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Most Controversial SNL Alums Includes… Me ?!

I’m controversial?! Boring, little, old, housewife, me? Controversial? What did I do?! Telling the truth is controversial?!
Pamela Gellar says, “Truth is the new hate speech.”

Controversy can be good or bad. Jesus was controversial.

So, let me see what company Huff Po has put me in and what Huff Po considers “controversial” … Okay, Huff Po says:
1. Chris Rock said something racist against white people.
2. Chevy Chase sent profanity-laden voicemails to his boss.
3. Gilbert Gottfried tweeted jokes about Japan’s tsunami.
4. Eddie Murphy did not pay child support to his illegitimate child (didn’t he also get caught with a transvestite hooker?).
5. Dan Ackroyd believes in aliens.
6. Tracy Morgan told ‘homophobic’ jokes.
7. Randy Quaid was arrested for burglary.
8. John Belushi was a misogynist.
9. Robert Downey Jr. was arrested for drugs.
10. Jon Lovitz used bad language to explain that Obama is “a president, not a king.”

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