ELECTEE”S know they were sent there in numbers to change the status Quo and yet they use the excuse(I’m A FRESHMAN AND HAVE NO CLOUT for not accomplishing anything. If they all spoke up in unisom, it would shake the lifetimers up enough to force them to help. Either they sound off now or they need to be removed in this upcoming election.

      • Windrinker

        How is that “Fast and Furious” investigation going……any other president and friends would have been thrown under the jail by now!

        • Joy

          Issa and Company are doing the norm, raise the question and wait for someone else to file the charges. The Republicans and Conseravitives need to start filing charges or all of them need to be removed from their jobs. I find it rediculous that you have the US Justice Dept and the White House involved in such an illegal act and NO ONE on the Republican/Conserveative side with enough balls to call for the members of the Justice Department to be charged and removed for such illegal acts. They should all be brought up on charges!!!

        • G

          That’s What I Mean, the disciplinary action taken is to Re-organize, Retitle and Reward by Transferring to a higher paying job. If Congress means business, fire these jerks.

      • don


    • RightAsUsual

      Reality: comrade barry hussein obama ( zip 24623) is but an illegal indentured monkey puppet servant that belongs to soros & his other is hell-ary; but / bought & owned much longer … make bet: he’ll pull / cut obama’s strings soon & then his Hell-ary puppet will dance their socialist, anti-US change agenda …

      comrade / muslim obama (code name o-vomit, aka ~ 0 / zero ) has served soros & muslim brotherhood well with distinction … he’ll make his bonus TREASONS

      • Thomas

        Soros will not pull his full support from obama, fact. He is to close to being relected again and then he knows he will get exactly what he wants(the fall of America as we know it). The only way he would pull it is if another democrate comes along that will better serve his purpose far enough out from November that he or SHE could win. Right now obama is his best bet along with the democratic senate!!!

        • Randy Huffey

          Don’t be surprised when Hillary runs. We may even see a Lyndon Johnson repeat where Obama just hands the race to Hillary. For those that don’t remember the Lyndon Johnson thing he had a TV prime-time speech where he announced he would not seek re-election.
          There may have been a “Grand Deal” made between Obama and Hillary way back when they were having their big power battle back at the democratic convention (2008). This “Deal” was dictated by SOROS. Hillary could have taken the nomination (SHE HAD ENOUGH DELEGATES THAT WOULD HAVE SWITCHED) but she basically stepped down. Part of that “deal” was that she would be Sec. of State and NEXT IN LINE should Obama faulter. Obama and Hillary have the same boss, GEORGE SOROS. He will make the call. Obama won’t care, as the heat is on him now, possibly facing impeachment on a number of Treasonous acts. He is out there raising money (that he will walk off with and keep). Hillary will be the “moderate” to come in and save the day for the democrats. Don’t believe it (Hillary being a moderate), she is just as radical as Obama, much more progressive (read communist) than hubby Bubba. Believe me, IF it looks like Obama can’t win in ’12 and Hillary can, she will be the democratic candidate. There will be no messy expensive primary challenge either (at least from Hillary)! SOROS knows and has the proof to release that Obama is an illegitimate president and has this as his “ace in the hole” to get Obama to hand the candidacy to Hillary. If it looks like Hillary can’t win, sorry… We have probably seen our last election. Many of you will laugh this posting off as “nuts”. You may want to save this posting somewhere.

          • sc

            Randy, i do believe you have the whole picture in a nut shell, because hillary was the first one to question barry’s eligiblity, but she was told by someone to shut up and she did, but i think it was nancy polosi that gave her the order as she was the head of the DNC then.

          • evelyn

            Oh please, bite your tongue!!!!! We do not need a female pres at this time….and especialy Hilary Clinton…..enough is enough!!!! lets just get someone who really knows what they are doing!!! duh just the same old same old with the Clintons again. And from some of these posts people seem to take this situation with jest….things can be funny, humorus, but this is a serious thing that is happening. Of course most of us know by this time that that boy should not have been in any of our politics at any stage!!! (and if you ask me he is doing his job very well/ that which he was ‘groomed’ to do by his cronies, the money bags and frauds that put him in that office.) And if you were one who voted for him,,you had better be thankful that he may not be voted in again! Hopefully the poles will be watched …if that would help any……..

          • Bob Marshall

            Hillary running if she is sure Obama can’t be re-electe dis a possibility because the Bildreberg group expected Hillary to be president instead of Obama but after they interviewed Obama one of the Bilderberg members asked what does everyone think of Obama?Obama is a good soilder and he will do the right thing. Although both the BB and the CFR have the same goals the Council on Foreign Relations is the more powerful. It is not i wouldn’t want a woman as president just not Hillary. It may be hard to believe but she would be even more dangerous than Obama because of her ties with the UN. At one UN meeting where she was the guest speaker she said ” It is good that you are so close so that when we need you to tell us what we are doing wrong we won’t have far to travel. Hillary is doing all she can to disarm Americans. I am afraid staying in the UN will lead to our country’s downfall.

    • http://coservative Denise

      With this administration it is not about blood relations. It’s all about ideology. Its about rewarding your FRIENDS and punnishing your ENEMIES. All part of Obama’s wealth redistrabution plan.
      Who are the beneficiaries of his tenure? So far its been; Islam, unions, General Electric, anything green and sure to fail, socialist, and several companies favored by Obama.

      • Mary

        Like 0 said, we haven’t suffered enough for what we did to the black race.

        • Bud H.

          What do you mean “we”. I am here to tell you that my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and not one member of my family, from then ’til now, did anything to any black person living or dead. We did nothing to them. Find a decendent of a slave owner just don’t be putting your labels on me or mine. Get it?!!

        • Barbara

          Hope you forgot to add “LOL” to this post…, white, red, whatever. Slavery was a rotten trade but is now in the past… We no longer any of the descendant of slavery anything but the respect as human being. God help me of I am wrong but I don’tt hink I am…..

        • Sonja

          LMAO, understand what you are saying, but in reality, that is nothing but an excuse for “them” to tell themselves what they are doing is right & “we” are at fault, when “we” didn’t have a da–thing to do with “them” being slaves etc., it is all a bunch of crap. Now to the present day, if they were like what they are today, being racists, etc., no wonder they were kept under lock & key.

          • mountaine

            The “white man” did not start slavery…the black men in Africa did.

            Today they are slaves to the demorats !

    • Capt.Ed

      The White House is, “Out of Order” Tell them all to use the, “Out House” hahahhahhaha

    • Goodforall

      I keep hoping some member of Congress will finally grow some cahjonies and start the impeachment hearing for this usurper-it has gone on way too long and he has totally trashed the Constitution. But he continues to do whatever he pleases and we keep letting him.

      • Betty Salsbury

        We have to have control of the Senate as well, to make it stick, we didn’t have the Senate when Clinton was impeached, that’s why he walked. If Ovomit is re-elected, and we have the House and the Senate, watch what happens. I think the House is wise not to pull the plug to soon, they probably have enough to sink him right now, with DOMA unenforcement, the Gibson business, GE and so much more, but to impeach him now would be a doomed attempt. We learned our lesson with Clinton, don’t go in with impeachment when the Senate belongs to the Demoncraps.

        • marg1

          How many Republicans voted AGAINST impeach of Clinton for lying to Congress?

        • don


      • Patrick

        “Goodforall” is right, except… Why speak Spanish?? See- they’ve got you. The word is “balls”. =PC=

      • willie

        In reality the Impeachment process would take longer than he has left on his first term, The quickest way ———? better not say that.But to charge him out right with Treason or espionage or something of that nature would work faster. Maybe a freeze on his whole administration would be the best action, Put the FBI on his butt!!

        • Lewis/Virginia

          Sorry,but the FBI are in his pocket! Let’s remember who heads the FBI! Robert Muelle is Mr.B.O’s BOY!

        • Truthteller


          He owns the FBI. Like asking the foxes to guard the henhouse. We need control of the Senate as well as the House, to get anything done.

      • G

        Check-Out maxine waters, debbie wasserman shults, ??

      • Joy

        you can’t impeach someone who has gained the office illegally!! You can charge him with Treason and remove him!! Members on the right won’t do it becaue of the color of his skin. To hell with the color of his skin, he is a usurper and an imposter!! Congress wake up and stop the total destruction of our Country!!

    • Mark

      Same old DFL/EPA/socialism/communism BS. This “green” movement will break the bank if not reined in. If it’s so damn good, why do these companies need taxpayer dollars? Thanks Obutthead, another $535 billion flushed down the toilet!

      • Eddie G.

        Mark,his commission was 50%. He’s a professional Chicago thug.

      • Windrinker

        Why should people allow their money to be confiscated and stolen by the muslim and his gangsters! The people, this country, are getting “nothing back,” for all the tax money they pay….

        Government should account for every penny, document where it goes, and the authorizing signature needs to be held accountable. But, how does that work when the entire government is involved in this gangster politics!

      • floramae

        I keep flappin my beck, but not too many people pay attention, I call my senator, reps, and say what the h!ll are you waiting for, this freak doesn’t give a da@$n about the people OR this country, HE IS OUT TO BREAK IT, COME H!LL OR HIGH WATER and when this came out, I do my routine bitching on the phone, they say ya we’ll make sure the senator or rep gets your message of CONCERN!! If they do look into it, they will probably say well it’s really maybe not legal but not enough to get our teeth into, this little monster keeps flying, just under the radar!!!

        • floramae


    • american

      just when are any one of these government law enfocing officials goinf=g to arrest this illegal bozo!!!! indict him and try him and convicy yjos illegal bozo who has odne nothing but break our laws. it is tome to send him back to kenya where he was born!!!! americans it is time topressure this so called law enforecemnt leg of this government to do their job areest this crime committing illlegal!!!!

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      Just one of many impeachable offenses by obama! This guy is not only an unamerican radical progressives, he is also an enemy of America who is openly breaking American law by his collusion with mexican illegals! obama will be found to be complicit in the Fast and Furious illegal gun deal that ended up in American deaths and no telling how many mexican deaths! Americans addiction to “entitlements” that are actually stealing from fellow Americans , along with 50 years of progressive indoctrination has culminated in the election of a person to the office of POTUS that seeks to destroy the nation and economic system that has done more good on this Earth than any other entity in history!

      • Marie

        WHO: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg and United States Deputy Attorney General David Ogden
        WHEN: TODAY, Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 10:15AM
        WHERE: White House Brady Briefing Room
        Today, Department of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg and United States Deputy Attorney General David Ogden will lay out the Administration’s comprehensive response to the situation along the border with Mexico. President Obama and his Administration are focused on all aspects of the U.S. relationship with Mexico because it is vital to core U.S. national interests.
        The President is concerned by the increased level of violence, particularly in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana, and the impact that it is having on the communities on both sides of the border. He believes that the United States must continue to monitor the situation and guard against spillover into the United States. And the President is firmly committed to ensuring our borders are secure and we are doing all we can to reduce illegal flows in both direction across the border.
        We are taking steps on both sides of the border, working with our Mexican partners, to support the Mexican government’s campaign against the violent cartels and to reduce contraband in both directions across the border.

        And here it is announced on March 24, 2009:

        (Holder made his speech in Mexico about a month later.)

        At the meeting were:
        Department of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano,
        Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg
        United States Deputy Attorney General David Ogden


        ATF is increasing its efforts by:

        Relocating 100 personnel to the SW border in the next 45 days, using dedicated resources from the economic stimulus, to fortify its Project Gunrunner aimed at disrupting arms trafficking between the U.S. and Mexico that has resulted in ATF referring more than 1,500 defendants for prosecution involving more than 12,000 weapons; and Continuing its eTrace Initiative which works with Mexican officials to forensically track weapons used in drug cartel violence. In FY07, Mexico submitted approximately 1,112 guns for tracing that originated in TX, AZ and CA.

      • sc

        sorry, YOU CAN’T IMPEACH AN ILLEGAL, you can only remove them.

    • Marie

      Tulsa billionaire George Kaiser, a key Obama backer who raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for the president’s election campaign, is one of Solyndra’s primary investors. Kaiser himself donated $53,500 to Obama’s 2008 election campaign, split between the DSCC and Obama For America. Kaiser also made several visits to the White House and appeared at some White House events next to Obama officials.

      Read more:

    • http://SupremeCourttoclarifySecondAmendmentrights Tom

      We also need to trace “all” of the dollars involved. Find the large expenditures and you find the places where funds were milked from the budget and the payouts to political buddies. These should be indictable and fraud and abuse charges should follow, all the way to the White House and obama with his idiotic “green” jobs scams.

      • Rose Van Guilder

        I would like to know where has all these trillions of Dollars gone. I would
        be in favor of inpeaching Obama. I would like to see the actual birth
        certificate. I also beliece that Hillary Clinton will run in 2012. I believe
        that Soros is running the show.

        Please keep me informed of any developments.
        Rose Van Guilder

    • Ralph

      When and if you find anything wrong I hope you prosecute them to the fullest extent of
      the “Law,”even if it involves obummer he is not immune to prosecution just because he
      is occupying the whitehouse,he has abused his position to long and continues to do so,he
      has 3 muslims of the brotherhood in the whitehouse,he is up to something and it is not good for any “American.”

    • John G – Cloudcroft, NM

      Hey, Barry showed up in Fremont about a year ago on this and give lip service. Osama bin Obama bin Lying showed up at an RV outfit in Indiana for the same reason two years ago. ATTENTION Business owners, letting this clown show up and talk is a death blow. Both Solyndra and the RV plant are out of business and many other places he “graced with his presence” are gone.

      The since the message at the joint session this week will be a retread of failed events in the recent past, more of the same old same old, I think the event would be very interesting if the tele-promters would go Tango Uniform at the start and stay that way. Then we would find out if this English challenged muslim who can’t write a book on his own can deliver a message without reading it.

    • ItsClowardAndPiven

      Waste as much money as possible…and mess up as many things as you can to overwhelm and collapse the system while your rewarding your cohorts by stealing American’s (and their kids) money. Spend up as much as you can and mess up as much as you can to destroy the system to the point of no return…check it out Glenn Beck and Wayne Allen Root are right on…Rules for Radicals (dedicated to Lucifer by Saul Alinsky…now being implemented with the help of useful idiots) by Barack Obama? Check it out for yourself…

    • Steve

      Come on people! Congress is in cahoots with Obama and will do absolutely NOTHING; about anything. Sure they will play at “investigating” in public but in their back rooms they will all be chuckling and sipping on booze and smoking cigars we can’t even dream about affording. They have become true potted plants and I hope and pray you will all remember their failures come November, 2012.

  • Dr.Gerald J. P. Stephens

    While Obama may escaped being removed from office for the commission of multiple felonies while usurping the office, he will not be immune from prosecution upon termination of his present position.

    The public must stay on the case like stink on garbage. One violates the Constitution at their peril.

  • Barb

    So what else is new at the WH this am. Nothing surprises me anymore. This Moron needs to be gone. That’s spelled….M-O-R-O-N. We don’t need more of him. We need less of him. Woebgone.

    • R. Neville

      So let’s do this: let’s find out who, specifically, was directly involved, and tap their personal wealth to pay back us taxpayers. If they don’t have enough to pay us back, let’s garnish their wages for the rest of their miserable lives until the debt is paid or they’re all dead, whichever comes first. This crap with OUR money has to come to a stop. Do this a couple times and it would.

      • alfie0077

        Perhaps you did not know that congress, it its wisdom, has made itself and its members not subject to suit for their misdeeds. Yep, and they also get full retirement after only one stint of 2 years in congress. &Yep, they also get the bene of not having to pay into Bammacare for their lifetimes. And the special treatment goes on and on. These folks, do not forget, are different from “citizens” (those with all rights). These folks (congress and senators are Super citizens.

        • Pat

          sad part to all of this is we the people have allowed them to get all this power & now we are in a heck of a mess & like the old saying power corrupts

        • Whackajig

          Alfie………………. are you just woefully ignorant of the facts, or do you deliberately lie? I do not like our current congress any more than you or anyone else but why lie about it? Below is the truth.

          “Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

          • Eddie G.

            Agreed Whackajig,but they’re still astardbassholes.

          • Windrinker

            Congress has been allowed to become “an elite, ruling class!” What should we expect when we let them have total control over this country, including all the tax money collected and……….. their own salaries and benefits!

            No congressman should ever have twenty-plus years in office! If two terms are good enough for a president, it should be good enough for any congressman! None of them should ever be allowed a “lifetime career,” in D.C.!

            And, no one is worth a “lifetime retirement with all the lavish benefits” after working only five years! Put every government worker on Social Security, instead of their special retirement plans they have for themselves. Put them on obamacare, and get rid of their lavish medical care they give themselves. Put them on a “nominal service fee,” for the privilege of serving this country, instead of allowing them to become multi-millionaires, profiting off the people’s money!
            Put them back to work and let them labor under the laws they passed for everyone else. This country has no “Royalty!”

          • Sonja

            True, but what I find really disgusting, is for the past Presidents, especially the traitor in the Whitehouse now, gets for life their salary, benefits, SECURITY, etc. at our expense. Maybe our country will get lucky with not having to pay OBAMA & HIS FAMILY.

        • willie

          Bunch of A–holes if you ask me ???

      • a1dbb


      • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

        It wasn’t our money, remember the debt? they just keep borrowing form commie china and soon we’ll be owned by those chinks.. It seems no-body and I mean NO BODY in Washington has the wavols to stop that zebra in chief.. Lets quit talking about kicking that muslim black out of office. Let’s talk about kicking that muslim wight out of office.. That way we’re not offending all those welfare receiving, food stamp eating, section 8 living free-loaders of the country that just want an excuse to riot..

        • Betty Salsbury

          If you don’t work and are given just enough to stay alive but no luxuries, you have all the time in the world to sit around and fume about what other people have. If you work like my family does, and I did before I retired, you don’t have time to think about anything but coming home, having dinner and going to bed, getting up before daybreak and doing it all over again.

          If these people worked, I can assure you, they would not be thinking about rioting.

          • Whackajig

            The blacks who loot and riot, who are also on welfare, are given a chitload more than merely enough to survive on. They all seem able to afford large flat screen TVs, Ipods, video games, tons of illegal drugs, limitless booze and a place to live which was nice until they moved in. Have you seen the autos they drive? Their cars are a lot nicer than those of the working man. Bling abounds, must be able to buy that with food stamps.

            All done with money you worked hard to earn.

      • Thomas



      The question remains:
      If this were an isolated occurence it might be slightly tolerated. G.E. sending its medical diagnostics division to China, green company in Mass, belly up. Solyndra owned by a SNOBALL contributor, belly up. The EPA overregulating. Everytime this bunch of flunkies comes up with something we bend over and grab our ankles and kiss our collective asses good-bye. Wikileaks works for me. Please no more apologists.

      • Patrick

        I’ll never buy another “G.E.” ANYTHING. =PC=


      green jobs = the TITANIC
      captian of the ship full speed ahead / but sir, sir ,sir i must keep up the smuzzen of my support!!!
      sir we are, screeeeeeeccchhhhh bump………..
      going down…….
      remeber when you say this is not sinkable your fet just got wet!!!!
      God is not mocked and never will be!!!!!
      LET THE e.p.a. and its supporters go down!!!
      GOD BLESS…. YES THAT IS JESUS bless this nation and its supporters and the faithful…..

  • Tom

    Another fraud, green company supported by cronie capitalism. This is one of the hallmarks of the Odumbo, communist Adm. The other is massive gov. spending of printed dollars. China will be bringing both methods of an end soon. China has secretly banned QE3. The Odumbos are not making that public.

  • Clinging to My Religion and My Guns

    More 2 Bit Chicago Style Politics that stink of corruption just like Fast&Furious.

    • LesPaul

      Ocriminal , Holder and all his cronies must be told by the Congress to step down. This should be the will of the people in the form of a massive petition and referendum to terminate and remove their asses from Washington and our lives. WAKE UP AMERICA 2012 MIGHT BE TOO LATE!



  • E. G

    Go to it Representative Upton! It is about time that there were congressmen who will stand up to this raper of the nation and his ilk. Continue with the authority that you and the committee are endowed with and investigate thoroughly.

    • Dolly


    • Betty Salsbury

      And Issa and King, get ‘em.

      • BenUSMC

        Expose them for what they are:; liars, marxists, thugs.
        They (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, Holder) would all
        look good in orange jump suits with their hands cuffed
        behind them and their ankles in chains.

  • Kenai



    • R. Neville

      It may actually come to that. But my guess is we’ll be fighting the Mexican police to kick him out. It appears they’re training to come to his aide from what just happened on the border.
      And let’s not forget all the Muslim terrorists he’s letting pour across the border and strategically postion themselves throughout the U.S.. Think I’m a crazy conspiracy nutcase? Just watch the 2012 election events.

      • G Schmidt

        Yes, yes you are a conspiracy nutcase. But do not worry, here you are among friends.
        For anybody who thinks the USA can not turn into a dictatorship, should read the comments in this site….you people sound like the Germans before Hitler, like Cubans before Castro and like Venezuelan before Chavez.
        Before making stupid comments Have you consider working harder to get an “electable” Republican candidate that will win the 2012 election???
        I am going to church now and pray you get help.

        • Whackajig

          Yeah, pray. That has been so effective in the past.

        • Don W Boyer

          I’m just very happy you said church and not mosque. You will not be with Obama.

        • Joy

          You might start by praying for youself1 We voice our opinions and hope that something we throw out might help all to come up with a plan to help! Along with our commentary, we also pray that God will show us how to save our once great Country. God Bless you!!!

        • Thomas


        • sc

          why don’t you got to a gun store instead, it the long run your going to need it.

        • Mary

          “You people”. You’re not one of US? I hope going church doesn’t make you even more “holier than thou”. And, yes, our greatest effort should be to work HARD to get 0 out in 2012. Whoever wins the nomination — after we work real hard for the one we want — I hope all of us work even harder to get that evil man out of OUR white house. VOTE to win. Do what it takes.
          Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bears rule, the people mourn….

          If We the People continue to turn our backs on God 0 has a good chance to win for four more years. God will continue to ALLOW
          our Nation to be destroyed if we continue to egnore Him. It takes more than praying to turn things around.
          ( Read: 2 Chron 7:14, 2 Peter 3:8)

      • DAVE

        R. Neville, I agree with you 100% . The muslim terrorist are in N.E. Mexico with drug cartels working hand&hand. When did the beheadings begin????That sure as hell not a Mexican way of killing people !

        • Mary

          Now that IS an interesting thought to think about.

      • G

        I wouldn’t too much about that, look at how they are handling the drug king pins? now, we have enough former military to handle anything they throw at us. Our Problem is we are taught to obey the law and it will be hard to convince americans that ole-bama and his regime are crooked, because of the political correctness crowd.

        • G

          Correction: Should read “I Wouldn’t Worry Too Much About That,”

      • Randy Huffey

        R. Neville,
        The “nut cases” as we are called are unfortunatly (probably) gonna be right.

    • Dolly

      This is his plan, he is a puppet. If the people rise up and revolt he will call in his malitia or so called malitia (panther’s, Van Jones etc.) so that he can then ignore any election and declare himself ruler. This may sound crazy but it is not impossible.

      • shootinggirl

        Dolly is right. I am an old senior now but grew up under Adolf Hitler, Left for America at 21. It can happen here. This man did not rise from the ashes on his own. He was picked, educated and put in power by America’s haters.

      • Patrick

        Dolly- Of one thing, you may be quite certain: nobody would offend the American people like Obama has and expect to be ligitimately re-elected. As I’ve said alll along- he has something up his sleve. It’s only now becoming more clear just WHAT that is. And I’ve been yelling my head off about this invasion of people “who just want to feed their families” for YEARS. This invasion is a political tool, and has been all along. The invaders DO NOT “just want to feed their families”- they want, and will take, everything they can, and to vote for a criminal who grants them the right to steal… well of course they will. Hey- it’s much like “honor among thieves”… it’s working together: one huge thief recruiting help from smaller thieves/invaders and rewarding them. Rewarding them with your money and your property and your life… everything you have. Even your kids are not safe. It’s time to call out to God. It was time for that a long time ago. Thinking that we could live without God is how we got to this pathetic place. A Christian Nation, voting to have a Muslim leader?
        If all we knew back on ’08 was his middle name- THAT should have been a clue, but I guess not a good enough clue for far too many. …We deserve what we get.
        I, for one became physically ill upon learning that Obama was elected. =PC=

      • Windrinker

        Want to talk conspiracy…..there is, I am told, a plan among the blacks in this country. They are preparing and plotting, for when it is time to move. Wondering where all that missing money has gone, including the stimulus money? Are you wondering how many firearms have really been provided for different groups, in and out of the country?…And, all the while, the government is frantically trying a way to confiscate the firearms from citizens…

        If you think this administration is sitting back and waiting for an election you are mistaken. All this talk about presidential vacations, tax increases, when the president makes his next speech, the next stimulus….these are all distractions! The real “business” of the muslim is being carried out by his minions, while he, himself, continues to be the “main distraction,” of all! That is the way the progressives work..under the radar while they create their own, “cover.”

        • Joy

          A MEN!!! You forgot to mention all the Foreign TROOPS who have been stationed at North Com here in the US. He is setting up a foriegn Military to stop American Citizens from removing him from Office. Also check out the NUMBER of MUSLIUM JIHAD Camps that are spread all over America, loaded with heavy arms, the two largest are located in NEW YORK and VIRGINIA and all of them are armed to the hilt!

      • G

        ACORN—- Community Organizer’s and Agitators, They’ll Run If The Going Gets Tough.

    • G Schmidt

      Are you suggesting armed insurrection? getting the military to ignore their constitutional pledge? Where do you think we live, in a Banana Republic?
      This “Traitor” as you call him was elected by the mayority of the people in this country (unlike Bush who walk in with the electoral college vote).
      Obama is a disappointment, but any call for insurrection is treason……
      What kind of name is Kenai anyway???

      • Whackajig

        Armed insurrection is what freed the colonies from England. ovomit has surely ignored his oath to defend and obey the Constitution. And yes, ovomit has made us into a banana republic.

        ovomit’s majority who elected him was mostly of acorn’s doing, loaded with deceased people, illegals who should not vote, Jews who voted more than once, etc. The parasites outnumbered the productive people.

        No decent citizens of America feel that ovomit is their duly elected president.

        • Jimbar

          obamanation HAS NEVER BEEN MY PRESIDENT. He had McCain’ birth questioned and looked into but when (before primaries) his was questioned nothing happened. why? It has been brought to courts but they say it is not our concern as we are not family members. The nationality of our president is every America citizen’s concern. He is the son of a British citizen so has double citizenship! Why isn’t he thrown out because of that. Maybe because he is using Soros’ money?

          • Thomas

            That is a given. Absolutely true.

          • Ed O

            We have an israeli citizen as mayor of Chicago,he is also one of bozos jew handlers!

          • Chuck

            He is the president and he can be removed by Impeachment, trial in the Senate, and removal by the Senate, if found guility. He may resign, or he may be defeated in the next presidential election. There are no other options.

      • Don W Boyer

        WHERE we live is becoming worse than a banana republic. All Obama has to do is to declare a “disaster” and turn FEMA loose. Go to bing or google and read what powers FEMA has. It will blow your mind!!!

      • Windrinker

        His Excellency Barake Hussein Omama is dictator! If you want to call that a banana republic…fine! It is a lot worse that that! And what kind of name if Schmidt…sounds German to me….maybe that is why you favor dictators and socialism. We don’t like it in America. You can always go back to find your “roots,” in Nazi Germany, where they still have parades wearing the swastika armbands.

        We have an out-of-control government that has trashed the Constitution, has become lawless, and is pushing this country to its “death throes!” You happy with that…..

        And, just a little more info, I don’t know anyone that voted for this maggot! I must assume that you and your friends were the ones that cost the offending ballots!

        • Windrinker

          That should be “His Excellency Barake Hussein Ou’mama.”

      • Some Dude

        Well, Schmidt, when I took that pledge, I merely vowed to follow the lawful orders of the Commander in Chief, and to hold the Constitution in the utmost esteem, to protect this nation from enemies within and without its borders.
        I don’t recall having taken a pledge that morally binds me to follow the unlawful orders of one seeking to become a dictator, or one who seeks to abuse this nation and its constitution.

      • sc

        GSchmidt,, yes the imposter was elected but only through fraud, as he is not eligible and never was to be the President, and for your information it was the electoral college that gave him the position, so your rant about Bush doesn’t hold water, and it took a lot of arm twistin to get barry the votes, even california was going to withhold its votes if they had done that some of the others would have done the same, because they all knew that under article 2, section 1 of the constutition that barry was not qualified, but like good little me too’ers they caved in, just what they got for this violation of constitution i don’t know.
        Oh yes there is a place called the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

    • don


  • Michael Eiden

    yes he is a moron, And this fiasco of the money and the company goes to show that the go green shit like ethanol, electric cars, solar and wind power is just not ready, i wonder how much money really got wasted on that stupid shit with all the subsidies . These companies are not viable without having money handed to them all the time no of the technologies is cost effective. Like the light bulbs, now we got to have something in our house that is a health hazard, and has to be disposed as hazardous materials. The damn turbines at the wind farms can not supply juice like they tried to say they would , shit lucky if one of those 100 acre farm or larger could run the needs for 20 houses if that. What a waste of probably a trillion dollars. I am so tired of hearing people say go green, I want to scream IT DOES NOT WORK YOU MORONS WAKE UP!!!! Who in the hell is going to spend $40,000 to $50,000 on a car that that can only travel at the most a hundred miles, and where in the hell are you going to plug it in, it doesn’t use a normal plug and I think it is 220 volts. Then what the hell do you do with the batteries when they wear out, more hazardous waste to dispose of. I really do not want to live in a socialist country where everyone is equal, and the people of no incentive to excel in anything, I just learned that these countries that have universal health care the reason they have a shortage of specialist is because no matter if your a general practitioner or a heart surgeon you get the same amount of money from the government, so why go to the trouble of becoming a specialist, that is why the system of socialism always eventually fails. There ‘s your equality and redistribution of wealth, that Obama believes in.

  • Hank the Patriot

    One would imagine that an audit of the company’s books cannot be effectively done at this point but I suspect that the half billion in costs went for more that plant construction and wages. How about consulting contracts and other goodies handed out to cronies etc.. ??? Partially to blame is our trade policy with China, but that is only a part answer as a comparison of the wages paid to the Chinese worker as opposed to the worker in California(probably union) would reveal a huge imbalance and show why we have difficulty competing with China. This should have been known up front, but if that had been thoroughly scrubbed through a business model our inability to compete would have been revealed not then and not half an billion dollars later.
    This whole thing smells like rotten fish!!!

  • apf2

    Where did the money go? It didn’t evaporate or did it? The company executives and principal shareholders should be held personally accountable for any money that was spent on political donations, greasing the wheels or anything else that did not directly produce assets which can be seized and sold! I wonder how much money found it’s way into democratic campaigns! 500M spent in so short a time span is VERY hard to do–legally.

  • Gordon

    It would be a shame if Air Force One crashed I’d hate to see any of our Air Force Crew
    hurt in anyway.

    • J.M.R.


      • southernguy

        He would just blame Bush again!

    • JJ

      well,… the capt. is supposed to go down with the ship (the crew out on parachutes). In obummer’s case, they’d have to chain him to the toilet before they bailed out because character is not a factor.

    • Whackajig

      It would not be necessary to lose the aircraft. Open a hatch or door and throw the POS out. ovomit problem solved and no loss of taxpayer owned property.

  • Susan

    I saw a blog site the other day and some poster said that Obama has ONE TRILLION in a Swiss bank account and also listed several other politicians with a ton of money in their own accounts over there, but nothing like Obama’s. I’d say after hearing stories like this one it’s highly probable. That’s the real investigation that needs to begin. We can’t afford this guy or his family, if they are his family.

  • Walt

    Let’s see… 3000 jobs created at a cost of $535,000,000, that’s $178,333 cost per job. Now add unemployment payments to 3000 laid off workers and you get the total picture! Not bad, huh?

  • ol’Lawrence

    If you can follow the money, you’ll find it funneled through a Soros subsidiary and back into
    Obama’s reelection finances. He said he was going to raise a Billion bucks this time….but, as
    unpopular as he has become, they had to get ‘creative’ to get the money. Soros is on the hook for over 1 Billion in back taxes now….so watch Obama move to forgive Soros tax debt…in return, Soros will make up the difference…so Obama’s campaign will have its 1 Billion bucks.

  • Jim

    I’m with you apnf2

  • Stephen

    Lots of investigations going on and nothing getting done. Fake Birth certificate, Guns for Mexican drug Cartels, and now this…..What about the loan to the Braziliam oil co that George Soros is part of…..Why did Holder throw out the case against the Black Panthers…Obamas constant by pass of Congress to push thru his job killing ideas…My head is spinning…!

    • Dolly



        Dolly honey, good idea. Problem!! Congress files for impeachment, the Senate has to try him. The Democrat majority senate. This will muck up any chance of getting real problems solved. Enforce the constitution effectively neutering him. He is so freakin arrogant let him spin around in circles for another two years until he can hit the speaking circuit with his :”SOMEBODY DONE ME WRONG SONG”

    • sc

      you for got to mention that barry also has a large investment it that oil project.

    • Chuck

      Work hard to get as many voters as possible to VOTE against Obnama. It is the only sure way. Don’t wait on others. a miracle, a court, or an act of God. Defeat him at the polls and he is gone ! The healng can begin!

  • TonyinMO

    Well, like the old saying goes, “Just follow the money”. Solyndra got their half-billion taxpayer dollar loan, AFTER major shareholders of the company ponied up a huge campaign donation for his eminence, Obama.

    • G Schmidt

      There you go!!!

  • Mario Salassa

    Get this good for nothing naive president out of the white house, he just gave some body half of a billion with out investigating the market, why? it’s not his money, so let’s us just give away to a friendly person. Mario

  • Bob

    You can’t expect us to believe that all this money went into building and development for the now defunct company known as solyndra. There had to be large sums siphoned off for political paybacks and cronyism or the (quid pro quo) mentality. Seems that approach is synonymous with this administration. So much for government’s oversight when it comes to the expenditure of our tax dollars. Seems those tax dollars inevitably end up languishing within failed policies and endeavors that offer “much” and deliver very “little” if anything at all!! And Obama wonders why people are angry, frustrated, and losing faith in his ability to accomplish anything credible relative to the economy and job creation. Easy spending money on ideological enterprises allegedly designed to create jobs when if the truth be known you’ve never really held a “real one” yourself. The lack of experience, and a floundering ideology produce what we see today, NOTHING CREDIBLE!

  • SpiritualMadMan

    IIRC Clinton, a demoncrat, started the givernment with a plan to make owning your own home possible, even if all lending ploicies indicated you couldn’t afford it…

    Bush, a repugnantcan (RINO) continued the policy with the full force of federal Intertstae Banking Regulators, because he did not have the male accutrements to allow States Attorney’s Generals to stop it. (Even though they raise quite a stink, convieniently ignored by the media)

    But, all that was policy far removed from the Oval Office…

    *THIS* regime, even though it was being told this was *not* a viable business plan, directly interferred and forced the US Taxpayers to do a pie in the sky “Green Plan”…

    Doesn’t anyone demand responsibility? Isn’t anyone man enough to accept responsibility?

    Clinton was a dreamer, Bush was a Coward, and obama is satan’s minion to destroy American…

    • J.M.R.

      SORRY GO BACK way back to the peanut freak jimmy carter clinton only help more.

    • Jim Fishback

      Spiritual Mad Man,
      I am an Ultra Conservative and I voted for Both Bushes, Soooo Shoot Me!

      I disagree either of the Bushes were cowards. I truly believe EVERY POTUS since Reagan was/is a One World Gov’t Mental Midget. They all know that to have such a Utopia (tongue FIRMLY implanted in cheek), the SuperPower has to be brought to her knees.

      Jimmy Carter and this Idiot in Chief believe we need to bend over while on our knees and lower our waist garments while allowing the rest of humanity to sodomize us.

    • Joy

      You are so wrong or so uninformed. George Bush tried to investigae and stop this mess at Fanny Mae anf Freedy Mac and was stopped by the Democratic Congress. Investigate before you make UNTRUR statements..Research your claims and I think you will correct them!!!

    • sc

      your wrong Clinton fine tuned it but it was Jimmy Carter that started the thing

    • Chuck

      And you, my friend, are full of s—.

  • Guido


    Take it out of his completely unjustified pension. So what if his jug-butted bitch can’t afford to wolf down a half-dozen egg-mcmuffins every morning….(Yeah, right….)

    “God Loves Liberty”
    -guido in Houston

  • bobwhite

    That imposter President has committed numerous impeachable offenses and not one member of Congress has had the guts to bring that hoodlum to justice. He commits atrocity after atrocity and Congress seems to be aiding and abetting his crimes against our country.

    Kenai just might have the only solution to stopping that foreigners depredations.

    • Don W Boyer

      Have you forgot that until the last election both parts of Congress were controlled by the Democrats???

  • Elwood

    Solyndra? Oh, yes, the solar energy company, right? It went belly up, right? Just as I have long suspected, solar energy, wind power and ethanol are all pipe dreams of the environmental gangsters and Obamanites. Ethanol is the stuff that is mixed with gasoline and fouls up our automobile engines, right?

    By the way, did you hear about the solar/wind powered car? It has solar panels on top for when the sun shines. It has a propeller on the rear for when the wind blows. What do you do when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing? You either park the thing or try to find some ethanol if there is enough corn left in the midwest to make the stuff.

    In the meantime, billions of barrels of crude oil and natural gas lie untapped under the surface of ANWR and in the offshore areas of the USofA because the environuts do not want us to drill there.

  • http://yahoo Bob H

    Last week Obama gave a speech out in the rose garden of the white house and on his right he had the CEO of G.E and on his left he had the President of the AFL-CIO all that was missing was the tommy guns and hats. Chicago Chicago my kind of City.

    • LesPaul

      All lobby’s should be eliminated. Unionization of government employees should be eliminated and made illegal. Term limits on all elected officials must be enacted. Get rid of all illegals and enforce our immigration laws. Follow these 4 simple steps and I’ll bet we’ll have a surplus in the general fund in a very short period of time. Oh, STEP 5 GET RID OF OCRIMINAL.

    • Windrinker

      All three need to be serving “life sentences” in the dirtiest maximum prision this country has to offer. Maybe, they all could find some new boyfriends.

      • sc

        well that should be right up barry’s “alley” a good old “AC-DC”kind of guy.

  • Bob Marshall

    The real government. Not the government our founders had in mind. The lobbylist lobby for bills to be passed by congress and or contracts to be awarded by members of congresss to the organizations or corporations these lobbyist represent. In turn these organization and or coporations make sure those in congress are rewarded. You take care of us and we in turn will take care of you. Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. They do sometimes put on a great show for our benefit but at our expense. it is we the taxpayers who end up paying for their excessive and wasteful spending.Obama’s Obamacare is a tax on us. There are many in government, past and present who deserve to have their names mentioned along with Benedict Arnold. A traitor is a traitor. Once the Rothschilds have a centeral bank in the last four remaining small countries hopefully the killing by the US and the UN will stop. Anyone who can’t see by now the head of the NWO and One World Government is the UN and the US is under their control is out of touch with reality.To declare a country an emeny just because their aren’t under your control is insane. The UN, German and Russian troops haven’t been training in America without a reason. That reason is riot control and civil unrest. Maybe in their respective countries but maybe in ours. Our taxpayer dollars support these organizations such as the IMF and the UN. In these wars, people die , coporations and contractors get rich and we pay the bills.

    • Thomas

      Most people don’t realize it yet but there is a hidden tax of 3.5% on unearned income on your house when it is sold. Of all places in the obama health care plan. Don’t believe it ?, just look it up. Every one is going to greatly susprised at what a ton of things are hidden in this bill. I have been in Health Insurance sales for 67 years and they just keep coming out.

      • sc

        Thomas,,,, your wrong the tax is 3.8% of the total sale price of the property, ie. 100,000. = 3,800 going to the government right off the top, then if you add in the cost of selling the property along with the charge for a bank making a loan, the percented can go over 10%, and most of the people selling property haven’t got much more than that in equity, so in fact it could end up costing to sell, what a wonderful deal for everone but the property owner.
        and i forgot to mention that after next year you will have to have your house inspected and approved by a government inspector before you can sell it. the cost of that is still not set but last i saw it was between 2oo. and 4oo. dollars and if it did not pass the owner had to fix it even if he changed his mind about selling and pay for a second inspection. ain’t communisum wonderful.

        • Chuck

          It is a “new” method of preventing the flu.

  • shawn corrigan

    this is more evidence of one thing, and i am not going to blame all this on the president either,
    we all know the president has zero business experiance. if he were applying for a job his resume’ would be thrown in the trash can. and america elected the idiot. so who is the idiot??
    so i will say this, to quote someone” for one hundred hacking at the branches there is one hacking at the root” the root is correct structure. our constitution has proven that it is the correct structure to bring fairness and prosperity.
    it has given prosperity and liberty for hundreds of millions.why did we go away from it?? read history! does the constitution allow for intervention in the private businesses? NO!!!! have you heard of solyndra??(500 million of taxpayer dollars stolen) the government has its grimey slimey little paws in everything,try starting a business ,subsidies, crazy taxes and regulations EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!, in our money system??? the government HAS NO BUSINESS IN THE MONEY SYSTEM .. abolish the fed and restore the standard directed by the constitution, SILVER AND GOLD BACKED CURRENCY no more of this government takeover crap? no fiat money manipulation!!! we need to restore that document into our government.
    what about the epa?? NO schools NO ! all this is for the states to do as they wish. if you dont like it you can go to a state that you do like, this is called competition, how about fema? hell no if you buy a home, buy in a non-flood area, if you want insurance , buy it!! helloooo and if you dont have enough money , earn more , or buy a cheaper house.
    i dont believe in ANY welfare ,but the states are free to be stupid , so if you dont have enough money you can apply to have some of your fellow mans money. there IS NO NEED FOR FEMA PERIOD!!!! floods happen , storms happen, build smart or buy insurance. but be responsible, this builds a strong economy why?? because it doesn’t steal money from those who earned money and hands it to people who did not. there is still room for charity(which is beautiful because it is voluntary), this takes the power from the politicians, they love to hand out money, to buy votes!!! how can an economy prosper if the workers are penalized for doing there work? there money is stolen and re distributed…when you take a mans money he earned he will be encouraged to be a mooch why should he work when he will be penalized, why not be lazy and get freebees ,this is one huge reason we are failing, bottom line we are NOT following our own founding document. the simple answer is to do what the president and the citizens swore to do … RESPECT AND HONOR THE CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!!

    • http://roygoinartcom Roy

      well stated, simply put.

    • JJ

      agreed… the whole thing reminds me of a grade school play,… bunch a bad actors that the only one’s clapping are the parents that have their kid on stage.

    • G Schmidt

      Shawn, are you aware that lot of the great things this country has done have been questionable violations of the constitution?
      The War of the States/Civil War. The Southern States had the right to secede if they wished to. Lincoln, a Republican ignored that part for the sake of the Union
      Jefferson’s purchase of the Lousiana territory…Not an executive perrogative, no part of the constitution allowed the Federal goverment to buy territories.
      Japanese internment during WWII, it is view as a bad thing now, but we had little sabotage from the japanese during WWII??
      Lend- Lease program during WWII. Republican were against it and that allowed to keep Britian and Soviet Rusia in the war and eventually defeat Hitler. If it was not for the fact that Democrats controlled congress them, the Third Reich still be around now.
      How about the Mexican-American war where we bully Mexico into giving us all the SouthWest US? Congress did not declared war as establish in the Constitution, it was President Polk doing and we took the land from a weak neighbor.
      As you see, the Constitution is like statistics, you use them and interpret them as necessary. Whoever control Congress and SOTUS interpret the laws as they see fit.

    • Free Idaho

      That’s why I am supporting and voting for Dr. Ron Paul for President. The “Champion of the Constitution”. Learn about and support Dr. Ron Paul, he has the prescription for what ails our country. Yeh, I know, I know, “He can’t win”, well if everybody that says he can’t win voted for him, he would win by a landslide, but then again some people would rather cut off their nose to spite their face.

  • denny

    It is way past time to impeach this man, Obama. Him, his Czars, and more than half his cabinet, have broken law after law after law. They have circumvented the Constitution and will continue. The only problem with that, is then we get Bidden. But maybe the impeachment would make him think.

    Obama sure doesn’t repersent the working class. He is not like the Democrats at al, Like I Grew Up With. I am approaching 70 this gall. I have never in my lifetime seen a administration like this.

  • Robert

    Unfortunately, us Taxpayers (you know, the less than 50 % of the legal voters) are not aware of the depths and breadth of the corruption that is the culture of the bamma badministration. I have said to my family since the farce of a so-called presidential campaign chirade of 2008…but the fools that voted for the impostor, socialist, did not listen to the bamma speeches hustle of the voters. Almost daily since his coronation in Jan 2009, I realized that this was the first time in history that weekly, daily…the Americans were forced to fight against a prez who is nothing but Public Enemy #1 to our Country and American values and way of life. bamma in his rage has planned the conspiracy of sabotage and destruction of the United States for many years. Daily we can see the battle scars of the implementation of his insidious plots against America. Gee, in the past such actions were called “treason”, like the execution of the Rosenbergs for treason and spying. Yet bumma impostor gets a pass…yeah, now WE will pull the race card, because bumma hides behind the race cover to conduct his evil anti-American, anti-Christ deeds. Time for bumma to be tried, found guilty as we know without any doubts, stripped of all titles, stripped of US citizenship [falsely claimed by the impostor], stripped of any pensions, fined heavily, and deported to Kenya with the female bumma racist herself [then no longer proud of HER country, hah on that] .

    • Whackajig

      I mostly agree with you Robert, but I wonder where you got that the taxpayers are 50% of the legal voters????????????????

      I do not have figure for how many people are actually registered to vote, but I can tell you that out of the 330 million people in America, only 138 million file a federal tax return and of those, only 73 million pay any tax at all.

    • Thomas

      It’s time ti bring back Elliot Ness

  • Wes Freeman

    Maybe we can find out at last just how dirty obama and his shoe shine boy eric the pimp holder really are. They both need to pull about 50 years hard time.

  • JRCancio

    What further evidence do we need, the idiot moron in the White House is out of his league.

  • Russ

    When is the Congress going to begin impeachment of Obama? He has violated his oath of office repeatedly. He decides he is not going to enforce parts of the law which he doesn’t like, and that alone ought to be a violation of his duties in the Executive branch. He is President – not a KING.

    • Chuck

      Ask the House of Representativer. The Constitution gives them exclusive power over Impeachments.

  • 3feathers

    Nothing will ever be done about this and the damn birth certificate.
    This country is lost and the government is corrupted.
    We call our congressmen over and over again.
    What do you get, the big blow off or no responce.
    Stick a fork in the good ol USA.
    Were done.

  • Hope H Berg

    how about lowering the tax rate to 15% instead of 35% for business’ and bring those jobs back to our country. We do NOT need to stimulate the economy of other countries. This idea will stimulate our economy and Americans will have jobs again, thus relieving the burden, now placed upon our federal programs and it will be an incentive for new business’ to grow and keep our citizens employed.

  • voteright2012

    Obama is a puppet.

    Read the following:

    Then read the books: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” (Fifth Edition) by G. Edward Griffin and “The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy” by Byron York; and you will get the picture. For more information you might also read “Bought and Paid For” by Charles Gasparino.

    It is not that I am promoting these books, but the amount of information is enormous for putting in comments on the internet. The more people read the above information the more they will become aware of how the Republic of the United States of America has been violated. Indeed the FREE people of the World have been violated by the Global Progressive Banksters.

    • Mary

      I’ve read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and it is worth reading!!! It is a real eye opener.

    • Listener

      Try ” The Manchurian President”by Alan Klein.

  • Jerry Goetzman

    How much did he get from BP for the oil spill. He didn”t come here for his health.

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    We could all learn from this church and this Deacon!

    God’s Blessings

    Subj: Fw: The Living Bible

    Now this is
    the Living Bible:

    His name is Bill. He has wild hair, wears a T-shirt with holes in it,jeans, and no shoes.
    This was literally his wardrobe for his entire
    four years of college.

    He is brilliant. Kind of profound and very, very bright. He became a Christian while attending college.

    Across the street from the campus is a well-dressed, very conservative church. They want to develop a ministry to the students but are not
    sure how to go about it.

    One day Bill decides to go there. He walks in with no shoes, jeans, hisT-shirt, and wild hair. The service has already started and so Bill starts down the aisle looking for a seat.

    The church is completely packed and he can’t find a seat. By now, people are really looking a bit uncomfortable, but no one says anything.

    Bill gets closer and closer and closer to the pulpit, and when he realizes there are no seats, he just squats down right on the carpet.

    By now the people are really uptight, and the tension in the air is thick.

    About this time, the minister realizes that from way at the back of the church, a deacon is slowly making his way toward Bill.

    Now the deacon is in his eighties, has silver-gray hair, and a three-piece suit.. A godly man, very elegant, very dignified, very courtly. He walks with a cane and, as he starts walking toward this boy, everyone is saying to themselves that you can’t blame him for what
    he’s going to do.

    How can you expect a man of his age and of his background to understand some college kid on the floor?

    It takes a long time for the man to reach the boy.
    The church is utterly silent except for the clicking of the man’s cane.
    All eyes are focused on him.. You can’t even hear anyone breathing. The minister can’t even preach the sermon until the deacon does what he has to do.

    And now they see this elderly man drop his cane on the floor. With great difficulty, he lowers himself and sits down next to Bill and worships with him so he won’t be alone.

    Everyone chokes up with emotion.
    When the minister gains control, he says,
    ‘What I’m about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen, you will never forget.’

    ‘Be careful how you live. You may be the only Bible some people will ever read!’

    • Bea

      Very good.

  • Dan

    Nothing new when federal politics are involved, from clin tons land deals to cheneys and rumsfeld Bec=tel and haliburton, nothing shocks or surprises how these ever alert watchdogs barking after the fact. Feed this watchdog and he’ll go where he was before and during the common political “deal” with corporate America. The Supreme court ruled corporations are people. So Our WH has helped a citizen, now thats a headline.

  • ArmyPA

    At what point is a politician considered as a domestic enemy of the US and can be Ki–ed by a soldier upholding his oath and be exonerated for his actions? We need this to be happening NOW with a multitude of those in Washington since they are not upholding the constitution.

  • GWY

    With this ignorant administration, all the scam artists have to do is say GREEN and hold out their handsfor government money. Obama and company will bite every time.

  • Ihatelibs

    This piece of shit deserves the death penalty!

    • PatriotBob

      This goes way past him being a piece of excrement……. This is an intentional colonoscopy of our country punching numerous infectious holes in the walls. He knows exactly what he’s doing……..He trying to bring this country to its knees and it’s time to stop him…………….A march at 1600 sounds good to me!

      • Ihatelibs

        Right on Bob!!!!

      • Guido

        Hello, PatriotBob

        Haven’t marched at 1600, but 2 marches down Pennsylvania Ave. on 9/12 have been pretty much hoo-rahed and ignored. The first was a doozey, too, we pretty much shut DC down. The flap-eared one did a fly-over in “chopper one” but had no comment.
        Everybody is well aware that if we make too much noise or “push that Constitutional envelope” it will be FEMA time in a New York minute.
        You have to think that pretty much emboldens the flap-eared camel-jockey as well. What are we gonna do about it?
        I reckon there is pretty widespread agreement on what NEEDS to be done about it though……..

        “God Loves Liberty”
        -guido in Houston

        • sc

          Guido, those marchs were just to make a bunch of dummies happy, in the frist place they were done on a weekend, that is just plain dumb, the second is that the people didn’t stay and flood the house and senate when they were in session, so the politicians just turned a deaf ear and come sunday everbody went home and bragged that they didn’t leave any trash for the city to pick up.
          those type of feel good marchs are a waste of time and money.
          if you want to get something done your going to have to stay and make sure that those senators and representatives can see the angry faces of the people, then they might get the idea that they are replaceable one way or another.

          • Mary

            sc, you are right and just when do the “working” class people have time to take off work and march on WDC? We need to do our political work from our own area and make sure we are heard. Many send faxes, Emails, snail mail and phone and get neglected but don’t you believe it because they are hearing us loud and clear. Keep jamming them until they listen!!!!

  • Jim

    Lots of good posts . . . One way to educate others to current state of our country and how we got here that I recently discovered is “AGENDA, GRINDING AMERICA DOWN”. It is a film documentary made in 2010. The agenda was described in a 1958 book titled :The Naked Communist”. Curtis Bowers does a great job of revealing how those goals outlined 50 years ago have come to pass and now exist in our country today; abortion on demand, gov’t takeover of education, freedom from God, homosexual rights, environmental constrants, energy regulations, etc, etc, etc. Check out AGENDADOCUMENTARY.COM! View the trailer, then buy one or more copies of the DVD. I’m getting ready for Bible study and Church. I’m bringing a copy of the dvd with me . . . if not US, who? If not now, when?

  • marg1

    Green energy strategy and Fast and Furious debacle–what do these two things have in common?

    Bumbling stooges running the show?
    Or brilliant strategists trying to down the greatest nation this world has ever known?

    I’m thinking Obama, his advisers, and the main stream media are the bumbling stooges because they keep getting caught up in ridiculous Keystone Kop escapades. Is there anything more moronic than obama taking a Canadian-made bus on a plane ride to talk about American jobs?

    Who is the brilliant, evil strategist behind the scene?

  • Kay


    • sc


    • Bill

      You need to tell your representative in the House. They have “sole” power over Impeachments. There is a mountain of evidence and charges that can be brought against Obama. You might also inquire why nothing has been done, up to this point in time. They are all issued pat answers to these questions, but you might probe and come up with some honest answers. Don’t waste your time with emails, unless you know for sure that your guy will accept them and that they will not be deleted.

  • jon

    This looks like another obama inside deal, many of the “companies” obama made sure got the money are now bankrupt, so the real question is “where is the money” how much of this was pure fraud from the beginning???
    Let’s remember there is still $300bil missing from the failed stimulus, there was massive funds given to GM and GE [whose moving factories and jobs to china]. They sold Chrysler for pennies on the $’s, they send soros $37bil for oil drilling but banned drilling in our gulf and other places,
    this obozo’s white house is the most corrupt ever

  • http://cowboybytes george k morrison

    and this odumbass fool says he wants to be re-elected now with all this mismanagement and corruption why would anybody in their right mind want to re-elect this scum bag & his corrupt bunch of thuggs theives queers commies terrorists tree hugging idiots dope heads welfare bumbs all these fools want a part 2 to this total nonsense I pray daily that this hittious thing will not happen but there are those supposdly intelligent folks that want to be communist,I do not think these bafoons have done their homework all this socialism sounds really good on paper but there is just no possible way to pay for this espically if NOBODY is WORKING some utiopia huh! the short right answer is to remove this chicago thug asap & investigate his & his adminestrations doings & throw his sorry ass in prison & try to come up with some fiscally responsible ways to repair this mess they have got us into

    • sc

      George.. what more do you want him to do? he is doing just what he said he would if he was elected. i guess you didn’t hear him, but he said that this was the greatest country in the world and that he was going to change that, i think he has done a good job of destroying this country so far. don’t you?

  • Cynthia Emery

    You people get off the impeach train. Its never going to happen, for all of the reasons others have written.
    The importance right now is the 2012 election get out and vote. And, hope the African Americans and Hispanics (legal or not) become disinterested in the voting process, since
    their leader fails to deliver the impassioned speeches of the past.

  • Insurgent

    Corruption in the US gubmint is out of control and the current adminstration including the LFN, his cabinet, Congress, and the Supreme Court are the biggest bunch of crooks the US has ever had in Washington DC.

  • pilot

    Come on, there was never any real intrest in having this company be successful! The intent is to destroy economy any way possible,– and if it helps some “cronies” of his in the process that is even better! Because when the economy is totally collpased, — his firends will have the money, and they will call the shots 100%. and his Czars and other “buddys” wil be protected by a “Godless queer army” (called Martial law).. even the U.N. will come in and help him keep “his kind of peace”!! After all didn’t he apologize to all the other countrys for Americas hatefulness and arrogance!!.. Do not fail to vote next year. If this turkey wins again, – I guarantee you will never have to again!! … Look a Venezeuela & Hougo Chavez,- “Recent lottery winner”!!

  • Bert Magnus

    How much money is spent on investigations that nothing is done about the findings? Why investigate if you dont prosecute the offenders?

  • Cincinnatius

    To every one who posts comments asking: How do we change/remove obozo and those who have abetted this denigration of America? Please go to: Sign up, make yourselves available, become CITIZEN legislators, mayors, councilmen, etc, etc. Take back America by being a patriot American. REMEMBER: Evil prevails when GOOD men and women choose to do nothing.

    • Insurgent

      Open coon season early!


    The government has no business intruding into the private sector and that means subsidies and financial loans for biz start up, if the product is viable and needed the free market/private capital can get that product on line without the government aiding it’s financials.

    This loan was a bust from the beginning, the product because of the union pay scale and the lack of capital research to judge the competitive cost, the PRC makes these panels for a lot less than this company was able to produce them here and quality had no bearing. It was pure ignorance to finance this copmany and for the government to play with capital finanacing….cost to the tax payers $535 mil loss.

  • Old Veteran

    One year ago, Obozo gave a speech touting this NEW manufacturing plant that was to produce solar panels, the first in the coming “green jobs”. Now, one year later the company went bankrupt. $500 million dollars gone, in one year! 1100 people are out of a job. Why won’t the DOJ examine WHY THIS COMPANY FOLDED IN ONE YEAR. Oh wait, DOJ, the Dept of Jokes, I wonder how much of that 500 million went into big fancy houses, big fancy cars etc, how much was “kicked” back to the Obozo funds. I smell typical Demon crat party moves here.

  • Gary from Texas

    Hey, I hear pigs are flying, oh that is when green is producing anything but debt !!!!

  • felton williamson

    The major difference between capitalism and tyranny is the purpose of deploying capital. The Capitalist (entrepreneur) invests capital for the purpose of creating wealth and profit. The wannabe tyrant expends capital for political purposes. Reward of his political cronies or obtaining political support by extortion or bribery is the wannabe tyrant’s rationale.

    The use of capital by the wannabe tyrants depletes the nation’s wealth. In many cases the depletion of wealth actually exceeds the expenditure because the programs funded inhibit the creation of wealth. When the entrepreneur successfully invests capital, the nation’s wealth increases and the value of the dollar is enhanced.

    However tax cuts are not without merit. Remember, the wannabe tyrants regarding any success in increasing taxes as a license to increase spending.

  • Supertad108

    Each and every company and/or individual that has received a grant, loan or whatever should be responsible to pay it back if the company fails… period. We, the People should be bringing lawsuits against these company’s. Remember the billion dollar hi-tech fence that never was completed? Who cares what happen to the money, however that company or the owners should be responsible to pay it back. Seize there assets and everything else they own until We get our money back. What happens to us if we fail to pay back a loan?

  • Ihatelibs

    Notice how this F***stick is never seen in public?

  • “Kid Richie”

    More none-transparency and ineptitude by the hooligans and hypocrites in the WH Administration. They are so emotionally driven with their agenda that logic and common sense are ignored. They are ideologues without a clue to reality. They are corrupt in how they use the trust that was placed in them. The sooner we are rid of them the better off America will be.

  • noBama2012

    Take Action. Congressman Steven King (R-IA) has joined others, including Congressmen Allen West (R-FL) and Candice Miller (R-MI), in calling on Congress to initiate Congressional hearings into Obama’s latest attempt to circumvent the law and the Constitution. And it is imperative that we add our voices to King’s right here and right now… at this very moment. (from another Blog) PLEASE contact your Congressman now and ask them to join West, Miller, and King in this investigation.

  • Marc Jeric

    We have travelled back into the medieval times when potentates financed alchemists to find 1) the philosopher’s stone that would give them eternal youth, and 2) to invent a perpetuum mobile – a machine once started that would work forever without any additional inputs. “Green energy”! “Renewable energy”! All under the enlightened leadership of our Mullah Obama, the new Jesus who said: “Tomorrow the oceans will stop rising, and the planet will start healing”, referring to that globaloney warming hoax. This, my friends, goes way beyond nightmare – it is the final death of the American experiment in individual freedom. As de Tocqueville said 170 years ago – when you have 50% of the people who pay no taxes but vote, the noble experiment will die.

  • bluqe

    Probe, investigate, yeah, yeah, ain’t that what we do best. It is just more and more talk. Take a step back and look at how far we have come. Media 50 to 75 years ago was a very small percentage of where they are today. The money it costs today for all the media types out there supplying us with all this first hand 24/7 up to date information, has to be staggering. Yet, the bottom line is , even with all the pundits, the Yale, Harvard and Princeton types we don’t seem to have any more good useable information than we did years and years ago. Look at where all this knowledge has brought us, no jobs, bank failures, mortgage failures, stock market failures, congressional failures, presidential worst failure in our history and on and on it goes. Yet that weasel in the White House who has managed to make his presidency look like the “Ship of Fools,” continues his lying ways. It was what , only two/ three weeks ago he was telling us on national television, the guaranteed loan to Solyndra Corp. of tax-payer money , was quote; “MONEY WELL SPENT”. Now that’s our president for you, that lie took about two and a half weeks longer to catch up to him than usual. Again though, the loss is ours not his.
    Again, all the highly educated political, media or whatever pundits we have out there, NOT ONE OF THEM CALLED HIM OUT ON THIS.

    • Marie

      WARREN BUFFETT was busy trying to figure out how to stall the IRS and keep from paying the millions of dollars of back taxes his company owes.

      • Windrinker

        And this is the guy that angrily preached to everyone that “they” need to pay more taxes!

        • Bill

          He was talking about individuals. U.S. Corporations pay the highest corporate tax in the world : 35 percent!

          • sc

            except those that are favored by barry, GE has not paid any tax, but they do donate a lot to barry and demorats

  • JJ

    …and hopefully, next time the Faker stands up and opens his big mouth in front of God and everyone, he will be eaten of worms, showing the contempt he has for the One True God that will not share His place with any man and will deal quickly with the ungodly for all to see.

    We all have an appointment to stand before God and give an answer for our lives. As a great general said not too long ago, “My (our) job is to arrage the meeting”
    …I might add, Make Haste! …and thru our rule of law for trators, terrorists, and enemies of the state under the constitution.

    • Mary

      Also remember…
      Ps 76:10a For the wrath of man shall praise You; God uses the wrath of man to praise Him: Those with malcontent to do His will.

      • sc

        yes i’m sure that 3million Jews and another 3million cripples and retarded, and other undesireables were reading all those wonderful things on the way to the ovens and gas chambers as the Nazi’s disposed of them, as they told those people “keep on praying just don’t hold up the line we have a lot more waiting behind you.”

        • Mary

          sc, your comment shows that you know nothing about why the Jews suffered as they did during Hitler’s regime. It started in 70 AD because they turned their backs on God just like this Nation is doing today. Our nation will be disciplined as well as long as we do not do God’s will in our lives.
          Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD.
          And if you don’t believe what the Bible teaches…
          “When we stop being a nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.” Pres. Reagan

  • Capt Gene

    Wow, what a surprise! I’m shocked, SHOCKED to see chicago (lcit) politics as usual. I wonder how many of those 1000 plus newly unemployed will vote for obama’s second term? I wonder how all that “hope and change” is working out for them? Hmm. Tough questions.

  • James R. Maxwell

    This is but the tip of the icebert of corrupt political practices and corruption in the politial system. The U.S. Government along with corrupt politicans have hidden such dealings from
    the American people for a very long time. They hace used the guise of National security in some cases to keept the citizens from discovering their pay offs to companies and foreign governments. Neither do they want you to see how much personal gain they get from their
    “gifts” and “goodwill” for certain political cronies. The democrats are past masters at the are
    of subtufluge and misdirection. They scream, whine, cry, blame and point fingers at others
    while they are pocketing billions of dollare in their personal bankacounts. All members of
    congress are corrupted by the lack of oversight and lack of term limitations. They put people into government jobs that let them continue to siphon off money long after they have left office and retired to their Tax Payer paid for mansions. We need to take our nation back first by throwing out any official who has more than two terms in office and the American citzens need to wake up to what is happending and take responsibility for the actions of ourselves and those in office.

    • Mary

      God is the ONLY one we can trust and turn to. There is not one politician we can trust no matter what they say. There is too much evil and conspiracy going on our Nation that it will take the power of God to overturn it. Maybe He will.
      Psalm 37:1-10 Do not fret because of evildoers, be not envious toward wrongdoers. 2For they will wither quickly like the grass and fade like the green herb. 3Trust in the LORD, and do good;
      Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. 4 Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. 5Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. 6And He will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as the noonday. 7Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. 8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret, it leads only to evildoing. 9 for evildoers will be cut off, but those who wait for the LORD, they will inherit the land. 10Yet a little while and the wicked man will be no more; and you will look carefully for his place and he will not be there.

  • Bob Rocks

    ? Is this the same Company , that has filed Bankruptcy and is laying of 1100 workers ?

  • Wes Brodersen

    Everyone who voted for this guy have now received the change he promised us all!

  • Donald Mc Guigan

    There is no way to police what happens on the Hill. Every 2 years we hold an election of who we want in D.C. watching out for us. The problem is that at each election cycle you leave some behind that don’t see an election for another 2 years. We leave in charge the Fox watching the Hen house. A public servant is not who you want watching out for us. They now have turn in teaching the new people how to screw our nation. The public is now and in the past being led by greed. Until we clean out the Hen House of all those in power it will not change for the better. We will be walking on water before that happens..

  • haroldson

    Same crap all the time , Obama and his band of thieves strike again, and will continue to until there is no more to take, wonder what kind of cut the Obama clan got on this one, About at the bottom of the barrel now, This will go on as long as we the people let it. We need to clean all the trash out of DC and start new, wake up America before it is to late.

  • J. Mach

    I wanted to correct the writer making the statement that only the senate can impeach Obama and the votes are not there. This is totally wrong.

    Only the CONGRESS has the power to impeach Obama. Once the congress votes to impeach Obama he’s impeached.
    The next step is a trial which require Senate approval. More than likely would go nowhere. More importantly once the congress does impeach Obama, the stigma is applied and his chances of re-election evaporate.

  • Melody

    I have come to the conclusion, that anytime CA is involved in any business, I automatically am turned off to that company. I really don’t care for any CA based company, and refuse to do business with them…period.

  • Maryann

    one of Obama’s created jobs is having someone somwhere is sitting in a little room, shredding documents all day along.. probably making 40+ k a year

  • Bob

    Air Force 1 needs an ejection seat with a faulty parachute.

  • G

    Aerospace Lookout, When AirForce1 Is Worn-out, Should Be Close to that Now, Where Will OLE-BAMA buy the next replacemt one, Probably be CHINA CHOPSUEY Bo OR A RUSSIAN SOYUEZ ????? EVER WONDER HOW MANY HOURS OLE-BAMA HAS ON IT BY NOW?

  • F. Traut

    Thing about it gang, A solar energy manufacturing company in California and A solar energy farm in Nevada, come on put 2 & 2 together, Pelosi and Reed. Of course the whole thing fell apart. 2 of the most corrupt communist in congress.

  • Bob

    Boeing spent 750 billion dollars on a new plant and can’t open it because Obama’s NLRB want’s to unionize it. The workers have already voted against a union so now over 1,000 workers are out of a job. 0 jobs created for the month of August.

    • Mary

      As you know it is not the business of government to create jobs. Government is keep taxes low, stay out of small businesses and protect our country.

  • Elaine Bouranis

    Or–maybe Obama gave them the $$ so they would donate to the max to his next campaign???
    I would not put it past them!!

  • Elwood

    After reading all of these posts my only comment is, “It is time for BHO to GO!”

  • George Houchens

    Obama and his henchmen operate like they are dictators controlling some mid-east country.

    • Bill

      They are, everyday!

  • T. Black

    Has very low Polls:

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Saturday, September 03, 2011
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 19% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -21 (see trends).
    Check out our review of last week’s key polls to see “What They Told Us.”
    A commentary by Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik suggests that, for the moment, the Senate is the Republicans to lose in 2012. Larry Kudlow says a Reagan moment is needed to stop our economic decline.

    End of Quote.

    However, he is very dangerous with the way Bush set him up with his ability to write thes Executive Orders into reality! He has the power of Adolph Hitler in his hands!

    He is a Chicago thug, along with being a refugee of Indonesia and citizen of Mombasa, Africa (Kenya ) and graduate of Chicago Thuggery politics!

    And how Globes: lord Rothschild, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski – have enjoyed his Presidential performance, however this makes Obama even more dangerous, as they are willing to throw Obama under his tour Bus!

    In favor of their new potential puppets either: Rick Perry – Bilderberger, Mitt Romney CFR Member, Herman Cain – Federal Reserve, Newt Gingrich – CFR member, Rudy Giuliani – CFR member, Michelle Bachmann – IRS Tax Collector, Sarah Palin – Swetheart Coached by Bilderberger Henry Kissinger and John McCain – Bilderberg attendee – – Posted: October 12, 1999 – The Nov. 4-5 conference, featuring invited guests such as Vice President Al Gore and presidential candidate John McCain, is scheduled for the Library of Congress in the nation’s capital and is sponsored by the American Friends of Bilderberg. The U.S. group is directed by Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Allaire and Richard C. Holbrooke.

    Read more: The next Bilderberg meeting

    Ah, you can see what is going on here?

  • Jean

    This was the third solar company that went under that had govenment guaranteed loans. How many people went out and worked everyday and paid their taxes to cover those loans?

  • The Gizmo51

    Even if President Obama turns out to be the worst President ever (Which he will be closer to the best in history) why in the world would you want a republican ever again? Think about it: repubs are anti union: don’t want the “average” worker to have any representation at all so no big wages and can be fired at will. Anti social security: they want to privatize your contributions into the stock market where, guess who makes the money, they take a cut of your investment so you wind up with less, anti medicare where they want private insurance companies to take your premiums in the form of contributions to pad their profits leaving less for you to pay for your health care.
    Do you REALLY want this to happen. Even repubs want to keep as much of what they make, don’t you, too?

    • Windrinker

      I can’t believe anyone thinks unions are a good thing! Union workers are certainly not anything like the “average worker!”

      The unions have done much to run American businesses out of the country, because of their selfish demands for higher salaries, and lavish retirements and healthcare. Most of these union workers don’t care about anything except how much they can “bleed” out of the taxpayers! We are the ones that eventually pay their benefits, when they run their employers out of business because of their greed! Why should those that have no healthcare of their own be made to pay for the unions members healthcare.
      Didn’t we just see teachers rioting in the streets because they were asked to contribute a nominal amount to their own retirements! That is absolute arrogance, demanding other’s pay for their medical bills and for their retirement plans… We don’t employ union workers, nor were we party to their contracts! We don’t want to support you, do it yourselves!

      • Windrinker

        And, to another point…..Yes!….you all should be fired “at will!” Employers should have the right to get rid of any employee that is bad for business, that doesn’t do his job, or that is nothing but an azz.! Jobs should go to those that are willing to work and be an asset to the employer.

        • The Gizmo51

          Oh no!, I think I may be too short and will get fired if the owner sees me! Being short makes me terrible on the phone!

      • The Gizmo51

        Substitute the word ‘congress’ for the word ‘union’ or ‘teacher’ in your reply and hear what it sounds like.

        Now! All together! Let’s re-elect the same people!

  • Phil

    what did you expect from a fraud in the white house, this is chicago style gangster government in full blown swing. the questions these morons in congress should be asking, how much of this loaned money went to Mr. wonderfull do you feel the chang, re-election bid and also how much money was kicked back to the black caucus and hispanic caucus for there re-election bids. Lets not leave that racist group ACORN, hey they needed another source of funds because the main source had dried up in congress. there is no bounds to this this commie gagnsterism.

  • mr bad example

    there has to be an especially hot place in hell for BO and moochelle, well they’ll be next to osama, i can rest with that…

  • Wayne

    My solution to squash this in the bud in either impeach this Muslim Communist Idiot or vote him out of office in 2012 with all his Zombie Democrat Socialist. I am glad to ses so many folks are against this Muslim Communit traitor Obama.

    • The Gizmo51

      Just shoot him

      • Windrinker

        Sounds like a job for one of those “union gangster thugs!”

  • Ricky

    This is easy, the U.S. needs to place a tax on all the foreign made items, like they do over seas on American items and get the American people back in the work place.

  • Wendell Fountain

    In response to the article, I say so what?! Emperor, BHO, can do anything he wants to, and there is nothing the American people can do about it. Go ahead. Probe! Continue wasting time and money. Until this creep is defeated in 2012, which he will, he is and has been above the laws of the United States of America.

  • john

    john says:

    September 4, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    They Are all ovomist and deserve corrupt elimination where ever they are !!!

    Please God Almighty eliminate them all for ever, and for ever , and never let them breath the breath of life forever , they do not ever deserve to breath another breath ever !!!


  • Paul R.

    Glenn Beck was warning about the blood sucking of the green jobs and what it did to Spain but no one, even at Fox News was interested in checking it out. His, so called, buddy Bill O’Reilly “the spin stops here” would not listen. Now that Charles Krauthammer talks about the shennanigans by the big BO, Bill says “Interesting”. Glenn should demand an apology from Bill.

  • john




      Perry is a past Flaming Liberal from the 80’s, I doubt he’s reincarnated as a conservative! CHRISTIE /RUBIO 2012


    GEE, see if (former Governor)Charlie Crist of Florida was involved! He received $126 Million from the Recovery Act of 2010, for GREEN ENERGY. That state still has not paid Solar Rebates that were negetive from as far back as 2006, $54 Million +not paid to homeowners and businesses!


      OOP’s I meant RA 2009!

  • allosaur

    I just turned Obama’s smug mouth off on that video upstairs while saying, “Go to hell, you liar.” Guess that makes me a racist.

    • Bill

      Congratulations! A title well earned!


    I’ll bet Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman and Nancy PEE are involved somewhere, they were listed as members of the Socialist Progressive Caucus!AKA Marxist!

  • philifi

    When we start impeaching it must be for everyone in the DNC for okaying without the investigation of Obama’s Constitutional qualifications as to what a natural born Citizen means.

  • Gary

    Check on the executives of this failed company. You will find that they are living very well, thanks to the good ole taxpayer. When certain people find out they can get millions from the government to manufacture phoney “green products”, they will come out of the woodwork like roaches. Buyer–uh Taxpayer BEWARE.

  • john

    Mary says:

    September 4, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Mary Says:

    “”As you know it is not the business of government to create jobs. Government is keep taxes low, stay out of small businesses and protect our country””‘.

    My reply is : That is not the way of our present Gvernment at all….

    That might have been so in the past reign of our “”past Government”” but not so today !!!

    Our Government has changed dramitically today, and is no longer supporting American idealogicallys today, but support the radical take-over of muslim and any radical Islamist regeime that prostates itself against the U.S.A. and America and it’s Constitution, We are fighting a battle that is waged from within our own deceptive warped crooked government, and therefore very deceptive and covert and of course it is racist, but they want to keep that silent from you, and want to accuse you of their racist viewpoints, and thereby make you their racist marters, when they are actually the ones that are extremist the racists that they accuse their victoms of….


    • Mary

      John, I totally agree with you what is happening today but that doesn’t make it right nor should we stand for it. We need to go back to what the Constitution says about running our Republic that has turned into a Democracy; the worse kind of government.

  • Aleks

    To Betty Salsbury, When the Clinton was impeached by the House the Senate was under republican control also. So far M. Bachman would be the best from the bunch, she is not a Rino.

  • Jerome from Layton

    I think there is a pattern here: 1. Company announces how Kermit Green they are. 2. Company gets “official recognition” for being “green”. 3. Company gets a visit from the Annointed One and his satraps. 4. Company goes out of business.

    The Base I work at has gone through steps 1 and 2. Hopefully, AF-1 will land at SLC and the motorcade will go straight to Park City [Home of the Best Snow on Earth] and leave those of us who work alone.

  • Douglas Dauntless

    Obama can do anything he wants, no one will stop him. All we get from Congress is lip service. Obama is destroying the United States of America and not the news media or our elected Congressmen or Senators are going to stop him. Obama works around the Constitution and Congress with the Bureaucracies, Czars and his Cabinet. Congress gave up all there power to the Presidents and the Regulators a long time ago. He has all the power to do what ever he wants too.

  • Ron

    How many more dead stinking rats does the American tax payer have to smell, before Obama is out of the White House???? By the time election day of 2012 gets here, we will need several rodent eradication companies to fumigate the the entire White House. It just keeps getting worse, and worse and worse. Every day another dead rat of Obama to smell…

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    And the corruption under this Regime and the Democrats just keeps on rolling along!!!!!!

    How long before we Americans have to put up with this crap from the gov’t before we start assembling at the White House fence en masse and demand the succubus resign.

    • Listener

      Take away his blackberry and see whats on it!! That may be enough to creat his resignation papers.





  • oldcop

    Seems to me that I saw an interview at about the time this “loan” A.K.A. gift was made and a female advisor to Obama was married to one of the company honchos but they had different names.

  • Diana Dean
  • Listener

    If you want to read just one book, try THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT by Alan Klein. Then try Culture of corruption by M. Malkin. Put the two together and you head will certainly spin!!!

  • Darhalaz

    Think we can all join a class action law suit against King Obumbles in order to get our money back which was STOLEN to support China? And while we’re at it I want all the money back which I’ve paid out to support the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS here in AZ, too.

  • Armored

    Friends, Click on Popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28.

  • Timothy

    Send George Kaiser a bill of the $535 million plus interest. This is how obama creates jobs and fixes the economy. Of course he will blame this on Bush too.

  • Bob

    Where did the money go for the shovel ready projects that Obama said were not quite ready yet? Now he wants more money for shovel ready projects, all this money seems to just disappear into thin air or someones overseas bank account. The tax payers (not including GE) are getting gang raped by Washington and the public seems to enjoy it.

  • waterman

    Do the idiots on this blog realize who is in charge of the D.O.J., their not going to do a damn thing to him. He has control and nobody has the power to stop his sorry ass. He will never be investigated and he will continue to destroy our country and nobody will do thing to stop him.
    We have become a bunch of passive lab rats waiting for our doom.
    Who is going to prosecute him, who has done anything about the fact that he is an illegal alien?
    Who is going to do anything about this? NO ONE!!!!!!
    Oh we could, if everybody got together and started something, we can’t wait for him to be reelected, you know he will, he has too many people to back him up.
    We have to do something now, we have to let the White House know who is really in charge of our country. Remember “WE THE PEOPLE” we are the ones that will tell the government what to do, not the other way around. But, they are not afraid of a bunch of “passive lab rats” waiting to find out their demise. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW !!!!!!!!

  • Melbourne Draper

    Whats the difference between Obama Benladen and shit on a stick. THE STICK!!!!!

  • Ron Valiquette

    Let’s see… The gov’t finds this little pet project that a major supporter is financing. How much of the money the gov’t put up ($535 million) went back into the hands of George Keiser, the major investor? Was in an indirect Chicago-style payback scheme for the political financial support on the back of the taxpayer? How could the gov’t support any business making a product that was selling for $3 at the time.. that could it only make for $6? How long could ANY company stay in business for making a product that they can sell for 1/2 of what it costs to produce? That’s like the contractor who bids on a $1 million project for $500k just to keep his guys busy. He might as well give the $500k to his guys and save the equipment wear and tear because that is how much he is giving away on the job. Do these people… Obama & Co, think we are that stupid? How long in time and how many crimes must this Obortion commit to get put in jail? We need to pray as a nation that God will guide us out of this liberal/ socialist mess. God bless the United States of America.

  • Andy

    The funds were diverted to Obama’s re-election campaign. Where else do you think he’s getting all his campaign money from? The FBI’s in on it to. That’s why Obama is never investigated for any of the numerous crimes he’s committed while in the White House.

  • Lois

    Let’s investigate the Company and find out where the money went…probably in someones bank account. Is there a Lawyer…or someone…who looks after the taxpayers money?? The folks that headed this company should be thoroughly investigated. Since Obama was there and backed them so publicly…he should pay back the money!!!!


    I think this is a good thing i just want EAT 2 days a week and frezz 2 days a week to help pay for this remember this is AMERICA the land of free money to every one but it,s own people THANK YOU SO CALLED PRESIDENT. I WISH VOO DOO REALY WORKED.

  • Jerry Pozner

    THey should put Sorus, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and Joe Biden all in jail for collaborating with loud mouth and dictator Obhama. Hilliary Clinton as president—show me one thing she has done. She tried to giveall illegials in New York State drivers liscenses instead of kicking them out. The whole group is all pro Unions which is causing the demise of this country. And for foreignaid etc–who authorizes the checks and who signs the checks. If Obhama gets in for a second term then his cronies will try to push thru a bill to give him a third term. It will never end until we get rid of the clintons, the Bushes including Jeb and including the Obhamas and Geoge Sorus.

  • faye

    It is no wonder calif is in such a mess look at the crooks they have in the political field Pelosi she is one of the biggest liars and thiefs they could ever elect and Barbara Boxer another cheat and liar….The next in line is Nevada Reid Next is the big liar that calls himself president and I call him trash Obama all need to be tried for fraud along with treason. Maybe the rest would wake up and become people that can be trusted and get America back

  • Laura

    He is a walking, talking, lying Socialist/Muslim elite! How many people in this country have questioned his eligibility and NOTHING has been done. For THREE YEARS, this has been going on. Even the Supremes have turned their hearing aids off. Seventy-five percent of Congress is corrupt, all of his cabinet is corrupt; department heads and employees are corrupt; his well placed Governors are corrupt; his attorney general, Eric, is a JOKE. His Homeland Security head, Janet, is a JOKE! Everytime anyone raises any questions, the media is all over them. The media and their CEO’s, board members are corrupt; Hollywood stars, producers, directors, writers are corrupt, socialists elites. Wall Sttreet, Big Banks, Union heads are corrupt. Every conceviable aspect has been corrupted with two BIG, BIG EXCEPTIONS. Number 1: The American people; Number 2: The United States Military. And as we say in Texas,”Remember The Alamo” and now we also say “Remember 9/11″ We will never quit, we will never quit and and we will never quit. The American people n-e-e-d to send ALL OF THEM PACKING in 2012.



  • erik

    There were family ties involved within the inner circle of this deal.
    Solar is a feel good technology, but is not ready to produce on a technical level.
    SO it was then and is obviously a squeeze play from the tax payers.
    Insider politics and corruption.
    I recently watched a Dem. Pollster say Obama has no scandals.
    Here is ONE, Fast and Furious (guns dealers) is TWO.

  • Rick Jones

    I was unable to read all the comments listed, but I wasn’t able to see any that really addressed the main important point or focus on this “greens thing.” Obama went on television some time ago touting all this “green jobs” are the wave of the future using this very company as an example of that movement. Not long later they file for bankruptcy and it’s not alarming to anyone…even Obama must hate egg on the face!!

  • Infidel

    What a surprise!!!

  • Rancid Crabapple

    The “so called ” raid by the FBI at the Solyndra facility was to collect all of the incriminating evidence against the Obama administration and their cronies so it could be made to disappear and not be available by the house investigating committee or by others who may use the “Freedom Of Information Act”, FOIA to get to the facts.

    The GOP leadership in both houses of congress are so corrupt and incompetent there will be absolutely no consequences to the criminal activity by Obama and his administration, including the dept. of justice and att. gen. Eric Holder.

    We need to kick all of the RINO’s out of congress right along with the democrats. I am deliberately omiting the terms communist/socialist/marxist out of the description of those to be thrown out, because there really is no difference between the democrat party and the commies. The democrat party currently exists in name only so they are “DINO’s, just like the RINO’s are not republicans.

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