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The farm bill and environmental sustainabilityfarm

It appears to us that the farm bill is in some sort of limbo caught between a hastily constructed 12-month extension of some, but not all, of the elements the 2008 legislation and the need of Congress to address fiscal … Continue reading

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Is Congress sure a $40,000 limit will only affect “big” farms?farmbill

Agri-Pulse just published the comments made during the House hearings on the Farm Bill (Volume 8, No. 21, May 23, 2012). During the hearings, policymakers continue to propose payment limits and the latest is a proposal to limit the subsidy … Continue reading

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House Farm Bill Version Remains Work in Progressfarm

The U.S. House is working its way through its own version of the 2012 Farm Bill. The hearings being held cover all the different titles of the measure. Wednesday, the House Ag Committee Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk … Continue reading

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Obama calls for $33 billion cut in farm programsimagesCACB0RUM

President Barack Obama’s plan for deficit reduction would cut $33 billion from farm programs, taking a highly disproportionate amount of federal spending reductions from one of its smallest line items and perhaps stymieing Congress’ efforts to write a workable 2012 … Continue reading

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