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Obama: Budget Cuts Could Force Small Businesses to Close Doorsobama 3_0

President Barack Obama said clean energy and privately owned small businesses would suffer if the automatic cuts in federal spending in the sequester take effect, starting on March 1, potentially blocking some small businesses from the resources they need to … Continue reading

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House GOP to speak to governors, business owners on deficit talksgovernors

House Republicans will meet with governors and small business owners this week to discuss the potential impact of the looming “fiscal cliff.” With little more than 29 days until a bevy of tax hikes and spending cuts are set to … Continue reading

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“Forward” to the Obama Layoffslayoffs

Aggregated at Twitchy are a selection of tweets from small business owners who have been forced, unwillingly, to fire employees in order to survive a second Obama term. Perhaps one of the most poignant was this: “This morning dad was … Continue reading

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GOP lawmaker says DC board takes healthcare law ‘too far’healthcaredc

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said Thursday that the Washington, D.C., health board has taken the healthcare mandate in the Affordable Care Act too far. In a letter to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, Johnson asks the mayor and the D.C. Health … Continue reading

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Top 10 Obama anti-business, anti-job actionsobama-top-ten-worst-policies-for-economy-06oct2012-620x430

President Obama loves to complain that he inherited an economic mess. That may be true, but his wrong-headed policies have only made matters worse, taking actions that hurt businesses and stunt job growth. 1. Obamacare costs Obamacare will impose a … Continue reading

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Enraged Obamabot Slaps Small Business Owner Over His Anti-Obama Signobama+sign+kevin+the+geek+blog+1-550x125

Ever since President Obama said to small business America that they “didn’t do that” and “you didn’t build that,” Kevin “The Geek” Kerwin has been on the warpath at his Lake Oswego, Oregon computer fix it shop. Kerwin came to … Continue reading

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Thanks to Obamacare, Small Businesses Plan on Eliminating Jobs Before 20142010-03-18t160405z_01_det04_rtridsp_0_usa-politics-teaparty

Obamacare’s employer mandate has small businesses scrambling to reduce their workforce in anticipation of the law’s implementation in 2014. Under the employer mandate, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees have to provide coverage or pay a $2,000 penalty for … Continue reading

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GOP lawmaker says Obama ‘tone-deaf’ on the toll gas prices take on businessobamagas

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) alleged Wednesday that President Obama is “tone-deaf” on energy policy, the latest signal that falling gasoline prices won’t stop Republican attacks on the White House. “Gas prices, I believe, are one of the poster-children, if you … Continue reading

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Obama pushes billion-dollar stimulus planstimulus

Putting pressure on Congress to approve parts of his latest economic stimulus plan, President Obama urged Americans Saturday to push lawmakers to approve his multibillion-dollar “to-do list” for creating jobs. “Each of the ideas on this list will help create … Continue reading

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